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Jair Bolsonaro assured that the Argentine government is heading towards a “regime” similar to the Venezuelan

“The left responsible for the failure of that country returned to power,” Bolsonaro said. (Photo: EFE)

The President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro he again criticized the administration of Alberto Fernandez by stating that “it is rapidly moving towards a regime similar to Venezuela.” The statements generated discomfort in the Government, so the ambassador Daniel scioli sent a message to manifest it.

“Even to the anger of many, the left responsible for that country’s failure returned to power. They are rapidly moving towards a regime similar to Venezuela, ”Bolsonaro said on Thursday in a Facebook Live broadcast after the visit to his country by the Vice President of the United States. Mike Pompeo.

After the sayings, at the request of the Chancellor Felipe Solá, Scioli sent a message to Planalto, the headquarters of the Government of Brazil, in which he expressed the discomfort of the Fernández administration over Bolsonaro’s expressions. “The President’s statements do not conform to good harmony and the commercial or economic ties that both countries are currently maintaining ”, the ambassador wrote as stated Infobae.

The relationship between the governments was tense from the beginning. They never held a bilateral summit and, as soon as Fernández won the PASO, Bolsonaro expressed through Twitter: “With the possible return of the group from the San Pablo Forum in Argentina, now people get their money out of the banks en masse.

To the expressions of the president of Brazil this Thursday are added those that his son, the national deputy, launched a month ago Eduardo Bolsonaro who published a message in which he said that his father “was right when he predicted that the situation in Argentina would turn into a calamity” from the mandatory isolation due to coronavirus.

In the publication, the legislator attached a video of a speech by Fernández in which he stated that businessmen “had to earn less” due to the crisis that caused the pandemic and wrote: “Look at these testimonies from Argentine citizens and see how the country was destroyed by his socialist government in a few months”.

After the criticism, Fernández answered in dialogue with TN: “The Bolsonaro family is very concerned for me and for Argentina.” In the same sense, he considered that they should be asked why they have this position towards him and the government he heads and clarified that, despite the strong political differences, the relationship with Brazil is “indissoluble”. It is Argentina’s second trading partner, after China.

Ambassador Scioli affirmed this week that “a sustained recovery” in trade between the two countries began and was optimistic about “promoting” better business between the two nations. The Argentina-Brazil bilateral balance for the period January-August 2020 registered a Brazilian surplus of US $ 275 million In the accumulated until August of this year, the country’s exports to Brazil reached US $ 4,846 million FOB, with an interannual contraction of 31%.


First Bitcoin satellite node installed in Venezuela allows transactions without Internet connection

The first Bitcoin satellite node installed in Venezuela It facilitates permanent access to that network without an internet connection, the startup Cryptobuyer reported this September 25 through a message posted on Twitter.

According to its publication on Medium, the Bitcoin satellite node is connected to the Blockstream satellite network, launched by the Bitcoin infrastructure.

The satellite node was deployed by the Venezuelan Aníbal Garrido, CEO of @AnibalCripto, with the assistance of Álvaro Pérez, programmer from Valencia, Carabobo state. Cryptobuyer provided financial and logistical support, reports the Correo del Orinoco web portal.

Pérez stressed that they downloaded the whole blockchain and made the first transaction through a Bitcoin satellite node in Venezuela on September 23 from the city of Valencia.

“We receive bitcoins through the satellite connection without any internet connection. It was a moment of great achievement ”, underlined the Programmer.

Bitcoin from Venezuela

The launch of the Bitcoin satellite node is the first step in an alliance between Cryptobuyer and Blockstream in Venezuela.

The installation of additional nodes will continue in Caracas, the capital of the country, and in Bolívar state (in the south of the country), to later offer national coverage.

Bitcoin users in the vicinity of the satellite nodes will connect through local mesh networks.

Digital money available 24 hours

“Having a digital money system always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, independent of the local Internet infrastructure, is now a reality,” said Anibal Garrido, CEO of AnibalCripto.

He also added that “With this development, we are no longer subject to requirements such as the use of an Internet Service Provider (ISP), which may attempt to break the principles of privacy and decentralization that are the foundations of this cypherpunk technology.”

Blockstream Satellite broadcasts the Bitcoin blockchain from space, providing the opportunity to use Bitcoin regardless of your internet connection.



For alleged drug sales, alias “Javivi” was arrested by the FAES in Barquisimeto :: La Prensa de Lara


Venezuela “faces a wave of returns” from countries “with very high levels of contagion”

(EFE) – The Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, acknowledged this Wednesday, when intervening in the UN General Assembly, Venezuelan emigration, which his Government denied for a long time, and which, he claimed, occurred “For economical reasons”.

“As a direct consequence of the coercive, unilateral and economic aggression measures imposed by the United States Government Our people have, temporarily, a process of emigration of citizens, fundamentally for economic reasons, ”Maduro said in a previously recorded broadcast.

Despite the fact that the president did not mention any specific number of emigrants who left due to the prolonged economic and social crisis that Venezuela is experiencing, the UN has encrypted about five million people those who have had to leave the Caribbean country in search of a better future.

Colombia is the country that has received the most Venezuelans, with about 1.7 million, according to the latest data from the immigration authorities. In addition, the common border was crossed daily by some 35,000 people before the pandemic, many of whom came to the Andean country as a transit nation to other destinations or to settle permanently.

“Wave of returns”

However, Maduro assured that Venezuela “Faces a wave of voluntary returns” which, according to government figures, is around 70,000, many of which They come from “countries with very high levels of contagion” of COVID-19 such as Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile or Brazil.

That return, in his opinion, is based on several reasons, among which he cited “The systematic violation of Human Rights, anachronistic and xenophobic policies” against migrants during the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced them to return to their country of origin when they were left without a job and, therefore, without economic resources.

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Until now, the Government had denied this process of exodus to other countries and even the president of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), Diosdado Cabello, came to affirm that the photos of migrants on the continent were “a montage”.

“Doesn’t it seem suspicious that there are photos in Peru (of Venezuelans) walking along the side of the road? In Ecuador, in Colombia (…) it seems that this was lights, cameras, action. They get them off the buses, they don’t let them ride and They leave them anywhere, they have no choice (but to walk) and that’s the shot they take“, Affirmed the considered number two of the chavismo.

Faced with the current situation of return, The opposition has denounced that the Government has prevented the return of thousands of VenezuelansSome of them have been waiting for months in various countries for the Maduro Executive to authorize a flight that allows them to return.

Maduro hints at corruption in the care of migrants

For his part, Maduro wondered “what has been the reaction of the world that says it cares about Venezuela” to the situation of Venezuelans in the world and hinted that there has been corruption among those in charge of serving them.

“We wonder how it is possible, despite the huge amounts of dollars that have been given to these governments (of migrant-receiving countries) through extravagant donor-recruiting conferences for Venezuelan migrants, what did they do with that money“, Added the Venezuelan ruler.

And added another question: “Did governments steal it?”.

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We believe that we must rigorously review (…) the role that some United Nations agencies have been playing or some representatives of some agencies in these processes such as the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (Unhcr) or the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Again, as he did in his previous interventions, denounced the sanctions imposed by the United States on Venezuela and I claim the organization of a multipolar world in the face of the “alleged global dictatorship raised from the United States.”

As an example of this multilateral work, Maduro cited the World Health Organization (WHO) and its work during the pandemic.

WHO should be an example of multilateralism that we need to strengthen, WHO must be an organization that acts and speaks faithfully, without yielding to pressure, extortion and attacks from the powerful, which confirms its moral authority, its scientific capacity and cooperation based on solidarity ”, he concluded.


UN: Venezuela, Maduro attacks the US, Guaidó asks for ‘actions’ – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – CARACAS, SEPTEMBER 24 – Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and opposition leader Juan Guaidó virtually intervened on behalf of Venezuela in the 75th general session of the UN: the first to attack United States policy and the second to ask the international community to consider “appropriate actions” to restore freedom to Venezuelans.

In his speech Maduro accused the US of being “a threat to global peace” with its violations of the principles of international law and the United Nations Charter.

“We want to tell the supremacist government in Washington – he later said – that the world is watching it, and that it can still return to the rules of international law, overturning the discredit and malaise that its arbitrariness and arrogance cause”.

By continuing to follow the path of violating the UN charter, he continued, for the US there will be isolation, discredit and condemnation by the peoples “.

For his part, Guaidó, self-proclaimed interim president of Venezuela, reminded UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres of his 2018 statement, according to which “the fundamental principles mean little if they are not applied when necessary”.

The opposing leader then underlined that with the help of international allies, mechanisms of “preventive diplomacy” have been used in recent years, but that “we have almost reached the end of the options available to solve the problem using peaceful and diplomatic mechanisms”.

Therefore, “today I ask the representatives of the member states to take responsibility for assisting the legitimate government of Venezuela in its mission to protect the Venezuelan people, and to consider a strategy that contemplates other options after the diplomatic path is exhausted. the moment – he concluded – for opportune and decisive actions “. (ANSA).