Emil asks Jokowi for support to add Covid-19 tests to collaborate with private parties

West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil. © 2020 Merdeka.com/aksara bebey

Merdeka.com – West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil submitted two proposals to increase the capacity of the Covid-19 virus test. The first proposal is to cooperate with the private sector.

“There is a service from the private sector called pay per service PCR. Because our lab is stuck at a maximum of only 15 to 20,000 if the policy is permitted, we can raise statistics with private partnerships,” he said when reporting the handling of Covid-19 in West Java, Tuesday (11 / 8).

He explained that if it is approved, the private sector will invest in the tools. Then his party will pay per patient.

“They invested in the equipment, we only gave the name of the patient or the potential person who was tested for swabs,” he said.

Next is the use of a portable polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tool. The tool, said Ridwan, can be used to remote areas. He also hopes that the proposal can be approved by Jokowi.

“We have PCR as big as a suitcase, sir. So that it can be taken to remote areas in the forest in the mountains in villages that are not reached by PCR cars and facilities so that testing can be done now evenly by assigning officers,” he explained.

“Hopefully, this West Java innovation can also be a breakthrough to ensure that the level of testing does not only gather in crowded urban areas,” concluded the man who is familiarly called Emil. (mdk/fik)


Variety in Corona times: hits in front of the balcony

Ftears of tears in hard times: On Sunday, residents of the Darmstadt post office reacted to a special action on their street. In the afternoon, a solo entertainer had played favorite hits for the mostly elderly residents of the settlement around Oppenheimer and Moltkestrasse – and had reminded the old people of past times.

Equipped with a keyboard and amplifier, the musician Robert Hößbacher from Seligenstadt had made his way through the residential area. Hößbacher stopped at five balconies and played what the residents wanted. Whether hits or evergreens – the repertoire was extensive. “We wanted to show people that they are not forgotten and give them a moment of joy,” says Bastian Ripper, chairman of the Postal Housing Association and initiator of the campaign.

Older people in particular suffered from the current situation. “They no longer go out to shop, have no more visitors and have only been at home alone for weeks.”

The visits remained unannounced

Interlocutors and contacts were missing, many residents are not doing well. Because the association, which also offers telephone calls with volunteers, wanted to do even more against the corona blues, the idea came up with the sole entertainer. After nearly two hours of internet research, Ripper came across Hößbacher, he says. “He was ready to join in.” The visits to the balconies remained unannounced. “That should be a surprise,” said Ripper.

The first serenade was given to the comparatively young Alexandra Glagowski, who celebrated her 55th birthday on the day and had to forego a visit due to the Corona crisis. In addition to “Happy Birthday”, she received “Ein Stern” from DJ Ötzi and Nik P. as well as the classic “Red lips should be kissed”. There was also chocolate and a blooming ranunculus for the balcony box.

The other residents who received musical visits are between 83 and almost 90 years old, as an elderly Mr. Ripper revealed. Among other things, they wished for “Again and again the sun rises” by Udo Jürgens and the folk song “Cornflower Blue”. The hit “Once Around the World” by Karel Gott was on the wish list of an elderly couple that half the world had traveled with the motorhome and because of Corona they don’t even go shopping themselves. Incidentally, this – like many other older residents from the district – is also relieved by the Postal Settlement Association.

“We even drive the cat to the vet”

Because he doesn’t just want to help people with music. If you belong to the risk group, you don’t have to go to the door yourself. “We even drive the cat to the vet if necessary,” says Ripper. And those who have so little money that shopping can hardly be done even without a corona crisis will get the goods paid for by the association for everyday use.

Soon, lunch will also be distributed to the needy twice a week for free. The food is cooked and packed in the club house on Binger Straße, and volunteers deliver the food. “If you are still good on foot, you can also come over and get your food,” says Ripper.

Care was taken to ensure that the distance rules were observed. The project was initially planned to run until March 2021, regardless of Corona. It is not yet certain whether the solo entertainer will visit the district again, says Ripper. That depends on how long contact blocks and restrictions lasted. However, one of the initiator’s wishes may have been fulfilled on Sunday: “We wanted people to go to bed tonight with positive thoughts.”


Cardboards, temperas or ‘gómets’: the basics for the crafts of the little ones | Showcase

Planning the day with children at home is one of the best ways to continue with a routine that, in the circumstances we are in, cannot always be followed with the best of results. Therefore, creating routines and trying to carry out some of the school activities (such as crafts) will help them cope with this quarantine with the least possible concern. But we don’t always have the necessary tools to carry out these crafts; therefore, if this quarantine has caught you without the necessary material, from EL PAÍS Showcase We make it easy for you.

We have selected up to 15 basic productsmany of them at very affordable prices– so you can enhance and stimulate your creativity, imagination Y psychomotor activity. Concentration is also something that you will be able to strengthen with these utensils by being more focused on a specific task for a period of time. So, you can find colored cardboards, the succor erasers, a complete set of markers, plastidecor paintings, tempera and many other school items.

Pack of 50 A4 cardstock in various colors

One of the most useful and versatile products for the crafts of the smallest of the house. Each cardboard has a resistant grammage (180g / m²) and the selection is very varied: there are packages of all kinds of shades, whether in chocolate brown, purple, orange, green … choose the color that you like depending on the task To make. “It is a strong, resistant and valid cardboard to do a thousand things with them. The colors are super beautiful, inducing creative play ”, describes a user.

Buy from € 3.19 on Amazon

Package of 500 sheets Din A4

Drawings, paper planes, learning to make small origami figures and countless other activities with a classic both in the offices and at home: the blank sheets. This batch, from the Navigator brand, offers great print quality and its surface is extra smooth and soft to the touch. “The product has arrived well, in good condition, without scratches or bumps. The value for money is unbeatable ”, comments a buyer.

Buy for € 8.99 on Amazon

Lot of 48 pre-sharpened pens

A perfect complement for all kinds of drawings, sketches, doodles or various strokes. The hardness is medium, HB 2 type; and the core is graphite, so they are resistant and hard pens for possible breakages. The tips of each one are sharpened at the factory and have a latex-free eraser incorporated. “Good pencils and at a very good price. We have bought a pack for the school and the children are delighted “, indicates a user.

Buy for € 12.99 on Amazon

Box of 30 erasers

The classic and multicolored rubber of childhood. Thanks to their soft bread crumb inside and a synthetic rubber coating, they are ideal for erasing all kinds of graphite pencils on any paper. Suitable for school use and also for restoring and cleaning walls. “Milan tires of a lifetime. White mostly. Recommended for schoolchildren “, says a user.

Buy for € 7.70 on Amazon

Box of 24 plastic pencil sharpeners

Simple but effective and with a very high mark on Amazon by users. This multi-colored set of 24 units of pencil sharpeners they consist of a rectangular structure and a small size, equipping a steel blade inside. Tired of never finding a pencil sharpener? Well here the solution. We have divided them into several drawers and they are still left for a while ”, claims a buyer.

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Staedtler metal ruler

Ideal for drawing and marking straight lines. Its finish is metal (which makes it more durable) and is aluminum colored. It has visual indicators and rounded edges. The length is 30 cm. In addition, on the back, it equips a kind of rubber that serves as a brake and prevents unnecessary slips. “I was surprised by the firmness and quality of the screed. A suitable size for the case and a firmness that guarantees that it does not break or deform”, explains a buyer.

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Roll of gomets of colors and geometric figures

These adhesive stickers are essential for our children to develop precision, creativity, motor skills, logic and also the most basic mathematical concepts. The set comes in 59 pre-punched sheets and each roll contains 2,360 stickers. There are them in multiple colors and shapes: triangles, circles, squares, rectangles and stars. All of them have a solvent-free adhesive.

Buy from € 6.45 on Amazon

50 rolls of multicolour adhesive tape

Get to bring a touch of color to your rooms and play with your children thanks to this batch of rolls of multicolored adhesive tape. Each one has a length of 5 meters and a width of 15 mm. Its color is bright and it is ideal for wrapping gifts, frames, walls, books or making mini banners for cupcakes. “The quality of the paper is quite good. The truth is that it latches perfectly and you can even reattach it a couple of times without the glue weakening ”, a user comments.

Buy for € 16.70 on Amazon

Lot of six cans of liquid silicone glue

It stimulates the creativity of the smallest of the house in each of their crafts: whether they are made of wood, leather, cardboard, plastic, paper, fabric or in models with EVA rubber. Each of the containers is 50 ml in size and they are equipped with a dispenser to use the desired quantity at all times. It is a waterproof glue, does not drip and has a stopper for a proper seal. Not suitable for children under 3 years old. “It hits pretty well. It is ideal for school crafts, as it is easy to remove from hands. In addition, it is very economical “, explains a buyer.

Buy for € 9.99 on Amazon

Glue stick set (4 units)

Another clean, fast and easy way to stick to any surface: be it cardboard, cardboard, labels, images or any type of paper. Its use is very simple: all you have to do is remove the cap and turn to see the glue stick inside. It spreads easily and without leaving any residue. It also does not curl the paper and its grinding time is up to two minutes. “Good glue pack of 4 units, this brand gives us a lot of confidence and does not dry like other glues”, comments a user.

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Lot of 12 triangular colored pencils

Its structure is intended to be used by children from the age of two. The set contains a dozen brightly colored pens and larger than normal mines, for coloring large areas in no time. Your mine is impact resistant so it reduces the number of breaks, and does not generate chips. More than half of its materials are of recycled origin.

Buy for € 2.49 on Amazon

Lot of 36 units of plastidecor

Another alternative for children to stay absorbed and focused on a single task is to use the classic plastidecor. They are designed for children from 30 months and is a tool to learn to paint in a fun way. The waxes, of great resistance, measure 12 cm; a size suitable for the size of the hands of such young children. And when it comes to sharpening them, you will only need a regular pencil sharpener, which we also use to sharpen the pens.

Buy for € 8.04 on Amazon

Case of 36 Giotto Turbo Color markers

Ideal for those children who already use their strength while writing, drawing or coloring. Its tip is very resistant and rounded (2.8 mm), made of resistant and blocked fiber, to avoid sinking; and its inks are water-based, making them safe. The safety cap has a ventilated cap. To extract your ink from the fabrics, a machine wash cycle is enough. “They are super washable, so I leave them to my daughters without problem because they disappear from the clothes with a normal wash”, explains a user.

Buy for € 5.75 on Amazon

Lot of 30 units of vegetable plasticine

Developing your imagination by molding plasticine blocks is one of the activities in which your child can spend long moments. In this case, we are talking about a set of 30 units of vegetable modeling clay (50 grams each) of vivid colors. The paste is ready to be molded and its mass does not harden with air. Also, their colors do not mix. “I bought it for a two and a half year old baby, and under adult supervision it is ideal, it is very entertaining”, claims a buyer.

Buy for € 14.90 on Amazon

Lot of 12 Jovi tempera cans

To use this water painting technique as a family you will only need a brush or a roller and mix the colors of this tempera set well. They are suitable for any surface of paper, cardboard, wood, fabric or modeling clay. They are presented in a liquefied gel state and their colors are very vivid. “Very beautiful and striking colors. They dry well and pretty. My son and I love them ”, a user comments.

Buy for € 15.40 on Amazon

* The recommendations so that online order deliveries can be carried out in complete safety for delivery people and customers indicate that direct contact between the two should be avoided, keep the safety distance and wash hands after opening the package. All delivery men are instructed to exercise extreme caution.

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* All purchase prices included in this article are current as of April 6, 2020.

