Vienna election card record, many votes but invalid – Vienna election

The Vienna election will take place on October 11th. Due to the Corona crisis, there will be a voting card record. However, many votes are invalid.

Due to the corona pandemic, more people than ever will vote with a voting card in the Vienna election. The record has been set since Friday, as reported by the “Ö1 Morning Journal”.

278,000 voting cards issued so far

278,000 have been issued so far, says the head of the Vienna electoral authority Christine Bachofner. This has already exceeded the record from the National Council election last year.

In some districts and also in social media there are increasing reports that many voting cards have been returned invalid because the signature is missing. It is about the affidavit confirming that the official ballot was filled out personally, unobserved and uninfluenced.

Invalid voting card with missing signature

Many older people are voting for the first time with the voting card and have forgotten to sign. If the signature is missing, the voting card will not be opened and therefore will not be included in the count. According to Bachofner, this is the most common reason for invalidation.

The deadline for the written application for voting cards ends on Wednesday, October 7th. Until Friday, October 9th, 12 noon, applications can still be submitted in person to the responsible electoral department of the municipal district office. With the voting card it is possible to vote in any Viennese voting card polling station or by postal vote.

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“Fortnite” crossover promises exclusive rewards – games

The famous car soccer game “Rocket League” has been free of charge since 23 September. This is celebrated with a “Fortnite” event.

In May 2019, Psyonix, the studio behind the video game “Rocket League”, was bought by Epic Games. This was accompanied by the promise to publish “Rocket League” in their own game shop, the Epic Games Store. Now the game is available there, and it’s free.

An event in “Fortnite” will also be dedicated to the popular e-sports hit. From September 27th, exclusive rewards will be available in both games. The players in “Fortnite” are given five prizes when they complete certain tasks in “Rocket League”. One of the challenges is, for example, that an online match has to be played in any playlist.

“Llama” wheels and MVP

You also have to win an informal online match with the antenna “Llama Flyer”, score five goals, assists or parades with the “Top Llama” roof attachment, win five online matches in any playlist with the Octane sticker “Loot Llama” or with the Wheel “Llama” to become MVP (Most Valuable Player: Player with the most points) in any online match.

For completing these tasks, players will also receive rewards in “Rocket League”, which are designed in the “Fortnite” style.

Criticism from the players

In the crossover event there are no changes on the “Fortnite” island as with the release of “Borderlands 3”. But the game is heavily advertised on Epic’s platform, and players are given vouchers when they add “Rocket League” to their game library. The fans have to get used to the change first. Because many “Rocket League” players are not satisfied that Epic Games has taken over the game and changed it.

There were violent reactions when “loot boxes” were replaced with blueprints in 2019 and the whole trading system was messed up. There was similar criticism when it was announced in January 2020 that support for Mac and Linux users would end in March.

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Why is there a vending machine on the battlefield? – Games

The American beverage manufacturer Mountain Dew is expanding its sponsorship in esports, and in a very special way.

Even before “Fortnite” or “Apex Legends” had usurped the Battle Royal genre, two games fought for the players’ favor: “H1Z1” and “PUBG”. The second of the two, “PUBG-Mobile”, has been enabling battle royale action on the smartphone for some time now and benefits immensely from the fact that “Fortnite” is currently not available in the stores of mobile devices.

Limo in der Mobil-Version

The beverage manufacturer Mountain Dew, which belongs to the Pepsi Group, has also noticed that e-sports are getting bigger and bigger on the smartphone. You don’t need an expensive PC to play “PUBG-Mobile”, anyone can download the game, and this fact seems to be crucial for the beverage manufacturer.

So there are now drinks machines in the mobile version on the battlefield, which are of course full of cans. These can be exchanged for a Mountain Dew parachute or a virtual Mountain Dew T-shirt. The beverage manufacturer supports the shooter’s e-sports leagues and thus also places its advertising in the game. In-game advertising is nothing new. Even in shooters like “Counter-Strike 1.6” or “Quake-Live” there was such advertising in the form of posters on walls.

Realism … almost

The green drinks machines are definitely out of the ordinary. Because “PUBG” takes place on a battlefield where all players fight for survival, and suddenly there is a green machine. As a reminder: “PUBG-Mobile” takes place in a realistic setting. There are no unicorns or colored hammers like in “Fortnite”.

The developers of the PUBG Corporation certainly earn a lot from the cooperation and thus ensure the continued existence of their own game. It will also pay off for Mountain Dew: The advertising effect for the American beverage manufacturer is there because the community is talking about the machines that don’t really fit into the game, and as long as they are only available in the mobile version of “Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds”, the Shitstorm will also keep within limits. PC gamers are less receptive to such obvious advertisements.

