Rada allowed Kiev to play a significant role in Belarusian protests :: Politics :: RBC

According to Zagorodny, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy was forced to cross out his good relations with Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko. “Maybe he personally had a different point of view. But the puppet regime is called that because someone else is pulling the strings, ”the politician said.

Lukashenka announced the instigators of the protests from abroad

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September 16, during a meeting with the political activists of the Republic of Lukashenko statedthat Ukraine, contrary to the spirit of relations between the two countries, has become an outpost of political provocations. The President classified Ukraine as one of the US satellites, which have been jointly preparing for the current “time of H” over the past ten years. The next day Lukashenka applied to the peoples of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine with an appeal not to let the war start and to stop their politicians.

In response to these statements, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov named Lukashenka’s words about Kiev’s interference in Minsk’s affairs are nonsense and invited him to “drink some water”. “We think about Ukraine and wish only peace and prosperity to Belarus. <...> Ukrainians are friends of Belarusians, do not manipulate by blaming your neighbors. Look for the beam in your own eye, ”Avakov said.


Protests in Belarus have continued since August 9. On that day, the multi-day presidential elections ended, as a result of which Lukashenka, who has been in power for 26 years, won. Those who disagree with the results regularly organize rallies and protest rallies.

Even before the presidential elections, at the end of July, a group of 33 people was detained on the territory of Belarus. In the Belarusian KGB statedthat the detainees were employees of Wagner’s private military company (PMC). With regard to detainees aroused criminal cases on preparation of a terrorist attack and riots. The state agency BelTA wrote that the Russians came to Belarus to destabilize the situation on the eve of the presidential elections. The Kremlin considered the detention of the Russians groundless.

Lukashenko said about envy of Russians and Ukrainians towards Belarusians

Alexander Lukashenko

Belarus let go detained “PMC militants” on August 14. 32 of the 33 detainees returned to Russia. One of them, in addition to Russian, has Belarusian citizenship, so he remained on the territory of the republic. The Ukrainian authorities demanded the extradition of nine detainees, Kiev suspects them of terrorism. Vladimir Zelensky named Minsk’s decision to hand over the detainees to Moscow is unfair. Zelensky called the whole situation around the return of the Russians detained in Belarus “a story in which trust and objectivity were neglected.”


The head of the Ministry of Education called the share of schools closed due to COVID-19 :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Sergey Kiselev / AGN “Moscow”

Education Minister Sergei Kravtsov said that 0.009% of educational institutions and 0.1% of schools were closed in Russia due to the spread of coronavirus infection. He announced this at a press conference, the correspondent of RBC reports.

“The situation is calm. More than two weeks have passed since the moment general education institutions opened, and there are no serious reasons for transferring schools to distance learning. There are no outbreaks of mass diseases, ”he said.

Ministry of Health gives recommendations to parents of schoolchildren in connection with COVID-19

Photo: Sergey Pyatakov / RIA Novosti

The minister also stressed that the safety of students and teachers is guaranteed by compliance with restrictive measures.

In August Kravtsov statedthat despite the announcement of the full-time start of the school year, all schools will subsequently be able to independently decide on the introduction of quarantine if the virus begins to spread.


Javier Ordóñez has 9 skull fractures: Legal Medicine

He Secretary of Security of Bogotá, Hugo Acero, revealed this Friday that lawyer Javier Ordóñez, victim of the case of police brutality that has shocked the country and the world, died as a result of the blows that were inflicted on him, apparently, the policemen who took him to CAI last Tuesday night.

“There is a report from Legal Medicine that talks about a possible blunt weapon in the death of Javier Ordóñez. (…) From the point of view of forensic medicine, there are different causes of death. A blunt weapon can be a closed fist, ”the official told the public radio station Radio Nacional.

In the preliminary opinion of the forensic entity Specifically, nine fractures are evidenced in the victim’s skull, as well as other serious injuries apparently caused by blows to different parts of his body.

