Masterchef Celebrity: the video that will confirm that Vicky Xipolitakis cheats

Without a doubt Vicky xipolitakis is one of the participants that generates the most expectation in the public of Masterchef Celebity, not only because of her mistakes and hilarious occurrences, she is also the favorite of the jury.

However, there is something that would be playing against your credibility: the editing process of the culinary reality. Remember that the program is recorded for long hours that are then edited to fit into a format of a little more than an hour. Well, so far little or nothing has been seen of the process of making Vicky’s meals.



Algeria does not forgive “copycats”: 1 year in prison for student for spreading exam answers | (none)

An Algerian student was sentenced to one year in prison for having disseminated the answers of an exam that allows access to upper secondary school, according to the new rules that provide strong sanctions for these frauds, announced this Saturday the Ministry of Justice.

The courts began to pronounce the “first prison sentences” for events related to leaks of the subjects of the examination of the Certificate of Secondary Education (necessary to start upper secondary school and which generally takes about 15 years) the dissemination of answers and “cheating,” the ministry said in a statement.

The court of Guelma (northeast) sentenced a student to one year in prison on Wednesday for having “disseminated the answers to the Arabic language test on his Facebook page,” according to the same source.

Another person, accused of having “leaked the subject of Arabic language by mobile phone”, is in preventive prison and will be tried on Sunday, according to the ministry.

The penal code, amended in April, criminalizes violations in exams and oppositions. Anyone involved in this type of fraud is exposed to penalties of between one and 15 years in prison.

The phenomenon of exam fraud has increased in recent years in Algeria. In 2016, dozens of people, including senior education officials, were arrested on suspicion of involvement in massive internet leaks of high school exam topics.


thousands of trapped fish have been saved from certain death!

This Thursday, the company Electrabel decided to empty its bypass channel used for its Stavelot power station. The problem is that the company, active in energies, has not warned anyone.

So much so that thousands of fish got stuck in the canal, in 20 centimeters of water, without the possibility of reaching the Amblève located below.

Fortunately, the non-profit organization La Truite managed to save most of the fish.

The asbl does not understand that there has been contacts with no one and that they did not plan to save the fish.


Jellyfish weever and hedgehogs: how to combat skin irritation after a bite

10 August 2020 – 17:30

Summer, sun and sea. Unfortunately, it is quite common at this time of the year to make close encounters with jellyfish, weevers and hedgehogs which represent real pitfalls especially for children who spend most of their time at sea or on the shore. Here’s how to act without panicking

of Antonella Sparvoli

The jellyfish they belong to the Coelenterates, are made of 90% water and consist of a central body (Ombrella) from which the tentacles branch off. The most widespread in the Mediterranean is Pelagia nuctiluca, a fairly poisonous jellyfish, about 10 cm in diameter, transparent or purplish in color with long filaments, often present in schools.

10 August 2020 | 17:30



Bad Bunny shares how the coronavirus quarantine lives – Noticieros Televisa

The Puerto Rican singer of trap, Bad bunny shows for several days to his followers, on his social networks, how he is going living quarantine to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, which has led to millions of views.

It may interest you: Coronavirus changes life on the entire planet; confines almost a billion people in the world

In Puerto Rico 21 are affected by the disease and this Saturday the first person on the island died with COVID-19, an Italian tourist who arrived, along with her husband, on the island, on a cruise ship.

Since last weekend there has been a general curfew throughout the Commonwealth and only supermarkets and pharmacies are open, as well as basic necessities such as hospitals and others.

Of all the videos and images that the interpreter has posted, the one that has received the most reproductions is the one corresponding to the 5th.

The same, dated in Isabela, in the south of the island, you can see the singer, with background music by Los Tres Tristes Tigres who interpret “El corrido del coronavirus”, drink, dance with a woman with whom he also appears playing Jenga and then checking a pulse, eating an apple, disinfecting a table and the camera focus, and filing your nails, among other actions.

This video has garnered almost nine million views.

It is closely followed, with four million 383 thousand 621 “likes”, three photographs of Bad Bunny sunbathing half-naked that correspond to day 6 of mandatory confinement.

The images are accompanied by a text in which you can read “you can sunbathe from home. What are you doing today? “

A total of three million 731 thousand 542 reproductions you have another video in which you can see a minor lying on a bed with headphones, occasionally puffing and playing with a ball in one hand. This corresponds to the day of quarantine 3.

The Puerto Rican ragpicker Bad Bunny, who turned 26 on March 10, has set several records for his recent album “YHLQMDLG” (Yo Hago Lo Que Me Da La Gana), among them, the best-selling Spanish album in a week on the Billboard charts.

The other two records obtained by the Puerto Rican artist are for the most “streaming” Latin album in a week and the most number of albums sold in the week of its release, since Billboard began tracking album sales on music platforms in December 2014.

The information of the publication was retweeted by the Puerto Rican artist and it details that “YHLQMDLG” managed to sell 179 thousand units in the United States since its release on February 29 to March 5, placing it in second place in the 200 most popular albums. sold-behind Lil Baby’s “My Turn”, according to information provided to Billboard by consulting firm Nielsen Music / MRC Data.

Of the 179,000 units, 142,000 were on albums sold by streaming or on music platforms.