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“Tell Me Why” in the test: The most emotional Game 2020 – game tests

The developers of “Life is Strange” present another complex story game that addresses difficult topics.

For a long time, Telltale Games was considered the gold standard for narrative games. The games had simple mechanics, often clumsy technology and a functional graphic style, but the episode games shone with emotional stories. But after the successful beginnings with “The Walking Dead” one got lost in too many license implementations, which all played according to the same scheme. Finally, bankruptcy followed.

Although the name Telltale is now borne by a new studio, the French game manufacturer Dontnod has long since taken over the legacy. Strictly speaking, the developers of the new Xbox and PC-exclusive “Tell Me Why” with their masterly “Life is Strange” already trumped their Telltale colleagues when they were still publishing many episodes of their game series each year.

Dontnod repeatedly devotes himself to serious, challenging topics such as mental health, racism and moral dillemas. In “Tell Me Why” the studio deals with Tyler, a transgender protagonist. And in such a sensitive way that the whole video game medium is, in a sense, taking a step forward.


A trip into the past

Twins Tyler and Alyson were separated for ten long years, but the joy of seeing each other is clouded by the occasion. They have to sell their late mother’s house. And with that the memories come back. That tragic event that caused her death and that tore the siblings apart all those years ago. Dontnod is a master at portraying the bond between Tyler and Alyson. It is believable and never seems artificial. Time and again, glimpses of the past are given, in which you can see the two growing up together.

At the latest in the flashbacks, it becomes clear that Tyler is special. He is a trans man, so he was born in a female body. “Tell Me Why” doesn’t focus uncomfortably on this aspect of its story. It is not kept secret, but neither is it presented in a striking way. The developers also completely dispense with clichés, instead depicting Tyler as a fully realized character. And they deal with topics like transphobia and deadnaming – that is, addressing a person by a name they have discarded – carefully. Alyson has her own struggles to handle. She suffers from mental illness and anxiety, which she has to deal with over the course of the three chapters of the game.

Suspense with logic holes

Tyler and Alyson’s relationship sustains the entire game. The search for the truth behind her mother’s death is unfortunately not quite as strong. The game can come up with a lot of suspense, but some scenes seem quite rushed. You almost get the feeling that the story would have had more time to breathe in four episodes.

On top of that – and of course no spoilers are revealed here – there are always logic gaps in the story, which is a pity because Dontnod put so much effort into creating the world and the characters.

The decisions that you have to make again and again are interesting. They are subtle but affect the gameplay. There is a particularly interesting idea behind childhood memories. Because Tyler’s and Alyson’s versions of events diverge more often. That is quite realistic, because the human memory is highly subjective. In these cases, the player can choose which version of the past is closer to the truth.


“Tell Me Why” is not quite as strong as other Dontnod works, above all “Life is Strange”, but nevertheless demonstrates impressively what complex topics can be treated with the necessary seriousness in video games. The game is mainly supported by the wonderfully written dialogues and relationships between the characters. It’s probably the most emotional game of the year.

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Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro: noble upgrade for the watch – multimedia

Huawei has given its flagship smartwatch series a new model. The Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro is chic and, above all, a design upgrade.

It should be chic and yet sporty, Huawei’s new smartwatch. It comes with the name Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro and is not only a design, but also a technical upgrade to the previous flagship model Watch GT 2. Instead of the steel jacket of the predecessor, the gray case is now made of even harder and scratch-resistant titanium. The sport version of the watch is back on a black fluoroelastomer strap, that of the classic version on gray leather.

The weight of 52 grams without the strap is above its predecessor – that was 41 grams for the larger model. Nevertheless, the watch is extremely comfortable to wear, also because Huawei no longer built the bracelet so rigidly in the case, which allows a more comfortable angle of the strap to the case when wearing. The following also applies: Those who prefer to exercise should do without the leather bracelet. It feels of high quality, but could suffer from constant sweat. The smartwatch is of course still waterproof and dustproof.

Sapphire crystal and new bezel

The OLED display – now made of sapphire glass – has remained the same size and sharp at 1.39 inches (454 x 454 pixels). While the bezel of the predecessor, with markings in seconds and two-step hour digits, was still quite full and placed at an angle to the watch glass, everything is different with the “Pro”. The bezel can now be found as a black circle under the flat display glass and only displays narrow lines in five-second increments and an arrow element in the center above.

