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How many people have you asked to join ? Well, here we tell you more details. Its game mode is quite easy: the main purpose is to discover the impostor within the group of crew members. But not only that, you will also have to perform the missions that are entrusted to you on the three maps.

Although the version for Android and iOS smartphones is free, for PC it is the opposite. If you want to get the video game, you must download it officially for a sum of approximately 11 soles.

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However, the real problem is not in the costing of the game, but in that , platform where the official version will be downloaded, does not update the InnerSloth.

Know the trick to play Among Us on your computer or PC without paying! (Photo: Mockup)

In order that you can have the version 2020.9.9 of on PC, web has shared a Mediafire link so you can download it without problems. You will only have to perform these steps:

  • The first one is to enter the next and download Among Us for PC.
  • Then copy said file to the desktop of your PC and unzip it.

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  • When you do, you will see that inside the folder you will find a series of files, among which is Among Us.
  • After that, click on the Among Us icon and click Run.
  • After that you will see that Among Us runs on your computer without problems.

It should be noted that the version 2020.9.9 of it tends to take a while to recognize the rooms on the maps. We recommend that, while it loads, you can change the language of the game.


Currently has up to 3 maps, the same ones that are called The Skeld, Mira HQ and Polus. Although these are expected to be much more in the second season of the video game, you should be attentive to all the tasks that you must complete in the game.


Do you want to know all the tricks of the Among Us maps?  Look now at all the missions.  (Photo: Mag)
Do you want to know all the tricks of the Among Us maps? Look now at all the missions. (Photo: Mag)

It is the first map and it is the one that most choose since It launches it automatically, without choosing another. This has a series of missions compiled by various youtubers:

  • Reactor: There you must start the reactor and unlock a variety of collectors.
  • Upper and Lower Engine: In this room you have to align the motor output and divert the energy to them.
  • Security: In this room you can see if the imposter is doing his thing through the surveillance cameras.
  • Electricity: In this room you must divert the energy from the upper engine.
  • Cafeteria: Here you can not only empty the trash, but also upload data to keep others attentive.
  • Warehouse: In this section recharge the engines.
  • Administration: Go to the head table and swipe the card.
  • Communications: Here you can also load data.
  • O2: You can not only divert energy, but also clean the O2 filter.
  • Armory: One of the most used rooms since you can operate the reactor to explode meteorites.
  • Shields: Fire up the shields and deflect their full potential.
  • Navigation: Here you can see all the missions on the map and who is currently in each room.


Know all the tricks of the Polus map.  (Photo: Among Us)
Know all the tricks of the Polus map. (Photo: Among Us)

This map is considered the smallest of all, but it comes loaded with a series of missions that we will explain below:

  • Launching: Here you can divert energy and make a diagnosis of them.
  • Reactor: In this room you can turn on the reactor and unlock a series of collectors.
  • Laboratory: Do not forget that here you can divert energy to the laboratory, assemble a device and order a number of samples.
  • Corridor: If you see that something is wrong, then start fixing the wiring.
  • Communications: Divert all the energy you can.
  • Medical wing: Send the full room scan to the Medical Wing.
  • Office: This room is full of information, you can process it.
  • Greenhouse: Divert the energy to the greenhouse and clean the O2 filter.
  • Administration: Turn on shields, navigation map, divert power to management and enter the ID code.
  • Warehouse: You can only water the plants.
  • Cafeteria: You can buy drinks and even empty the garbage can.
  • Balcony: You can measure the weather in addition to shooting asteroids.


See all the activities you can do on the Mira HQ map.  (Photo: Among Us)
See all the activities you can do on the Mira HQ map. (Photo: Among Us)

Finally the third of the three maps but not the least important. What can you find in Polus?

  • Outside: Here you must repair the climate GI / IRO / PD / TB / CA / MLG.
  • Medical wing: Inspect all samples.
  • Warehouse: In this room recharge all engines.
  • Armory: You can destroy asteroids and upload data.
  • Communications: Here you can restart the WiFi.
  • Electricity: Fix all wiring and upload data.
  • Laboratory: Repair the drill, align the telescope
  • Boarding ship: Insert the keys.
  • O2: Don’t forget to upload your data and throw away the trash.
  • Office: Use the card and the boarding pass.
  • Boiler room: Replace the water jug.
  • Specimen Room: Unlock collectors and store artifacts.