With information from EFE.



the Scottish trap breaks the momentum of the XV of France

Before landing on Murrayfield lawn this Sunday, March 8, the Blues were warned: beware, match trap. Scotland in his garden awaited the XV of France, and everything was in place for the fatal ambush. Precisely because after three victories in this Six Nations Tournament, it was difficult to imagine the Blues suddenly decrease in intensity, moreover against the Scots who did not seem the best equipped to oppose them.

A defeat without discussion

The victory against the Welsh (27-23) had to have shown it: the young and valiant squad of coach Fabien Galthié had a hell of a temper, finally seemed confident and able to continue the thread of his brand new story. Was it too much certainty for a construction team with a fragile experience? Had we too quickly forgotten, seduced by the will of the new generation, that the XV of France had not imposed itself on Scottish soil since 2014? Clearly.

The Blues lost, and without discussion (17-28), broken momentum after a dark rainy afternoon. It all started badly in fact, and from the warm-up, with the hooker adductor injury replacing Camille Chat. A bad sign, confirmed once on the meadow, where everything was chained for the worse.

A yellow card for François Cros for dangerous tackle, the premature exit of the opener Romain Ntamack on concussion (8e minute), then the red card precisely inflicted on the pillar Mohamed Haouas for a nasty punch distributed (37e minute), a bad series that the Blues had hardly faced until then.

Do not reset the lost machine

Since the start of the tournament, the XV de France has subscribed to thunderous start to the match, knocking out its opponents before slightly lowering its foot in the second half. Scenario turned upside down in Scotland. Destabilized from the start, less aggressive than usual, this time the Blues were unable to cope with the facts of the game that upset their habits. Above all, they got lost in an indiscipline already in germ previously, but this time insurmountable: 11 faults, a yellow card and a red card, it is too much at this level. “We will remain united, we will also assume, and work”, commented captain Charles Ollivon after the match.

A team is also built on this kind of match, on these formative defeats, provided that they do not gamber and do not reset the losing machine on which the XV of France has embarked in recent years. It is in this ability to bounce back, to get back on the right track very quickly that the long-awaited renewal of the Blues will be able to measure itself.

Next Saturday at the Stade de France against Ireland, they may be playing for victory in the Six Nations Tournament, the final outcome of which will only be known after the two games so far postponed (on an unknown date ) because of the coronavirus, Ireland-Italy and Italy-England. A success in the competition would already be real satisfaction. Even if the dreams of Grand Slam have dissipated in the Scottish rain. Disappointment can also make you grow.


Minor contracts, the trap of big cities to bypass controls

In Spain there are six major municipalities, the most powerful a priori, which exceed the half a million habitbefore. They are those that serve as reference … for the good and also the bad. But Court of Accounts (TCu) reproaches them in one of their latest control reports that abuse the use of so-called minor contracts, which is usually identified as «Risk area» by “not legally requiring the promotion of a minimum competitive attendance – state auditors warn – and substantially reducing their procedures”, including prior inspection.

Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Malaga, Seville, Valencia and Zaragoza they are, according to the INE, the consistories of that municipal podium. And in them the number of minor contracts represents, on average, 87.3% of the total agreements signed, oscillating between 77.8% in the capital city and 96.8% in the main Levantine city. However, its weight with respect to the total budget of the award item is obviously smaller: 18.4% on average.

But what kind of documents are we talking about? Until the approval of the new Public Sector Contract Law, the contracts for works less than 50,000 euros or other services below 18,000. After the entry into force of said regulations in March 2018 (the TCu report refers to an earlier period), those caps have been reduced to 40,000 and 15,000 euros, respectively, although the autonomous communities could impose more restrictive limits. Likewise, this type of agreement cannot last more than one year, nor be extended.

And although in four of the six consistories analyzed (Madrid, Malaga, Seville and Zaragoza) the internal regulations favored that risks could be reduced by abusing this type of agreement, the Court of Auditors has set off the alarm about its use. And it is that “in all” the large municipalities have detected minor contracts through which «The development of actions has been awarded separately» which, in fact, were “necessary, repeated and predictable”, that is, just those that the regulations state should be awarded through ordinary agreements.

The same applies to “the realization of benefits of a similar nature that could respond to a single purpose”, another of the almost recurrent uses that large municipalities give to minor contracts and, however, the law indicates that they should be included in agreements of greater size and, therefore, with an important previous control. Especially when, as technicians have detected, its award “has sometimes fallen to the same contractor”, extreme that could be disguised by resorting to the distribution of works or services in smaller agreements.

«Avoid your advertising»

After all, as the Court of Auditors points out in its report, “on some occasions” the «Fractionation of benefits (contractual) sought to circumvent the advertising requirements and related to the legally applicable adjudication procedure ”, that is, it suggests that in such cases they would have practically skipped the law to hide information from certain agreements. And he makes that statement after having analyzed “the identity of the object” of these minor contracts, of “the proposing administrative unit” and also of the successful bidder.

The town halls of Barcelona -fundamentally-, Malaga and Valencia are the ones that appear most in that negative aspect. Already in general, state auditors also criticize that, despite including minor contracts in their transparency portals, the large consistories “did not include all the data required by legal regulations.” In addition, they detect “significant deficiencies in the internal systems of registration of contractual activity”.

For a year now, the new Independent Office for Regulation and Supervision of Contracts obliges the public administrations of the State to request, at least, three offers before awarding a minor contract. Even so, picaresque is abused: almost 10% of these agreements range between 14,900 and 14,999 euros to avoid greater control.

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