LADA Largus во вс вход версиях подорожала на 6 000 рублей из-за «ЭРА-ГЛОНАСС»

Do you want to wear a LADA Largus truck at your disposal? Do you buy a motorcycle at 10,000? Теперь же ее ценник прибавил еще 6 000 рублей, за систему «ЭРА-ГЛОНАСС». LADA Largus and ранее продавалась с системой «ЭРА-ГЛОНААС», just like a little bit of a mommy with no money, and a little bit of […]

Honor Watch intelligent watches that can charge a fee during the week were announced

The hours will be presented the other day. So far, no details have been reported, only the price is known: it will only be $ 215. The representatives of the Honor company will have all the features and functional features in the official presentation, which will be held on October 31 and for now have […]

The oncologist revealed the secret of a quick release of addiction to nicotine

According to Maxim Rykov, an employee of the RF Ministry of Health, this method is so simple, so effective and effective. The doctor himself had an addiction to nicotine, but he could get rid of it in a few months. The oncologist discovered the secret of a quick release of the addiction to nicotine and […]

Xiaomi Mi Air Laptop sold in Russia for 75,000 rubles

Xiaomi improved its Notebook Air line of notes, which makes the last generation compact, smart and powerful, engineers say. On the market in Russia Xiaomi Mi Laptop Air is sold for 75 thousand rubles and on the official website of the company for 480 dollars. The new ultra-lightweight notebook, which has a powerful impact, Xiaomi […]