Among Us: the cheat to always play as an imposter

Are you already enjoying with your friends? This is the new hot game on PC and mobile. If you already have it on your smartphone or on your laptop or computer, now we will show you a trick so you can always use it. Do you want to know how to always play the role of impostor? Here we tell you how to do it with this simple trick.

The objective of is that you can discover who the impostor really is within the game. To do this, if you are chosen as a crew member, you must keep your eyes open to really know who the intruder is inside the ship.


Thus he achieved fame Among Us and defeated Fall Guys

Amongs Us breaks it on PC and mobile



Through the hot line, details of the García Luna case can be found

Mexico City /

The pandemic by coronavirus has changed the format in which large trials are held against Mexican politicians and drug lords in U.S: next October 7 a hearing will be held against the former secretary of public security Genaro Garcia Luna and any person will be able to find out the details of the case by calling a “hot line” or direct telephone line.

A document obtained by MILLENNIUM in the Eastern District court of New York—Where the former public official is being tried — reveals that it will only be necessary to call the number 571-353-2300 and enter the code 188465608 # to link directly until the appearance at U.S of Genaro Garcia Luna.

The hearing will be held at 09:00 hours on October 7 and derived from the pandemic of covid-19Both the accused and the judge will be connected through a videoconference that will be public through a “hot line.”

It should be noted that according to a review, there are no records of a hearing against Mexican politicians or drug traffickers that was made available to the people through a telephone line.

This unusual way of conveying a high-profile judgment like that of the former security officer in Mexico during the administration of the former president Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, was ordered by Judge Brian M. Cogan.

This judge was also in charge of sentencing drug trafficker Joaquín to life imprisonment, that is, to spend his entire life in jail. El Chapo Guzman in U.S for drug trafficking, money laundering and murder charges.

According to information obtained in the United States Court System, the next hearing could address the issue of the collection of evidence that the United States government has been obtaining against the public official and other accomplices.

The charges

On July 30, 2020, it was announced through court documents in the United States that Genaro García was an accomplice along with two other former officials of the Sinaloa cartel to send drug shipments from Mexico to United Statess.

He was accompanied in the criminal career by two high-ranking members of the Mexican government: Ramón Pequeno García, former chief of the Federal Police’s Anti-Drug Division, and Luis Cárdenas Palomino, former chief of the Federal Police’s Regional Security Division.

“They were high-level officials of the Mexican government who protected he Sinaloa cartel in exchange for millions of dollars in bribe payments, ”says the indictment.

Neither Peque García nor Cárdenas Palomino have been detained by the Mexican or US authorities to face the charges against them.



The US will restrict student, exchange and press visas

Washington, United States.

The government of U.S announced this Thursday a rule that foresees restrict duration of the visas that are awarded to students, foreigners who remain in the country under the modality of exchange already correspondents of international press.

The measure, which will be published this Friday in the Federal Register and will be subject to a period for receiving comments during the following 30 days, affects the visas F for academic studies; J the so-called exchange (encompassing faculty or scholars, students, apprentices, teachers, babysitters, and camp counselors); and I, intended for foreign press.

However, it will not take effect until after the government rreceive the opinions and write the final text, a process that experts estimate may take a few months.

The announcement was made by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), noting in a statement the “Significant growth” of applications under these programs and the need to ensure the “integrity” of the American immigration system.

Shorter period of stay

Additionally, DHS clarified that the legislation “Does not propose changes to the underlying requirements to qualify for these classifications of non-immigrants ”.

Under the new regulation, people will be admitted with target F o J “for a period up to the end date of your program, which would not exceed four years”, but DHS will have the power to decide if it wantsl foreigner be assigned a “shorter period of authorized stay, limited to two years ”.

“Factors that can trigger a two-year period of authorized stay include birth or citizenship of a foreigner of a country on the list of state sponsors of terrorism”, the DHS detailed in the note.

In that list are North Korea, Iran, Sudan and Syria.

According to figures from the United States Government, in 2019 alone “there were more than one million admissions with estatus F “ what he considered a “Drastic increase” Regarding the 263,938 admissions under this condition granted in 1978.

