Shawky Gharib today announces the list of the Olympic team for the friendship of Tunisia

Shouki Gharib, an Olympic team coach, will announce the entry of his team in a closed camp on November 12 to prepare the friendly international meeting with his Tunisian counterpart scheduled for the 15th of this year as part of the preparations for our Olympic team for the Championship African Olympic Games in Tokyo. The […]

A new cabinet remodeling in Tunisia

Tunisian Prime Minister Yousuf Shahed announced a new cabinet remodeling on Monday night, which included 13 portfolios, which were not controversial in the coming days in this country of the Maghreb. The amendment came in large and broad, where only the witness remained interior, defense, agriculture, education, finance, communications and international and foreign cooperation ministers. […]

Tunisia: A woman rose in the center of Tunisia, nine wounded

VIDEO – The Tunisian capital is on alert Monday after a woman had exploded in the heart of Tunisia with explosives. According to the Interior Ministry, which refers to a "terrorist explosion", nine people were injured. At least nine people, including eight policemen, were injured in an attack in the morning by a suicidal suicide […]

Suicide bomber female injured nine in the heart of Tunisia

Police and firefighters gather in the attack site in central Tunis or on Monday. Photo: fethi belaid / Agence France-Presse / Getty Images October 29, 2018 10:51 a.m. ET CAIRO-A woman exploded in the center of Tunis's capital on Monday, state media said, shaking the North African nation that has become a symbol of political […]

Secrets of the week: Tunisian rule for the Zamalek game and the Federation at the Zayed Cup

The Competition Committee of the Arab Football Federation has decided to appoint a Tunisian arbitration team to lead the match between Zamalek and Al Ittihad of Alexandria scheduled for October 27. The Tunisian meeting will be led by Yousef Bin Hammadi Al-Sariri, assisted by Fawzi Al-Jaridi, First Assistant, Yaman Al-Mouloshi, Second Assistant, Nasrallah Al-Jawadi, Fourth […]

Mohamed Zarif: “My son” turned to the Tunisian cinema after a long absence

Tunisian actor Mohamed Zarif said that the movie "Weldi", which first opened in the Arab region on Friday at the El Gouna Film Festival, was restored in the Tunisian cinema after a long absence. Zarif, 67, played "Wind of the Dam" in 1986 with director Nouri Bouzid, but since then he has been absent from […]

Ober evaluates your passengers and can deprive them of service

The Brien started a controversial procedure, evaluating its clients and passengers. OBER made updates to its community guidelines in Australia and New Zealand, where it is stated that any passenger who receives an evaluation of less than 4 stars will be prohibited and prevented from using the application. The item indicated that this item will […]