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Discounts of up to 80% on home furnishings: tables, chairs and auxiliary furniture at the best price | Showcase

The end of winter is a time of change. And many of us take the opportunity to give a touch of different style to some of the rooms in the home. Something that is always associated with an investment that, in some cases, can have a significant impact on our savings. Furthermore, getting the colors, shades or materials right is not always easy and it can take a long time to decide on all the possibilities offered by consumer electronic platforms.

So from EL PAÍS Showcasewe have chosen up to 11 products on the eBay platform with great discounts that, in certain cases, exceed 80% discount about the original price (more than 250 euros discount). A good opportunity to get hold of nightstand how much do we need, renovate the lounge chair set or the kitchen, increase the space of the house entrance placing a wall hall or enjoy a nap in front of the TV in a nice armchair with footrest, among other ideas. Remember that all products on eBay have free shipping.

Living room, dining room and hall

– Lot of four Nordic style Sklum chairs in various colors. A pack very necessary to give a different and more modern touch to the rooms that have the most movement in the house: the living room or the dining room. These chairs, available in many shades, are simple but very ergonomic thanks to their backrests, made of polypropylene plastic. Despite not having armrests, they feel comfortable and resistant and support up to 120 kg. Its legs are made of beech wood and have transparent non-slip studs to avoid scratches on the floor. They are exclusive for interiors and their measurements are: 82 cm high, 46 long and 51 wide. At Amazon the same product is more expensive (from 56 euros) than the one offered by eBay. 27% discount, save 20.07 euros.

Buy for € 53.99 on eBay

– Sklum Thura shelf with a geometric design in white. A commitment to sobriety and functionality to store photos, objects and other utensils that tend to swarm around the room. The furniture is made of high quality steel that gives it an additional dose of robustness, and its configuration means that you have multiple forms of storage (it has two small shelves at different heights). The dimensions are 81 cm high, 80 cm high and 26 cm deep. 74% discount, save 144.95 euros.

Buy for € 49.99 on eBay

– Mc Haus rectangular side table with unique structure. A table that will get us out of a hurry in case of organizing large celebrations or as a complement to the desk table in our office. Available in two colors in its metal structure, in white or black, and with a base made of MDF wood, both the structure and the legs are fully anchored in the same frame. Its assembly, in addition, will not take us long and its weight does not exceed 30 kg. The dimensions are 140x80x77 cm. At Amazon, the same product can be found more expensive (100.49 euros) than the one offered by eBay. 81% discount, save 255 euros.

Buy for € 59.99 on eBay

– Coffee table with base at two heights in various colors. A perfect alternative to place it in front of the sofa or the place where we usually watch television. Of a high thickness (22 mm), it is made of melamine and its aesthetics will give the living room a minimalist touch. It has an easy opening on its leg thanks to the metal hinges that accompany its movement. Easy to assemble, the dimensions of this table are 90 cm wide and 50 cm deep; when the lid is closed it is 45 cm high and with it open it reaches 58 cm. 19% discount, save 7.10 euros.

Buy for € 29.90 on eBay

– Dining room furniture for television in white color. Have you just moved into a home and don’t know where to start furnishing the living room? Get rid of the problem of deciding the main piece of furniture in this room with the alternative that we offer you. This product, which can be chosen in various width measures (160, 180 and 200 cm), has a 16 mm thick melamine finish and is made up of hanging mezzanines and two four-door lower modules to store all kinds of belongings or objects. 24% discount, save 30 euros.

Buy from € 95.90 on eBay

Desk, living room and bedroom

– Extendable desk table in various shades. It occupies a fundamental space within the home desk area with a comfortable table for this purpose. Like this image proposal. It is an auxiliary piece of furniture made of melamine and with metal fittings. Your console pulls out or retracts as needed; Something ideal for reduced stays or where the lack of space is a real headache. Its measurements are 90x33x87 cm. 9% discount, save 6 euros.