The watch has grown a bit as a result. Since the new bezel has now been integrated into the display, the case now measures 47 (instead of just under 46) millimeters in width and has also become slightly higher and thicker. The smartwatch is nowhere near clunky, but looks more like a model for people with stronger arms. The touchscreen itself now not only feels smoother, it also acts better: Apps can now be selected and activated with pinpoint accuracy.

New clever functions

Some innovations are already apparent when setting up and trying out. For example, software updates can now be imported via the watch itself when the watch is connected to the “Health” app from Huawei. With predecessors, you first had to open the app and then select the updates. Charging is also easier: the watch can now simply be placed on the shell, which is now fully charged, and no longer has to be placed exactly on two charging pins.

In addition to the 32 megabyte RAM, there is also an internal memory of four gigabytes. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to install your own apps on this, because the watch continues to use the previously closed LiteOS operating system. But you can play a lot of music on the watch, which can then be heard directly on the watch – and in a thoroughly impressive quality with a high, yet distortion-free volume. Alternatively, you can stream the tracks to your smartphone or Bluetooth headphones via the watch.

Voice output and route function

There are also dozens of sports programs on the watch, some with well-thought-out programs for beginners, amateur athletes and professionals. In addition to running, cycling, swimming and the like, the watch has now also added new things to golf, skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing. The voice output is completely new: users can now (for the time being) either receive sports tips on running speed and the like in English or be warned by voice of heart rates and other vital signs as well as pressure changes outside the normal range.

An equally practical new function is a GPS route recording, for example when hiking in the wild or on mountain bike tours through the forest to find your way back to the starting point. As before, the watch records the respective sport with GPS – it also works without a connected smartphone. If you swipe left on the training screen, a recorded route is displayed. If you now use the “return” function, you will be directed to the starting point of the activity. Practical, not only for athletes, but also for walks in foreign cities.

Smarter measurement

To save the battery, an “intelligent” measurement can now also be activated for the heart rate. This simply means that the watch no longer measures the heart rate of the wearer constantly, but at short intervals – and thus does not burden the battery as much. The values ​​are almost identical, there are no outliers. Oxygen saturation (SpO2) measurements are also on board, which also shows realistic values.

The battery performance is generally beyond any doubt: it lasts ten with average use, without regular exercise including GPS even three to four days longer. Charging takes just under two hours, and wireless charging via smartphones or charging pads is also possible. Then, however, the process takes a few minutes longer. Oh yes, you can also make calls again: you can answer calls directly on your wrist using the watch microphone and the connected smartphone. But not messages: WhatsApp, emails and the like are displayed as legible notes on the watch, but there is no quick response function.

Noble upgrade for the watch

The numerous functions known from its predecessor – the test of the Huawei Watch GT 2 can be read here – can be found again in the Pro model. The watch monitors sleep on request and gives tips against an unhealthy rhythm; it captures stress and shows how to recite it; and it reliably accompanies you in around 100 different sports, some of which also have training and improvement tips.

The Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro is a classy upgrade for the smartwatch series inside and out. In terms of design, we like the slightly larger display with sapphire crystal, the new titanium case, the more stylish bezel and the much easier charging option. In terms of technology, the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro can score with the new route guidance, the training voice output and the new sports as well as the continued high battery life. Some users would only like one way to install apps from a store on the watch. Nevertheless: The Huawei Watch GT 2 is a stylish smartwatch with top functions that cuts a fine figure with both a suit and a sports jersey.

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NET TV Schedule Today 25 September 2020 Watch National Team U19 vs Bosnia Herzegovina Match at 22: 00WIB

DIY NEWS – On today Friday 25 September 2020, one of the national television stations namely NET TV have prepared a variety program interesting that will be broadcast.

One of program interesting that you can see on NET TV today is a live broadcast of the International U19 Friendly Match between U-19 national team vs Bosnia Herzegovina.

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Test match U-19 national team vs Bosnia Herzegovina will take place at NK Polet Igraliste Stadium, Sveti Martin na Mauri, Friday 25 September 2020. This match can be witnessed live delay of NET TV 22.00 WIB.

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Here’s the full schedule NET TV today Friday 25 September 2020.

04:30 Muslim Travelers

05:00 Husbands Are Afraid Of Wives

06:00 True And The Rainbow Kingdom

06:30 Victory Cup


Wife stabbed – husband called the emergency services himself – Lower Austria

A woman was seriously injured in the Kledering cadastral community in Schwechat and died shortly afterwards in hospital. The details of the bloody act.

