A man made a dangerous maneuver after deciding to climb outside, without any protection, the Montparnasse Tower, the tallest skyscraper in Paris. After the odyssey, the climber was arrested by the police.

The building is 209 meters high and is also the second tallest in France. Of course, it does not exceed Eiffel Tower, which reaches 324 meters.

The identity of the subject is unknown, although it is known that his nationality is Polish. The arrest took place at around 8:00 p.m. this Friday, at the highest point of the building, at an altitude of 209 meters.

As detailed in the portal The local from France, the ascent began “early in the afternoon” and ended after the police intercepted him at the end of his journey.

The Pole, who would have been as a tourist in the European country, did not use any rope or harness to protect himself from a fall.

The events caused quite a stir among those who were near the building. Witnesses also began to record what was happening, leaving records that you can see below: