The US Needs New Nuclear Missiles at a Cost of IDR 1,411 Trillion


WASHINGTON – The Pentagon has raised the estimated cost of up to USD95.8 billion (IDR1,411 billion) to field a new fleet of ground-based nuclear missiles United States of America (US). These dangerous weapons are needed to replace the Minuteman III missile arsenal which has been in continuous operation for 50 years.

Citing reports AP, Tuesday (20/10/2020), the estimated cost increased by about USD 10 billion from four years ago. (Read: Chinese H-6N bomber seen carrying mysterious hypersonic cruise missile)

The weapons, known as intercontinental ballistic missiles or ICBMs, are intended to make up the nearly total replacement of America’s nuclear power over the coming decades at a total cost of more than $ 1.2 trillion.

Some, including former Secretary of Defense William J. Perry, argue that US national security can be guaranteed without the ICBM. However, the Pentagon said that the ICBM was important to prevent war.

The Donald Trump administration affirms its commitment to fielding a new generation of ICBMs in its 2018 nuclear policy review. (Read: The US was angry that Turkey tested the Russian S-400 missile system)

“The ICBM force is highly resilient against anything but a large scale nuclear attack,” reads the review. “To destroy US ICBMs on the ground, the adversary needs to launch a precisely coordinated attack with hundreds of high-powered and accurate warheads. This is an insurmountable challenge for any potential adversary today, except Russia.”

The current fleet of 400 Minuteman missiles, each armed with a single nuclear warhead, is based in underground silos in Montana, North Dakota, Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska. Their number is governed in part by the New START 2010 agreement with Russia, which expires in February 2021.

Russia wants to extend the New START agreement, but the Trump administration has set terms Moscow doesn’t accept. (Also read: China places advanced missiles near Taiwan, it is feared war preparations)


Shaken by an earthquake of 7.5 M, the South Coast of Alaska, USA is threatened by a tsunami

LOS ANGELES, – Warning tsunami issued on Monday (19/10/2020) after earthquake 7.5 magnitude shakes offshore Alaska, United States of America ( AS).

The tsunami warning covers most of the state’s southern coast, including the sparsely populated Alaska Peninsula, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The current hazard zone stretches hundreds of kilometers northeast to Cook Inlet, until near Anchorage, the largest city there at the end of the bay.

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“The level of the tsunami hazard is being evaluated,” warned the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration AFP.

Center earthquake is about 92 km from the small town of Sand Point and is 40 km deep, said the US Geological Survey (USGS).

There was “a small probability of casualties and damage” from the earthquake, the USGS statement added.

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Earthquake this was followed by at least four aftershocks of 5.0 magnitude or higher.

Shaking was also felt near King Cove but everything appeared to be intact, city administrator Gary Hennigh told Anchorage Daily News.

“Residents and canning workers were evacuated to higher ground until we got more information about the tsunami warning,” added Hennigh.

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Meanwhile, Michael Ashley, a resident of Cold Bay, said the quake moved things in his house.

“All the sofas, lounge chairs, and bookshelves move, and I have to hold one of them,” he explained to Anchorage Daily News.

Until this news was uploaded, there was no information about possible victims or damage elsewhere.

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Conflicts America, draws closer Turkish military ties to Russia, begins collaborative trials of S-400 air defense systems – all pages


Turkey successfully tests Russian S-400 air defense system, America is wary

Gridhot.ID – Although both as NATO members, Turkey always got negative sentiment from United States of America (AS).

Especially when Turkey buy system defense S-400 air from Russia.

Seeing the behavior of his allies, the US is angry.

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The White House considers Turkey too much because it is actually friendly with Russia.

Turkey tested a Russian-made S-400 air defense system for the first time during a drill near the northern city of Sinop, sources TASS reveal.

“Three S-400 anti-aircraft defense system missiles were launched. All of them managed to hit the specified targets,” said the source TASS in Russian military and diplomatic circles, Friday (16/10).

