BOLA – Germany places Lisbon in high-risk destinations (COVID-19)

Germany has just added the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, and 11 other regions of European countries, to its list of risky destinations, in an update made this Wednesday, using as criteria regions with an infection rate greater than 50 cases of Covid -19 for every 100 thousand inhabitants in the last week.

Following the steps of the past few months, the inclusion of regions on the ‘black list’ follows the recommendation of the German Foreign Minister for citizens of the country to avoid non-essential trips to the identified destinations.

In addition to Lisbon, the updated list now includes top tourist destinations, such as the French regions of Center-Val de Loire, next to Paris, Normandy or Brittany; the capitals of the Republic of Ireland, Dublin, and Denmark, Copenhagen; the Dutch province of Utrecht; the Austrian state of Vorarlberg; much of the Czech Republic; and parts of Hungary and Romania.


Sommerhaus der Stars: Andrej Mangold vs. Eva Benetatou

Permanent Zoff in the “Summer House of the Stars”

Eva Benetatou wanted Andrej’s last rose

Although the events of the Rose Age are long behind her, Eva just doesn’t seem to let go of the subject. Already at the Bachelor reunion she wanted to know exactly: Why did Andrej decide against her and for Jennifer in the final? After all, he was actually in love with Eva. Andrej’s answer at the time: The feelings for Jenny were simply stronger. But there was one more thing that burned Eve’s soul. Even then, she reveals in an interview that she and Andrej had sex. However, the ex-Bachelor never really expressed himself clearly about the piquant confession. In the video below we show excerpts from the episode of reunion with Frauke Ludowig.

Gossip and blocked social media channels

In any case, it seems that the subject is far from over.

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Is Adamari López leaving Telemundo? Rumors about his dismissal grow | News from El Salvador

Fans wonder if she will be the next to be fired from Un Nuevo Día as has happened with her setmates Héctor Sandarti, Erika Csiszer, Rashel Díaz and recently Chef James.

¿Adamari López will be the next to leave Telemundo? Strong rumors about the alleged departure of the famous this from the morning magazine A new day circulate on social networks and in the corridors of the television station that in recent months has fired several of its presenters.

Although, neither Adamari nor Telemundo They have spoken on the subject officially, users on Instagram talk about the loss that the program would have with the departure of the actress.

Some rumors indicate that Adamari would leave her role as presenter to resume her acting career within the same television network.

Recently López, together with his partner Toni, promoted training sessions on Instagram and celebrated that the presenter continues to lose weight in a healthy way. Photo EDH / AFP

A new day He has been in the eye of the hurricane for a few months when he suddenly fired Hector Sandarti, later Erika Csiszer and Rashel Díaz were also fired, the most recent dismissal was that of James Tahhan, known as Chef James.

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The followers of the program have expressed their dissatisfaction with the departure of the famous and have threatened on social networks to stop watching the program if Adamari leaves.

This is the second time that fans of the talented Puerto Rican have spoken about her departure from the show. Last June the driver was away from the lights and television cameras for a week.

Although she was not present on the cameras, the communicator remained active on social networks, rumors of her departure have increased to the extent that fans have promoted the Univision program even from the networks of A new day through the comments.


Today’s RCTI TV Program Schedule, September 24 2020: Princess For Prince, Trustee, World Upside Down

DIY NEWS – Schedule event TV RCTI today, Thursday 24 September 2020 very diverse. This private television station will broadcast special programs, including soap operas mainstay, Pro Warrior S2, and Chasing Olga’s Love Again.

Soap operas-soap operas mainstay RCTI such as Si Doel Anak Sekolahan S2, Preman Pensiun S4, I’m not a Ustadz, and Tukang Ojek Pengkolan will air from noon to evening today.

Meanwhile, the night will be there soap operas Women of Choice, Princess For Prince, Amanah Wali S4, and Inverted World.

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Following schedule complete event tv RCTI today, Thursday 24 September 2020:

1:30 am My boyfriend is Bodyguard

01:45 MNC Shop

2:00 am My boyfriend is Bodyguard


Infected with the coronavirus? These are the symptoms!

Source: RKI (Stand: 23.09.2020)

More often than expected: nausea and diarrhea

Digestive problems have also been linked to the coronavirus. Especially in children, nausea and diarrhea, when combined with a fever, can be an indication of a coronavirus infection.

Fatigue: confusion and discomfort

Difficulty waking up, concentrating, feeling confused, and general discomfort can also all indicate that you have COVID-19 – especially in children. However, if ONLY these symptoms are found, they are more likely to be due to other causes. If, on the other hand, they occur in combination with symptoms such as breathing difficulties, cough or fever, you should get help as soon as possible.

