Federal agents again to two US cities

The US government also sends federal agents to the cities of St. Louis, Missouri and Memphis, Tennessee to fight crime. Justice Minister William Barr announced this on Thursday, reports Reuters news agency. The federal agents sent by Washington come from a variety of police departments, including the FBI and the Anti-Drug Department (DEA). It is not known how many federal agents will be leaving for St. Louis and Memphis.

Officers in St. Louis and Memphis must “get gunmen and structurally violent criminals off our streets,” said Justice Secretary Barr. It is an extension of the ‘Operation Legend’, which began in July, aimed at bringing crime rates in different cities down by bringing local and federal agents together.

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Beginning in June, the Trump administration sent federal agents to several US cities, including Portland, Oregon, to deal with nighttime riots caused by anti-racism demonstrations. This one feds on the street were often undesirable by local city authorities and, according to critics, would actually encourage violence.

Six mayors wrote to President Trump, Secretary Barr and Congress in July against sending federal agents to their cities. “Unilaterally deploying a kind of paramilitary units in our cities is not in line with our democratic system,” said the mayors. Federal agents were later sent to include Albuquerque, Chicago and Kansas City.


he tries to kill her. Shock in the reception house

He attempted to kill her because she had rebelled when he put his hands on her and wanted to rape her. But she managed to scream with all the breath she had and the man was stopped. The drama happened in one reception house, the woman had been a guest of the structure in the Re di Roma area for a few weeks. He thought he was safe in those rooms.
The steering wheels and agents of Appio and San Giovanni intervened on the spot. The woman was rescued and transported to the San Giovanni hospital in red code, while the man was arrested on charges of attempted murder and sexual violence and locked up in the Regina Coeli prison.

Rome, keeper of the church tries to rape and strangle a woman: arrested

Baschi, sentenced to 6 years old “ogre” mother: violence against her daughter and also used her to make porn videos

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11 convictions for drug trafficking or assembly with weapons

Six men aged 18 to 51 have been sentenced for drug trafficking to terms ranging from six months’ imprisonment at home to 18 months in prison, eight of which are suspended, details the Dijon public prosecutor Eric Mathais in a press release, this Friday. Two other youths asked for time to prepare their defense. They have been placed under arrest warrant and will be tried on July 28. A 17 year old minor was placed in a closed educational center.

In the other part of the investigation into the violence that took place from 12 to 15 June in Dijon, which concerns the possession of weapons, five other people, aged 21 to 41 years and living in Côte d’Or, suffered from 3 to six months of house arrest with bracelet or 140 hours of community service. All are prohibited from carrying or holding a weapon for five years.

Arrested during weapons search operations

All these people had been arrested during arms search operations, four in less than a week (Friday June 19, as well as last Monday, Wednesday and Thursday), which had been triggered following the disturbances that had occurred in particular in the sensitive Grésilles district.

In the evening of Monday, June 15, hooded men appeared on videos fitted with what appeared to be assault rifles or automatic pistols, fake or real. The prosecutor recently pointed out that some of these images had not been filmed in Dijon.

Nine people were arrested during the Monday operation and eight during the Wednesday morning operation, followed by another arrest later in the day.

Fourteen people had been taken into custody until Friday. Three were released and released while a final was called on July 2 for ” participation with a weapon in a crowd by a person deliberately concealing his face ».

The violence in Grésilles and Chenôve, in the outskirts, had taken place after a series of reprisals launched by members of the Chechen community, who wanted to take revenge on the aggression of a teenager whom they attribute to dealers in sizzles.

In the investigation into these facts, six Chechens were arrested on Thursday June 18. Two were exonerated, while the other four were indicted, including three placed in pre-trial detention. The fourth suspect remained free under judicial supervision.


Filled from prison and stole a car – the Last Hour

(ANSA) – FOGGIA, 27 JUN – With the accusation of having embezzled by
violence for some motorists their cars during
the evasion of the mass of the 9 of march last from the prison of Foggia, 15
inmates were reached during these hours by a measure
detention in a prison run by the police and the police on the
the disposal of the judiciary of foggia. That morning, in
full emergency coronavirus, during the protests that erupted in
the prison, filled 72 inmates, some of whom robbed
the drive to motorists in transit and used for the
escape. Almost all of the escapees in the days after the escape
they were brought to justice: some were, others,
instead, they were captured by police forces. Currently between
the 72 prisoners, missing only Christopher Aghilar,, 37,,
that in October last he killed the mother of his ex-girlfriend to
Orta Nova in Foggia.(ANSA).