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Turkey’s move to purchase the S-400 air defense system sparked a negative reaction from NATO. The alliance, of which Turkey is a member, warned that the purchase posed a real risk to allied aircraft.

Last year, the United States (US) excluded Turkey from the fifth-generation F-35 fighter jet program, after Ankara received the first batch of the Russian-made surface-to-air missile system.

In August, Alexander Mikheyev, CEO of Rosoboronexport, a Russian state-owned company that sells weapons, said Turkey had signed a contract for the delivery of the second batch of S-400s.

Russia announced in September 2017 that it had signed a $ 2.5 billion deal with Turkey for the delivery of the S-400 anti-aircraft missile system to Ankara.

Under the contract, Turkey received a regiment of S-400 air defense missile systems (two battalions). The deal includes the transfer of some production technology to Turkey.

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Turkey is the first NATO member country to purchase the S-400 air defense missile system from Russia. Deliveries of the S-400 to Turkey began on July 12, 2019.

The S-400 “Triumf” is a long-range air defense missile system that Russia claims is the most advanced and entered service in the country of Red Bears in 2007.

The S-400 missile can destroy aircraft, cruise and ballistic missiles, including medium-range missiles, and can also be used against ground installations. Then, the S-400 can strike targets at a distance of 400 km and an altitude of up to 30 km.

This article was published on Cash with the title

“Successful, Turkey tests Russian-made S-400 anti-aircraft defense system missile”

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Top US Officials Find Evidence of China Attempting to Genocide Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang, O’Brien: Something Similar to Genocide! – All Pages

Sosok.ID – It’s no secret, government China it is now being highlighted and criticized by many parties.

Recognition after recognition is done by many countries because of the government’s authoritarianism China on ethnicity Muslim Uighur.

Even from the latest research records, all children in the area Xinjiang which is mostly occupied by ethnic Uighur is now abandoned.

This is because of the policies taken by the government China which detains the parents of these children.

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Most recently, the criticism came from one of the top security officials in the United States (US), Robert O’Brien.

He found evidence and signs that were horrific by the Xi Jinping government.

In fact, he said the findings were a new way to commit acts of mass murder of one ethnicity or often called genocide.

The US national security adviser revealed how the Chinese government’s treatment of ethnic Uighurs in Xinjiang was outrageous.

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In fact, according to him, what Xi Jinping did was close to genocide.

This was disclosed by O’Brien on Friday, (16/10/2020).

“If not genocide, something similar to it (genocide) is happening in Xinjiang,” said Robert O’Brien at an online event organized by the Aspen Institute.

In addition to the ethnic Uighur Muslims, O’Brien also highlighted the acts of violence perpetrated by the Bamboo Curtain government against Hong Kong citizens.

Launch from Reuters, Friday (16/10/2020), the Chinese government was known to have carried out repressive actions against the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong recently.

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Seeing the atrocities committed by the Chinese government, the US also acted with condemnation

In addition, the Xi Jinping administration’s cruel actions against Uighurs and other Muslim minorities in Xinjiang must be held to account by the Chinese government.

The US also threatened to try to raise the case to the international community so that China could be sanctioned, including officials who committed these humanitarian violations.

However, so far the action against Xinjiang has not been called an act of Beijing’s genocide, a mark that would have significant legal implications and require stronger action against China.

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Al Jazeera via Digest Online

The majority of the Uighurs embrace Islam.

The United Nations (UN) estimates that more than one million Muslims have been detained in Xinjiang and activists say crimes against humanity and genocide are taking place there.

The allegations against his government were immediately denied by the Chinese.

According to him, what the government has done to the Uighir Muslim ethnic community is providing training.

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Vocational training and claimed to help to combat extremism that occurred in the region.

“The Chinese literally shave the heads of Uyghur women and make hair products and ship them to the United States,” he said.

US Customs and Border Protection said in June that it was holding back shipments originating from Xinjiang, a hair product and accessory suspected of being a product of forced labor made with human hair.

