This is inside a high-class house in the capital of North Korea | ICON Design

Despite its celebrated (and even sadly comical) secrecy, we know a few things about the mysterious North Korea. Thanks to novels like The orphan, by Adam Johnson (Seix Barral, 2014; winner of the Pulitzer), essays such as Dear leader, by Barbara Demick (Turner, 2011) and comics like Pyongyang, From Guy Delisle (Astiberri, 2005), we know […]

Mazoni dedicates a version of The Beatles to healthcare workers

The Girona music scene continues to show its own support for healthcare teams who are working hard and almost tirelessly these days to deal with the coronavirus crisis. One of the last names outstanding in contributing their grain of sand has been Mazoni. Jaume Pla posted yesterday through the profiles on social networks an acoustic […]

Psychics found guilty of killing a woman near Serpukhov

In the city she came to be treated for alcohol addiction. Serpukhov Feb 22, 2020. / LIVE24 /. The family of a girl from Podolsk, whose body was found by law enforcement officers in the Oka River near Serpukhov, turned to psychics for help. The young woman died 2 years ago, and the killers have […]