The exercise you need to strengthen the gluteus

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The new BMW M 1000 RR, born to race

Until now, the “M-Motorsport” series at BMW brought together only the most sporty and exclusive cars, laden with success in motor racing and aimed at customers with particularly high demands in terms of performance, exclusivity and personalization. In the motorcycle field the suffix “M” was only used for accessory packages, such as the “M kit” intended for the latest S 1000 RR, which includes white / red / blue livery, carbon rims, sports saddle, swingarm height adjustment kit, lighter battery and dedicated engine map.

Today, however, the exclusivity of the “M” world is also extended to the motorcycle world, where the House exploits the charm of the “M-Motorsport” series to present a new and muscular range of two-wheeled vehicles (what until now were the HP versions). The first motorcycle to become part of this family is the new M 1000 RR, an anabolized version of the super sports car made in Monaco that comes with a respectable business card: 212 HP, 192 kg and suspension and aerodynamics designed for maximum performance on the track.

On the following pages you will find all the details of the new BMW M 1000 RR.


Lambayeque: Chiclayo | coronavirus | ICU | man beats COVID-19 after three

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Losing weight at 40: three tips to avoid accumulating fat

It has already been heard a thousand times to accumulate grease it increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, and that can also have metabolic consequences. The good news is that there are three things you can do to lose weight and, incidentally, avoid regaining the lost pounds.

Not celebrating progress by toasting with alcohol

If you are looking for a figure, 300 calories may be what you need. According to a study from Duke University, eliminating that energy from your usual daily intake significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular problems and high blood pressure, as well as developing insulin resistance and obesity.

Specialists propose to start by first eliminating the things that should not be because they have a high energy content and provide little or no nutrients. And the first to fall is alcohol.

“A gram of alcohol has 7.5 calories, that is, almost as much energy as a gram of fat, which gives 9 calories, compared to the 4 that we find for each gram of carbohydrate and protein, respectively,” said the expert and completed in “its journey practically ends in the liver and there it becomes fat,” he sums up.

dementia from not drinking alcohol .jpg

The sugar chapter

The second element to decrease is sugar, which nutritionally does not contribute anything to the body beyond energy. “In addition, it will trigger the insulin for its metabolism and, probably, it ends up being transformed into fat,” says the dietitian-nutritionist. The ultra-processed must also be crossed off the shopping list too rich in sugar and fat.

Walk one hour a day or train 60 minutes a week at full capacity

If to maintain a weight healthy you have to stop the loss of muscle mass, it is obvious that exercising that builds muscles (apart from burning fat) will help. It is the second objective of the plan, and the strategy is to divide the training between cardio and strength. Nothing that has not already been said.

If you haven’t been in a gym for years, the physiotherapist and personal trainer Adrián Prieto is clear: “You have to go out for a walk every day and get to 10,000 steps, and if they fall short, increase the duration to one daily hour at a rate of between 115 and 140 beats per minute ”.



Regarding strength training, Prieto advises starting with those that use different joints and involve the use of many different muscles to gain muscle mass. for 45 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week.

The trainer, who usually works with middle-aged people, points out that squats are especially useful, with three sets of between 12 and 15 repetitions – or an amount such that, if two more were done, he would not be able to move -, and leaving a one minute break between them.

He also recommends the planks: “The ideal is to do one minute and rest for more than 40 seconds,” says Prieto, “and repeat the exercise six or seven times.” In addition, it recommends that they be in front of the mirror “to control that we do not sink and we keep our back straight.

Extra: Looking at the cell phone at night also makes you fat

The third objective that must be taken into account to lose the kilos that age has put on is rest. not only food helps you gain weight.

As people get older, the ability to sleep soundly is lost, leading to more sleeplessness at night.

This also affects weight, as it was shown that short sleep duration is also associated with a reduction in leptin (a hormone that inhibits the desire to eat) and an increase in ghrelin (another hormone that awakens the sensation of appetite). That makes you hungrier the next day, and you tend to eat more than you need.

Look at the cell phone before sleeping


Sergei Lazarev worries fans with rapid weight loss – Celebrities

Lazarev shared a photo of his mirror image. In the description of the photo, he claims to have lost at least 12 kilograms.

“Minus 12 kilograms in four months! I lost all the fat on my stomach and cheeks, but of course I also lost muscle mass. Now I go to the gym again, don’t worry, the muscles will come back. The main thing is that the fat doesn’t return! I’m happy, I’m 18 again , “said Lazarev.

True, only a very small part of the fans were happy about his transformation – the majority expressed a desire to feed the singer. Some even suspected that the man might have an initial stage of anorexia.