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In June, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo branded a “shocking” and “disturbing” report that China was using forced sterilization, forced abortion, and coercive family planning against Muslims in Xinjiang.

He said that in September Washington was considering the language to use to describe what was happening in the region.

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“When United States of America talk about crimes against humanity or genocide… we have to be very careful and very precise because it carries a very heavy load, “he said.*)


Donald Trump calls the US the first country to undertake a space mission to Mars and the Moon

BLITAR MEDIA – President Donald Trump call that United States of America (US) will do mission outer space to the planet Mars and Month.

Trump stressed that the US will be the first country to successfully land humans on the planet Mars and set foot on Month as reported quoted from Sputnik News in the news Trump: The US will land the first person on Mars and the first woman on the moon.

United States of America will land the first woman on Month and the US will be the first country to land astronauts in MarsWe’re getting closer, “Trump said at his campaign rally in Janesville, Wisconsin, Saturday, October 17, 2020.

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CEO SpaceX Elon Musk previously said that his company is on the right track to launch mission without you first Mars using the Starship rocket in four years from now.

According to Musk, SpaceX have a bigger purpose in order mission Starship can transport people to Month and Mars. According to SpaceX, mission Starship month could start as early as 2022.

Meanwhile, Administrator NASA Jim Bridenstine said that the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration has selected more than a dozen companies to develop technology to sustain operations Month.

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“Together, NASA and industry is building a ready set of capabilities mission to support a sustainable presence in Month and mission human in the future to Mars, “said Bridenstine.


Washington Bisiki Taiwan The Most Effective War Strategy Against Chinese Marine Amphibious Attacks

ZONAJAKARTA.COM – President China Xi Jinping ordered the Marines China for cockroaches.

Xi issued a warning to the Marines China to be ready at any time amphibious assault ke Taiwan in the near future.

Secretary General of the Communist Party China (CCP) it insists if the Marines China is the backbone of the raid to Taiwan to face the Taipei army.

This raid plan clearly made a major ally Taiwan, United States of America (US) worried.

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Then a US White House national security adviser Robert O’Brien whispered Taiwan the most effective war strategy to stem amphibious assault marines China.

O’Brien made sure Taiwan must carry out Asymmetric warfare (not balanced) where invasion marines China It must be fought with technology, it doesn’t have to be army vs army.

“I think Taiwan “Need to start looking at some asymmetrical and anti-access strategies,” said O’Brien.

He explained that this defense technology would soon be available Taiwan from the US that sent a coastal defense system (Coastal Defense).


Mexico’s ‘The Godfather’ helped ship tons of cocaine and heroin …


MEXICO CITY – Former Minister of Defense (Menhan) Mexico Salvador Cienfuegos uses his powers to protect the Beltran-Leyva cartel, directs operations against enemy gangs and provides sea transportation to deliver drugs.

The prosecution has disclosed all the charges United States of America (US). Cienfuegos was detained at the Los Angeles airport on Thursday. “He is accused of accepting bribes in exchange for protection including warning cartel members about a US investigation,” said prosecutors in New York who charged the 72-year-old with four counts of drug trafficking and money laundering.

“In exchange for paying bribes, he allowed the H-2 Cartel, a cartel that routinely commits violence, including torture and murder, to operate with impunity in Mexico,” prosecutors said in court documents.

The H-2 cartel is the name for the Beltran-Leyva gang. Cienfuegos served from 2012 to 2018 in President Enrique Pena Nieto’s administration, whose aides and party members are now accused of high-level corruption.

Pena Nieto denies allegations that he also took bribes from drug cartels. (Also Read: Former Defense Minister Arrested by the US, President of Mexico Vows to Clean Up)

Cienfuegos’s detention came less than three weeks before the US presidential election. US President Donald Trump has made eradicating drug cartels his priority, albeit without major progress since he took office in 2017. (See Infographic: Off the Coast of Indonesia Will Be Protected By Turkey’s Advanced Weapons)

The detention of Cienfuegos, nicknamed El Padrino or The Godfather, in the August 2019 indictment, was finally carried out until he was in US custody. This will be the first time a former Mexican defense minister has been charged and detained in the US. (Watch Video: A Car Moved Into a Water Channel in Bandung)

The Pentagon awarded him for his accomplishments two years ago, amidst his various criminal activities. This proves the leakage in the war against drug cartels by the US.


US Rejects Putin’s Proposal on the Extension of the New START Agreement


WASHINGTONUnited States (US) and Russia reject each other’s proposals regarding fate New START agreement (Strategic Arms Reduction Agreement) which expires next year.

The Trump administration recently proposed a one-year extension to the New START agreement, which expires in February 2021, but must be accompanied by the imposition of broader restrictions on US and Russian nuclear warheads. This requirement will cover warheads not restricted by the New START agreement.

However, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin came up with a new proposal namely extending the New START agreement unconditionally.(Also read: Putin proposes the New START agreement to be extended by one year)

This proposal was rejected by President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, Robert O’Brien. He even advised the Russians to rethink their attitude before an expensive arms race took place.

In a written statement, O’Brien said the US approach would be a win for both sides, and he thought Russia was willing to accept this proposal when it met them in Geneva on October 2.

“President Putin’s response today to extend New START without freezing nuclear warheads is not an easy one,” said O’Brien.

“The United States is serious about arms control that will keep the world safe. We hope Russia will re-evaluate its position before an expensive arms race occurs, “he continued as quoted by the Associated Press, Saturday (17/10/2020).

But a different statement was made by the arms control association’s executive director, Daryl Kimball. In an interview, Kimball said he hoped Trump would accept Putin’s offer of an unconditional extension of the short-term agreement, given New START’s near-end in early February.

“We are in the 11th hour now, and we urge President Trump to accept a yes,” said Kimball, adding that he believed this would attract broad bipartisan support in the US.

While Putin offers to extend New START as is, the US wants a broader temporary freeze on all nuclear warheads, including battlefield nuclear weapons not covered by the treaty, which only limits strategic nuclear arsenal. Moscow said it could not accept the request.(Also read: If Russia Freezes Nuclear Weapons, the US Is Ready to Extend the START Treaty)

The New START agreement was signed in 2010 by President Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. The pact limits each country to no more than 1,550 nuclear warheads deployed and 700 missiles and bombs deployed, and on-site inspections to verify compliance with the deal.

After Moscow and Washington withdrew from the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Armament Treaty last year, New START is the only nuclear weapons control agreement between the two countries that is still in effect.(Watch video: World Bank Statement on Labor Law)



Pray for this Covid-19 Vaccine Can Be Used in November!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The pharmaceutical giant Pfizer plans to request an emergency use permit from the US health authorities in November 2020 so that the Covid-19 vaccine it is developing can be used in the US.

Pfizer hopes that vaccine safety data will be available by the third week of November and will immediately apply for emergency use.

“So assuming positive data, Pfizer will apply for an Emergency Authorization Use in the US after security concerns are met in the third week of November,” said Chariman and Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, as quoted by AFP, Friday (16/10/2020 ).

Pfizer develops the Covid-19 vaccine in collaboration with BioNTech, a German pharmaceutical company. These vaccines contain a material called messenger RNA (mRNA), which is used to train protein cells to make proteins that then fight or prevent targeted disease.

Currently the vaccine is in final phase clinical trials conducted in the US and several European countries. In two previous clinical trials in humans this vaccine has succeeded in creating neutralizing antibodies and stimulating t-cells to fight corona.

The Pfizer vaccine is one of the Covid-19 vaccines that Microsoft founder Bill Gates has championed against corona. The nonprofit Bill & Melinda Gates has donated millions of dollars to Pfizer to develop a vaccine.

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Corona Vaccine Clinical Trials to Stop Covid-19 Treatment, What’s Wrong? All pages One vaccine-developing company, Johnson & Johnson, is halting final-stage trials of candidates corona vaccine, after a participant reported experiencing an adverse event.

