Basque decided to marry and voiced requirements for the chosen one

Nikolai Baskov spoke about the desire to start a family. Interestingly, after the divorce, he met with several women, including Oksana Fedorova, Anastasia Volochkova and Victoria Lopyreva. But, apparently, they did not suit the wife of the “main pop blond”.

“I want children, I want a beautiful wife. I am ready for marriage. But I do not need just a picture. Over the years, you no longer appreciate only a figure in a woman. I walked up. And with beautiful girls, and with simple. I had a romantic relationship. There were fleeting novels. I want to fall in love, ”said Basque on the air of the program“ You Won’t Believe It! ” on the NTV channel.

About himself, the singer said that he was “cheerful and handsome.” Nikolay Baskov intends to look for a future wife after June 30, the first anniversary of the death of his father.

The 43-year-old singer has been in the free search for 13 years. With his first, and so far only, wife Svetlana Spiegel Basque lived for 7 years. In marriage they had a son, Bronislav.

By the way, recently the artist hit the audience with a new image. Nikolai Baskov lost a lot of weight: subscribers believe that the singer threw off at least 15 kilograms.


The star of “Junior” Maria Ivashchenko married

Elect of the actress became the actor Stanislav Raskachaem.

Maria Ivashchenko. Photo:

The period of isolation was an excellent test of love and strength of their relationship. At the time, as fans continue to recover from a succession of star divorces, star of TV series “Junior” Maria Ivashchenko and her boyfriend, actor Stanislav Raskachaem were married.

“Quarantine proved to be an excellent test. Now we are family!” — wrote in his Instagram actress posted a photo from the wedding.

A couple of quite a long time together, and Ivashchenko is no secret. Lovers even lived together, and finally switched to a logical continuation of their relationship. Wedding, they played on 26 June, the birth of a new unit fixed the Khamovnichesky registry office.

The Junior team Maria Ivashchenko played skater Alina Morozova. It is this role brought the actress a real popularity, although this series was her role in “Copernicus” and “This ordinary life”.


Daughter Pugacheva undressed for candid shooting

Grandson Of Alla Pugacheva Nikita Presnyakov for three years happily married. His wife Alena Krasnov is a rare beauty, what I am always convinced its followers of Instagram. Alena – model, often removed in photo shoots. Footage from the last shooting she decided to share on his page. The pictures were unexpectedly spicy: the 23-year-old wife Presnyakov posing in her panties, covering her Breasts a wide-brimmed hat.

– I am not given to display such pictures, but do not go for the sake of art, especially when on the scale of 6 kg during the quarantine – coyly said Alena.

Subscribers, however, no extra pounds in the pictures could not see: she looks slim, toned and very sexy. Beautiful photos of the couple appreciated and Nikita Presnyakov.

I nesoi directly to display such pictures, but do not go for the sake of art, especially when the scales -6 kg during the quarantine Thanks MoEI lubimoi @nastyaafed for such frames Which picture do you like best?

– Missed wife, of course – he wrote in the comments.

It is unknown whether saw Frank shooting the grandmother Nikita Alla, and what she said about spicy photo shoot Alena. “Alla is in shock,” just kidding followers. In the comments they throw a young wife Presnyakov compliments and I assure you that the photos look beautiful and brand does not matter.

– Life is a moment! While you are young and you have from God such beauty, let everyone look and envy! – said one of podeschi.

Alena posing Topless. Photo: Instagram.

Alena posing Topless. Photo: Instagram.

During the quarantine, Nikita and Alena lived in the suburban house, owned by Pugacheva. However, no matter Presnyakov Jr. sat In may he released the video for new single “Shadow” (Nikita, recall, lead singer of the Multiverse). The Prime Minister was supported by his famous grandmother, boasting talents grandson in social networks.

Last year Nikita Presnyakov became the hero of the program Lera Kudryavtseva “The secret to a million” the musician told the presenter about his family life quite intimate things – for example, about the first sex with his future wife. Nikita was the first love of Alena, which ended legal marriage. Pair got married after four years of relationship.

