White House Presents Bill on Social Media Accountability | NOW

The United States Department of Justice announced an earlier date on behalf of the White House law reform about social media sent to Congress. The proposal further elaborates an existing regulation stating that social media is not responsible for what their users post to make it clearer when companies can be held accountable.

It concerns the so-called section 230 of the law. Under that section it says that internet companies cannot be sued for what users do on their platform. In this way, the article protects companies that offer others a platform online.

For example, Section 230 applies in practice to texts and photos that users upload to Facebook and Twitter, videos posted to YouTube, and comments left on news site comment platforms.

American President Donald Trump, among others, criticizes section 230. He argues that the article gives companies too much legal protection. That way they would get out of their social responsibility.

Trump wants to be able to hold companies accountable

Trump wants to change the law to hold companies accountable. Earlier this year, the president was quite at odds with Twitter. The social medium hid a tweet in which Trump, according to the company, glorifies violence. “When the looting begins, the shooting begins,” Trump wrote, referring to protests in Minneapolis following George Floyd’s death.

The bill states, among other things, when internet companies should be held responsible for statements made by users. Internet companies must also be transparent about what they delete.

Now that the proposal has been sent to Congress, US representatives can consider it.


What does ‘suanfonson’ and ‘fuansanfon’ mean in social networks?

A man, whose identity is still unknown, uploaded a video in which he explains that ‘suanfonson’, ‘fuansanfon’ or ‘sienfenson’ is “like an onomatopoeia of the sound that Formula 1 cars make when moving at speed. It’s like what you hear when we watch the race of the aforementioned racing cars ”. Next, the ‘clip’ that has gone viral.

The user also indicated that motorcycles “manage to project this sound when they pass and do fuan, fuan, fuan, and you mix that and then the suafonson, the sianfonson. That they were inventions of the youth slang of the neighborhood back when the boys were boys, well ”.

Although the video has been published for several days, only now has become a trend in social networks, specially in Twitter, where users did not miss the fact and took the opportunity to humorously adopt the terms ‘suanfonson’, ‘fuansanfon’ and ‘sienfenson’.

In addition, the Royal Spanish Academy was not far behind and ruled on the term in a tweet, after a person asked him directly about the meaning of the word. The RAE’s response was as follows.


The British will lose bank accounts in the EU after Brexit

Top events

Facebook has appeased advertisers

Social media Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, through the World Federation of Advertisers, have agreed with large companies to jointly combat hate content on digital platforms. Thus, for the first time since the July boycott, Facebook managed to repair damaged relationships with advertisers. The company’s head of communications and global affairs, Nick Clegg, also interviewed the newspaper Financial Times he said Facebook would cut its services in the fall if violent riots broke out in the United States after the presidential election.

Emigrants will lose their bills

British banks such as Barclays and Lloyds will close accounts to British citizens living in the European Union after the New Year. Brexit is to blame. As London fails to find common ground with Brussels, financial institutions risk losing the right to offer services within the European bloc. “Accounts will be closed, payment and credit cards will be blocked,” confirmed Nigel Green, founder of the deVere banking group. There are about 785,000 British people living in the EU.

From markets and stock exchanges

Amazon swayed the market

US stock markets recovered from the decline earlier this week and headed up again. They were mainly driven by Amazon shares. The price of oil also rose. The most important S&P 500 index strengthened by 1.05 percent, the Dow Jones rose by 0.52 percent and the technology Nasdaq Composite gained 1.71 percent. Stock markets in Western Europe also rose slightly. The only exception was the French CAC 40, which closed the trading with a loss of 0.4 percent.

Nike caught his second breath

The world’s largest sportswear manufacturer, the American Nike, is recovering from the decline caused by the coronary crisis faster than expected. The company announced that its profits for the first fiscal quarter were $ 10.6 billion, roughly 244.2 billion crowns. That’s $ 1.5 billion more than analysts expected. The company’s shares reacted to this last night with strong growth and, despite a slow start, ended trading with a profit of 3.5 percent.

Tweet of the day

“According to our research, up to a third of home-based workers report that the inability to separate work from private life has a negative impact on their mental state. Microsoft and virtual commuting can help. ”

Microsoft has developed special virtual commuting software for employees who work from home. It is intended to replace people’s daily journey to and from work by car or metro. The commute is set to a specific hour. The main purpose is for employees to react and receive a clear signal that work is over and they can devote themselves fully to family and private affairs.

