The new Toyota Corolla Cross adds design changes

As we told you in recent weeks, Toyota launched a new midsize SUV globally. Known as Corolla Cross, the first market to receive the model was Thailand, although little by little, its commercial launch will reach other regions of the world.

Among the different Asian countries that were protagonists in receiving this sport utility, Vietnam attracted attention, according to different issues. First of all, the model will launch this week and it is the first time that it has been observed with the steering wheel on the left.

Other details to take into account are some slight design modifications such as the incorporation of a new slat along the grille, an unprecedented front bumper with different contours to the Thai variant, among other appliques that stand out in the rear sector (specifically on the trunk lid).

Regarding the types of configuration, the versions with a hybrid system will have some elements highlighted in blue, while those that are combustion will have different chrome trim.

The Corolla Cross will continue to land in different markets around the world and it is expected that next year it will make its debut in our region, where it will be produced at the Brazilian plant in Sorocaba and will share several components present in the Corolla (also produced in Brazil). Among them, the TNGA modular platform, the motorization (2.0 of 170 CV and 1.8 hybrid of 122 CV), added to different very characteristic elements derived from the sedan. In a rising segment, it is expected to compete with Ford Territory, Jeep Compass y Volkswagen Tarek.


Used car costs Rp. 60 million, this is the choice page all

JAKARTA, – Even though it’s still in shape pandemic Covid-19, sales used car continues to increase.

One of the areas that experienced the most increase in sales, namely DKI Jakarta. The re-implementation of the odd-even rule is allegedly encouraging people to hunt for used cars at pocket-friendly prices.

The reason is that people are worried about being infected corona virus because using public transportation and then choosing to buy a used private car.

This was stated by the Senior Manager of Marketing at the Exchange Used car WTC Mangga Dua Herjanto Kosasih to a few days ago.

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Herjanto added, the price of used cars that are much sought after in this condition is still the price that is below Rp. 100 million. Starting from a tag of Rp. 60 million to Rp. 100 million. Adi The atmosphere of a used car sales center in Central Jakarta

“With the implementation of this odd-even, used cars that cost Rp. 100 million and below continue to fly (good), all of them are looking for cheap ones,” he said.

In fact, Herjanto continued, prospective consumers are even willing to pay a low down payment as long as they can buy a car according to their needs.

For now, used cars with a price of Rp. 60 million can already choose the appropriate type from different manufacturers. Start MPV, SUV, then, city car or other options.

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“If you buy a used car, of course you also have to make a number of improvements,” said Herjanto.

On a different occasion, Hadi Cahyono, owner of the XL AHM Autocars car showroom in Solo also said the same thing.

A visitor sees a row of used cars on display at the Sriwedari car market, Solo, Central Java (Central Java), Sunday (15/12/2019).Ari Purnomo A visitor sees a row of used cars on display at the Sriwedari car market, Solo, Central Java (Central Java), Sunday (15/12/2019).

According to him, currently used car enthusiasts are increasing again in line with the easing of community activities.

“There has been an increase when compared to the early days of the pandemic, many bought with cash because credit was still in accordance with the old rules, namely DP 40 percent,” he said.

Here are 10 used cars at a price of Rp. 60 million

1. The 2016 Datsun Go + Panca is priced at IDR 65 million

2. Suzuki Karimun Estilo in 2011 the price of Rp 63 million

3. Toyota Vios type G manual 2006 price IDR 62.5 million

4. Toyota Avanza G in 2006 priced at Rp. 65 million

5. Daihatsu Ayla 1.0 in 2015 priced at IDR 63 million

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6. Toyota Kijang SSX 2002 price of Rp. 65 million

7. Nissan Teana in 2006 was priced at Rp. 65 million

8. Daihatsu Xenia in 2009 priced at Rp. 64 million

9. Suzuki APV GL 2010 price of Rp. 60 million

10. Honda City in 2004 priced at Rp. 62.5 million


Toyota, the technological revolution: the electric car that recharges in 15 minutes

Toyota continues its race towards new technologies to be applied to zero emission cars, which represent the symbol of future mobility. Most likely within a year the brand will show the first prototype with solid state lithium batteries.

In fact, before the Coronavirus pandemic shook the globe, Toyota had already decided to present the car this year, on the occasion of the Tokyo Olympics, postponed precisely because of Covid-19. Keiji Kaita, vice president of the group responsible for traction systems, during an interview, revealed some information on new accumulators of the future. The big news, very advantageous, is that they would reduce the charging time of electric cars to just one 15 minutes, without compromising the life of the system in any way.