Fans pelted the wife of the grandson Pugacheva compliments. Photo: Instagram.

Fans pelted the wife of the grandson Pugacheva compliments. Photo: Instagram.

Nikita started Dating Alena Krasnova, when she was only 17 years old, she was still in school. Presnyakov waited two years for the moment when his girlfriend is ready for an intimate relationship. For a young lover Nikita, who is older than Alena for six years, voluntarily refused to have sex – he believed that they all must happen at the moment when the girl herself is ready for it.

– In terms of sex I waited until she said ready. Two years we suffered, – told the grandson Pugacheva. – I have a very big will power and if I put some goal, I achieve it, – said Nikita. – We with Alena for the first time it happened-planned, carefully and romantic. Alena was very nervous!

We are already a month in the country in isolation And this is definitely something there

Alain initially doubted his feelings for Nikita. It seemed to her that they all happen too fast. Besides her troubled six-year age difference. Grandson of Alla Pugacheva and his future wife met, that is, neighborly: villas their families are located nearby, Alena from a wealthy family. Like Nikita, his beloved was a creative soul: I was fond of gymnastics, dancing in the Studio Alla Brass “Todes” and studied at a music school.

Nikita also explained why he was in no hurry to do Dolly parton’s great grandmother: according to the musician, they Alena in no hurry to have children, because while I want to stand up and live for yourself.


Richard Gere’s wife posted unpublished wedding photos

The wife of 70-year-old Hollywood actor Richard Gere, 37-year-old Alexandra Silva, uploaded previously unpublished photos from their wedding to the Network. The occasion was the anniversary of the marriage, with which Alexander touchingly congratulated her husband.

She wrote that Gere is “the most beautiful man of all” whom she met.

“It sounds corny, but it’s true. I am proud from the bottom of my heart that I am next to you, that I am sharing this life with you, that I am the mother of your children, your friend and your wife. You make me very happy! You are the love of my life! ”Wrote Alexandra Silva on her Instagram.

The couple began dating in 2014, when a Hollywood actor got to rest in Italy, where the future wife worked as the manager of an expensive hotel.

For almost a year they hid the relationship, but then began to appear together at social events. Richard Gere and Alexandra Silva got married in 2018.

Richard Gere and Alexandra Silva


Makarevich ridiculed “spoiled his wedding”

New wife “bewitched” rock musician with wine and travel

Weddings in the usual sense – with a magnificent celebration, guests, flowers, tables, toasts and songs – according to the assurances of not only the newlywed, but also his close friends, there really wasn’t: “They drank in a narrow circle.” The marriage was registered not in Moscow, but in Israel, without the presence of the press and television cameras, and the “inner circle” involved in the joyful event did not jointly and severally spread about the next family happiness acquired by Andrei Vadimovich.

Behind the 66-year-old rock legend there are three official marriages, high-profile novels, three children, in general – a rich biography of not only remarkable creative achievements and civic deeds, but also achievements in personal life.

Mr. Makarevich talks about his new wife sparingly: young, smart, beautiful. How young, he himself does not remember exactly: “I didn’t count”. In the social network on the page, Einat Klein, his wife, as MK found out, has not indicated a birthday, but she is really not only young, but also very pretty. Just like her famous spouse, Ms. Klein does not boast of any cute and crazy romantic pictures with her beloved, as well as the fact of marriage. Judging by her profile, she is active and independent, like any non-citizen of the Russian Federation, a woman, a business woman, the founder of a travel company in Israel, specializing in the Middle East and Africa, and also the owner of a wine company.

So “marriage of convenience”, as Andrei Vadimovich joked, takes on quite specific parameters: wine and travel, like women, have always been powerful incentives for Mr. Makarevich after, of course, rock music, painting, poetry and writing. On this basis, intensified by the chemical reaction of personal sympathy, apparently, there was a “cross of arms, cross of legs, fate of the cross,” as Alla Pugacheva would have sung poems by Boris Pasternak.