Likewise, it was known that There are videos in the possession of the authorities in which the severe beating of Ordóñez could be evidenced in the CAI to which he was taken in the town of Engativá.

Old quarrels

It was also aired that the researchers have found alleged old quarrels between the uniformed men and the victim, which could well become the motives for crime.

The death of Ordóñez, which has unleashed a day of protests that left 13 people killed by firearms in three days in Bogotá and Soacha, occurred at dawn last Wednesday, after being taken by several policemen to a CAI in Engativá.

Prior to his arrest, a video in which two agents discharge electric shocks from a ‘taser’ gun on repeated occasions against Ordóñez, whom they allegedly sued for consuming liquor on public roads.

“They massacred him.” Vadith Gómez, defender of the Ordóñez family, told the press that the policemen “massacred him inside the CAI”, So those responsible should be charged, he said, the crimes of aggravated homicide, torture and abuse of authority.

The lawyer also advocated because the case remains in the ordinary justice and do not go to the military criminal justice system, since, he warns, the excessive use of force cannot be considered an act of service.


Defense Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo, He asked for forgiveness on behalf of the Police and announced that in the middle of the investigations another five uniformed men were suspended, who join the two who had been temporarily removed from their positions last Wednesday.

This case, Trujillo said, “it hurts and outrages us, and generates solidarity ”.

For this reason, he stated: “The Police apologizes for any violation of the law or ignorance of the regulations incurred by any of the members of the institution.”

He reported in this regard that “A hearing has been summoned for abuse of authority and murder” and that “the police have been suspended so that the investigation is not obstructed.”

Likewise, it pointed out that the investigations are progressing with respect to “other police officers who may have been responsible for the death of Javier Ordóñez by act or omission.

So it finally resolves, “suspend five more police officers to subject them to the investigation process”.

In turn, the director in charge of the Police, General Gustavo Moreno, also asked for forgiveness: “On behalf of all the police officers in Colombia I want to ask the family of Mr. Javier Humberto Ordóñez Bermúdez for forgiveness. (…) Sorry to your family, sorry to your friends, sorry to all citizens, sorry to all Colombians, because we know that this type of situation seriously damages that faith that citizens should have in their Police ”.

They ask for the removal of Trujillo

Fourteen human rights organizations filed a disciplinary complaint with the Attorney General’s Office against the Minister of Defense, in which they request the dismissal of the senior official and the police officers of Bogotá and Soacha. This before the 13 people killed by firearms that left the protests of recent days as a balance. “In addition to the dismissal and disqualification after a process in the Office of the Attorney General, the immediate suspension must be given to prevent the events of September 9 from happening again. (…) The patterns under which the Police acted in Bogotá are striking, which suggests that acted under specific orders or influenced by doctrine and training processes”The statement read.

Training in Human Rights

After a meeting between the Defense Minister and the Ombudsman, Carlos Camargo, the Ministerial Chief announced how the process of transformation and modernization of the institution will be carried out.

One of the fundamental axes of this meeting was training the police force on Human Rights. “We will have the support of the UN and the Ombudsman’s Office on the issue of protection of Human Rights. We will reference the best international practices and improve the internal process, For this, the Ombudsman will accompany us and a review of the protocols will be made”Trujillo detailed.

In this sense, the defender stated: “The Ombudsman will accompany the review and evaluation of procedures of police operations in the light of international rights and protocols. It will also accompany the human rights training process for Police units ”.


Running to lose weight: what is the most efficient way?

However, there are different exercises that can be done and not all are equally effective if the goal is to lose weight: “There is talk of running slower to lose weight in a call to the physiological factor, which is beta oxidation, the use of fat as fuel. Fats need the presence of oxygen to oxidize, to be used as fuel. In the case of running faster, the expenditure is directed towards other substrates or metabolic pathways”, Explains the coach of Athletics Fernando Díaz Sánchez in dialogue with Ámbito.

“That is why there is talk of doing a slower, aerobic exercise, which means in the presence of oxygen, and it will be a little more substantial towards that goal you want to achieve. That is why walking is often indicated, which is very effective.”, Clarifies the National Technician of the Cross, Trail and Mountain Area of ​​CADA (Argentine Athletics Confederation).

Then, Díaz Sánchez explains that the duration of each job and the weekly frequency will depend exclusively on the level of training, physical and clinical of each individual: “An adjustment to the metabolism needs at least a frequency of three to four times a week and the duration will depend on the capacity of each one and what the doctor has advised. It can range from 15 to 50 minutes “.

fernando diaz sanchez

Gentileza: @fer_diaz_sanchez

A very common mistake of people who start running is to expect good results by always doing the same exercise. Although at first there will be changes, there will come a point, not so far in time, where a ceiling will be reached, which can only be broken by varying the jobs, adding to professional supervision.

“The principle of multiplicity or variability, according to the text, is fundamental. In training we improve the good physical stress that we can inflict on the Body, regulated. If we always do the same thing, homeostasis will be repetitive, it will not generate adaptations, it will not work thresholds, much less exceed them. So the good periodization and integrated planning that you have is going to give you good results or not ”, explains the General and Technical Director of Fer Team Track & Field.

Debunking a myth

Much is said about “the best time to train.” Even some texts on the internet recommend going out to train on an empty stomach, something that can be very dangerous for our body and our organism, since we are going to subject it to a significant workload.

“There is no bibliography and in my experience I cannot say whether athletes who train in the morning or in the afternoon are better. I believe that more than anything it should be regulated with work, daily or study activities, in addition to rest spaces. Obviously the best thing would be to do your physical activity and then work. Some can and others cannot, but it is very particular. There is no timetable for better adaptations ”, analyzes Fernando Díaz Sánchez.

Something that must be emphasized before beginning any physical activity is to carry out a medical check-up to see if our body is ready to assimilate it. Throwing ourselves into a job for which we do not know if we are suitable can have serious consequences for our body and our health in general.


Behavior is key to maintaining your ideal weight.

Behavior is key to maintaining your ideal weight.


“The first thing I ask a person for is their physical fitness. We have been accompanying it for a long time with an anthropometry, a measurement that nutritionists generally make where we can see our balances of excess muscle, bone, fat and residuals. From there, the professional can calculate what can be close to being the optimal weight of an individual so as not to injure himself and so that it is beneficial for him, a kind of torque, which we will find with the appropriate and individual training ”, details the Head Coach New Balance Argentina.

Once the ideal weight is achieved, the second objective arrives, which is to maintain it. For Díaz Sánchez, the key is in conduct: “Maintaining weight both recreationally and in high performance is behavioral. The weight standard that the professional gives must be beneficial, pleasant and empathetic for the individual, to achieve stabilization. It is important that it can be transferred over time “.


SENA: teacher explains why it is a monopoly of money for training – Education – Life

This was expressed by Professor Víctor Manuel Gómez, from the Department of Sociology of the National University of Colombia (UNAL), in the UN Analysis program of UN Radio (98.5 FM), in which he highlighted the need to reform the National Learning Service (SENA), which it defines as “a large institutional bureaucracy.”

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“SENA does not even allow access to its sources of statistical information, it is a hermetic entity”added the teacher.

For Professor Daniel Bogoya, also from UNAL, “an open, public policy is required, in which different social, academic and business sectors participate so that SENA really has a transformation that turns it into a training center for work ”.

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For his part, the sociologist Óscar Useche, professor at the Minuto de Dios University Foundation, pointed out that “With the changes that are proposed for said entity, it is moving towards a privatization with agreements with international companies such as Amazon, Siemens or SAP to advance the ICT of SENA”.

However, he calls on the benefits that these multinationals will receive in return, since “they will be able to participate in Colombian politics.”

Listen here to the panelists’ arguments about SENA.