Murder alarm Wednesday morning in a single-family house in Kledering near Schwechat (Bruck district): A man (56) is said to have inflicted several stab wounds on his wife (55) with a knife and seriously injured her before attempting to commit suicide.

Woman (55) died in the hospital

According to witnesses, Ursula R. dragged herself out of the house and slumped on the street. Shortly after 5 a.m., a large number of police and emergency doctors were on site, the critically injured mother of three daughters was taken to the Meidling Accident Hospital in Vienna, where she lost the fight against death in the shock room.

Arranged autopsy

The suspected husband, Hermann R., who himself had notified the police, suffered mild to moderate injuries. He ended up in the Baden clinic before he was to be admitted to the Korneuburg prison. The questioning of the 56-year-old should also take place in the late evening. The public prosecutor’s office ordered an autopsy of the corpse, which should also provide information about the murder weapon. Both a Stanley and a kitchen knife were seized.

Motive unclear

The last unemployed 56-year-old is said to have been mentally damaged, and a separation is said to have been in the room. According to the executive, the background to the crime and the motive are still completely unclear. It is the presumption of innocence.

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Today’s RCTI TV Program Schedule, September 24 2020: Princess For Prince, Trustee, World Upside Down

DIY NEWS – Schedule event TV RCTI today, Thursday 24 September 2020 very diverse. This private television station will broadcast special programs, including soap operas mainstay, Pro Warrior S2, and Chasing Olga’s Love Again.

Soap operas-soap operas mainstay RCTI such as Si Doel Anak Sekolahan S2, Preman Pensiun S4, I’m not a Ustadz, and Tukang Ojek Pengkolan will air from noon to evening today.

Meanwhile, the night will be there soap operas Women of Choice, Princess For Prince, Amanah Wali S4, and Inverted World.

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Following schedule complete event tv RCTI today, Thursday 24 September 2020:

1:30 am My boyfriend is Bodyguard

01:45 MNC Shop

2:00 am My boyfriend is Bodyguard


International Bisexuality Day: why is it celebrated today?

September 23 was chosen for a double reason: in this month he was born Freddie Mercury, who made his bisexuality visible with great force, and it is the birthday of one of the three most important bisexual rights activists in the U.S.

Amnesty also explained what this celebration is about:

What is bisexuality?

Bisexual is a person who is emotionally, emotionally and / or sexually attracted both to people he perceives and to himself gender or as of the opposite gender. Likewise, it is also considered bisexuality attraction to individuals regardless of gender. This attraction does not have to be proportionally divided between the different genders (that is, you do not have to have the same level of attraction towards each one).

What is biphobia?

Biphobia is an irrational fear, hatred, or dislike of bisexual people. Stereotypes about bisexual people include discriminatory approaches towards these people, according to which their sexual orientation is temporary, they allow themselves to be dominated by lust, they favor the transmission of diseases through their promiscuity, etc.

It is one of the root causes of violence, discrimination, poverty and the worst physical and mental health suffered by bisexual people around the world. Biphobia affects the ability of people to report the abuses they suffer daily in many countries around the world.


Corona relaxation – 645 new infections in Austria – coronavirus

A total of 645 new corona cases were reported on Tuesday. Most of them in Vienna (205).

645 new infections were reported in Austria on Tuesday. The capital city of Vienna recorded the largest increase this time with 205 cases, followed by Upper Austria and Styria with 86 cases each.

The numbers in detail:

➤ Burgenland: 14
➤ Carinthia: 11
➤ Lower Austria: 85
➤ Oberösterreich: 86
➤ Salzburg: 77
➤ Steiermark: 86
➤ Tirol: 54
➤ Vorarlberg: 27
➤ Wien: 205

In Wienthere was an increase from Sunday to Monday compared to 172 new cases, but a far lower level than in the previous week. However, the number of tests is declining.

So far there have been 39,303 positive test results in Austria. As of today (September 22, 2020, 9:30 a.m.), 771 people across Austria have died from the consequences of the corona virus and 30,312 have recovered. Currently 390 people are in hospital treatment due to the corona virus and 75 of them are in intensive care units.

Why the numbers on the dashboard can diverge

The Department of Health dashboard is a dynamic system and gets its data from the Epidemiological Register (EMS). The EMS is the official register in which the district authorities and laboratories enter. According to the Ministry of the Interior, there can be delays in making entries, especially in the morning.

In the Ministry of the Interior, on the other hand, the figures are collected via a video conference as part of the coordination of the state crisis and disaster management in the Operations and Coordination Center (EKC). These figures may include cases that are not yet recorded in the EMS.

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