According to avaricious information, which, playing like a cat with mice, the musician still shared with the press, he and Einat just met during a trip to Ethiopia, the organization of the trip to which, apparently, was the company of the future wife. Judging by the posts of Ms. Klein, in addition to good wine, she is a big fan of Vietnamese cuisine and has recently visited the Himalayas. However, Mr. Makarevich is not visible in the 24 photographs from this trip. Perhaps it was encrypted, or simply did not get involved in such an extreme adventure.

The coronavirus pandemic unexpectedly divided a happy young family. Andrei Makarevich managed to fly to Moscow from Tel Aviv almost on the last flight, and Einat, who was supposed to follow her husband a few days later, did not have time. The air communication between the countries was closed, and all love now migrated to the daily video calls of two lovers.

Impressed by the morning radio confessions of Mr. Makarevich about his new marriage, MK decided to congratulate the musician, but true to himself, Andrei Vadimovich refrained from curious details and sincere outbursts …

– Andrew, I will not congratulate you on May Day …

– Yes, that would be superfluous.

“I’d better congratulate you on the wonderful Harry Potter Reply to Sasha Vasiliev.” The song roll call with Spleen, which we already wrote about in MK, came out splendid in the spite of the day …

– Yes, I read, thanks.

– And the second thing I would like to congratulate you with is the December wedding! Despite all your irony about the journalists who all blinked …

“And thanks for that.”

– Einat is a very beautiful woman, judging by her photos on Facebook. But also silent, like a partisan. You joked that marriage is calculated. I understand that the “calculation” has become your common passion for travel?

– It’s true, yes. You got it right. And we met while traveling in Ethiopia, continue to travel and get a lot of pleasure from it. Although you know, I really do not like to do PR from my personal life. Therefore, let’s close the topic on this.

– As you say. Although you yourself have stirred up everyone by telling about your new wife in a radio interview. And everything exploded …

– It happened. I’m not on purpose. And I’m not going to continue this topic anymore.

– Love and happiness to you and steadfastly survive the separation of self-isolation!


“Before, her name was Inna, she is engaged in tourism, very good”

The 66-year-old Rock Guru Andrei Makarevich got married in December, but did it so secretly that secular reporters did not even hear about it. And in a conversation with his friend, a journalist, “KP»By Alexander Gamow Andrei Vadimovich admitted: he supposedly self-insulated in Moscowand the young beautiful wife stayed in Israel – I did not have time on the last plane until the cancellation of all flights due to the coronavirus. He didn’t share the details, he only said that her name was Einat.

Israel is a small country. “Of course I know Einat. Makarevich’s wife, seriously ?! Here is a quiet woman! ” – the first journalist reacted, to whom we got through.

So, once Einat was Inna, lived in Of Russia. After repatriation she changed her name, now she is known as Einat Klein. She worked in journalism, then went on tourism, traveled the whole world, especially loves Ethiopia. When the pandemic broke out and tourism collapsed, Einat took up wine tasting online: she is the co-founder of Vino & Co.

Even close friends did not know about the wedding with Makarevich. On Instagram Einat – not a hint. Well, except for one thing: in the photo is a computer monitor, in the frame is Makarevich in a bow tie and a guitar. Yes, it’s a video chat!

In general, I’m even starting to like

“A man is a creature that adapts to everything in the world, especially if this“ everything in the world ”includes unlimited sleep and sparkling. Who would have thought half a year ago that I would spend my evenings this way, however, on the other hand, who would have thought that they would be so amazing! In general, I’m even starting to like it, ”Einat wrote.

She lives in Beit Arya, an Israeli settlement on the West Bank Jordan.

After all, how was it? Every Sunday I woke up in the morning, crawled out into the kitchen, we had breakfast with my family, and then crawled into the living room closer to the TV

Before marriage with Einat Klein, Andrei Makarevich was married three times. The last marriage lasted 7 years – the musician divorced in 2010. He has three children. And, apparently, there will be more.

Advice and love, as they say!