In conclusion, a significant revolution, if we think that to date the charging times, together with the prices of zero emission vehicles and the absence of a well-developed network of refueling stations, are one of the limits which still prevent a massive expansion of this type of car. The new batteries may also come with a guarantee of 30 yearsafter this time, by the way, they would still have 90% of the initial storage capacity.

All this was born thanks to the collaboration between Toyota e Panasonic, which last April created the Prime Planet Energy and Solutions joint venture, created precisely to create and distribute lithium batteries with different cell geometries and solid state batteries. But what is the substantial difference between current and solid-state lithium batteries? The electrolyte.

Element that passes precisely from the liquid state to the solid state, allows more stability and therefore a more reliable adoption of charging at high and very high voltage; increase safety, durability and storage capacity. To date they have already been proposed different new technologies however, they never passed the experimental phase, in fact the materials identified in the theoretical study phase never proved to be adequate and effective.

Toyota would like to launch series models with solid state lithium batteries by 2025, although at this point, thanks to the new prototype that will be presented (probably) next year, the times could be drastically reduced. The next generation of the Toyota Prius which could also be the first hybrid car standard in the story with solid state lithium batteries.


Toyota’s profit fell by three quarters, selling half fewer cars

Japan Motor’s largest carmaker, Toyota Motor, fell 74.3 percent year-on-year net profit to 158.84 billion yen (CZK 33 billion) in the first quarter of its financial year. Due to the covid-19 disease pandemic, global sales have halved.

The carmaker also said today that it is recovering better than expected from the effects of the pandemic, and therefore increased the outlook for car sales.

The carmaker’s operating profit in the quarter fell 98 percent year on year to 13.9 billion yen (CZK 2.9 billion), the highest from the quarter to the end of June 2011. However, analysts in the Refinitiv survey expected a loss of 179 billion yen.

Revenues fell 40.4 percent to 4.6 trillion yen (CZK 956.8 billion) between April and June, due to quarantine measures, shutdowns and sales disruptions. All major markets have been affected, but the Chinese market is slowly recovering.


Toyota sold 1.2 million cars worldwide last quarter, up from 2.3 million last year. The company has raised its sales outlook for the fiscal year, which jumps in March 2021, to 7.2 million from a May estimate of seven million cars. Toyota sold nine million cars in the previous fiscal year.

Unlike Japanese competitors such as Honda Motor and Nissan Motor, or the largest American carmaker General Motors, Toyota managed to keep a profit for the past quarter.


The surveyor criticized the Toyota RAV4 IV diesel engine for dynamics and “maslozhor”

The unpopularity of the “turbodiesel” motorists associate with a weak “high-torque” and breakdowns.

Photo: fourth-generation Toyota RAV4, source: Toyota

The fourth generation Toyota RAV4 was produced from 2013 to 2019. The crossover has established itself as a reliable car and, in the footsteps of its predecessor, has become the best-selling in the class. In addition to gasoline engines, the Japanese assembled in small batches with a rarer diesel engine. Her work was criticized by the author of the popular YouTube channel Dizzlike Channel.

According to the surveyor, the Toyota RAV4 crossover with a 2.2-liter diesel engine rated at 150 “horses” not enough dynamics. So, the declared acceleration “to hundreds” is 10.0 seconds. Fuel economy compared to 2.0 and 2.5 liter gasoline engines is only 1 liter “per hundred,” but the 2.0-liter “brother” has a better acceleration of 9.4 seconds. This is confirmed by the owners of the “Japanese” on the theme site Drom.

Another characteristic “motor oil” is considered a motor problemwhich relates to design features. “From carriage to pumpkin,” the blogger criticizes.

In defense of the “turbodiesel”, an auto mechanic from another Auto Plus YouTube channel spoke out. He claims that the unit, although “weak,” and breakdowns occur, but still with timely oil changes and the use of high-quality fuel able to serve 400 thousand kilometers.

The specialist recommends paying more attention to the automatic 6-speed gearbox, which is combined with a diesel unit on the Toyota RAV4. Its declared resource is 150 thousand kilometers, but it is sharply reduced during “aggressive” driving. At the first “kicks” or jerks when shifting gears, it is recommended to immediately contact a service center.

Photo: fourth-generation Toyota RAV4, source: Toyota

Thus, criticism of the Ravchik is acceptable, but the experience of motorists is still different. In general, Toyota RAV4 IV owners are advised to conduct regular maintenance of power units. And for drivers who decide to purchase a diesel engine, a detailed car diagnosis should be made before buying.


