Diletta Leotta and Daniele Scardina are back together again

Diletta Leotta e Daniele Scardina they are back together. To reveal the weekly Chi which immortalized the host and the sportswoman smiling and happy during an outing. The love story between the two lasted a year and then ended abruptly in July after a quarantine spent as a couple. Leotta had flown to Sardinia with her friends and Unhinge had caught up with it, trying to win it back without succeeding. The exes had then been paparazzi during a meeting in which the tension was clearly visible.

Just a few days ago Daniele Scardina, competitor of Dancing with the Stars, he had told in the study of Milly Carlucci his pain for the death of his grandfather and the end of a love in which he had believed a lot. The sportsman had never mentioned the name of Diletta Leotta, but everyone’s thoughts had gone to the blonde presenter. “I’m still trying to get out of the loss of my grandfather, the distance from the garage, the loss of a love … the distance of a love – he confessed -. The world collapsed on me. I find it hard to tell it. Love is a beautiful thing and I believe in it, I still believe in my love. I try to keep everything a little private, but it’s true love it’s nice to show it. When you’re a little confused and don’t know, you keep it all inside. I can’t tell you what will be there, I can only tell you what I feel. You see and know that what I feel is love “.

In his latest interview with the weekly Chi, Diletta Leotta had reserved nice words towards. of the former. “Why did it end with Daniele? I don’t find a clear reason, as Cocciante said “There is never a reason why a love has to end”, ”he said. The presenter then defined the boxer as a person “good, deep, full of values, a rare person”.

The two were photographed during a couple outing with Antonio Maria Catalani, competitor of Dancing with the Stars, and his girlfriend, Caterina Zanardi Landi. The friends went to Abruzzo, for a trip to the Majella national park, between videos on Instagram and laughter. A sign that the love between Diletta and Daniele is finally back.

Diletta Leotta and Daniele Scardina – Source: Press Office


GF Vip, Elisabetta Gregoraci risks disqualification: coded messages to Pierpaolo Pretelli

Elisabetta Gregoraci risks disqualification after evading the cameras to tell something to Pierpaolo Pretelli using a coded message. The showgirl and the former velino of Strip the News they are increasingly close-knit, despite the difficulties and statements of Gregoraci. The ex-wife of Flavio Briatore he has stated several times that he does not want to start a love story in the House during the live shows, but after each confrontation he has always tried to reassure Pierpaolo.

The reason could be precisely in those coded messages which, apparently, would have served Elisabetta to explain to the roommate something she cannot say in front of the cameras. A violation of the regulation which, as some fans point out on social media, could cost her the disqualification. A few days ago the Gregoraci had told Pretelli: “There are things you cannot understand …”. During the night the showgirl wrote a sentence on Pierpaolo’s palm. “What the fuck are you saying? Did I get it right? ”He said after reading. “Ask Piera that she knows everything,” Elisabetta replied. The woman he is referring to is Piera Fiorillo, a psychologist who follows the GF’s competitors in their path.

It is not known what the message written by Elisabetta is, certainly the presenter has always appeared very elusive and refractory to talk about her private life. However, this episode could lead to his disqualification for violating the rules. Gregoraci is nominated with Francesco Oppini, Stefania Orlando, Guenda Goria, Maria Teresa Route e Pierpaolo Pretelli. The eliminations will take place in the episode of October 30, while in that of October 26 three new competitors will cross the red door: Stefano Bettarini, Giulia Salemi and Selvaggia Roma.

“I don’t know if someone is waiting for me outside, but since I’ve been in here I happen to think of a person”, said Gregoraci in the last live broadcast of GF Vip, in which, however, she had left a crack open to Pierpaolo Pretelli: “We do not know if there will be a story out between us – the showgirl clarified -, on December 5th we will have a dinner together”.


GF Vip, Elisabetta Gregoraci argues with Pierpaolo Pretelli, then cries

Difficult days for Elisabetta Gregoraci who is experiencing conflicting emotions to the GF Vip. The showgirl and ex-wife of Flavio Briatore after the last episode of the show he had a fight with Pierpaolo Pretelli, then she let herself go to tears. During the live broadcast, Alfonso Signorini had asked Elisabetta for explanations about her love life. Gregoraci had denied flirting with Piero Barone of The flight, but he had admitted to knowing a man called Stefano. According to some rumors, he would be the person who is waiting for her outside the House and who continues to send her messages with airplanes.