“Young, beautiful, smart”: Andrei Makarevich secretly married for the fourth time

The newlyweds are forced to isolate themselves separately – the musician’s wife did not have time to leave Israel before canceling flights because of the coronavirus (details)


A picture of naked Alexander Tsekalo appeared on Instagram of his young wife

The new wife of Alexander Tsekalo is a creative nature: 29-Darina Erwin is an artist, and she paints only men. And exclusively without clothes. After the producer married a spectacular brunette, fans wondered: how soon would his “naked” portrait decorate the wall of their matrimonial bedroom? And now, it seems, this day has come. On her Instagram page, Darina posted a photo of naked Alexander. The artist captured the beloved in her creative workshop.

Although the 59-year-old Tsekalo physique is by no means Apollo, he nonetheless boldly poses for his chosen one without clothes. In the photo, the showman is halfway to the camera next to the canvas, on which Darina has already begun to paint a picture. The producer gently touches the wife’s creation, clearly enjoying her talent.

His wife Tsekalo posted his nude picture. Photo: Instagram.

Spouses now live in USA and, like everyone else, they observe self-isolation. Apparently, relaxing in quarantine, Tsekalo began to walk around the house without clothes. The other day, Darina shared a picture on Instagram demonstrating how her naked husband is preparing breakfast. By the way, the artist herself admitted that she is a mediocre cook. But, according to her, her mass of other advantages.

“I’m terribly cooking.” But I completely compensate for this in bed, ”she said once in the social network.

By the way, Darina also prefers to draw her paintings without clothes – she works topless. Apparently, in the Tzekalo house in LosAngeles the spirit of complete freedom and creativity reigns. Producer himself during quarantine in America busy writing scripts.

– I’m self-taught. And she received education in other specialties: acting and law … And I draw only a few years. Therefore, please do not judge me harshly, ”Darina Erwin told her subscribers.

Showman’s fourth wife hails from Of Kazakhstan (her real name Saparova), but she has been living in the States since childhood. Darina has a wealthy stepfather, who paid for her studies and a law degree. However, the girl was always attracted by Hollywood – and she decided to become an actress. Erwin completed acting classes and starred in extras. It was thanks to the movie party that she met Tsekalo.

The producer and his fiance live in the United States.

The producer and his fiance live in the United States.

Alexander and his bride quietly signed in the USA last spring. The wedding took place in Beverly Hills. After Tsekalo married Darin, he practically stopped visiting in Russia. His ex-wife Victoria Galushka and two children live in Moscow. With heirs – 7-year-old Misha and 11-year-old Sasha, the producer communicates only via video link.

After the divorce from Alexander Victoria, I had to abandon the surname Tsekalo and return my maiden name Galushka. They say that the producer himself insisted on this, wishing that only his new wife should bear his name. The showman’s entourage also says that Tsekalo forbade the children to speak about his mother in his presence. Victoria herself with the ex-spouse after the dissolution of the marriage does not communicate.


Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara, a most secret couple in Hollywood

“She despises me”, first thinks Joaquin Phoenix when he met Rooney Mara, on the set of Her (2013). He will discover over time that she was just “shy”. Usually very discreet about his life as a couple, the interpreter of the Joker – who won the trophy for best actor in a dramatic film – and the heroine of Carol (2015) nevertheless offered themselves a rare public appearance on the red carpet of the Oscars, in Hollywood, on Sunday, February 9. Joaquin Phoenix won the best actor trophy there. A month earlier, the duo had already appeared together at the Golden Globes ceremony in Beverly Hills.

In October 2018, Joaquin Phoenix had split a rare interview on the beginnings of their romance in the columns of Vanity Fair. “She is the only woman I have ever contacted on the Internet,” he said, almost candid. We were only friends, the kind who exchange emails. I had never done that. Never contacted a woman on the Internet. ”

A rebellious couple

Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival

Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix formalize their relationship at the 2017 Cannes Festival. (May 28, 2017.)

Getty Images

Their meeting in 2013 is, first of all, a missed meeting. At the time, Rooney Mara was in a relationship with director Charlie McDowell (The Discovery) since 2010. Joaquin Phoenix has caused a scandal on the arm of DJ Allie Teilz, 19 years old. The story lasts three months, then radio silence. In 2016, the actor was proclaimed single by the tabloids. Rooney Mara, on the other hand, has not been photographed on the arm of his companion since August. The paths of the two actors (re) cross that year, in Italy, on the set of Marie Madeleine. She plays the main role, incarnates Jesus to her.