It will happen today

  • EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier will come to London for informal Brexit talks.
  • German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz will present a draft state budget for next year and a financial plan for 2024.
  • Spain will publish a final report on GDP developments for the second quarter.
  • Independent UN investigators will report information on human rights violations in Venezuela. Last week, it became clear that members of the local government and security forces had committed crimes against humanity.


Navarro Montoya’s harsh response to those who hit him for leaving Boca

It did not go in the best way according to some and they let him know. Social networks are like that, they do not forgive. But he did not remain silent and responded with tip caps to criticism. After being introduced as a brand new coach and general director of CD Guadalajara, who plays in the Third Division of Spain, former goalkeeper Carlos Fernando Navarro Montoya answered those who questioned his decision to have left Boca, where he was the general coordinator of the Inferiores, for family reasons, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic as he alleged.

“For those who speak nonsense and for no reason, Club Deportivo Guadalajara is in Spain, 60 km from Madrid, where I am at last happily, with my family. Thanks to those who wish me the best, always the fan of Boca will be with me, wherever I am “, reads the message of the Monkey through his account Twitter.

And he added: “It is because of the usual fools, the aggressors and disrespectful serials, who have nothing better to do, than to defame and in that act, they undress and see how miserable they are. Hug!”.


The position that he left vacant in the xeneize will be filled by Diego Chiche So Señora, who during the nine months that El Mono was at the club served as his main collaborator. The truth is that the Monkey told his truth and unburdened himself in the midst of the reproaches of those who understand he left Boca, a club where he will shine in the 90s and with which he achieved several titles, through the back door .


Surely, one day the popular archer will return to the popular xeneize entity and all this will remain a simple anecdote. But the issue raised the temperature in the Boca world at least on Twitter, in days of tranquility due to the sporting present and after the scandal of the massive cases of Covid.



Twitter suspends Li-Meng Yan’s account

Yan’s account, which had close to 60,000 followers, was suspended after a report on the artificial origin of the coronavirus was published on Zenodo (free access digital platform), indicó The Independent.

Since last May, according to the British print, Twitter incorporated several restrictive policies to label the different content published on respiratory disease, that has left close to a million deaths worldwide.

Although he did not receive any warning previously, The profile of the Asian virologist was disabled this Wednesday for violating the rules of the American social networkadded this same medium.

According to research published by Li-Meng, SARS-CoV-2 “comes from a laboratory” and is the product of an intentional mixture of two types of coronavirus bat (ZC45 and ZXC21).

“The theory of animal genesis, while widely accepted, lacks substantial support. COVID-19 shows biological characteristics that are incompatible with a zoonotic virus of natural origin ”, he stressed.

The World Health Organization and the government of China, However, have repeatedly denied all the accusations of the scientist, which stated in an interview with Fox News which conducted a study in December 2019 that showed the outbreak was spreading rapidly between people.


Viral: [FOTO] The viral image that shows the tiredness of a little boy who

Getting up early and starting to work -or study- in front of the computer are the first things that millions of people in the world do every day, this due to the forced confinement after the COVID-19 pandemic. Those who have this routine, could be reflected in a particular photograph published recently on social networks that became .

The image was released by Kara McDowell, a woman from Arizona, , which has shown the tiredness of his 5 year old son after a class. The little boy appears lying on his back on a chair, totally exhausted.

“I think that if you are at school, at home or teleworking, and you have to make a video call of these super long, you can feel totally identified: you will be more than fed up”said the woman in conversation with the program .

“I’m sure the teachers didn’t expect to have to teach children to read through a screen”added. “They are doing the best they can. We cannot complain about the teachers, they are giving it their all ”.

The photo in question exceeded 58 thousand ‘likes’ and was shared 11 thousand times. While some understood the child’s mood, others expressed concern for him; however, McDowell posted another snapshot of him in which he appears smiling while showing his stuffed animal during class.



Tips to Help Children Manage Stress in Times of Pandemic

Tips to Help Children Manage Stress in Times of Pandemic


Shock: Elsa Serrano died charred when her apartment caught fire

A fire destroyed the apartment where the renowned apparel designer resided Elsa serrano. City Firefighters and Federal Police personnel found a Body of a charred woman who could not yet be identified, but the family has already confirmed the death of the designer. Many celebrities fired her in Twitter after knowing the tragic news.