It all started later the eleventh episode of GF Vip in which Gregoraci had appeared elusive about her sentimental situation. After the direct Pierpaolo tried to clarify the relationship with her, asking her if she was single or not. A quarrel arose between the two and Elisabetta she got angry: “I’m single, but it doesn’t mean I have to make a story with you – thundered the showgirl -. You don’t realize, you’re a raging river. Have you wondered if it could be a problem for my son seeing certain things at home? You didn’t even ask yourself! ”.

Harsh words that hurt a lot Pierpaolo Pretelli. The former velino of Strip the News in fact, after the confrontation with Gregoraci he closed himself in the sauna and let off steam, crying. It seemed that the relationship between the two had irremediably broken, but shortly after another twist arrived. Elisabetta explained to Pierpaolo that she could not talk about some topics and assured him that she will do so once they leave the Casa del GF Vip. “We are not engaged and I do not even have to bother – he said -. I would have dedicated a Boeing to you that said “you are the best thing about my GF”, I’m honest. You are really important to me ”. Finally, the embrace arrived and Elisabetta dissolved in tears.

The behavior of Gregoraci and her inability to take a clear position towards Pierpaolo did not like the other tenants. In particular Tommaso Zorzi he said to her: “You have to give him a cold shower, tell him you’re just friends. Even from the outside some things are misunderstood. I myself sometimes think: “Elisabetta likes Pierpaolo”.


Mara Venier turns 70: Nicola Carraro’s love dedication on Instagram

Mara Venier turns 70, she was born on October 20, 1950. And for such an important milestone, her husband Nicola Carraro could only pay homage to her with a splendid dedication on Instagram in which he declares all his love to her. The two have been married since 2006 and simply adore each other.

Carraro therefore shared on his Instagram profile a series of photos of Mara in the style of Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol and commented with words that all women would like to hear from their partner: “Greetings my love you are still a differently young girl and I love you 70 times more than before 🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾 “. Elisabetta Ferracini, daughter of Venier and Francesco Ferracini, applauds the dedication of her stepfather.

Carraro’s followers join forces in wishing Zia Mara: “Splendid declaration of love 💖 happy birthday to Mara 💐 joy and happiness for your life.”. “Many Greetings Meravigliosa Mara💖”.

Someone thinks that this will be a different birthday for the presenter than the others, veiled by sadness, because the day before he passed away, Gianni Dei, one of Venier’s closest friends whom she wanted to pay homage with several posts and Stories on Instagram. So writes a follower of Carraro: “Best wishes from the heart…. unfortunately it will not be a happy birthday but you will surely be in the heart of those who are no longer there “.

Aunt Mara, for her part, thanks everyone for the good wishes received. “Only thanks to everyone 🎂🙏🏻”. Many have written to them. Caterina Balivo, Eleonora Daniele, Antonella Clerici, Rocio Morales, Valeria Marini, Melita Toniolo, Rita Dalla Chiesa… Just to mention some of the VIP colleagues and friends who rushed to pay homage to her.

Venier already in the last episode of Sunday In celebrated birthday with an interview with Carlo Conti. While speaking of his broadcast, on the occasion of the 70 years he told the magazine Today than from next year leaves Sunday Indespite the great success. He promised it to his Nicola Carraro.

Mara Venier

The dedication of Nicola Carraro – Source: Instagram


Nina Zilli, me positive for covid, infected perhaps at dinner – Music

Singer Nina Zilli joins the long list of VIPs who tested positive for the coronavirus. The same artist makes it known in a series of stories on her Instagram profile in which she also tells how she could have become infected, and this is her reconstruction: “Most likely I took him to a dinner. The whole restaurant was without a mask, because when you eat … Here, I advise you not to go to the restaurant, not to stay in crowded closed places. I have quarantined myself, but I advise you to stop social life this and next week. I did everything to not take it , I swear to you.
Yet it is beyond our control. “
In another post he writes: “Today I am #cleopatra, you always need a bit of self-irony and coolness induced by an app, when luck is blind and bad luck sees very well. I put myself in my” sarcophagus “and wait for the next reincarnation “.
Nina Zilli also tries to play down on Instagram the news of her positivity to Covid-19: “I have Covid. In the last 5 days: 2 negative swabs, 1 negative serological. And after an hour of negative serological … I got a fever “, already in isolation, he told his followers that he had done everything to avoid contagion, and that he had undergone several times a swab and serological examination (always paid out of his own pocket, doubling the analyzes on the occasion of his hosted on TV ): “I was clearly doing it to protect my family, even before me. Know that it didn’t work.”