Russian tuners have created a “wild” image of Toyota Land Cruiser 200

SCL Global has restyled the Japanese SUV.

Photo: Toyota Land Cruiser 200, source: SCL Global

Russian tuners from the studio of SCL Global, engaged in the restyling of luxury cars, created a 200 body kit for Toyota Land Cruiser, which gave the Japanese SUV an unrivaled look and a “wild” look. Now Kruzak looks at least spectacular.

Specialists called the body kit for the “Two Hundred” Hakama. The tuning kit includes: hood, front and rear bumpers, wing extenders, side skirts, upper and lower trunk lid spoilers, and a radiator grill.

The front of the car has changed and began to stand out. Bulging forward grating at the same time resembles both the jaws of a wild animal and the smile of a fantastic whale. The beams of the decorative grill smoothly pass into the headlights and share the lighting unit with daytime running lights. The front bumper of the tuned Toyota Land Cruiser 200 got laconic bottom splitter and enlarged air intakes on the sides and distinct wrinkles appeared on the hoodthat extend all the way to the windshield.

On the wheel arches of an SUV are installed overlays, which add even more angularity to a multifaceted body and smoothly pass into the thresholds, clearly emphasizing the lower part of the car.

Behind the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 appeared a pair of spoilers and a unique diffuser with exhaust holes on the sides. In the center of the bumper, an LED reversing light was installed, which is not noticeable at first glance, because it harmonizes with the smooth lines of the rear of the car.

Photo: Toyota Land Cruiser 200, source: SCL Global
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The “pumped” Land Cruiser 200 looks so “wild” that there is a desire to see the car on the road. It’s only a pity that improvements are expensive (minimum 500 thousand rubles) and happened only in the exterior of the car, but did nothing with the power unit and suspension. Under such a body kit, it’s not a sin to develop something sporty to delight motorists not only in appearance, but also in power.


Presented the “charged” Toyota Land Cruiser 200 body kit Warrior

The Japanese SUV began to look dynamic and modern.

Photo: Toyota Land Cruiser 200, source: Instagram afisha_irk_

Common tuning Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is the body color in gloss. It is the least expensive and will not take much time. But for those who want to stand out from the General flow and to collect the views of passers-by, the channel afisha_irk social network Instagram presented “charged” variation of the tuning of the car.

The main element that turns the SUV from the standard “aggressive adventurer”, was a massive Warrior body kit. The front part of Toyota Land Cruiser 200 has received a new sportier bumper, which, in addition to the fog lights, is the “point” daytime running lights. The rear bumper has got a diffuser under a bifurcated exhaust system.

Photo: Toyota Land Cruiser 200, source: Instagram afisha_irk_

In addition, the SUV received a medium-sized spoiler on the tailgate. It is not easy adds style but also protects the rear glass from dust and dirt due to the modified aerodynamics. The wheels were replaced by 20-inch with black color, the color of the body and low profile “rubber”. New bodykit has made the SUV more mundane and modern.

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Hinged parts are installed in standard places and do not require improvements that can be considered a good solution because you don’t have to “saw” the body, as happens in most cases.

Photo: Toyota Land Cruiser 200, source: Instagram afisha_irk_

These improvements Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is not the first time meet on the Internet. Thanks to the popularity of “Japanese”, for it is available a wide variety of components for the needs of the driver and the operating environment — be it city trips or absolute “offroad”.


Most powerful RAV4 is much in demand, Toyota does not have time to collect car

In early June, the market of Japan came the Toyota PHV RAV4 – powerful, hybrid version of the crossover with all-wheel drive system. The demand for it has exceeded company expectations, but it is not able to meet the needs of the market.

As reported by Mag-X, Toyota hoped to sell about 300 copies, but now the number of orders is three times more than this figure. It would seem, should rejoice in this success, but there is clutching his head unable to provide such volumes. The reason lies in the lack of components: the supply of lithium-ion batteries established from abroad, and delivery times are constantly “float”.

Dealers report that at present the waiting period is increased to eight months. By mid-summer, a situation I hope to fix it, but currently taking orders for the most powerful “Rapchik” discontinued.

PHV Toyota RAV4 (US model is called Prime) equipped with a hybrid power plant with a capacity of 306 HP, the Crossover can accelerate to “hundred” for 6 seconds and drive without refueling of about 1300 km.

Informed “RG” reported that in Russia, the Toyota RAV4 is also increased demand, and the plant in St. Petersburg will not have time to collect the car.