In the case of J visas, DHS noted that 611,373 admissions were approved in 2018, a figure that it considered “more than 300%” higher than the 141,213 admitted in 1985.

With regard to the representatives of the foreign media, the Government estimated at 44,140 visas granted, This represented a growth of “more than 160%” compared to the 16,753 professionals accepted under this program in 1985.

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The regulation also refers to the “duration of status” of these visas, by specifying that when a foreigner with that visa enters the United States, a “date of specific completion “ of your stay, as long as the expiration date of the visa is not exceeded.

“DHS proposes to replace the ‘duration of status’ framework for non-immigrants F, J and I with an admission period with a specific date on which an authorized stay ends. Non-immigrants who wish to remain in U.S beyond their fixed date of admission, they will have to request an extension of stay directly from DHS, ”adds the rule.

The decision joins a battery of measures adopted by the President’s Administration Donald Trump to significantly reduce legal migration to U.S, and that has had its greatest impact on the country’s asylum system, which for many experts has been practically dismantled. EFE


Social network users go viral again the day Dr. Polo met her double | News from El Salvador

In one edition of the program “Don Francisco invites you”, the impersonator Stefan Kramer wanted to surprise live the main judge of the program Case Closed.

Once something happens on the Internet, it is very difficult to erase it from memory. That was exactly what happened to an interview that the doctor Ana María Polo, host of Caso Cerrado, granted Christmas Eve 2017 in the program Don Francisco Te Invita of the Telemundo network.

Social media users have again broadcast fragments of this television space because it was the day that Dr. Polo met Dr. Polo. Yes, as you just read: Don Francisco had a surprise for the interview and introduced the impersonator Stefan Kramer, who at that time was presented as the favorite judge in all of Latin America.

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“Strange things happen at Christmas: we have you (Dr. Polo) invited and a person calls me and says: ‘I am Dr. Polo,’ but I tell him that it is impossible, because there is only one. She insists on coming here (to the program), can I tell her what happens? “said the driver by way of introduction.

To the surprise of the entire audience, Kramer wore an outfit identical to that of the celebrity of Cuban origin. Dr. Polo’s astonished face is incomparable and it was even more so when her impersonator began to speak.

Also: The important message that Dr. Polo announced for her fans generated controversy and debate

Almost three years after that interview, users have taken it up to make funny memes like this:

A meme has been posted on Instagram showing the meeting between Dr. Polo and Kramer

Who is Stefan Kramer?

He is a Chilean actor, comedian and impersonator who has specialized in imitating different personalities from entertainment, international politics and sports.

Within his list, in addition to imitating Ana María Polo, he has done the same with Don Francisco, Donald Trump, Enrique Iglesias, Romeo Santos, Pitbull, Cristiano Ronaldo, Alexis Sánchez, Luis Suárez, Ricardo Arjona and Luis Fonsi.


Putin shows his chest for his Covid vaccine and offers it free to the UN

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, He put his chest out before the UN on Tuesday for the rapid development in his country of a coronavirus vaccine and offered it free of charge to the organization to protect all its employees.

In his video message to the General Assembly, Putin He pointed out that his Government is ready to offer the United Nations all the necessary assistance, which includes free vaccination for all staff who want it.

He also said thatYour country is open to supply other nations with the so-called “Spútnik V”, which, as he highlighted, has been proven “safe” and “effective.”

Putin insisted that citizens around the world should have free access to a Covid-19 vaccine and He also underlined the Kremlin’s willingness to work with other governments to share diagnostic methods. and treatment of the disease.

In addition, in contrast to the United States, he defended that the World Health Organization (WHO) should have a central role in coordinating the response and said that Russia is working to strengthen the capacity of the Geneva-based entity.

On the other hand, Putin warned of the long-term economic effects that the current crisis will have and defended the need for the entire international community to work board to drive growth.

In this context, he stressed the importance of eliminating barriers, restrictions and, above all, “illegitimate sanctions” in international trade.

In the geopolitical and military sphere, the Russian leader He assured that he wants to cooperate with the United States to extend the strategic arms reduction treaty and hoped that there will be “restraint” when it comes to deploying new missile systems.

Too reiterated interest in a binding treaty to ban weapons in outer space and opted for more cooperation in cybersecurity.

Coinciding with the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, Putin defended the work of the organization and, although he recognized that it is necessary to adapt it to the reality of the 21st century, he made it clear that his country opposes major changes in the Security Council, where it is one of the five permanent members and has veto power.

According to him, for the Council to continue being the “pillar of global governance” it is essential that these five countries, nuclear powers and victors of World War II, retain the privilege of the veto.


Data: WhatsApp | How to get the anime face filter | Transformation

In recent days, a filter is causing a sensation not only in , but also in and other social networks: this is the mask that allows you to change your face into anime just by using the front camera of your cell phone. Do you want to get it in ? Here we tell you how.

To be able to turn into an anime character in it is necessary to have to download a third-party application, and that is called Snapchat.

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To use Snapchat it is necessary to have an account so do not use it for the future. But yes, remember that once the filter is activated it’s only 48 hours that you can use it on your cell phone. After that time, it will disappear without leaving any trace.

If you want to be an anime, all you have to do is do these simple steps and have fun with your friends at :

  • The first thing, as we mentioned, will be to download Snapchat.
  • Then you must enter the following .
Do you want to have the anime filter on WhatsApp? Get to know this sensational trick. (Photo: Snapchat)
  • When you do, it will load the anime filter on Snapchat.
  • After activating it, you can take a funny photo or simply record a video.
  • After that save it in your photo gallery and now open WhatsApp.
  • Press the camera symbol and find the video or photo you saved from Snapchat.
  • Then upload it and go. You will already have the anime filter on your cell phone.

The best 7 WhatsApp tricks

WhatsApp is one of the few applications that cares about the experience of its users when immersing themselves in its app, that is why they update frequently, making communication between people more practical and simple. However, not everyone knows how to get the most out of the popular application.

The creators of WhatsApp They have developed various tools so that their users can navigate at ease in the application. However, this is unknown to a large part of the population, it is for that reason that the same company has shared on its blog, a list of the best tricks developed by the app.

1. Hands-free voice notes: Just by pressing and holding the microphone icon and sliding upwards, you can lock the voice memo function to record, without having to hold the mobile with your hands. An option that surprisingly works!

2. Mark main messages: To obtain this option you must use the “star” message function, where you will mark key messages that you will easily see in a central location. All you have to do is press the message that you want to save as a favorite and then touch the “star” icon.



China on the warpath over the US attempt to take over TikTok | Chronicle

The Chinese medium Global Times I affirm that China would reject the proposal that makes North American companies Oracle y Walmart in the majority shareholders of TikTok.

According to the newspaper, the government views the offer as an act of intimidation by Washington and will not accept what they judge to be an unequal pact towards the current owner of the application, the domestic company ByteDance; which, upon signing the contract, would lose control over the social network.

He also indicated that the agreement adheres to the irrational demands of the White House and that Accepting it would result in US officials manipulating through “tricks and coercionto other competitive Chinese companies operating in the United States.

He Global Times indicated that if China accepted the agreement, “Washington will enjoy technological hegemony forever”, as US citizens would occupy 4 of the 5 seats on the board of directors of the new corporation, what would be called TikTok Global.

This entity, made up of ByteDance, Oracle and Walmart, would have access to updates and source code of Douyin, the version of the social network for China.

U.S pursues its own interests through hegemonic channels (…) International society, including China, can’t accept it “, said the media.

The offer of ByteDance proposes to grant 20% of the shares to North American companies, not to give up full control of the company and at the same time be able to establish a headquarters in Texas.

The companies rejected the proposition and require majority ownership of the corporation.


Technology: WhatsApp Web | Why can’t I get the QR code | Solution 2020 | Scan

¿You don’t see any QR code when you want to start the version of for the computer? Many times problems occur in , for example, the non-presence of the figure to scan and access your conversations from your PC.

Is there a solution? If you have tried to update or press F5 in the browser you are using, perhaps the problem is due to a non-compatibility between and the site you are trying to access.

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To do this you will have to carry out a series of steps that are not too difficult, nor is it necessary to download a third-party application that ends up accessing your private conversations and your contact list.

  • The first thing you will do is open your browser tab in incognito mode.
  • This window is characterized because there are no installed extensions.
  • Then, in this section, access the page of .
  • If you appreciate the QR code, that means that there are problems with an extension that you have installed in your browser.
The QR code does not appear on WhatsApp Web? Learn how to fix it. (Photo: Depor)
  • For this we recommend you go to the upper corner of your browser.

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  • There you will see the button of a puzzle piece. Press it and you will see all the extensions you have installed.
  • Disable absolutely all of them and again re-enter WhatsApp Web.
  • At that moment you will observe that WhatsApp Web show the QR code again so you can log in and you’re done.


Discord, the alternative app to WhatsApp that is gaining strength

Discord: The alternative app to WhatsApp that is gaining strength



Trump accused China of “infecting the world” with the coronavirus | Chronicle

The president of U.S, Donald Trump, on Tuesday asked the General Assembly of the HIM-HER-IT to “hold” responsible China for the coronavirus pandemic because, as stated, the Asian giant allowed the virus to “infect the world”.

The Chinese Government and the World Health Organization, which is virtually controlled by China, falsely stated that there was no evidence of human-to-human transmission “the US president said in a prerecorded video message, the AFP news agency reported.

Later, they falsely said that people without symptoms would not spread the disease. The United Nations must hold accountable China for their actions“, urged the Republican, who seeks his reelection in November and whose country is the most affected in the world by the coronavirus pandemic.

In his speech, just 40 days before the appointment with the polls, and against the background of a management of the pandemic inefficient and uncoordinated for his critics, an issue that may be key in the vote, the Republican insisted on targeting China.

He also accused the WHO of complicity with Beijing and assured that the organization – which is under the umbrella of the UN – is “controlled” by China.

The president also said that your country is fulfilling its “destination” how “pacifier” of the world, by standing out before the General Assemblyl initiatives such as normalization of diplomatic relations between Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain in the Middle East and the peace negotiations in Afghanistan.

Trump said “with different approaches“in these conflicts your Administration achieved “different results“and much higher than those obtained in the past.

For decades, the same tired voices have come up with the same failed solutions, pursuing global ambitions at the expense of their own people. But only when you take care of your own citizens can you find a true basis for cooperation“, he pointed.

Trump highlighted the calls Abrahamic Accords, signed this month by Israel with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, a step promoted by his Government within his strategy to address the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in which, however, the Palestinians did not participate, who strongly reject it.

He also assured that there will be “more deals soon” and stressed that the Middle East is experiencing its best moment thanks to these movements after decades of blockade, despite the suspicion that these pacts have generated among the Palestinians.

He also put on the table the progress towards peace in Afghanistan, the withdrawal of US troops from that country and the recent agreement between Serbia and Kosovo to normalize their economic relations, under the mediation of the United States.

According Trump, all those progress toward peace was achieved from a position of “strength”, which U.S He achieved among other things by strengthening his Army and equipping himself with unparalleled weapons.

I just pray to God that we never have to use them “, said the Republican politician in a message that lasted approximately seven minutes.


Technology: WhatsApp | How to know who has silenced you | Applications | Apps | M

Do you know if they have silenced you from Yes or yes? Is there a trick? Well here we tell you. The app is one of the most downloaded so far. Its easy-to-use platform makes it possible for both adults and children to interact by sending messages to their loved ones, co-workers, family, friends, among others.

But many times they tend to silence us due to the large number of messages that we always send daily by . Although this can be annoying, there is a method to know if you have been ‘muted’.}

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What’s the trick? For this, it is not necessary to have a third-party application, nor to stop giving permissions to other apps that access your list of contacts or messages within your chat.

If you want to know the trick and know who has silenced you in , you must follow these simple steps. This works 100%:

  • The first thing you should do is enter WhatsApp.
  • Then you should go to a group where not only you are, but also the person who has possibly silenced you.

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  • Then send a message tagging that person.
This way you will be able to know if someone has silenced you for life on WhatsApp. (Photo: Mag)
  • Then, in a personal chat, write the same thing to him.
  • If he has seen your message in the group, you will notice it by pressing the text and then on Info. That means that the group is not muted.
  • On the contrary, if your message has not yet been reviewed by that person, it may be an indication that they have silenced you.

