Even though it was about to go bankrupt, Greece was desperate to buy weapons because of the fear that the Turkish Armed Forces would invade

ZONAJAKARTA.COM – The tension is tense in the Mediterranean Sea between Turkey vs Greece could lead to war.

A few days ago Greece already carrying out military maneuvers by approaching the border Turkey.

But the action was immediately responded to by Ankara deploying 40 Main Battle Tanks (MBT) to support the war against the military Greece on the border of the two countries.

The military suddenly heard the news Greece looked terrified by the movement of the tanks Turkey.

Until this time Greece dissipate unlimited funds to strengthen its military.

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Quoted zonajakarta.com from Reuters and Galamedia, Tuesday (8/9/2020) Greece reportedly will seek to increase weaponry, improve the armed forces and transform the defense industry.

This was said by a government spokesman, as tensions mount with NATO allies Turkey over energy resources in the eastern Mediterranean.

even though Greece after leaving his third international bailout in 2018, he is still struggling to cope with the impact of the economic crisis and the corona virus.


The New York Procuratorate sues the NRA, the arms lobby

The accuses – “The influence of the NRA – reads a note – was so powerful that the organization went on for decades without controls, while its leaders were making millions of dollars into their pockets”. According to the Democrat James, the president of the association and close friend of the tycoon, Wayne LaPierre, along with three other executives, would have used the donations of the members “as their own piggy bank”, spending tens of millions of dollars for personal purposes and violating laws on non-profit organizations. The allegations range from corruption, financial fraud to a casual use of the association’s money.

The investigation – The allegations emerged at the end of investigations that began in February 2019 and reached what is now a civil case. At least $ 64 million in just three years would be used by those in charge to enrich themselves, family members, friends, political allies, in violation of federal and state laws. But it could take years of legal battles before a resounding dissolution of the organization can occur.

What is the National Rifle Association – Founded in 1871 by retired army officers, after having long been little more than a sports association, it has managed to influence the chambers of politics over the past twenty years – since Wayne La Pierre became its chief executive. was able to shape political classes by supporting candidates who openly took their stand and by opposing those who supported firearms regulation.

With over 5 million members and 148 years of history behind it, it has always been the symbol of thatUS constitution amendment that protects the right of every American to own a firearm. The NRA gave Donald Trump the endorsement in both the 2016 and 2020 elections. The NRA is headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, but is registered as a nonprofit in New York.

Trump’s reaction – The president of the United States, seeing a political reason behind the judicial investigation, immediately intervened to defend the lobby that has always supported him: “Move to Texas, it would be a great state for the organization”. The president owes them a great deal. In fact, on the 2016 election, the NRA, which already controlled all the Republican senators, invested a good 30 million dollars, support that Trump has publicly acknowledged several times.


Trump: “Terrible thing”: indictment – US gun lobby NRA threatens ban

The NRA gun lobby has been preventing stricter gun laws in the United States for decades – now the state of New York wants to put an end to this. The attorney general wants to ban the organization. Years of legal battle are on the horizon, which could also play a role in the election campaign.

In the United States, the powerful and influential weapons lobby, the National Rifle Association (NRA), is threatened with extinction – New York State Attorney General Letitia James has announced plans to ban the organization. She accuses the association of corruption and mismanagement to such an extent that its non-profit status is no longer guaranteed, reports the New York Times (NYT). According to the newspaper, a quick decision is not to be expected. The anticipated litigation could last for years. The organization immediately denied the allegations and spoke of a political maneuver before the presidential election on November 3rd. It is an “attack on the leading voice of the opposition against the left-wing agenda”. US President Donald Trump called the charges “a terrible thing”.

Attorney General James said LaPierre and the other defendants viewed the organization as a “personal piggy bank” and “looted” it downright.

(Photo: dpa)

Attorney General James is also suing four top NRA officials, including longtime chairman Wayne LaPierre, and demanding millions from them. James is quoted as saying that they have enriched themselves, their families and allies and violated so many state and federal laws. This resulted in damage of $ 64 million. The money was not used for its actual purpose in the organization, said James. Rather, LaPierre and the three other current and former top NRA representatives would have spent the money on trips to the Bahamas, private jets and expensive food, among other things.

LaPierre and legal advisor John Frazer should also be banned from working in non-profit organizations ever again. The state of New York is responsible for the ban because the NRA is registered there as a non-profit organization. James himself is a Democrat – she had already led a process last year through which a Trump foundation was dissolved.