Buy for € 63.90 on eBay

– Racing aesthetic office chair in various colors. And to accompany the main desk table you can not miss a practical office chair. The comfort of this model lies in its gamer aesthetic and in the materials with which it is made: in PU leather with mesh backing, lumbar support and padding (based on deformity-resistant foam). It is adjustable in height and its ergonomic mesh seat maintains air circulation in the back and hip area. The wheels are 360-degree rotatable, providing greater stability. It is available in red, black and blue and on the eBay platform the product has almost 500 units sold. Supports a weight of up to 150 kg. 24% discount, save 16 euros.

Buy for € 49.99 on eBay

Discounts of up to 80% on home furnishings: tables, chairs and auxiliary furniture at the best price

– Armchair with reclining backrest and extendable footrest. Comfort is a maxim when we seek to replace our old chair. Available in black, this model has a backrest that reclines up to 160 degrees (perfect for taking a good nap on the weekend) and a retractable footrest for leg rest. Its high density padded sponge padding provides extra comfort. Being made of synthetic leather, it is very easy to clean. 8% discount, save 9 euros.

Buy for € 109.99 on eBay

– Nightstand with two drawers in various colors. An ideal complement to store all the belongings that normally swarm around our room. Available in white, oak and various combinations of shades in the drawers, it is a piece of furniture that combines very well with all kinds of bedrooms. Its drawers have handles and metal guides to slide along the rails more comfortably. Easy to assemble, the table has a bottom to prevent the entry of dust. It has dimensions of 47 cm high, 40.5 cm wide and 35 cm deep. 50% discount, save 28.90 euros.

Buy for € 28.90 on eBay

– Wall-mounted hall with drawer and vertical mirror. A piece of furniture for the entrance that will not leave your guests indifferent. Includes drawer with metal handle and three small shelves. The Dahlia hall model is made of high quality melamine. And it is available in three different shades: cement gray, arctic white and oxide. Exclusive for interior spaces, it has a two-year warranty and requires minimal assembly. It has a length of 81 cm, a height of 116 cm and a minimum depth: only 29 cm. At Amazon the same product is at a more expensive price (76.95 euros) than on eBay. 19% discount, save 14.94 euros.

Buy for € 62.01 on eBay

– Lot of four chairs with high backrest in black color. A good alternative when it comes to renovating the rickety stools in many rooms of the house: like the one in the living room area or the living room. With only a minimum weight of 4 kg, they are capable of supporting up to 150 kg of weight. As for the materials, several make up the set: lacquered steel for the structure and legs, synthetic leather for the upholstery and plastic dowels to avoid scratching any surface. The dimensions are 41x45x98.5 cm. 30% discount, save 30 euros.

Buy for € 69.99 on eBay

* All purchase prices included in this article are current as of March 16, 2020.

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The start-up of MERS opens an X-press donation office in St. Peters, MO

The MERS start-up opens an X-press donation office in St. Peters, MO | RiverBender.com


UC Berkeley receives a $ 252 million donation to the Data Center – NBC Bay Area

The University of California, Berkeley, has received a $ 252 million donation – its largest gift ever – to begin construction on a new building for students and faculties studying computer science and data science.

The gift, made anonymously, will allow the university to begin building the Data Hub on the north side of the campus, as reported by San Francisco Chronicle.

An additional $ 300 million in donations will be needed to complete the building, which will house the IT, Data Science and Society Division, which teaches an increasing number of students in a variety of majors. More than 6000 of the university’s 31,000 undergraduate students take data science courses every year.

The Data Hub will house classrooms and offices and could also include robotics and artificial intelligence laboratories, research centers, public collection areas and a large auditorium.

The donation comes when the university starts an ambitious effort to raise $ 6 billion by the end of 2023. University officials say it is one of the largest fundraising efforts of any public university and is needed to maintain the highest academic level and campus programs such as state support are reduced to 14% of its budget.


Atomic Veterans of America – NBC Connecticut

The enemy Hank Bolden
faced did not come from a distant front line.