UN Digital Newspaper


Physical exercise with the rope helps you lose weight

With the closed gyms and the number of infected por covid-19 on the rise, mens and women They have turned to simple implements to keep fit inside the house. In that list is the rope The rope, for its multiple Benefits. Also because it is easy to save and it is relatively economic.

Drinking Spinoza, boxer and trainer, ensures that the rope is ideal for burning calories, but also for tone up and strengthen the muscles of the body. With this the legs, arms and abdomen are worked. In addition, it is an alternative to improve the Balance, the coordination and to win speed.

A study published in What’s Cooking América claims they burn near 13 calories per minute. So this exercise runners are doing well, physicoculturistas, boxers and crossfitters.

Espinoza includes the jump with rope in the training his students, regardless of your age, if they are in perfect health condition.

People with problems in their knees or back should avoid it, according to the athlete Celio romero, because it is a exercise of impact.

For those who begin to activate in order to move away the sedentary lifestyle and avoid diseases As the overweight and the obesity, Espinoza suggests starting with 3 minutes a day. The following month he recommends four repetitions three minutes each.

Past the 60 days, people should be able to skip the rope during 15 minutes consecutive, also for a month. Time and repetitions will increase according to objectives from each person.

Espinoza, for example, turned three repetitions -25 minutes each one- a day, before a competition. When he was free, on the other hand, he jumped 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the afternoon, continuously, to keep fit.

To that activity, Sandry Hidrobo, physical therapist and personal trainer, suggests combining it with exercise of force to also win muscle mass, reduced in many people by the lack of physical activity. To comply with this, you can use implements such as resistance, bars, dumbbells or discs.

The key to get Outcomeyes, the experts, is to be constant, because to stay away from diseases, institutions as the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend 30 minutes of activity a day, five times a week.

It is also important to listen to Body for reduce he risk of injuries. To avoid them, precisely, it is suggested start with the simplest jump. After, try with the rest of variants.


HUN joins clinical trial for vaccine against Covid-19

The Hospital Universidad del Norte, located in the municipality of Soledad, was endorsed by the National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance (Invima) to participate in the clinical trial for the third phase of the Covid-19 vaccine, which is developed by Janssen Pharmaceuticals.

The health institution, which is located in the municipality of Soledad, is part of the list of six centers that already have the approval by the health authority to start the tests in the first weeks of September, after they are presented the results of the study in the previous phase.

Diego Castresana-Díaz, director of the Hospital Universidad del Norte, highlighted that participation in this trial is an endorsement of the scientific work carried out from his research center.

“We have participated in a large number of studies through the Research Center. Furthermore, these processes are always endorsed by a very strict ethics committee, which also monitors ”, he stated during a virtual press conference.

While Hugo Macareno, scientific director of the Hospital Universidad del Norte, said that this study seeks to determine the efficacy and safety of the vaccine to prevent the disease, which already leaves more than 23 million infected and 820 thousand deaths in the world.

“The inclusion criteria for this study are very rigorous. These studies will be with people between 18 and 68 years old, mainly those who are more exposed to the virus, “said Macareno.

The medical professional was emphatic in maintaining that among the exclusion criteria to participate in the clinical trial is having suffered the disease.

“The idea is that among the volunteers there are health workers, which is one of the populations that is most exposed to the virus. If a person is chosen to be part of this program, they must continue to use the precautionary measures ”, she indicated.

Silvia Aguilera, coordinator of scientific studies at Hospital Universidad del Norte, indicated that they are waiting for the sponsor of the study to determine the number of volunteers that are needed.

“Worldwide, 60 thousand people will take part in the test. The number that will be treated in each of the centers has not yet been defined and as soon as we have that data we will be able to define the strategies for their recruitment, ”said the medical professional.

Aguilera added that the main objective of phase three of the trial of this vaccine is “to validate the efficiency and safety in a representative group.”

