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For several weeks, Djibril Cissé crying loudly and his desire to make his return in Ligue 1, in order to cross the symbolic milestone of 100 goals among the elite. With an a-counter is currently stuck at 96 achievements, the former striker of the OM intends to meet one last challenge, he has multiplied the calls of the foot with the clubs of League 1 as Nîmes and Dijon, for example.

This Thursday, in the columns of The Team, Olivier Delcourt the president of Dijon, has cut short the possible arrival of Cissé in Côte-d’or : “This is pure joke. I admired him as a player, but I have not had the phone. Perhaps was it the call of the foot to Peguy (Luyindula, the sports director of the DFCO), to which he is close”. Recently, it is whispered that Cissé could take the path of Cyprus, failure to return to League 1.


Germany considers the crisis controlled as the rate of contagion falls below one

Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn yesterday made a positive assessment of the fight against coronavirus in Germany. “The outbreak is now under control again,” Spahn said at a news conference with the president of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), Lothar Wieler. The “total slowdown” by which the governments of Berlin and the 16 federal states bet has been a success, added Spahn, who stressed that since April 12 the number of people healed daily exceeds that of new infected.

“We have managed to suppress dynamic growth to linear growth”, he added, to then highlight that the German health system has never been saturated since the pandemic began and has always had vacant vacancies in intensive care units equipped with respirators. Spahn praised the country’s “excellent clinics” and the achievement of increasing the number of intensive care beds to 40,000.

The good development of events makes it pointless to keep 10,000 of these beds permanently free for hospital emergencies and the minister said that medical centers will recover normality step by step from May to be able to start carrying out all interventions surgical procedures that have been delayed by the epidemic. Initially, however, between 25% and 30% of intensive care beds will be reserved for patients infected with the Covid-19 virus..

Spahn indicated that Germany has so far carried out some 1.7 million tests to detect the disease and that the current capacity is about 350,000 weekly tests that theoretically can even be doubled. After commenting that the important thing is to do tests in a targeted way, he commented that doing extensive analyzes makes little sense and it is better to focus on tests in hospitals and residences.

Protection of risk groups

As reported by the minister, Some 50 German companies have started the production of masks at the request of the Ministry of Economy and in August they will reach a production of 10 million weekly of professional masks of the FFP2 type, which will cover the needs of the health system.

In turn, the president of the RKI described as “really good” the partial balance of the fight in Germany against the coronavirus. The rate of reproduction of the virus is currently 0.7, that is, each infected person already infects less than one person on average, said Wieler, who spoke of successes in the fight against the coronavirus in which he refers to the interruption of chains of infection, protection of risk groups and strengthening of the health system. He also pointed out that only 16% of those infected need hospital care, while only 9% of the tests that have been performed so far have tested positive.

The total infected in Germany until yesterday stands at 138,000, and the deceased exceed 4,000, according to data from the American Johns Hopkins University. Foreign Minister Heiko Maas was in favor of coordinating the lifting of global restrictions on travel and the international movement of people. “I wish that at least in the European Union we agree to act in a coordinated way,” said Maas.


Bohol in “community quarantine” starting March 16

The provincial government of Bohol will place the whole province in a “community quarantine” and will not accept visitors from outside Bohol from midnight on Monday 16 March until Friday 20 March 2020.

The announcement was made on Friday morning, March 13th.

Bohol Governor Arthur Yap, however, said that the community quarantine should not be equated to a blockade since the necessary day-to-day operations are still allowed during the period.

“It is not a blockade because food can enter, medicines can enter, people can leave, deliveries will continue to take place. So, it is not a blockade. People are not confined to their homes. People are allowed to leave home. They are still allowed to go to church, market or hospital, “he said.

“Pero kon naa mi mga the estudyante nag-eskwela sa Cebu unya mouli sila (If there are students studying in Cebu and planning to return home) from Monday to Friday, no, sorry. You can’t go home, “he added.

Yap said consultations were held between their civilian civilian leaders, their medical officers and practitioners before they made the decision.

“It was the evaluation of doctors, professionals and the provincial government that we need to do more to prepare for coronavirus disease (Covid-19) and we can’t do it unless we have a targeted quarantine program to bring the message to Bol. -anon and the operators, community members, the church, active organizations, “he said. (WBS)


2K also withdraws their games from the NVIDIA GeForce Now streaming service

NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW game streaming service has come under pressure lately. Big names like them Activision Blizzard and Bethesda have separated from the streaming service and now added to that list is another game editor, 2K games.

Similar to a story we heard at the beginning of last week, Activision Blizzard mentions that they never gave NVIDIA permission to broadcast their games on the platform, particularly after a beta period expired. So that seems to be a contractual disagreement, perhaps it will be resolved between the parties since in the end it is only currency. Nvidia noted on their blog that they are talking to 2K Games in an attempt to bring the games back to the servers.

EPYC games

In other news, NVIDIA is adding some titles, Tim Sweeney on Twitter notes that they will support the platform

GeForce NOW is a game streaming service, with a free account on this service you can play one hour a day for free, and for RTX options or longer play time, you need to subscribe and pay a monthly fee. GeForce NOW is only for streaming games that you already own from a powerful cloud computer and therefore in effect a time of “server rental” for streaming your own games and connecting through let’s say Steam.

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Factory under water due to downpour, workers mobilized

Downpour negatively affected life in Bingöl. Effective precipitation in the evening left the textile factory, where 50 people were employed, under water.


The factory workers were mobilized to evacuate the water accumulated due to the downpour. The workers, while trying to evacuate the water accumulated in the factory, where they worked with the buckets they received, notified the municipal teams for help.

The water in the factory was evacuated with the support of the municipal teams of Bingöl Municipality. Damage occurred at the factory. DHA