While awaiting the results of the fingerprints, the journalist Javier Díaz assured the body is that of the famous dressmaker. At the same time, Paparazzi magazine reported that Belén Serrano, the designer’s daughter, confirmed her death with a message to a member of the production of the Cut and Dress cycle, where her mother participated earlier this year.

The dialogue on WhatsApp began at dawn, after learning about the tragic fire on the third floor of the building located in Maipú 86, in the Retiro neighborhood of Buenos Aires. “Mom passed away,” Belén answered at 1:18 in the morning, after being consulted about the designer’s situation. It was then that several celebrities began to fire her on social networks: Benito Fernández, Jose María Muscari and Laurita Fernández were the first to do so.



A video of the fire circulated on social networks in which the large flames that came out of the windows of the apartment are observed. When the neighbors noticed the black smoke and the strong smell of burning coming from the third floor, they made a complaint to 911. At the end of the night, the firefighters were still in the place carrying out the pertinent expert reports to determine the causes of the fire.

According to a publication by Infobae, a medical examiner determined the causes of death of the victim: burns in the upper parts and asphyxia.


Elsa Serrano reached the peak of her career in the 1990s when she dressed Zulema Yoma and Zulemita Menem, in the political environment, and Claudia Villafañe, Mirtha Legrand and Susana Giménez, among other personalities of the show.

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in Argentina, the 73-year-old woman was sheltering in her home, the apartment that caught fire last night in the City of Buenos Aires.

The impact on networks









Social Networks: Twitter | The spectacular rescue of a girl who fell from a third

In a heroic performance, a group of neighbors managed to save a four-year-old girl who had fallen from the window of her house. The scene, recorded on video by a witness, went viral after being broadcast on the .

The Chinese chain CGTN reported that the event took place last Thursday in Jiangxi province, in China, after the little girl was left alone because her grandparents took care of her business.

It was learned that the minor was playing in her home, located on the third floor, when she almost slipped out the window. A neighbor passing by heard her scream and asked passersby for help to get her to safety.

As can be seen in the clip, the girl, exhausted from resisting, drops from the top of the building. Fortunately, her rescuers had positioned underneath in a timely manner to catch her with a blanket. The incident was nothing but a scare for the little girl, who was unharmed.


A girl ends up suspended in the air after being stuck in a kite

A 3-year-old girl flies several meters high on a kite in Taiwan. (EFE).


Donald Trump threatens Iran with massive retaliation if attacked

Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Phoenix, Arizona
Bild: AP

The American president announces that he intends to react to Iranian attacks with a counterattack “a thousand times larger”. The website “Politico” had previously reported on Tehran’s assassination plans.

Dhe American President Donald Trump has threatened Iran with massive retaliation in the event of an Iranian attack on its country. The United States would respond with a counterattack of “a thousand times larger,” wrote Trump on Monday in the short message service Twitter.

The president responded to a media report that Tehran is planning an attack on the American ambassador to South Africa in retaliation for the targeted killing of the Iranian general Ghassem Soleimani in an American drone attack in Iraq earlier this year.

The website “Politico” had cited two American government officials with this information. According to the Iranian plans before the presidential election in the United States on November 3rd, diplomat Lana Marks should be the target of an assassination attempt.

After Soleimani was killed, America and Iran were on the verge of war. Iran carried out air strikes on American positions in Iraq at the time, but refrained from major retaliation. Trump threatened Iran with massive counter-attacks back then.

Under Trump, the relationship between the two states has worsened massively. The president regularly describes Iran as the main source of violence and instability in the Middle East and has a policy of “maximum pressure” on the country. In May 2018, Trump unilaterally terminated the international nuclear deal with Iran. As a result, his government imposed massive economic sanctions on the country.


Twitter allowed you to edit posts for a short time: are you testing the feature?

The Verge journalist Tom Warren uploaded a video showing what was happening. When a user deleted an answer and then wanted to place another, the one that had been eliminated would appear again, giving the possibility of editing it.

At first, it was speculated that Twitter was testing the feature. However, from the social network they explained that it was a technical error, which was fixed within a few hours.


Several users claim that the social network enables the possibility of editing old tweets. However, it seems that option will never come.

In fact, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has claimed more than once that this feature will probably never be incorporated.