Coronavirus: on Facebook, nurses organize their networks

Alice (1) and her friend met on the benches of nursing school. In 2018, they created an Instagram account dedicated to their profession. About Nursesvibes (almost 6,000 subscribers), we usually give tutorials to perform care, or we advise students on their orientation. However, since the start of the coronavirus epidemic, the program has radically changed. […]

12-member committee: Armin Laschet founds “Corona Expert Council”

Germany Board of twelve Armin Laschet founds “Corona Expert Council” As of March 31, 2020 | Reading time: 3 minutes Spahn and Laschet against mask requirement in Germany In a press conference, NRW Prime Minister Laschet and Minister of Health Spahn spoke out against the obligation to wear protective masks. The priority now is to […]

Union continues to grow – GroKo wins majority

Markus Söder The CSU boss arrives at the citizens with his crisis management. (Photo: dpa) Berlin The CDU and CSU have continued to gain approval, according to a survey by the polling institute Insa. The Union therefore increased 1.5 percentage points to 35 percent compared to the previous week. The Greens, on the other hand, […]

The European Union and the challenge of solidarity

European Commission to propose new EU budget “To face the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic”, announced its president, Ursula Van der Leyen, Saturday, March 28. Is it to make people forget the failure of European leaders, Thursday, March 26, to agree on a strong economic response to the health crisis? This summit saw the […]

The pension debate is based on a deceptive standard

Pensioners in Berlin The level of pensions will probably rise in the crisis. This does not give pensioners more money. (Photo: dpa) A commission of ten experts was to create what the Union and the SPD failed to achieve in their coalition negotiations: to develop a perspective for retirement in an aging society. The chances […]

In Israel, a government of national unity in sight

Political twists are linked in Israel. While at the start of the week, tensions were highest between the outgoing Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and his rival, the leader of the Bleu-Blanc party Benny Gantz, it is ultimately the hypothesis of a government of national union holding the rope. While he was appointed on March 16 […]

Fede Bal began his cancer treatment:: El Litoral – News – Santa Fe – Argentina

The actor shared the first images from the medical center on his social networks and remembered his father, Santiago Bal, during the process. Credit: Screenshot From the clinic Fede Bal began his oncological treatment The actor shared the first images from the medical center on his social networks and remembered his father, Santiago Bal, during […]

the obligation of result of the European Union

Are Europeans able to stick together when the old continent has become the epicenter of Covid19? Everything remains to be demonstrated, while the 27 must agree, Thursday, March 26, on the response to adopt at the community level. → LIVE. Coronavirus: France enters its tenth day of containment No question for this summit to meet […]

Messages of support for Spain precede the summit of the European Union

In times of coronavirus, social distancing, confinement… and videoconferencing prevail. The summit of heads of state and government of the EU that was scheduled for today and tomorrow in Brussels will be compressed this Thursday and will be held under the telematic format that the current situation demands. It is, in fact, the third ‘videocumbre’ […]