It was at this point that the duo fell “madly in love”. If the two actors manage to be discreet, an instant stolen from the balcony of a hotel room in Matera, in November 2016, betrays them somewhat. We see the couple smoking a cigarette and remaking the world. “They worked together on the films Her, Marie Madeleine, and their next project (Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot (2018), by Gus Van Sant, Editor’s note), however, defend the spokespersons of the actors. They have been good friends for a long time. ”

The couple, a bit rebellious, do not facilitate their task. In January 2017, he dried the Golden Globes for the benefit of a stay together “in the desert”, reports Page Six. Only downside, the film Lion, in which Rooney Mara officiates, is in the running … in four categories. The unexpected happens on the evening of the closing of the Cannes Film Festival, May 28, 2017. She shines in her white dress Dior logo, adorned with a Peter Pan collar; charms the Croisette in a black suit and bow tie. In the Lumière Room, when he just received the prize for male interpretation for A Beautiful Day, Joaquin Phoenix fleetingly seizes the hand of his partner, then hugs him tenderly when he leaves the stage.

“In their bubble”

Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara

Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara arrive at the Joker premiere, by Todd Phillips. (Los Angeles, September 28, 2019.)

Getty Images

In September 2017, Joaquin Phoenix confides in the columns of the New york times that Rooney Mara has taken up residence at his home in his Hollywood Hills villa. Luckily, both share the same lifestyle. “They don’t like going out,” says an anonymous source. Daily Mail. They mainly like to be both. They are in their own bubble. ” Together, Joaquin and Rooney eat vegan, watch “ten hours of the documentary series The StaircaseAnd take karate lessons.

Without counting the (numerous) nocturnal exchanges: “Rooney said to me the other night,” Do you realize how many great opportunities you had? All these films? “, Says the actor of 44 years in columns of Vanity Fair. I said, “That’s right, I was so lucky,” there were so many movies I thought to myself, “I don’t know if I can have a better experience.” In short, they cultivate their secret garden, and only offer themselves rare public appearances – like August 2, at a dinner in Los Angeles, where they each sported a black and white set.

In video, Tom Hanks very moved on the stage of the Golden Globes

“A disgusting little dragon”

In May 2019, the diamond ring sported by Rooney Mara raises new questions. Would the couple be engaged? During the following summer, certain sources close to the duo confirm the event in the columns ofUs Weekly. Again, the two actors are not making waves. And continue to exchange in coded messages.

September 9, 2019 People’s Choice Award winner at the Toronto Festival, for his role as the Joker, Joaquin Phoenix pins his beauty in public: “One last thing, somewhere here, I don’t know where, is a disgusting little dragon , and I want to rip off its wings and make it a cover and sleep in it forever, he says. I love you. Thank you.”

A strange tribute to the 34-year-old actress and her role as Lisbeth Salander, who has a dragon tattooed on the body. On September 28, 2019, the couple, all dressed in black, pointed at the preview of the Joker by Todd Phillips, in Los Angeles. Arrived hand in hand, Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara exchanged knowing looks and smiles. A rare spotlight on this mysterious romance lived in the shade of the Hill.

* This article originally published on October 7, 2019 has been updated.

The editorial staff advises you:


This was the attempt to marry Hitler with the daughter of Primo de Rivera in the Goebbels house during the IIGM




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“A traditional and revolutionary link”. This is how he defined Ernesto Giménez Caballero his daring attempt to marry Hitler with the daughter of the dictator Primo de Rivera and sister of the founder of the Falange: Pillar. A plan for which he even went as far as traveling to Nazi Germany and meeting with the closest circle of the genocide two years after the start of World War II. He recounted it in his “Memoirs of a Dictator”, published in 1939, which the author defended due to “the urgent need to resume the Spanish-Austrian stock that the armistice would bring to Europe.”

Giménez Caballero was a Spanish fascism theorist, teacher, poet, writer, and Spanish ambassador in the Franco era. He had been born in Madrid, on August 2, 1899, in an industrial family on the part of his father and of agricultural owners on the mother’s side. Throughout his life, he ended up becoming a curious character who transcended his political dimension, to become a kind of respected intellectual and “exceptionally gifted for literature and cultural activism, who lived with unusual intensity the ideological convulsions of his time “, Enrique Selva described in his article «The unusual adventure of Ernesto Giménez Caballero» (University Journal of Military History, 2018).

The influences and trajectory of the person in charge of this surreal plan were of the most diverse. He had intellectuals such as Américo Castro, Ortega y Gasset, Menéndez Pidal and Besteiro as teachers at the Central University of Madrid. And after fighting in the Moroccan War and publishing his first book, a gap was opened in Spanish journalism writing for “La Libertad”, “El Sol” or “Revista de Occidente”. As he himself said in an interview on the occasion of the publication of his autobiography: “I do not regret having been the founder of the Socialist Youth, having been fascist, avant-garde and today being back to anarcho-syndicalism.”

The first meeting of Pilar and Adolf

What he is remembered for, however, is that he was one of the first Spanish intellectuals to openly embrace Mussolini’s fascist ideas, with whom he even came to interview on several occasions. In the Civil War, Franco put him under General Millán-Astray to organize the propaganda apparatus. And, after completing this, he returned to his chair at the Cardenal Cisneros Institute and showed himself as a fervent supporter of Spain’s intervention in World War II on the side of the Axis powers.

Ernesto Giménez Caballero, in 1940
Ernesto Giménez Caballero, in 1940 – ABC

At that time, her candidate, and also founder of the Women’s Falange Section, had already made her first trip to Nazi Germany, which the feminine magazine «Y» This is how he counted in May 1938: «Germany has received with the highest honors and the most sincere sympathy Pilar Primo de Rivera. Hitler has given the high honor of receiving and speaking at length with our national delegate for the Women’s Sections. Nazi women’s organizations and their delegate, Mrs. Scholtz-Klink, have continually surrounded her with an atmosphere of true camaraderie. There have been numerous acts in honor of Primo de Rivera ». Illustrating the article, a photograph of her next to the “Führer”.

Then he added something that for Giménez Caballero must have been important in shaping his plan to marry the Spanish woman to the Nazi leader. «Pilar Primo de Rivera received a gift from Hitler: a magnificent vase with red and yellow flowers and something that the chancellor grants very hardly, a portrait with an expressive dedication and a silver frame. Primo de Rivera’s trip has been an important expression of Spanish-German friendship, “he stressed.

The second trip

The idea had to be confirmed by Franco’s ambassador in 1941, on the occasion of the Falangist’s next trip to Berlin. She attended a congress along with other leaders of the women’s sections of the European totalitarian movements. «Once again Pilar Primo de Rivera has visited the great German country. In 1938 he did so on the occasion of his interview with the Führer. Now she has been invited by Jutta Rüdiger, head of the Hitler Women’s Youth. The respect that our national delegate in Germany enjoys has been highlighted once again with this trip. The enormous sympathy and admiration that Primo de Rivera feels for the German nation has also been witnessed in his declarations when he returned from the trip, with which he has more intimately united the ties of the two countries ”, could be read in the same magazine on October 1 of that year.

Pilar Primo de Rivera in the National Council of the Women's Section of the Phalanx of 1942
Pilar Primo de Rivera in the National Council of the Women’s Section of the Phalanx of 1942 – ABC

The sister of José Antonio Primo de Rivera, shot at the start of the Civil War, ended up becoming a kind of ambassador for Nazi Germany in Franco’s Spain. There was, therefore, no woman more perfect than her, an entire example of Christian and Falangist virtues in the head of Giménez Caballero, to unite her with Hitler and promote the Catholic transformation of Nazism. That was the first step of his plan, which sought to achieve peace in war and the union of both countries for the future of Europe. A plan, according to our protagonist, who had even previously consulted with Franco and the Vatican.