The choice between “Asians” used car

Both models are popular among Russians, especially among taxi drivers.

Photo: Toyota Corolla, source: Toyota

The main advantage of the Toyota Corolla has become a reliable technical part, and the advantage of the KIA Cerato is considered a functional interior and a comfortable fit. Edition understand the nuances of the choice between the two “Asians” with mileage.

Exterior features

Japanese sedan has lost a lot of “sores”, but some problems remained. Toyota Corolla XI has a stylish body design and the low land, which, according to the owners, had a positive impact on the aerodynamics of the car. The disadvantages of this model are the weak layer of LCP, which on the front bumper and hood there are chips.

This problem is not lost and KIA Cerato. Motorists are recommended time to touch up scratches or glue the front part of the protective film. The rest of the body “Asians” are not subject to corrosion even after 100 thousand kilometers. The presence of “Ryzhikov” can only talk about the damage to the car.

Photo: KIA Cerato, source: KIA

The “battle” motors

Under the hood Toyota Corolla for choice there are three power units. Basic 99-horsepower engine capacity of 1.3 liters reliable and able to serve more than 300 thousand kilometers. For those who like a more spirited drive available engines: 1.6 and 1.8 litre 122 and 140 “horses”, respectively. “Younger” the engine is paired with a manual transmission to a 6-speed and the other two involve the “mechanics” or variator.

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As for KIA Cerato, he received two units of 1.6 and 2.0 liters capacity of 130 and 150 BHP Transmission are 6-speed manual or automatic transmission. The problem of “older” units are considered “bullies” that occur at a constant spirited driving. The rest of the “atmosfernyi” serve more than 200 thousand kilometers, and preference for “Korean” taxi drivers.

The salon and equipment

“Japanese” has always been famous for their reliability, but the quality of materials and functionality Toyota Corolla inferior “Korean”. Thus, the basic trim levels for passengers, no facilities in the form of USB connectors, armrest and heated seats. But thanks to the flat floor in the back row can comfortably accommodate three adults.

Photo: interior of the Toyota Corolla source: Toyota

The KIA Cerato has been with the initial versions of happy outlets for 12V, USB port, heated rear and front seats, soft-touch plastic inserts.

Photo: interior KIA Cerato, source: KIA

Concerning the preferences, the opinions of motorists on specialized forums differ: some choose the “Corolla” for the diversity and vitality of the power units, others choose “Serato” for the availability of, a wide list of options and cheap maintenance. Price “Japanese” with mileage ranging from 700 thousand to 1.1 million rubles, while the “Korean” will cost from 650 thousand to 900 thousand rubles.


Composed of the TOP 3 tuning Toyota Land Cruiser

Craftsmen finalize how modern “dvuhsotki” and the classic Land Cruiser 70.

Stock Toyota Land Cruiser 200. Photo: Toyota

Russian drivers love to tune their “swallows”, and they love “Kruzak” — national recognition to the SUV does not dry out with age. The editors of the portal “let’s Roll!” made the TOP 3 tuning Toyota Land Cruiser.

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 with air suspension

Classic “Kruzak”, which was issued in 1984, has a fairly simple suspension — front and back, and solid axles on leaf springs. This technology is already somewhat outdated, but because the tuners showed Toyota Land Cruiser 70 with air suspension.

Classic Toyota Land Cruiser 70 is “pneuma”. Photo: Instagram, suv.4×4

This decision will make “Kruzak” more aimed at off-road, that will have to pay more careful care, which requires “pneuma”. Suspension vulnerable to contamination, and if damaged repair nodes can not be.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 “for the rally”

The following “Kruzak”, is the modern Land Cruiser 200, also fine-tuned for conquering harsh off-road conditions. On cars fitted with a huge bumper for off-road, which are hidden in itself by the winch.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 refers to the segment of premium SUVs, but because the damage to the body panels on the off-road is fraught with expensive repairs. That is why the owner of this “Kruzak” decided to install the massive panels that act as protection of the body.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 off-road body kit. Photo: Instagram,


In hastahah for a photo in Instagram provided that this SUV-oriented rallies, but these cars require a protective frame, which in the car is not visible.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 “simple and tasteful”

Often to create a stylish image of the car is not necessary to give light weight spoilers and LED elements — only a couple of impressive details. A vivid example of this Toyota Land Cruiser 200.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 with special wheels. Photo: VKontakte

The owner of “Kruzak” set of custom 19-inch aluminum wheels, and extended wheel arches inconspicuous panels. Complements the image of customized bumper another form, equipped with led “foglights”.