“The influence of the NRA was so great over the years that the organization was not vetted for decades, while top managers diverted millions into their own pockets,” the NYT quoted from a statement by the attorney general. And further: “We are striving to dissolve the NRA because no organization is above the law.” According to the newspaper, James had already announced that he would investigate the NRA when it was running for the office of attorney general. In the USA, unlike in Germany, the post is awarded by election. James had been investigating for 18 months.


NRA chief LaPierre is said to have enriched himself.

(Photo: dpa)

The decision to take action against the gun lobby is likely to have political implications. Gun laws are a recurring topic of political debate, especially after the numerous shootings and rampages in schools and elsewhere. It is always the Democrats who demand tightening of gun laws, for example by checking buyers or banning war weapons such as assault rifles. The Republicans of US President Donald Trump always defend the right to own weapons and vehemently oppose stricter rules. Critics attribute this primarily to the great influence of the NRA: The organization can exert considerable pressure on politicians and is an important party donor.

The action against the gun lobby is likely to become an issue in the current presidential election campaign. On the one hand, it could mobilize Republican voters to vote Trump as guarantor of moderate gun law. A similar effect is conceivable in the Democratic camp. Their candidate Joe Biden had already announced that he would campaign for stricter gun laws.


11 convictions for drug trafficking or assembly with weapons

Six men aged 18 to 51 have been sentenced for drug trafficking to terms ranging from six months’ imprisonment at home to 18 months in prison, eight of which are suspended, details the Dijon public prosecutor Eric Mathais in a press release, this Friday. Two other youths asked for time to prepare their defense. They have been placed under arrest warrant and will be tried on July 28. A 17 year old minor was placed in a closed educational center.

In the other part of the investigation into the violence that took place from 12 to 15 June in Dijon, which concerns the possession of weapons, five other people, aged 21 to 41 years and living in Côte d’Or, suffered from 3 to six months of house arrest with bracelet or 140 hours of community service. All are prohibited from carrying or holding a weapon for five years.

Arrested during weapons search operations

All these people had been arrested during arms search operations, four in less than a week (Friday June 19, as well as last Monday, Wednesday and Thursday), which had been triggered following the disturbances that had occurred in particular in the sensitive Grésilles district.

In the evening of Monday, June 15, hooded men appeared on videos fitted with what appeared to be assault rifles or automatic pistols, fake or real. The prosecutor recently pointed out that some of these images had not been filmed in Dijon.

Nine people were arrested during the Monday operation and eight during the Wednesday morning operation, followed by another arrest later in the day.

Fourteen people had been taken into custody until Friday. Three were released and released while a final was called on July 2 for ” participation with a weapon in a crowd by a person deliberately concealing his face ».

The violence in Grésilles and Chenôve, in the outskirts, had taken place after a series of reprisals launched by members of the Chechen community, who wanted to take revenge on the aggression of a teenager whom they attribute to dealers in sizzles.

In the investigation into these facts, six Chechens were arrested on Thursday June 18. Two were exonerated, while the other four were indicted, including three placed in pre-trial detention. The fourth suspect remained free under judicial supervision.


The state Department said about the presence of Russian project “the separation” NATO :: Policy :: RBC

The United States believes that Russia has a project to split NATO. This idea is representative of the country’s arms control expressed in response to a tweet with the words Maria Zakharova on the destabilizing activity of NATO in the EU

Marshall Billingsley

(Photo: Hussein Malla / AP)

Russia is a “parallel project”, trying to divide NATO. About this in his Twitter wrote to the special representative of the U.S. arms control Marshall Billingsley.

This message he added to reticu post of the Russian foreign Ministry with the words of his official spokesman Maria Zakharova. “At the meeting in Vienna, Russia participated in the discussion of the destabilizing effects of military activity of NATO in Europe, emphasizing the end “mission on the exchange of nuclear weapons” and the withdrawal of US nuclear weapons from European countries,” — said in a tweet the Ministry of foreign Affairs.

Arguing about Moscow’s attempt to split NATO, Billingsley said that “this will not happen”. “Russia should concentrate on real things: secret extensions [оружия] China,” added the special representative of the United States.

The United States proposed to include in the new Treaty, the nuclear arsenals of Russia and China

Marshall Billingsley

Negotiations between Russia and USA on strategic stability and arms control was held in Vienna on 22 June. The Russian delegation was represented by Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.


Trump has used martial law to create hypersonic weapons

The President of the United States Donald trump acted in accordance with the law of war emergency programme to create hypersonic weapons. The law on the defence industry, adopted in 1950 after the outbreak of the Korean conflict, used in war or emergency situations.

According to the American President, this document is the most cost-effective and suitable alternative method for the solution of tasks of development of such technologies. The Pentagon has repeatedly recognized the gap amid China and Russia in the production of hypersonic weapons.

Previously, Mr. trump said that the United States is developing hypersonic missile, which is 17 times faster than existing developments. According to him, she is able to hit a target at a distance of 1.6 thousand km with a precision of up to 35.5 cm.

The US President talked about the development of super-fast missiles, able to fly 17 times faster existing. He called it “super-duper-rocket”. According to Donald trump, the US is forced to create a technique “unprecedented levels” due to “enemies”.


Putin said about Russia’s openness to the General system of world security :: Policy :: RBC

Only together can Nations protect the world from dangerous threats, Putin said. In the beginning of the year he proposed to convene a summit of the “nuclear five” and also noted that Russia is ready to negotiate with the US on arms control

Vladimir Putin

(Photo: Sergey Pyatakov / Getty Images)

Russia is open to dialogue on the establishment of a common security system in the world, said President Vladimir Putin during his speech at the Victory parade. The broadcast led to RBC.

“We know the face of the challenges facing the planet today, has a special feel which is the greatest value — people. His dreams, joy, hope, peace, calm, productive life. Understand the importance of strengthening friendship and trust between peoples, and open to dialogue and cooperation on the most topical issues of the international agenda. Among them, the establishment of a common reliable system of security which is needed by a complex, rapidly changing modern world. Only together can we protect him from dangerous new threats,” Putin said.

According to Putin, the world stability is threatened, in particular due to the crumbling of the system of arms control. He spoke about it back in February, noting that security in the world largely depends on the state of relations between Russia and the United States.

Putin said about the approach of the world to a “dangerous line”

Vladimir Putin


In the United States positively assessed the first round of negotiations with Russia on arms :: Policy :: RBC

The special representative of the President of the United States Donald trump on arms control Marshall Billingsley welcomed the Russian-American consultations on strategic stability, held in Vienna. About this he wrote on Twitter.

“The first round of the Vienna talks — is very positive. A detailed discussion on the full range of nuclear issues,” — said Billingsley.

He added that the negotiations have established a technical working group. In General, the parties reached agreement on the second round, said the special representative of the American leader.

The United States proposed to include in the new Treaty, the nuclear arsenals of Russia and China

Consultations of the delegations of Russia and the United States on arms control was held in Vienna on 22 June. The delegation was headed by Russian Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov and the special representative of the President of the United States Marshall Billingsley.


The US has invited China for talks on arms control Policy:::: RBC

The US has invited China to join the negotiations of the Russian and American parties, which will discuss arms control. This is stated in the statement of the US state Department.

The meeting of Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Ryabkov and the special representative of the President of the United States arms control Marshall Billingsley will be held in Austria on June 22-23.

“The United States sent an invitation to China to join in these discussions and clearly stated the need for all three countries have negotiated in good faith on arms control”, — stated in the message of the state Department.

The United States proposed to include in the new Treaty, the nuclear arsenals of Russia and China

In may, Billingsley said that Russia needs to convince China to join the negotiations on the extension of the Treaty on strategic offensive arms. A year ago, the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo noted that the Treaty on the reduction and limitation of strategic offensive arms (start) you need to involve all parties concerned.

At the same time, China, whose nuclear Arsenal is less than Russian and American, has repeatedly expressed reluctance to become a party to the trilateral nuclear agreement, reports the Wall Street Journal.


The United States proposed to include in the new Treaty, the nuclear arsenals of Russia and China :: Politics :: RBC

In the process of strategic arms reduction should involve Russia and China, said the special representative of the President of the United States Marshall Billingsley. In Beijing earlier refused to join the negotiations between Moscow and Washington

Marshall Billingsley

(Photo: Ints Kalnins / Reuters)

A new agreement on arms control should apply to the nuclear arsenals of Russia and China, and to cover them entirely. About this in his Twitter wrote the representative of the President of the United States arms control Marshall Billingsley.

He commented on the words of the Minister of foreign Affairs of Lithuania Linas Linkevičius. According to the head of the foreign Ministry, the agreement should include “the whole complex of the Russian nuclear Arsenal, including non-strategic nuclear weapons.”

The US called Russia a condition for the renewal of the start Treaty

Marshall Billingsley

Billingsley added that he fully supported the view Linkevičius, and called Lithuania a strong NATO ally and friend of the United States.

In 2010 Russia and the United States signed the Treaty on reduction of strategic offensive arms (SNV-3). It involves reducing the number of deployed warheads, Intercontinental ballistic missiles and missiles deployed on submarines and heavy bombers. The document came to replace the first start Treaty, which entered into force in 1994 and expired in 2009. The current start-3 will expire in 2021. For extension of Moscow and Washington had not yet agreed.