Former transfer target Chelsea negotiate contract with Manchester United

According to the authoritative British football publication Sky Sports, the Portuguese Porto left-back Alex Telles, who was the transfer target of Chelsea London for a long time last summer, has agreed a 5-year contract with Manchester United and is ready to move to England.

It is worth clarifying that although Telles was on the Chelsea shortlist, he certainly was not a priority player for signing. It was viewed precisely as an option in case it would not be possible to agree with Leicester on Ben Chilwell’s transfer. But, as we already know, the Englishman still switched to Stamford Bridge, which is why they gave up all their attempts to sign the Brazilian.

And now Manchester United has become interested in Telles’ services, which managed to agree on a 5-year contract with the footballer and is now negotiating with the Portuguese Porto in order to reach a final agreement on further transfer.


They rule out that the transfer of municipal schools to local services has been affected by a pandemic | National

The Director of Public Education ruled out that, as a result of the pandemic, the process of transferring municipal schools to new local services has been affected, scheduled for January 2021, after senators entered a bill to extend this term, up to one year.

The motion entered by Senators Yasna Provoste, from the Christian Democrats; Isabel Allende, from the Socialist party, plus senators Juan Ignacio Latorre, from the Democratic Revolution; Alejandro Navarro, from the PRO and Claudio Alvarado, from the UDI, seek to extend the deadline for the transfer to the Local Education Services set for January 2021, because as a result of the pandemic, this process has not been able to develop in a good way .

As established in the calendar of the New Public Education Law, the municipal schools that must be transferred are those located in the communes of Copiapó, Tierra Amarilla, Caldera, Chañaral, and Diego de Almagro, in the Atacama region, the commune of Valparaíso, in the same region; Colchagua, in the O’Higgins region and Llanquihue, in Los Lagos.

Senator Yasna Provoste, He argued that the transfer to local services is a complex process, involving many formal aspects.

With regard to these aspects, he exemplified with “holding the contests to provide the positions in the new local education services, but also preparing the payrolls of all teachers and education assistants who will transfer their hourly charges, types of contract of each one, determine the debts, ensure payment and detail the acquired rights with which the workers will be transferred ”.

“This process is complex and must be done in a way to avoid errors, thus protecting the right to education of our students, but also the labor rights of workers, “he said.

Senator Juan Ignacio Latorre, meanwhile, said after meeting with the different education workers, they expressed that the conditions are not in place to make an optimal transfer, as of January 2021.

“Because of the pandemic, because of the quarantine, because of teleworking with officials – this in conversation with the College of Teachers, education assistants – and many officials state that the conditions are not adequate to make a transfer in good conditions and we have already seen the errors that have occurred, the difficulties that have occurred in previous transfers in a normal period, and now with the pandemic this becomes even more complex, therefore it is a power that the President of the Republic has ” , he assured.

The director of the New Public Education, Alejandra Grebe, ruled out that this year due to the health emergency, there have been difficulties that affect the transfer process, as established by law.

“We know that at the moment it is only a bill that still lacks a legislative path of at least two stages, on the other hand, as the Directorate of Public Education and technical body, We have maintained the same planning in time and form that the current Law commands us, which has not been affected by the pandemic context and we will continue to comply and work pending any legal guidelines that may be published in the future ”, he argued.

The motion for a single article seeks that President Sebastián Piñera issue a decree with the force of law, which postpones for up to one year, the transfer of municipal schools to the new local education services in the Atacama region , Valparaíso,
O’Higgins and Los Lagos.


Ministry of Transport confirmed plans to switch to free transport by 2035 :: Society :: RBC

The government is considering the option of encouraging urban residents to give up private cars and switch to public transport. To do this, they will begin to charge a fee for driving their cars on roads of all categories.

Photo: Vladimir Gerdo / TASS

The Russian government is indeed considering a possible transition to free public transport in cities by 2035. This is stated in the comments of the Ministry of Transport received by RBC.

According to the ministry, the “user pays” principle was created as part of the transport strategy back in March 2020. In accordance with this mechanism, from 2025, motorists will start paying for travel on roads of regional importance, and by 2035 – for travel on roads of all categories. After that, the transition to free public transport will begin in urban agglomerations.


In late March, the government approved the document, making some changes. At the same time, the “user pays” mechanism and provisions on the transition to free travel have been preserved in it.

Ministry of Transport proposed to prepare for free transport and toll roads

Photo: Anton Belitsky / Global Look Press


PSBB Total Effective Monday, September 14 2020, Is SIKM Again a Requirement for Mobility Outside Jakarta?

PR DEPOK – Large-Scale Social Restrictions Policy (PSBB) Total DKI Pemprov will apply Jakarta starting Monday, 14 September 2020.

This surprising decision was made by the Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan after observing the spike in cases Covid-19 in a capital city that comes from several clusters at once.

In addition to having an impact on the public health sector, this policy certainly affects the people’s economy and limits movement through transportation modes.

Anies Baswedan call PSBB Total not only controlling public transportation, but also private vehicle activities.

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“Public transportation will again be strictly limited in number and hours. Odd-even will be temporarily eliminated. But that does not mean we are free to travel by private vehicle,” said Anies Baswrdan, quoted by from RRI.

Previous period, during period PSBB Transition Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta controlling the mobility of citizens through the Entry and Exit Permit (SIKM).

At time PSBB Total Anies Baswedan gave the same appeal, namely recommending its citizens not to leave Jakarta except for urgent interests.

“Ideally, of course, we can limit the movement in and out Jakarta to the minimum. But in reality this is not easy to enforce only by Jakarta just “


Mali: ‘military junta for three years’ – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – BAMAKO, AUG 24 – The military junta that took power in Mali has proposed a three-year transition under the leadership of a soldier, and said it was ready to release former president Ibrahim Bubacar Keita, arrested on Tuesday during a coup. This was reported by sources from Ecowas (the organization of West African States) and the junta itself. The hypothesis was put forward at the end of the second day of negotiations between the coup leaders and the Organization, which will continue today. “We managed to reach agreement on some points but not on all points of discussion,” said Ecowas’ head of delegation, former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan.