Join several samples and test at once. United States considers new strategy to combat covid

“Something is not working,” admitted Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and one of the most prominent experts in the United States in combating the covid-19 pandemic, during an interview with The Washtington Post, this Friday -market. According to the infeciologist, the country is having difficulties in tracking the contacts of those infected and in controlling the transmission chains. Especially among asymptomatic young people, who will represent about 40% of the cases, estimates Fauci. And, therefore, he argues that it is necessary to review the testing strategy, an idea that has been pointed out by several experts.

The numbers continue to rise and the team planning the response to covid-19 at the White House is “thinking seriously” about adopting a more comprehensive attitude, using a collective testing method that allows more tests to be performed and more results. These are mass tests, as has been mentioned in several North American media.

The concept involves identifying a group of people, mass testing and analyzing the samples collected together. For example, in the case of a home with 50 people, samples are collected from all of them, these samples are mixed later and analyzed as one in the laboratory. A negative result allows to discard the entire population of that home. A positive, identifies the presence of the virus and requires individual tests, explains the American television network CNN, after also speaking with Anthony Fauci.

“The important thing is to know which part of the population is infected. And the only way to know this is to create a disseminated network. [de testes]”, said the infeciologist about the advantages of the method.

The idea is not new. In fact, it has been discussed in Germany or Israel and has even been implemented in China, in the city of Wuahn, where the new coronavirus was discovered at the end of last year. Local health officials said in May they had used only 6.6 million tests to examine a population of nine million, which was interpreted by local media as the start of collective screening tests.

The United States Food and Drug Administration approves the initiative, it has already made it known. Last month it issued a recommendation in this regard to companies. In its turn, Anthony Fauci considers that it is feasible and that the laboratories are ready to implement the idea on a larger scale, with the necessary adaptations. However, for now the pool test is still a proposal, a topic under discussion among experts and advisers at the White House.


Republican Governors of the southern United States reopen their states

In South Carolina this Tuesday you can go to Beach or establishments that had closed due to being considered non-essential business & rdquor; during the coronavirus crisis, from florists to bookstores or jewelers. In Georgia from Friday people will be able to return to bowling alleys, to do the manicure or cut his hair, to sweat in the Gymgive yourself a massage or make a tattoo and, since Monday, to restaurants and cinemas. On May 1, in TennesseeThe vast majority of businesses in the state’s 89 counties will have carte blanche to reopen.

The three states in the United States have something in common: their governors They are republicans, like the president, Donald trump. They were challenged for refusing to apply the suggested social distancing and closure measures to try to curb the contagion curve, and now, as protests by Trump supporters against confinement are repeated in closings, they are the first to reopen in a country with almost 800,000 cases of Covid-19 confirmed and more than 42,000 dead.

And although they will do so following the guidelines and plan designed by the White House, including social distancing measures or occupancy limitations on the premises, their strategy It is seen by health experts and even mayors of municipalities in their states as a step “hasty & rdquor ;,“ wrong & rdquor ;, “irresponsible & rdquor; and potentially “dangerous& rdquor ;.

“I’m stumped that we open this way,” said Keisha Bottoms, the mayor of Atlanta, Georgia’s main city, who learned of Governor Brian Kemp’s decision on television. Although the Democrat so far has worked “very well & rdquor; with the republican, he assured that looking at the numbers and speaking with health experts “the decision to reopen is not seen to be based on anything logical& rdquor ;. “I dont know how do you distance yourself when you are at the hairdresser or someone does your manicure or give you a massage & rdquor ;, said the mayor. “It worries me. AND I hope I’m wrong and that the governor is correct, because if the wrong one is he can die more people& rdquor ;.


New York achieves the lowest daily death toll since Apr 2

The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, has reported this Monday of 478 new deaths in the state in the last 24 hours, for the first time below of the 500 since last April 2.

After the sixth day of falling deaths, there are 14,347 total deaths. The infections have marked 4,726 positives, the lowest number since March 21, a month ago, and now total 247,512. As for hospitalizations, 16,428 have been recorded, below the maximum that reached over 19,000.

Cuomo has insisted that the contagion curve seems to have passed its zenith. “The question is how is the descent going to be long? Just as nobody knew how long the ascent would last, nobody can say what the fall will be like,” he pointed out at a press conference.

Low income

Cuomo stressed that there is a plan underway to distribute hydroalcoholic gel and more than 500,000 face masks in buildings of the New York City Housing Agency, which house more than 400,000 people.

He has also pointed out that will use federal funds to assign extraordinary pay to emergency services workers and has highlighted that they are mostly women and mostly from low-income households. “They are the ones that are taking us on the wing,” he stressed.

At the federal level, the United States has reported 766,664 cases and 40,931 deaths, according to the Johns Hopkins University count based on official sources from the different levels of administration American.


Russia intercepts a US military plane in the Mediterranean

A hunting russia has intercepted a military plane of the United States Navy about him Mediterranean Sea, as reported by the governments of both countries, which confirmed the incident on Monday.

The United States Sixth Fleet has indicated in a statement that the Russian fighter, a SU-35“flew in a dangerous and unprofessional manner” in an attempt to intercept the aircraft of the North American country, a P-8A Poseidon.

“The unnecessary actions of the pilot of the Russian plane they are inconsistent with international flight regulations and jeopardized the safety of both aircraft, “the Navy said, according to information from the television network CNN.

The text also states that the Russian plane was operating in international airspace, so the action was “irresponsible”. Thus, he has asserted that the United States Government expects “behavior within international standards to guarantee security and avoid incidents.”

The United States plane changed course

For its part, the Russian Army has stressed that its plane took off from the Hmeimim air base in Syria to identify a target that was approaching Russian military installations in the Arab country.

“He russian fighter pilot identified the tail number of the plane belonging to the United States Navy and took it as an escort, “said the statement, which ensures that the aircraft changed course and left the military installation in question.

U.S has repeatedly accused Russia to perform similar “reckless” acts on North American aircraft in the area, although there had been a decrease in these in recent years.


Why does Donald Trump allow the Pressing Catch not to stop in the US?

It continues to be played and televised every week from a closed venue to the public in Florida, despite the confinement of the State. The permission received feeds suspicions of the president’s favorable treatment, a close friend of the organizer of the event Read.