Here’s How to Prevent and Overcome When Someone Experiencing Happy Hypoxia – One of the health problems that are currently being discussed is Happy Hypoxia. This problem is one of the symptoms experienced by COVID-19 patients.

Erlina Burhan, a pulmonary specialist in the Infection Division of the Department of Pulmonology and Respiratory Medicine, University of Indonesia (UI), revealed the symptoms of Happy Hypoxia that need to be known.

According to him, Happy Hypoxia is a decrease in oxygen levels in COVID-19 patients that the patient is not aware of. The patient may show a healthy body condition when in fact he is lacking oxygen. Generally, Happy Hypoxia occurs in symptomatic patients.

“It’s rare for a patient without symptoms,” he said in a BNPB press conference on Wednesday (16/9).

Symptoms of Happy Hypoxia that can be experienced by patients are usually characterized by a cough that persists for some time and gets worse, the body feels weak, and the color of the lips and fingertips becomes bluish.

“Don’t wait for tightness because in Happy Hypoxia there are generally no symptoms of tightness,” he said

If you already experience these symptoms, you must immediately be rushed to the hospital, he added. Because the only drug Happy Hypoxia is oxygen.

Happy Hypoxia Prevention

The first thing you can do to prevent Happy Hypoxia, says Erlina, is to know the symptoms.

“Another way is to frequently measure oxygen saturation with pulse oximetry, don’t wait for tightness,” he said.

An even more basic way is to prevent the disease from catching COVID-19. According to him, the way it is very easy to return to 3M is to wear a mask, wash your hands with soap and keep your distance.

Another thing that needs to be done is to increase the immune system. This can be achieved by consuming nutritious foods, getting enough rest, not smoking, taking supplements, and avoiding stress.

Reporter: Ade Nasihudin Al Ansori
Source: [RWP]

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The Chancellor of Austria announced the beginning of the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic :: Society :: RBC

Фото: Sean Gallup / Getty Images

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said that the second wave of the COVID-19 epidemic began in the country. transfers Austrian Press Agency.

“What we are experiencing now is the beginning of the second wave. The number of infected is growing every day, “said Kurz in his emergency address to the population of the country.

According to the chancellor, if two weeks ago in Austria there were about 350 new cases of infection every day, now this figure has grown to 850. “Soon we will reach the mark of a thousand new infections per day,” he said.

The most severe epidemiological situation, as said Kurz, has developed in Vienna – the Austrian capital accounts for about half of all new cases.

In Austria began to train dogs to look for infected COVID-19 by smell

Фото: McPHOTO / M. Begsteiger / / Global Look Press

The Chancellor urged residents of the country to take all sanitary safety measures: limit social contacts, wear protective equipment, maintain social distance.

By data Hopkins University, more than 33 thousand cases were recorded in Austria by September 13; 26.7 thousand of them recovered, 756 people died.

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Austria was one of the first European countries where self-isolation was abolished – on May 1 it was allowed to take to the streets, and in June the borders were opened. After that in the country began to record an increase in the number of cases and returned to the mask regime.

The spread of the coronavirus Covid-19 in the world

Number of confirmed cases of infection

Source: JHU

World data i


“It seemed an unattainable goal, we were not afraid”

Enrico Sangiorgi, Vice Rector of the University of Bologna, announced on the occasion of the concert at the San Domenico Arena dedicated to the health staff of Forlì who fought on the front line against the Coronavirus that 13 October will be the date for the first lesson in the classrooms of the University Campus for 90 selected students of the new degree course in Medicine and Surgery of the University of Bologna at the Forlì campus.

“A year ago none of us would have thought of reaching this goal that seemed unattainable – said Sangiorgi who represented the Magnificent Rector – and we owe it to the quality of our healthcare. The 90 students who will study here in Forlì are the hope of the future” .


Tymoshenko recovered from COVID-19 :: Politics :: RBC

Former Prime Minister of Ukraine suffered from coronavirus infection, but the latest test showed that she recovered, although some symptoms persist

Yulia Timoshenko

(Photo: Evgen Kotenko / Ukrinform / ZUMA Wire / TASS)

The leader of the Ukrainian Batkivshchyna party Yulia Tymoshenko passed a negative test for coronavirus. About this on your Facebook reported press secretary of the politician Marina Soroka.

“The coronavirus has been overcome. She felt much better. So far, the pneumonia remains, but the treatment is successful, and soon she will return to normal life and work, ”she wrote.

That Tymoshenko got infected coronavirus, it became known earlier on August 23. RBC Ukraine, citing sources, reported that the daughter of the Batkivshchyna leader Yevgeny and her husband Artur Chechetkin were also infected. The doctors assessed her condition as serious, the temperature rose to 39 degrees.

September 2 Tymoshenko for the first time after the break published an entry on his Facebook, writing that “almost two weeks of fighting a serious illness change the feeling of reality.” She thanked everyone who supported her during her illness.

Facebook post of user YuliaTymoshenko

Ukraine because of the pandemic has banned the entry of transit passengers into the country

Photo: RIA Novosti


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According to Johns Hopkins University, 152.2 thousand cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in Ukraine, of which more than 16 thousand were in Kiev. 3132 people died. The number of newly diagnosed cases in the country began to rise again after the decline in July. If on August 10, a little more than 1,000 new cases per day were detected in the country, then on September 10 there were already 2,600. Hopkins University also includes statistics on the self-proclaimed DPR and LPR in statistics for Ukraine.

The spread of the coronavirus Covid-19 in the world

Number of confirmed cases of infection

Source: JHU

World data i

Georgy Tadtaev


Students and researchers affected: US withdraws visas from more than 1,000 Chinese

The US expelled more than 1,000 Chinese students and researchers from the country. The reason is the fear that the Chinese government is trying to steal research on the coronavirus from US universities. It is also part of the response to the democratic restrictions in Hong Kong.

The United States has revoked more than 1,000 visas for Chinese nationals over security concerns. Affected are “certain Chinese PhD students and researchers to prevent them from stealing sensitive research or otherwise appropriating,” said Chad Wolf, head of the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

He accused China of industrial espionage and of misusing student visas to steal research into the coronavirus, among other things. A U.S. State Department spokeswoman said the move will be taken as part of the U.S. response to China’s democratic restrictions in Hong Kong, announced by President Donald Trump on May 29.

China said in June that it is opposed to any US step in preventing Chinese students from studying in the United States, and urged the Washington government to do more to promote mutual exchanges and understanding. Around 360,000 Chinese nationals study in the US, which generates significant income for the universities.


Re-opened, these are the conditions for full English Chevening Masters scholarship page all – Registration scholarship abroad Chevening re-opened for S2 (master) level online in Indonesia from Friday (4/9/2020) to Sunday (2/11/2020).

The Chevening scholarship program is a 1-year full study funding offer for Masters degrees from the Government English for future leader candidates.

Therefore, Chevening is looking for professionals who have ambitions, leadership qualities, and academic backgrounds above average.

In this program, applicants can choose any subject from university wherever there is in England.

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Several universities that cooperate with the program scholarships abroad S2 Chevening is:

  • Birkbeck University of London
  • Bournemouth University
  • Brunel University London
  • Cardiff University
  • Durham University
  • LSE
  • Newcastle University
  • Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies
  • Queen Mary University of London

One of the Indonesian figures who received a Chevening scholarship is Riri Riza as director, screenwriter, and film producer. The man whose real name is Mohammad Rivai Riza has worked on films Sherina’s adventures (2008), Rainbow Troops (2008), and What’s with love? (2002 & 2016).

Apart from Riri, there are still a number of Chevening graduates working in Indonesia, such as Wahyu Dhyatmika (editor in chief of the magazine Time), Ahmad Faudi (novelist), and Sukma Violetta (Deputy Chairman of the Judicial Commission).

Are you interested in registering? The following is about information for participating in the Chevening international scholarship program in the UK.


The Chevening scholarship program offers full funding with the following details:

  1. University tuition fees.
  2. Visa fees for scholarship recipients.
  3. Cost of departure and return to the scholarship recipient’s residence.
  4. Arrival allowance.
  5. Departure allowance.
  6. Personal living allowance per month (accommodation and living expenses).
  7. Allowance top-up travel.
  8. An additional fee of £ 75 or equivalent to Rp. 1.4 million for tuberculosis testing if needed.

Applicant requirements

To apply for this scholarship program, you must meet all the conditions below.

  1. Indonesian citizens.
  2. After the scholarship period ends, willing to return to Indonesia.
  3. Complete all components of a bachelor’s degree (S1) with a minimum GPA between 3.33 – 3.67.
  4. Have a minimum of 2 years of work experience (equivalent to 2,800 hours).
  5. Enroll in 3 different programs at an eligible UK university and have received an offer of unconditional entry from any of these options, by 16 July 2020.

Selection stage

It takes a minimum of 8 months from the deadline for registration to process the selection of Chevening scholarship recipients. The following are the stages of selection.

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  1. Registration to become a Chevening scholarship recipient 2021-2022 is open online from Friday (4/9/2020) to Sunday (2/11/2020) at 19.00 WIB.
  2. The committee reviewed the eligibility criteria of the registrar on 4 November 2020.
  3. The committee provides an assessment of eligible applications (mid-November – December 2020).
  4. The British embassy created a short list of people who were interviewed in February 2021.
  5. The deadline for submitting documents and 2 letters of recommendation falls on February 22, 2021.
  6. Interviews will take place from March 1 to April 30, 2021.
  7. The results of interviews have been announced since the beginning of June 2021.
  8. Classes will start in September / October 2021 in the UK.

Complete information about scholarships, detailed requirements, and submission of registration applications can be seen on the official website https://www.


Develop Megasuperblok Batam, Pollux Adopt German technology Page all

JAKARTA, PT Pollux Properti Indonesia Tbk build a mega superblock project titled “Meisterstadt” or Pollux Habibie in the area Batam Center, Batam, Riau Islands.

The construction of the mega superblock project is the ambition of the 3rd President of the Republic of Indonesia Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie to realize Batam as a developed and foremost city in Indonesia.

The concept adopted from this project puts forward the quality of environmentally friendly housing by adopting German technology.

This development is expected to add to the list investation environmentally friendly.

This is because, citing data from the Investment Coordinating Board (BPKM), the total realization environmentally friendly investment only reached 30.3 percent or around Rp. 486 trillion during the period 2010-2014.

Therefore, Pollux wants to promote Meisterstadt as a mega superblock project with environmentally friendly investments.

“We as developers also want to contribute in presenting an environmentally friendly property or residence. We adopted the technology itself from Germany,” said Suryo Amanto, President Director of PT Pollux Properti Indonesia Tbk in a press release, Friday (4/9/2020).

Pollux also collaborates with PT PP (Persero) Tbk as main contractor in that big project.

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The technology used in building the mega superblock project adopted the Integrated Vertical City from Germany, which was proposed by President Habibie.

Pollux Habibie International President Commissioner Ilham Akbar Habibie said Batam was chosen to be the development project because it was Habibie’s dream to develop the city into a perfect city.

Outcome-nya, investor those who are eyeing Meisterstadt, also have the potential to invest, “Ilham added.

Need to know, the Meisterstadt project standing on the broad land amounting to 9 hectares which is a project mixed-use.

The project consists of 11 skyscrapers in which one area is located apartment, times, hotel, international hospital, shop house, office building, and university.

In the marketing process, the first three towers of Meisterstadt Batam and shop houses have been sold as much as 95 percent. This month, the project will be handed over to consumer.

In fact, added Ilham, Pollux Habibie Financial Center & International Hotel 350 meters high will make Meisterstadt a new icon of Batam as well as Indonesia.

The skyscraper is claimed to be twice as tall as Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

“The view of the beautiful islands that surround the Batam Island area will also be one of the strongest attractions in the eyes of investors,” Ilham concluded.


University: in Friuli 1000 aspiring doctors, ‘anticovid’ test – Friuli VG

Ateneo Trieste, carried out regularly. Udine, no gathering

(ANSA) – TRIESTE, 03 SEPT – They were welcomed outside the university, delivered the anticovid self-certification and then were divided into several classrooms, respecting social distancing. Their personal effects, upon arrival, were packed in plastic bags and, for those who had forgotten them, masks were distributed.

In Trieste, the scheduled admission tests to Medicine and Dentistry took place “regularly”, the university said, in compliance with anti-contagion regulations: 358 aspiring white coats residing in Trieste and Gorizia registered for the test, which this year keep in the university closest to the place of residence and not in the one indicated as the first choice, to avoid moving between regions. A thousand candidates in Fvg.

The tests were also held in Pordenone for about 250 students. The classroom, in this case, was set up in the spaces of the fair. Another 400 young people took the quiz in the scientific pole of the University of Udine. To manage the accesses avoiding crowds, two gates have been identified for students and one for staff. There were no gatherings, assures the Friulian university. The operation was coordinated by the technical and administrative staff of the university, in collaboration with the Carabinieri. Also present are the Regional Civil Protection and the Red Cross. All the students were given their temperature.

148 students will have access to the Faculty of Medicine of Udine, to that of Trieste 180. Finally, forty places available for Dentistry in the regional capital. (HANDLE).