“Sergei, are you sick? It already looks like anorexia!”, “Too thin!” – The anger was not hidden by the fans.


KTM 1290 Super Adventure 2021, the spy photos of the R and S versions

With the imminent entry into force of the Euro 5 anti-pollution regulations, KTM is obliged to put its hand to the flagship of the range, the 1290 Super Adventure. The Austrian colleagues of “Motorcycle magazine”Pinched the“ prototypes ”of the new version of the maxienduro on the road near Mattighofen orange. We put the word prototypes in quotation marks because, judging by the finishes, those photographed on the road would seem to be the definitive versions of the new 1290 Super Adventure. In the plural because there will still be two versions: the S with spoked rims with the 19 ”front and the R with tubeless spoked rims with the 21” front and extended travel suspension.

Looking at the photos, the most obvious novelty is the new fairing, more impressive than in the past and probably even more protective. Below it we find a new tank, larger, divided into two parts and positioned at the bottom; solution similar to that adopted by the House on 790 Adventure. This solution is favorable from the point of view of driving dynamics, both in on-road and off-road use, as it brings with it a lower center of gravity. At the same time, the split tank creates space for newly developed radiators, larger and more divided as on off-road bikes.

The engine will most likely remain the 1,301 cc 75 ° V-twin LC8, but will benefit from some changes necessary to comply with the Euro 5 standard. The most evident is the new exhaust terminal, larger than the current one, studied to lower polluting emissions and at the same time limit the noise produced. This is to be expected too a different internal engine tuning, which could translate into a little more power and bring the 1290 Super Adventure close to the 170hp threshold. If this is the case, the Austrian could come close in terms of power to one of its most anticipated rivals, the Ducati Multistrada V4, which is expected to make its debut this fall. With the Borgo Panigale maxienduro, and with some BMW models, the new Kappa will also share radar-controlled adaptive cruise control (Bosch). Of course, this device will be accompanied by a state-of-the-art electronic system, with inertial platform, cornering ABS, engine maps… and so on.

While the tubular steel frame will be slightly modified and strengthened, the cast aluminum rear subframe and swingarm will be completely new. As for WP’s semi-active brakes and suspension, only minor changes are expected.

We just have to wait for the next few months to find out more.


How to avoid the yo-yo effect

It is known as the “yo-yo effect” or “accordion effect” and it is the weight fluctuation, even very substantial, that can be seen in those who repeat low-calorie diets alternating with periods of free regime: in practice, they lose weight during diet and then immediately resume all the pounds lost and even a few more.
At the origin of the yo-yo effect, in general, there is an excessively restrictive and unhealthy weight loss diet due to which the body goes into “famine” mode, thus tending to conserve fat reserves and burn less . The metabolism then slow down and, as soon as you start eating normally, you will regain all the lost kilos, if not more.
Here is the list of the worst mistakes that risk triggering the much hated yo-yo effect and prevent you from losing weight in a healthy, gradual and definitive way:

Skipping meals

Skipping meals is one of the most common mistakes people make when in diet, in the mistaken belief of saving calories and losing weight faster. In fact, skipping main meals results in a physiological sugar deficiency that pushes the brain to crave more food, in compensation, and makes you feel hungrier for the next meal. Skipping meals also slows down your metabolism and decreases before meals. liquids, then muscle tissue and, last but not least, body fat that will be immediately recovered when you go back to eating regularly.

Eliminate carbohydrates entirely

Many people are convinced that completely eliminating carbohydrates will deflate and lose weight faster. However, in the long run, the elimination of carbohydrates leads to a loss of energy, muscle tissue and a slowing down of metabolism. A healthy and correct diet must include all types of macronutrients (i.e. carbohydrates, proteins and fats), preferring whole grains, potatoes and legumes, which allow a constant and prolonged supply of energy over time and avoid jumps in blood sugar levels ( glycemia).

Eliminate fats

As for carbohydrates, fats also play a role of fundamental importance: for this reason, they must never be abolished but must be chosen wisely: obviously, “good” fats, such as those present in EVO oil ( extra virgin olive oil), in fish and dried fruit.

Don’t read the labels

Everywhere you can see products that bear the word “light”, but the wording does not always correspond to the truth: food labels must be read, in order to compare the actual values ​​of the nutrients present and understand if a food is really dietetic or not.

Don’t pay attention to drinks

Many pay the utmost attention to the foods eaten during the day but then neglect to consider the drinks: fruit juices, energy drinks, sugary coffee and alcohol are absolutely to be avoided, because they bring empty calories that slow down, or even prevent, the process of slimming. Better to take detox water, herbal teas, fruit smoothies and coffee, all strictly sugar-free.