“This test is very important to know how the virus behaves in the region. As a research center we are going to do everything possible so that this vaccine can be reliable and safe ”, he added.

In Barranquilla, the Cimedical clinical research center also received the endorsement to be part of this process.

Juan José Jaller, medical scientist at Cimedical, explained that the idea is that people over 18 years of age in good health and with a high risk of contagion participate. Each volunteer will have six face-to-face visits and weekly follow-ups to monitor if they are infected.

“This previous experience generates security, it also has the backing of the Johnson & Johnson group,” Jaller said in dialogue with EL HERALDO.

It should be noted that the people who will participate in the clinical trial will not receive any financial remuneration.

The invima speaks

The National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance (Invima) indicated that the approval for the development of this clinical trial is done “exceptionally”, to advance in logistical aspects related to the importation of the vaccine, medical supplies and training of the research team in the institutions approved to participate in the process.

The entity said that, in this way, the country is expected to be ready to begin recruiting participants from the month of September. The estimated primary completion date is March 2023, although initial results are expected in January next year.

“Colombia’s participation in this clinical trial is thanks to the efforts made by the national government to control the effects of the pandemic and to improve response times in regulatory procedures related to emergency care,” said Julio César Aldana, CEO of Invima.

Likewise, the official stressed that “the measures adopted allowed the materialization of a public health policy, placing Colombia on the world stage of viable countries to start clinical trials with these vaccines.”

In addition to the Hospital Universidad del Norte and the Cimedical clinical research center, the country approved the start of the clinical trial at the Fundación Cardiovascular de Colombia (Bucaramanga), Caimed (Bogotá), Fundación Oftalmológica de Santander (Floridablanca) and Solano & Terront Medical Services (Bogotá), Invima indicated in a press release sent to this medium on Tuesday.

9 centers await the endorsement

The National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance (Invima) reported that nine research centers throughout the country are awaiting verification of compliance with the requirements to be part of the clinical trial.

The Clínica de la Costa de Barranquilla is part of this small group together with the Valle del Lili Foundation (Cali), Medplus Prepaid Medicine (Bogotá), Pediatric Infectious Disease Center (Cali), Santa Fe Foundation (Bogotá), Pablo Tobón Uribe Hospital (Medellín), Fundación Centro de Investigación Clínica CIC (Medellín), Program for Studies and Control of Tropical Diseases (Medellín) and High Complexity Scientific Assistance (Bogotá).

These centers seek to join the six that have already received the endorsement to carry out this study.

Globally, the third phase will initially take place in five other countries: the United States, Chile, Mexico, Peru and South Africa.

The clinical trial is expected to take place with a total population of 60,000 participants, proportionally distributed among these countries.


They shot a Buenos Aires policeman in the head during training in La Matanza

An officer of the Buenos Aires Police was hospitalized tonight in serious condition after being shot in the head by a colleague during a training exercise on the Almirante Brown field of the Buenos Aires party of La Matanza, and the investigators were trying to determine the circumstances in those that the cash suffered the shot, informed sources of the force and judicial.

The incident was recorded this afternoon during an exercise to enter the homes of the Immediate Operations Tactical Unit (UTOI) -of which the shot policeman is a member- carried out in the aforementioned stadium located on the corner of José Ignacio Rucci and Coronel Juan streets. Francisco Seguí, in the town of Isidro Casanova of said party in the southwest of Greater Buenos Aires.

As it transpired, the officer, identified as Cristian Alberto Coronel (25) and domiciled in the Buenos Aires party of Florencio Varela, carried out clearing maneuvers for a room together with an inspector officer.

Coronel’s partner was carrying a Mossberg shotgun and, under circumstances that are still being determined, fired a shot that hit the upper right parietal and the young officer’s right arm.

The police officer who was shot was immediately transferred to the Paroissien hospital in Isidro Casanova, where he was hospitalized tonight in serious condition as a result of the gunshot wound he received, which caused the loss of his brain mass, informed sources from the force and the courts.