Ernesto Giménez Caballero took a trip to the city of Weimar in December 1941, where he had been invited by the Europäische Schriftsteller-Vereinigung (European Writers Association), chaired by Minister Joseph Goebbels. Once there, the hispanist Arturo Farinelli introduced him to Magda, his wife, whom the Spaniard described in his memoirs as “a wonderful woman who impressed me from the first moment.” Later, at a dinner in the couple’s house where our protagonist took as a gift a very traditional cape and a Christmas Nativity Scene made by hand in Murcia, he dared to address the matter at hand.

The conversation

“Two days before Christmas Eve, Goebbels invited me to dinner at his home, with his wife and children,” he confirmed in the autobiography. From there, the story was produced like this: «Before sitting at the table, during the aperitifs, I taught the little, cuddly hierarch of the Nazi propaganda to handle the cape, how to gird it for the paseillo and to veroniquear it. And I put the Nativity Scene next to the fireplace for the children. Magda was radiant and touched. After dinner I was alone talking to the wife. In a moment that was briefly silent, I took the opportunity to make the urgent resumption of the Spanish-Austrian lineage more urgent, which would bring the armistice to Europe, with a traditional and revolutionary link. To which she asked:

And what would be the candidate for empress?

It could only be one. In the line of Hispanic princesses like Ingunda, Brunequilda, Gelesvinta or Eugenia. Only one for her cleansing of blood, for her deep Catholic faith and, above all, because she would drag all the Spanish youths: the sister of José Antonio Primo de Rivera!

Magda did not answer anything. Suddenly, his eyes grew moist. And he took my hands and shook them. And, in a very low voice, he told me: “His vision is extraordinary and his mission, too. And, in addition, bold, brave and concrete ”. He stopped again to continue:

My husband is delighted with you. And the Führer wishes to meet you. I spoke to you about this, which now proposes me again in this way already concretely and accurately personified. And it would be possible …

Would it be possible? Would it be possible? Magda!

It would be possible … if Hitler did not have a bullet in a World War I genital that has invalidated him forever … It is impossible, great friend, impossible. There would be no continuity of the lineage!

And Eva Braun?

A pious masking for the gallery.

I got up then and took his hands. “So goodbye forever, Magda?” “And why forever?” She asked, before placing her hands on my lips and then hers.».

As José María Zavala explained on ABC, on the occasion of his biography of the Nazi leader’s candidate for a woman, «The passion of Pilar Primo de Rivera» (Plaza & Janés, 2013): «It was actually a crazy plan by the eccentric Ernesto Giménez Caballero, a first-time Phalangist. He explained to Magda the possibilities of resuming what was interrupted by Charles II the Bewitched and failed with that archduke of Austria, Carlos, who would cost Spain Gibraltar. Incredible true? Well, Giménez Caballero dared to formulate such a project ».


New York recognizes weddings by videoconference




The coronavirus has turned upside down the future plans of all the world. Obviously, those of all the couples who intended to get married during these days and, due to the pandemic, have been forced to postpone the ceremony. Over the past few weeks, however, more than one has chosen to take advantage of video conferencing “apps”, such as Zoom, to keep the date of the link. This is demonstrated by the enormous number of publications with images of ceremonies collected on Instagram under the “hashtag” #Zoomweeding.

Despite the fact that many of these weddings are merely symbolic, some locations in the United States are beginning to recognize them. This is precisely the case in the city where the coronavirus is hitting the most severely: New York. “I have issued an executive order that allows New Yorkers to obtain a marriage license remotely and allows clerics to officiate at the ceremonies via videoconferencing,” the New York state governor recently noted in a tweet. Andrew Cuomo.

The executive order has already been signed, making it completely legal for New Yorkers to marry via video conference. Despite the fact that Zoom is the most popular «app» to carry out these events, couples who want to get married do not have to resort to it.

With regard to Spain, it is easy to find videos on the network in which couples get married using this service. However, for the moment, these links are exclusively symbolic.