Get little sleep

Numerous scientific researches have shown that sleeping little makes you fat: in fact, this unhealthy practice alters the production of some hormones in the body, in particular by increasing the levels of ghrelin, the hormone that induces the sensation of hunger, and inhibiting the production of leptin, the hormone capable of stimulating the sensation of satiety. In addition, little sleep leads to eating more for gratification than hunger, alters the balance of fat cells and makes high-calorie foods seem more desirable.

Lead a sedentary lifestyle or excess physical activity

Focusing solely on nutrition is not enough to obtain the desired results and to lose weight in a healthy, gradual and definitive way, but it is necessary to combine a varied and balanced diet with the right amount of physical activity. Equally, switching from sofa mode to excessive and exhausting physical activity is a traumatic approach for the body, with the consequence that, between pain and fatigue, the initial enthusiasm will quickly give way to frustration and demotivation.
The best choice is therefore to abandon it sedentary lifestyle and start moving gradually and consistently, perhaps starting with small actions, such as choosing the stairs instead of the elevator, parking away from the place of arrival or cleaning the house: vacuuming for 30 minutes, for example, you it allows you to burn over 100 calories, as well as washing windows (about 330 kcal per hour), dusting (about 135 kcal for half an hour) and washing bathroom and tiles (about 260 calories per hour).

All the signs that your diet is wrong


The exercises to lose weight that you should do once you are over 40

Many people believe that regular exercise is the solution for all health problems, even those related to natural aging process. Of course, this is an irreversible effect that we are all bound to go through sooner or later. However, there are certain types of workouts that can prevent the most typical diseases derived from the passage of age.

Physical activity can increase life expectancy by limiting the development and progression of chronic diseases, especially once over 40 years old, an age in which everyone begins to think about what will come from then on. “There comes a time in life when we realize that we are not invincible “, he comments Holly Perkins, personal trainer, in ‘Prevention‘.

Strength training has been shown to decrease pain associated with arthritis and prevent its onset

“Believe it or not, the body begins to age after 30, in a decline that becomes more aggressive with each passing year, “he reasons. For this reason, below we will see four exercises for each age-related condition to perform each week once you pass the quarantine, and above all, to keep you healthy, happy and in good physical shape.


Photo: iStock.
Photo: iStock.

As the name suggests, these types of exercises serve to keep the to the most important organ in the whole body: the heart. Running, dancing, cycling, walking or swimming. Any of these activities will make your heart not stop pumping and stay In perfect health. “You must apply a minimum of effort in cardio workouts for you to notice results, and do them regularly so that what is gained is not reversed“, aconseja Perkins.

High impact

Source: iStock
Source: iStock

According to the British National Osteoporysis Foundation, About one in two women over 50 will break a bone due to osteoporosis, a disease in which the bones become weak, increasing the risk of fractures. One of the best methods to counteract this effect is consume a lot of calcium and do high-intensity sports or weights: tennis, sprint races or basketball are some of the sports recommended by the expert.

Of strength

Photo: iStock.
Photo: iStock.

These types of workouts are great for reducing the risk of arthritis, which increases with age. The aches and pains can appear at any time of life, but they occur more frequently after 40. “Strength training has been shown to decrease pain associated with arthritis and it prevents their onset, “explains Perkins.” You don’t have to spend hours in the gym lifting weights, all you need is to do squats or deadlifts to strengthen your joints and muscles. “


Photo: iStock.
Photo: iStock.

This type of sport is great to combat mental disorders such as depression, which are more frequent among the population than we would like. Although all exercise can help, more and more research shows that yoga is the best exercise to reduce stress and improve mood. A study published in the ‘US National Library of Medicine‘attests that this activity increases levels of GABA, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood.

“We know for sure that yoga is very good for reducing stress, and we know that there is a correlation between anxiety and mood disorders,” says Perkins. “Even better, certain types of yoga can also pass for weight training and they even offer advantages for cardiovascular health, which is why it is a very complete type of sport “.


Running to lose weight: what is the most efficient way?

However, there are different exercises that can be done and not all are equally effective if the goal is to lose weight: “There is talk of running slower to lose weight in a call to the physiological factor, which is beta oxidation, the use of fat as fuel. Fats need the presence of oxygen to oxidize, to be used as fuel. In the case of running faster, the expenditure is directed towards other substrates or metabolic pathways”, Explains the coach of Athletics Fernando Díaz Sánchez in dialogue with Ámbito.

