VIRUS: Brinkhaus open to the use of tracking apps 3/31/20

BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – Union parliamentary group leader Ralph Brinkhaus (CDU) has shown itself to be able to use so-called tracking apps in an exit from the contact restrictions in the corona crisis. “The intelligent handling of data is certainly part of the solution for the transition phase” to prevent new infections, said Brinkhaus “Focus Online”. […]

Coronavirus: Belarus completely football

March 2020, all footballers were sent home by the Covid-19. All of them? No. Somewhere in the east of the continent, the Belarusians are still resisting the virus and the players are still snorting on the pitch, the supporters are playing the game again at the bistro. Alexander Lukashenko, their President for twenty-six years (considered […]

Coronavirus: Virologist Christian Drosten denounces: “I’m getting sick”

Over 650 dead, 67,000 infected and 13,500 recovered in Germany More than 787,000 infected worldwide and nearly 38,000 dead Track all developments in the news blog The Corona virus spreads in Germany, Europe and the world. There are currently over 650 people in Germany who are suffering from the consequences of the Corona virus died, […]

Corona warning with an app: This is how the smartphone helps

Z.The cell phone is supposed to help fight the corona virus. The Federal Government wants an app to be used to determine the contact persons of people who have been infected with the virus. Electronic tracking of infection chains is said to be a condition for easing current exit restrictions. The use of such an […]

Covid-19 and flu: this is the key difference

The coronavirus and the resulting disease Covid-19 is no worse than the flu – with this argument, critics are causing more and more attention. Motto: Half as wild, all scaremongering. But the comparison between corona and flu is limping. One difference in particular is crucial. The first week of the prescribed ban on contacts and […]