Not long ago, the same thing was done by Eli Lilly, a pharmaceutical company that is currently developing a monoclonal antibody treatment for a disease caused by the corona virus, SARS-CoV-2.

Quoting CNBC, Friday (16/10/2020), trials on the treatment of monoclonal antibodies were temporarily suspended by United States health regulators, due to potential safety concerns.

As a result of the pause, it is likely to raise concerns about vaccine safety or potential treatments for Covid-19.

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However, according to medical experts, pauses with clinical trials are common, and these delays should convince the public that the system is in place to protect volunteers.

Pause trial for participant safety

A group of independent experts on the monitoring board that oversees clinical trials in the United States recommends pausing for clinical trials whenever there is an ‘adverse event’.

This was conveyed by Isaac Bogoch, infectious disease specialist and professor at the University of Toronto.

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Bogoch said the lull would take as long as it took to gather all the information and did not mean there were problems with the vaccine or treatment.

“The board will say let’s push to stop this. They will say, we need more data and let’s see if this person is in the vaccine arm or in the placebo group,” said Bogoch who is also a member of the board overseeing clinical trials of the drug. .

The council will also say to use all the data to determine if this is a side effect of the vaccine and if this is so then it will need to decide whether it is safe to continue this research or not.

SHUTTERSTOCK/Tatevosian Yana Illustration of corona vaccine clinical trials in children. Pediatric doctors assess Covid-19 vaccine trials in children also need to be started immediately.

According to Dr. Paul Offit, director of the Center for Vaccine Education at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, says clinical trial breaks occur all the time, especially in large-scale clinical trials in older adults.

The former member of the CDC’s Advisory Committee on the practice of immunization said adults who are sick will sometimes get sick for the same period of time after getting the vaccine or treatment.

“The Johnson & Johnson (J&J) vaccine is designed to prevent Covid-19. It is not designed to prevent everything that happens in life,” said Offit.

Bogoch added that no one before Covid-19 cared when there was a break in clinical trials for antibiotics or heart medications.

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“Never before have we been in a scenario where you literally have 7 billion people watching closely and following every progress under the microscope,” says Bogoch.

With a pause the corona vaccine clinical trial and treatment to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic, according to Bogoch, indirectly has created a more health-literate community.

Bogoch further said that pauses in clinical trials are not the same as regulatory freezes, which are sometimes referred to as clinical holds imposed by health authorities such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The clinical suspension is when the FDA steps in and says it will stop certain trials because they think it is unsafe to continue based on the data they have.

Illustration of corona vaccine, corona virus vaccine, Covid-19 vaccineShutterstock/Blue Planet Studio Illustration of corona vaccine, corona virus vaccine, Covid-19 vaccine

The FDA still has the final stage of clinical trials of the vaccine developed by AstraZeneca, the Covid-19 vaccine developer that is superior among other vaccine candidates.

The vaccine trial is still being held in the United States, meaning the company cannot deliver a second dose of its two-dose vaccine regimen to volunteers in the US.

The delay was a result of an illness in a UK participant who was believed to have developed inflammation of the spinal cord, known as myelitis transversal.

Although trials have resumed in the UK and other countries, in the United States the test for the corona virus vaccine is still pending.

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The head of global research and development at Johnson & Johnson (J&J) Janssen, Dr Mathai Mammen said the company still had very little information on the reasons for the delay, including if a patient received a vaccine or placebo.

“It will take at least a few days for the correct information to be gathered,” said Dr Mammen.

Eli Lilly and the National Institutes of Health also did not disclose what the safety concerns were, but the company said they supported the decision of the DSMB (Data and Safety Monitoring Board), the board that oversees clinical trials of the coronavirus vaccine and treatment for Covid-19.

“Security is of utmost importance to Lilly. We recognize that because of a lot of caution, ACTIV-3’s independent data security monitoring board (DSMB) has recommended a break in registrations,” said spokeswoman Molly McCully.