Meanwhile, at the scene of the incident, members of the Scientific Police worked, who carried out the first tests, while the investigators tried to establish how and under what circumstances the officer was injured.

Likewise, it seeks to determine the responsibilities of the case, both of who fired the shot – on whom no legal temperament was adopted at the time – and of the instructor in charge of the training exercise, and if there was any type of negligence at the time of providing firearms, added the sources consulted.

Prosecutor Juan Diomede, from the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 5 of the La Matanza Judicial Department, intervenes in the case.


Ministry of Health train medical interns at BCS

La Paz, Baja California Sur (OEM-Informex) .- The Baja California Sur Ministry of Health conducted an induction course for medical interns and other professionals in related careers, who this year will carry out their social service in health centers and hospitals of the entity, with the aim of strengthening their humanistic conviction and their community commitment, in such a way May this translate into better care for South Californian families.

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Given the atypical situation in which we find ourselves due to the Covid-19 pandemic, interns from medicine, nursing, dentistry and other academic branches related to health were instructed on the user care schemes that are applied in medical units first and second level, to prevent risks of contagion by this viral disease, said the secretary of the branch, Víctor George Flores.

In the field of medicine, it is important that professionals operate properly and with all the security measures that are regulated in the context of the health emergency, said the state official, adding that they were trained in the care of patients with Covid-19, the correct use and removal of personal protective equipment, as well as all the preventive recommendations that must be promoted for the prevention of infections.

George Flores explained that the 96 interns of this promotion must comply with a period of social service of one year, which for this case began on August 1, 2020 and will end on July 31, 2021. These health professionals are assigned mainly to communities in the rural area, in order to prioritize the care of vulnerable families who do not have the right to the IMSS, ISSSTE or the Armed Forces.

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In this training, doctors and nurses from social service were summoned to prioritize the preventive scheme, by promoting healthy lifestyles with the population, to avoid or control chronic-degenerative conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity, which are risk factors in this health contingency due to Covid-19, the Secretary of Health pointed out.


Workout: what is the best time to train? A study reveals the right phases for sport

There are those who prefer in the morning, and those on a lunch break. Or in the early afternoon, or at sunset: when do you dedicate time to training? Experts advise …

In the morning as soon as you wake up, in the afternoon when you are busy or in the evening after work? Here’s what is the best time to train, science also tells us with the advice of our experts. The time we dedicate to our favorite sporting activity is often wedged between family and work commitments. To better understand what is the best time of the day to train, we can rely on cronobiologia. It is in fact the medical science that studies the biorhythms of our organism in the different phases of the day and night.

The early bird catches the worm… is the time of day when the body needs some time to “fuel”, the heart rate and body temperature are in fact lower and the muscles more numb. Better to engage in soft activities that require concentration such as stretching, yoga and muscle awakening. Also perfect meditation to find the right “energy charge”.

Before or after breakfast? According to some studies such as the one conducted by the University of Bath (UK), exercising before breakfast would help burn more excess fat and produce more serotonin the hormone of happiness (also read about foods that improve mood). However, it is better not to overdo it with too demanding workouts.

Sample breakfast… (Read also a day with Leonardo Fioravanti, here’s what the surfing champion eats ): a good breakfast is essential to start the day well. A healthy and balanced meal must never lack a protein quota (milk or yogurt). Yes also to carbohydrates, better if integrals (such as cereals or rusks). Finally, the fruit that plays a central role is excellent hydration body.

Afternoon and evening: these are the ideal moments for high concentration and increased production of adrenalin. In this time slot, all sports that require a high amount of coordination and intense effort are perfect. In fact, towards evening the blood pressure tends to decrease and our body prepares to “recharge the batteries”.

Finally, sporting activity late in the evening is prohibited, it can cause difficulties in relaxation and problems insomnia… Better to opt for a hot herbal tea in winter (or freshly prepared in summer).

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