Typical flu symptoms: chills and body aches

The WHO assumes that up to eleven to 14 percent of people with COVID-19 (worldwide) suffer from chills and muscle pain. But here, too, one should not jump to conclusions: Both are common symptoms of flu.

Headache and dizziness: flu, cold or COVID-19?

Headaches and dizziness can also be signs or side effects of a corona infection. Some of the proven infected are said to have complained of headaches, some also of dizziness. Here, too, it is important to compare whether the symptoms are due to a flu or a cold.

Pollen allergy or corona? Runny nose and sore throat

A runny nose speaks more for a cold or a pollen allergy than for the coronavirus, but it can also be a side effect of COVID-19. Sore throats are also more typical of the “normal” flu or a cold.

Typical for viral diseases: conjunctivitis and reddened eyes

As with almost all viral diseases, the eyes can be involved in an infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. In parallel to the more typical symptoms such as fever, body aches or fatigue, those affected develop conjunctivitis. Similar to the one that can also occur in the context of influenza.

Skin irritation, rash, or swelling on your feet

Various types of skin irritation have also been detected several times in COVID-19 patients. In children aged 13 and over and young adults up to 30 years of age, COVID toes have increased in spite of a very mild to symptom-free course. Painful swelling of the toes that will heal on its own after a few weeks.

Middle-aged patients suffered from itchy, blood-filled blisters on their torso and limbs, especially in the early stages of COVID-19.


Henrik alone with a new grenade

Déjà-vu: “Bonschlonzo” on Date-Night

Melanie, Nele and Julia are on fire

“We are overjoyed to have you,” enthuses Murat about the three new women
Grenades. Melanie, Nele and Julia let the beach party flare up with their appearance and
are ready to use their chances of love. The newcomers can go on a flirt attack undisturbed
go because the other girls had to leave the party. Meanwhile, they are puzzling over whether there will be another night with the grenades and how many boys the night back
will come.

For Henrik and Melvin 23-year-old Julia from Cologne is no stranger. The
Boys already know her through acquaintances and celebrations in their hometown.
After the new women have checked out all the men, the singles Kevin and Murat sniff
their chance and start flirting with Nele and Melanie.

Spectator voting – Henrik is looped hops

No grenade appearance without Naaa message: “Henrik, the audience voted and
decided you would stay in the club. Now choose a grenade companion for the night “,
announced Tim. Henrik can hardly believe it: “What? Digga, why are they looping me all the time
so hops? “. For Melvin, Kevin, Murat, Marc and Tim the DJ has now also played the last song.
The boys can go back to the villa. Choose for the night at the Beach Club Henrik the 25 year old
Melanie off. “You are definitely prettier and you have a relaxed impression
made “, the 23-year-old scores with the blonde. The two chat over cozy drinks
about love. Melanie wants to know what type of woman Henrik says “I love blondes”
raves Henrik. Does Melanie hope for chances with the charming Casanova?
“Stable girls who are smart and cheeky” are exactly Henrik’s prey scheme.

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Wirtualna Polska – Everything important

Monika, who, it seems, has already stolen Maciek’s heart, seemed familiar to the fans of the program. As Internet users argue, the attractive teacher has already appeared in the TVP production. And the evidence shows it.

The first meetings of the heroes of the latest edition are behind us TVP hit with the authors of the most touching letters. Farmers confronted their ideas with reality, but also the viewers checked their candidates. On Facebook profile “The farmer is looking for a wife “There is a heated discussion under the post presenting the figure of Monika, who is seeking Maciek’s favor. All thanks to the reports of one of the Internet users who recognized the girl as a participant in the previous edition. farmer, appeared in the previous, sixth edition of the show.

To prove that she was right, the Internet user posted a frame from the program, which clearly shows the similarity between the participants. Most of the comments from Facebook users were similar and said “That’s her!”.


Cause of death of large numbers of elephants found in Botswana and Zimbabwe


September 22, 2020 at 3:52 pm

This cyanobacterium was one of those on the list of probable reasons behind elephant deaths in Botswana, the African country with the largest herds on the continent and worldwide.

How the Novo Jornal reported about two weeks ago, the prolonged drought that the south of the continent goes through has dried up ponds and ponds, forcing animals to drink water that, normally, and instinctively, they refuse because they have accumulated memory of the harmful effects that cause the presence of these bacteria that give off a characteristic odor and are potentially deadly to several species of wildlife.