It can also work in case you have that person nearby. You just have to send a message of . You will see that if it sounds, it means that it has not silenced you, on the contrary, if nothing is heard, you can raise more suspicions that you are ‘muted’ for a year.

The best 7 WhatsApp tricks

WhatsApp is one of the few applications that cares about the experience of its users when immersing themselves in its app, that is why they update frequently, making communication between people more practical and simple. However, not everyone knows how to get the most out of the popular application.

The creators of WhatsApp They have developed various tools so that their users can navigate at ease in the application. However, this is unknown by a large part of the population, it is for that reason that the same company has shared on its blog, a list of the best tricks developed by the app.

1. Hands-free voice notes: By simply holding down the microphone icon and sliding up, you can lock the voice memo function to record, without having to hold the mobile with your hands. An option that surprisingly works!

2. Mark main messages: To obtain this option you must use the “star” message function, where you will mark key messages that you will easily see in a central location. All you have to do is press the message that you want to save as a favorite and then touch the “star” icon.

If your device is an iPhone, you can find all Starred Messages by going to Settings and Starred Messages or by selecting the chat name and tapping “Starred Messages”. In the case of Android users, they will have to press “More options” and then “Starred messages”.

3. Check messages without touching the cell phone: If you want to be able to check WhatsApp without having to use your mobile device, what you have to do is download the WhatsApp web desktop app, which will project your cell phone conversations to a computer. So you can send messages, photos and GIFs without having to have your computer in your hands.

4. Use stickers in conversations: Emojis are becoming a thing of the past, nowadays stickers offer you a more fun way to express yourself. You can find them in the field where the text is entered in a conversation, in a small square icon with a folded side page, where you can also add your own stickers and bitmojis.

5. Read messages without being online: The option to hide the “Read receipts” is not the best option if you want the other person not to realize that you have read their message. That is why slightly lifting the message on the screen and opening the full text on the iphone lock screen is your best option to go unnoticed.

6. Manage who can add us to groups: There is nothing more uncomfortable than being added to a group full of strangers. That is why WhatsApp developed the option to manage who can add us to groups.

When you enable the contacts from whom you want to receive messages, these people must send us an invitation link in the app. Only if we accept it, we can be added to the group.

To enable a contact we must go to Settings> Account> Security> Groups and select from the options: All, My contacts or My contacts except.

7. Be in control of your groups: There is a way to change the group settings so that only we can make changes to the group’s image or name. To do this, you must go to Group Settings and then Edit group information.

New WhatsApp emojis

According to the Unicode website, the new members of this “select group” were chosen after its Emoji Subcommittee “analyzed thousands of proposals submitted by users” around the world, which had to include the reasons why they should be included. in the list and other data.

Unicode stressed that among these symbols, which exceed 2,000 in total and that have become popular in messaging services for representing feelings and facilitating the expression of ideas, especially in , the emojis that many were demanding will finally arrive. What are the new ones? Here we present them to you.

Among the new faces we will find the emoji that of the happy face with a tear of emotion, also the man with the mustache and pronounced glasses, the clenched hand, people hugging, the ninja are also enabled.

These are some emojis that you can see on WhatsApp in 2020. (Photo: Emojipedia)
These are some emojis that you can see on WhatsApp in 2020. (Photo: Emojipedia)

You will also see people in tuxedo suits, wedding dresses, men and women feeding their children a bottle, Santa Claus without a mustache, heart and lungs.

On the other hand, in the animals section we will find the potted plant, the black cat, the beaver, the face of the polar bear, the bison, the mammoth, the dodo, the feather, the beetle, the seal, the fly, the cockroach. , the worm, the rock, the wood.

These are expected to appear before the end of the year.  (Photo: Emojipedia)
These are expected to appear before the end of the year. (Photo: Emojipedia)

On the food we will find the olive, the blueberry, the pepper, the pita bread, the tamale, the fondue, the bubble tea and the teapot.

Emojipedia also indicated that in new places will be added such as the shack, the pickup, the skateboard. While in the objects section we will have the magic wand, the colored piñata, the Russian doll, the needle and thread, the knot, the sandal, the accordion, the military helmet, the long drum, the coin, the saw, the boomerang.


Discord, the alternative app to WhatsApp that is gaining strength

Discord: The alternative app to WhatsApp that is gaining strength