It came from the skies.

It’s a battle that’s still going on 65 years later. Bolden, who is now 82 years old, is an atomic veteran – one of hundreds of thousands of American service members used in human testing by the United States government during post-WWII nuclear tests and sworn to a secret life.

“They wanted to see how the living soldiers would resist the exposure
to radiation, ”recalls Bolden. “Before using live soldiers they were using
mannequins. But you don’t get real results using mannequins as you would
live bodies. “


While accompanying a friend to a New Haven recruiting station in 1953, Bolden was invited to join the army. At just 16 years old then and already out of high school, he admits that he “pulled down” his birth certificate to move to the age of 18, joining the approximately 200,000 underage soldiers who would have served during the Second World War and the eras of the Korean War.

After basic training in
Fort Dix was assigned to work as a tank mechanic in Texas before moving to Texas
California and becoming a surface-to-air missile mechanic.

Despite an executive order issued in July
26, 1948, by President Harry S. Truman to desegregate the armed forces, the last one
the all black units of the army were not abolished until 1954. And in 1955, Bolden
he says, racist attitudes persist even after the units have been racially integrated.

“The residual thoughts of people were firm
linger, “he says.” My outfit was 800 people strong. Thirteen of us were
black. Ten were from the South, who were more tolerant of treatment
they got racially. But the three of us from the North couldn’t tolerate it,
so I have had many fights over this. So I was the guy they wanted
get rid of.”

It would not be the only race
discrimination Bolden would witness as a soldier.


In 1955, the seventeen year old
he was suddenly ordered to the Nevada desert without explanation.

“They don’t tell you what you’re going to face,” he said. “Nobody
they knew what they were going to face. ”

What he would eventually face was a classified operation known as Operation Teapot at the Nevada Test Site. In a series of 14 bomb throws, or “hits”, military officials tried to test the effects of nuclear bombs on structures and strategies, animals and people.

All races of military personnel
participated in the Teapot operation. But upon arrival in Nevada, Bolden was
astounded to accomplish all the other soldiers in his new specially selected unit
for a mysterious assignment they were also black.

“There was this myth about black people
be able to resist, tolerate certain things more than any other race “, he
He says. “So it was a test on that too.”


One morning in February, Bolden
the unit was ordered in a desert trench. Unbeknownst to them, it was excavated
the expected route of the fallout, only 2.8 miles away from what it would have become
ground zero for the launch of an atomic bomb.

Even though a countdown sounded on the speakers, Bolden says, the soldiers still had no idea what they were about to face. Without protective gear in addition to the normal fabrics and helmets, they waited and looked.

“They tell you to cover your eyes”
he says.

On February 18, 1955, Shot Wasp, the first nuclear test of Operation Teapot, detonated a Mark 6 nuclear bomb dropped by a B-36 exactly at noon. A monstrous cloud of mushrooms filled the sky, reaching 21,500 feet in height.

“With radiation, when you put your arms over your eyes or hands, you actually see the bones, you see the bones in your body from the exposure. You can see your skeleton. “

After the relapse the warning came.

“You swore not to speak
“said Bolden. The soldiers were threatened with imprisonment and fines for violation
The oath.

For 60 years, Bolden didn’t tell anyone. No this
family, not his wife, not his children. Not even her doctors when she spies on her
tumors have started to show. He developed bladder and posterior subcapsular cancer
cataract and in 1990 multiple myeloma was diagnosed.

“They actually gave me three and a half years
four years to live, ”recalls Bolden.
So in 1995 I should have been a statistic. “

But in 1995, Bolden was in remission. He is a citizen
the secret was coming to light.


Government figures estimate between 400,000 and 550,000 US military personnel who participated in a series of nuclear tests between 1946 and 1992. According to the Department of Defense’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency, this includes post occupation forces -Second World War of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, prisoners of war in Japan at the end of the Second World War, participants in the atmospheric nuclear tests in Nevada and the Pacific from 1945 to 1962 and participants in the underground nuclear tests in Nevada from 1951 to 1992.

Many of these “atomic veterans” have succumbed before their own
the stories have become public, their bodies are full of tumors. In
1990, the veil of secrecy began to lift.

After setting up the Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments to investigate 10-year experiments, President Clinton made a formal apology to American atomic veterans on October 3, 1995. By order of the president, Congress would repeal the nuclear radiation agreement law. and secrecy, allowing atomic veterans to talk about their experiences without fear of fines or treason charges. And financial compensation has been opened to all qualified atomic veterans.

“Those who led the government when these decisions were made are no longer here to take responsibility for what they have done. They are not here to apologize to survivors, family members or their communities whose lives have been overshadowed by shadow of these choices So today, on behalf of another generation of American leaders and another generation of American citizens, the United States of America offers sincere apologies to those of our citizens who have undergone these experiments. the government is wrong, we have a moral responsibility to admit it, “said President Bill Clinton on October 3, 1995

But the television address has been obscured. The same happened
day when OJ Simpson’s verdict was issued in a live classroom feed, taking
on televisions and news cycles across America.

As a result, many skilled veterans had no idea of ​​the ban
the secrecy had been lifted, nor that they could claim benefits. Bolden no
find out until he researched the Internet, he says, in 2015.

“I was once so angry and so aggravating with the government that I thought I would be murdered to keep me from talking,” he says.

When Bolden attempted to apply for subsidies, he found that the burden of proof was placed on his fellow atomic veterans. The government would give compensation from the date a complaint was filed, but not retroactively, and only if the veteran could prove that he had participated in the tests – which proved to be an almost impossible task after millions of military documents were destroyed in a 1973 fire against the National Staff Registration Center. As many as 18 million documents were burned, including 80% of all army personnel discharged between 1912 and 1960.

“They hoped for it
would have died sooner or would have been one of those guys who surrendered ”
says Anthony Bolden, Hank’s son. “No thanks. Hank doesn’t have it.”

After paying her
own pocket for a polygraph lie detector pouch, Hank eventually claimed
approved, setting a precedent for other atomic veterans whose records were

Photo: Hidden story: the atomic veterans of America

Hit a high note

“The love of music has
I’ve always been there. “

After his honorable discharge
from the army, Bolden went to work as an engineer before deciding to pursue a
career as a jazz musician who works while his family grows. Tell the story
while cradling the tenor saxophone that has been at his side since 1967. The “Rolls
Royce “of tools, he says.

The brand is Selmer. IS
in a strange coincidence, the model is a 6 sign. It is the same name as the shot
Wasp atomic bomb design.

But this is where the
the similarities end. The bomb was his nightmare. Music, his dream and his
outlet to work through the trauma of what lived in Nevada

“It’s like the blood inside
my veins. It takes away all my other thoughts, “he says

Bolden is finally
he receives compensation from the government and is now using it to help make his dream come true.
He returned to school, studying jazz performances at Hartt University of Hartford

“They are like the relic
here with all these kids, you know, “he chuckles.

Professor Javon Jackson
says that the 82-year-old is leaving a unique mark on the prestigious program.

“He has a lot of emotion,” says Jackson. “He is a very bluesy, very full of feeling, a natural player. His life, wisdom and the things he has acquired allow him to play the way it sounds.”


The vast majority of
Today, the American atomic veterans of the atmospheric test era are gone. About
400,000 veterans were present during these tests, according to the veterans
Administration. Survivors’ numbers vary, from around 10,000 to 80,000
still alive.

Bolden believes he is one of only two surviving African American atomic veterans who are recognized and receive compensation from the government. He is on a mission to reach as many survivors as possible and help them request the long-awaited recognition and compensation.

And he’s sharing his story, he says, to make sure the plight of American atomic veterans is no longer ignored.

“When people like me pass by, this won’t be part of the story unless someone makes sure it’s kept alive.”