“That is why there is talk of doing a slower, aerobic exercise, which means in the presence of oxygen, and it will be a little more substantial towards that goal you want to achieve. That is why walking is often indicated, which is very effective.”, Clarifies the National Technician of the Cross, Trail and Mountain Area of ​​CADA (Argentine Athletics Confederation).

Then, Díaz Sánchez explains that the duration of each job and the weekly frequency will depend exclusively on the level of training, physical and clinical of each individual: “An adjustment to the metabolism needs at least a frequency of three to four times a week and the duration will depend on the capacity of each one and what the doctor has advised. It can range from 15 to 50 minutes “.

fernando diaz sanchez

Gentileza: @fer_diaz_sanchez

A very common mistake of people who start running is to expect good results by always doing the same exercise. Although at first there will be changes, there will come a point, not so far in time, where a ceiling will be reached, which can only be broken by varying the jobs, adding to professional supervision.

“The principle of multiplicity or variability, according to the text, is fundamental. In training we improve the good physical stress that we can inflict on the Body, regulated. If we always do the same thing, homeostasis will be repetitive, it will not generate adaptations, it will not work thresholds, much less exceed them. So the good periodization and integrated planning that you have is going to give you good results or not ”, explains the General and Technical Director of Fer Team Track & Field.

Debunking a myth

Much is said about “the best time to train.” Even some texts on the internet recommend going out to train on an empty stomach, something that can be very dangerous for our body and our organism, since we are going to subject it to a significant workload.

“There is no bibliography and in my experience I cannot say whether athletes who train in the morning or in the afternoon are better. I believe that more than anything it should be regulated with work, daily or study activities, in addition to rest spaces. Obviously the best thing would be to do your physical activity and then work. Some can and others cannot, but it is very particular. There is no timetable for better adaptations ”, analyzes Fernando Díaz Sánchez.

Something that must be emphasized before beginning any physical activity is to carry out a medical check-up to see if our body is ready to assimilate it. Throwing ourselves into a job for which we do not know if we are suitable can have serious consequences for our body and our health in general.


Behavior is key to maintaining your ideal weight.

Behavior is key to maintaining your ideal weight.


“The first thing I ask a person for is their physical fitness. We have been accompanying it for a long time with an anthropometry, a measurement that nutritionists generally make where we can see our balances of excess muscle, bone, fat and residuals. From there, the professional can calculate what can be close to being the optimal weight of an individual so as not to injure himself and so that it is beneficial for him, a kind of torque, which we will find with the appropriate and individual training ”, details the Head Coach New Balance Argentina.

Once the ideal weight is achieved, the second objective arrives, which is to maintain it. For Díaz Sánchez, the key is in conduct: “Maintaining weight both recreationally and in high performance is behavioral. The weight standard that the professional gives must be beneficial, pleasant and empathetic for the individual, to achieve stabilization. It is important that it can be transferred over time “.


Physical exercise with the rope helps you lose weight

With the closed gyms and the number of infected por covid-19 on the rise, mens and women They have turned to simple implements to keep fit inside the house. In that list is the rope The rope, for its multiple Benefits. Also because it is easy to save and it is relatively economic.

Drinking Spinoza, boxer and trainer, ensures that the rope is ideal for burning calories, but also for tone up and strengthen the muscles of the body. With this the legs, arms and abdomen are worked. In addition, it is an alternative to improve the Balance, the coordination and to win speed.

A study published in What’s Cooking América claims they burn near 13 calories per minute. So this exercise runners are doing well, physicoculturistas, boxers and crossfitters.

Espinoza includes the jump with rope in the training his students, regardless of your age, if they are in perfect health condition.

People with problems in their knees or back should avoid it, according to the athlete Celio romero, because it is a exercise of impact.

For those who begin to activate in order to move away the sedentary lifestyle and avoid diseases As the overweight and the obesity, Espinoza suggests starting with 3 minutes a day. The following month he recommends four repetitions three minutes each.

Past the 60 days, people should be able to skip the rope during 15 minutes consecutive, also for a month. Time and repetitions will increase according to objectives from each person.

Espinoza, for example, turned three repetitions -25 minutes each one- a day, before a competition. When he was free, on the other hand, he jumped 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the afternoon, continuously, to keep fit.

To that activity, Sandry Hidrobo, physical therapist and personal trainer, suggests combining it with exercise of force to also win muscle mass, reduced in many people by the lack of physical activity. To comply with this, you can use implements such as resistance, bars, dumbbells or discs.

The key to get Outcomeyes, the experts, is to be constant, because to stay away from diseases, institutions as the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend 30 minutes of activity a day, five times a week.

It is also important to listen to Body for reduce he risk of injuries. To avoid them, precisely, it is suggested start with the simplest jump. After, try with the rest of variants.