This discovery resulted from the efforts made by dozens of researchers who sought over the past few months to find the reason for these unusual deaths of hundreds of elephants, having now reached this conclusion through laboratory tests carried out in South Africa and Europe

According to the local press, those responsible for the wildlife department of the Gaborone Government admitted their satisfaction that they finally understood the reason for these deaths, but according to one of those responsible for the Botswana Department of Wildlife and National Parks, Cyril Taolo, now we need to find out why other animals are not being affected.

And it was also known that the deaths reduced to a great extent when the wells and ponds in the most affected region dried up.

Since the beginning of this year, more than 350 elephants have been found dead in Botswana, in the Okavango Delta, with no one yet having explanations for this death and the phenomenon is spreading to Zimbabwe, where dozens of bodies have already been found. of this species also without known causes.

The phenomenon of elephants killed in Botswana, in a number never seen without knowing the reason, began to be noticed last May and after, in 2019, the Gaborone Government created legislation to allow the killing of pachyderms, claiming the need the return of hunting tourism and also because the herds are growing unsustainably due to the long years of protection that this species is subject to due to the risk of extinction on the African continent and because they are beginning to invade plantations in the region due to severe drought.

Among the elephants killed, both in Botswana and Zimbabwe, are juveniles, adults, females and males, without apparent distinction, and this situation has caught scientists off guard.

The phenomenon became even more intriguing because many of the individuals who perished, before falling dead, walked for some time in disconnected circles, eventually fainting and letting their heads fall forward.

Scientists who have analyzed and studied this phenomenon describe the situation as an unparalleled “natural disaster”.

On recent reconnaissance flights, large herds of hundreds of elephants have given way to just a few, scattered, almost always older individuals, which means that thousands have fled the region, so far without knowing very well where, but neighboring countries are a possibility, which includes, in addition to Zimbabwe, Angola, Zambia, Namibia and even South Africa.

Shortly after the first abnormal bodies were discovered, the theories that gained the most credibility were an epidemic of a virus called EMC, with the scientific name of encephalomyocarditis, or a neurotoxin from an algae that grows in pools of water with certain climatic conditions, mostly as a result of climate change that force animals to travel long distances to find water, sometimes consuming contaminated water in despair because of severe thirst.


TV Schedule 22 September 2020, Today’s Program on MNCTV, GTV, SCTV, RCTI, and Trans 7

THE MIND OF THE PEOPLE – Event schedule TV today, Tuesday 22 September 2020.

The busyness of everyday life may make us bored.

Therefore, entertainment needs must still be met.

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You can do various ways to get entertainment, one of which is by watching TV.

Multiple stations TV it presents an interesting event for viewers with family.

As reported in the article “TV Show Schedule Today, Tuesday, September 22 2020, on MNCTV, GTV, SCTV, RCTI, and Trans 7“, following event schedule TV on Tuesday, 22 September 2020.

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Event schedule TV MNCTV


Re-release of Yo Soy draws attention for its particular “live audience”: it left funny memes | TV and Show

Re-release of Yo Soy draws attention for its particular “live audience”: it left funny memes

Re-release of Yo Soy draws attention for its particular “live audience”: it left funny memes

This Sunday Chilevisión re-released I am, after five months of paralysis, product of the coronavirus pandemic. And he did it with strict sanitary measures.

This was announced by Jean Philippe Cretton, host of the program, in an introductory video to the new chapter. In the registry, participants commented on how this period of confinement had affected them, where several had to reinvent themselves.

In addition, the host of the program detailed what were the measures that the channel implemented to bring back the star of imitators, highlighting that now PCR tests are performed 48 hours before on all participants.

Likewise, he emphasized that They are given a sanitary kit, with masks and gloves, while during the presentations the social distance between themselves and also with the jury will be respected.

Antonio Vodanovic, Myriam Hernández and Cristián Riquelme must also follow the protocols: they were separated by glasses and must also occupy face masks when the contestants come on stage.

The “flashy” public

Finally, Jean Philippe explained that the traditional audience of 200 people in the study, this time it was replaced by cardboard figures. “They look a little different,” said the musician himself.

Captura | CHV

I am

Captura | CHV

And of course they looked different. At least that is how the audience of the program considered it, who immediately turned to social networks to express their opinion about the inanimate public. The verdict? Various jokes and memes flooded Twitter.

While some they found the cardboard characters similar to some famousAs was the case with Pancho Saavedra, others laughed at the way the elements that “encouraged” the contestants had.

Check out the witty comments: