Hazem Imam reveals the status of “the resounding deal that Zamalek contracted with”

Former Zamalek player Hazem Imam revealed the position of the deal “the super and the dream for white fans” as described by the club club Mitt Okba.

The Zamalek channel announced the conclusion of a “Super” deal for the club’s first football team, and it was described as a dream for the fans of Zamalek and one of the Egyptian football stars was the dream of contracting with a wide sector of white fans.

For his part, Hazem Imam said through his radio program on “On Sport FM” As for the strong deal that Zamalek will sign with it, it is said that it is an attacker … but I will not say its name because it is blamed on people. “

Zamalek did not disclose the player’s name, but was satisfied with it as being very big and it would be a resounding deal in soccer in Egypt, which is the fifth deal, where four other deals preceded this.


Zamalek postpones its emergency meeting because of developments in the matter that affects his dignity

The board of directors of Zamalek decided to postpone the emergency meeting announced in the past hours, in order to discuss an issue related to the dignity of the white, as it was decided to postpone that session to be on Tuesday instead of Sunday.

Zamalek issued an official statement on Saturday evening announcing: “The club’s board of directors decided to postpone the emergency meeting of the board of directors, which was scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday, for 48 hours.”

Zamalek said that the postponement of the emergency meeting came “because of new developments in the unprecedented farce that affects the dignity of Zamalek,” according to the text of the official statement.

It is noteworthy that the Zamalek Club did not clarify in that statement or the statement it issued in the hours of this morning the reason for the meeting or the determination of the matter that affects the dignity of the club.


TOP 5 reasons to pay attention to a used Volkswagen Passat B6

The car attracts with comfort, a presentable appearance, a galvanized body and good handling.

Photo: Volkswagen Passat B6, source: Volkswagen

At the word “business sedan”, many Russians immediately recall Toyota Camry or KIA Optima, but the list is not limited to them. As an alternative, among cars of this class it is worth recalling the Volkswagen Passat B6, produced from 2005 to 2010. The editors of the publication Pokatim.ru, having studied the reviews of motorists on Drom and Drive2, announced the TOP-5 reasons to pay attention to the German premium sedan with mileage.


Volkswagen Passat B6 is distinguished by a spacious interior, which is conveniently located even for drivers with passengers whose height exceeds 180 cm. Some drivers note that the seats in the German sedan are much more comfortable than in the 10-year-old Camry, and are endowed with popliteal support. The front row of seats is equipped with electric adjustments. Good noise insulation also adds comfort to the interior – no extraneous sounds are heard in the cabin while riding.


“Passat” in the back of the B6 looks relevant even now due to a presentable and stylish appearance. The Volkswagen Passat body is galvanized, which is why you can meet a copy without rust, but with small chips. However, the latter can sometimes lead to corrosion. As the experts of the portal “Wheels” noted, the appearance of red spots on the body of a German sedan is the result of a “lazy” attitude towards the car, so experts recommend looking at the specimens, the owners of which did not save on anti-corrosion treatment.

Excellent handling

A German sedan with mileage due to a downed, but moderately stiff suspension, demonstrates a comfortable ride – the car does not swing on the road and moves without banks. Even on poor road surfaces, the Passat delivers comfort to the owners, and due to the high ground clearance in winter, off-roading will not be a problem.

Technical component

Volkswagen Passat B6 is distinguished by an extensive motor range – there are gasoline engines in volumes of 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, 2.0, 3.2 and 3.6 liters and diesel engines in volumes of 1.6, 1.9 and 2.0 liters. As for diesel units, such engines are famous for their resourcefulness, high-torque and economy, despite some problems with the turbine and fuel equipment.

Among gasoline engines, you should pay attention to the 1.6-liter engine, which is characterized by ease of maintenance, but at the same time, low dynamics. Also, one should not discount the 1.8- and 2.0-liter units with a strong piston group and cylinder head, although they are sensitive to the quality of the oil and are “famous” for their high lubricant consumption.

V6 volumes of 3.2 and 3.6 liters are famous for their improved dynamics, but you should forget about the ease of maintenance of such units – you need to remove the engine to replace the timing drive. As motorists noted in the reviews, when buying a “Passat” with 6-cylinder engines, you should lay the future financial reserve for possible problems. The best option for Volkswagen Passat B6 will be the version with 1.6- and 2-liter engines.

In addition to the advantages, the Volkswagen Passat B6 with mileage, like any car, also has disadvantages, among which there is a problematic DSG box, which often fails after 50,000 – 70,000 km, problems with the electronics due to burnout of bulbs and fuses. Also, many motorists complain about mediocre headlights, because of which it is uncomfortable to drive at night. More silent blocks and stabilizer racks often change.

Photo: Volkswagen Passat B6 exterior and interior, source: Volkswagen
LADA XRay and Largus are in short supply in Russia

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LADA XRay and Largus are in short supply in Russia

2020-06-28 16:18:48

Volkswagen Passat B6 with mileage should be considered for purchase because of reliable engines, a comfortable interior, good handling, a presentable appearance and good corrosion resistance. As noted by experts of the publication “Wheels”, for 500 000 rubles in the market you can buy “Passat” in good condition and without serious problems.


The rise in price of LADA Granta – a marketing ploy or “the cry of the soul”

From 1 July the model number of “AVTOVAZ” waiting for the next price increase, which will be the fourth since the beginning of the year.

Photo: LADA Granta, source: AVTOVAZ

For the Russian automaker raising prices has become a pattern. New price lists have appeared in the cluster KVIRING DRIVE VK SHOP in a social network “Vkontakte”. According to him, the price increase will affect the line of “AVTOVAZ”, including “folk” LADA Granta. The car will gain in value at least 5 000. Expert Pokatim.ru figured out what caused this situation.

Another price increase is due to many factors. The first one can be called “the cry of the soul” brand from Togliatti — the instability of the ruble and the pandemic crisis, coupled with the dependence on foreign components. Thus, LADA Granta consists of 400 original components, 260 of which are purchased from foreign suppliers. In the end the model remains dependent on the dollar and the Euro.

The main competitors of the flagship models LADA Granta and LADA Vesta is considered the KIA Rio and Hyundai Solaris. Over half of “Asians” went up by 2.6 and 2.4%, respectively, as “Grant” and “Vesta” added to the price of 6.3%. In the pursuit of “Koreans” the Russian model have a chance get to close to him, but only at a price. Perhaps such a policy, the company shall prepare motorists for the exit of the second generation models, which will become even more expensive, but this marketing ploy it is difficult to call fair to the potential buyers.

Another factor considered production automation. The regular number of employees of “AVTOVAZ” is 35 thousand people. Despite the fact that the company conducts an annual reduction of staff resource spent on salaries and allowances. Against this background, more and more European and Asian manufacturers are moving to robotic Assembly. Robots perform the process from Assembly to delivery of the vehicle to the warehouse, saving time and money.

Photo: LADA Granta, source: AVTOVAZ
Five new LADA Granta will find owners in the Omsk region in the contest

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Five new LADA Granta will find owners in the Omsk region in the contest

2020-06-27 14:15:32

Whatever caused the rise in price — a marketing ploy or “cry of the soul” — many drivers increase the price of “budget” LADA Granta are not happy. The justification for this, according to the drivers, could serve to improve the quality of the Assembly or the vehicle’s equipment, however, is that prices are rising, and the car is “worth” on the spot.


Composed of the TOP 3 tuning Toyota Land Cruiser

Craftsmen finalize how modern “dvuhsotki” and the classic Land Cruiser 70.

Stock Toyota Land Cruiser 200. Photo: Toyota

Russian drivers love to tune their “swallows”, and they love “Kruzak” — national recognition to the SUV does not dry out with age. The editors of the portal “let’s Roll!” made the TOP 3 tuning Toyota Land Cruiser.

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 with air suspension

Classic “Kruzak”, which was issued in 1984, has a fairly simple suspension — front and back, and solid axles on leaf springs. This technology is already somewhat outdated, but because the tuners showed Toyota Land Cruiser 70 with air suspension.

Classic Toyota Land Cruiser 70 is “pneuma”. Photo: Instagram, suv.4×4

This decision will make “Kruzak” more aimed at off-road, that will have to pay more careful care, which requires “pneuma”. Suspension vulnerable to contamination, and if damaged repair nodes can not be.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 “for the rally”

The following “Kruzak”, is the modern Land Cruiser 200, also fine-tuned for conquering harsh off-road conditions. On cars fitted with a huge bumper for off-road, which are hidden in itself by the winch.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 refers to the segment of premium SUVs, but because the damage to the body panels on the off-road is fraught with expensive repairs. That is why the owner of this “Kruzak” decided to install the massive panels that act as protection of the body.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 off-road body kit. Photo: Instagram,


In hastahah for a photo in Instagram provided that this SUV-oriented rallies, but these cars require a protective frame, which in the car is not visible.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 “simple and tasteful”

Often to create a stylish image of the car is not necessary to give light weight spoilers and LED elements — only a couple of impressive details. A vivid example of this Toyota Land Cruiser 200.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 with special wheels. Photo: VKontakte

The owner of “Kruzak” set of custom 19-inch aluminum wheels, and extended wheel arches inconspicuous panels. Complements the image of customized bumper another form, equipped with led “foglights”.


Presented renderings of the new French hatchback

The car still did not wait for the facelift, as has the coming change of generations.

Photo: the Volkswagen Polo 2022 source: Volkswagen

Volkswagen Polo sixth generation marks the third anniversary since the debut in 2017. As noted by the publication Auto Motor Und Sport, the current Polo is already obsolete and Volkswagen is preparing a successor, due out in 2022.

Photo: the Volkswagen Polo 2022 source: Automobile-Magazine

French publication Automobile-Magazine published online, the independent renderings of the Volkswagen Polo 2022. On images it is visible that new Polo has retained the overall shape, reminiscent of a Volkswagen Golf, but it has changed in width, which increased from 1.75 to 1.80 m At the same time the length of the urban hatchback have not changed, the same 4,05 m.

Independent designers were inspired by Volkswagen Golf 8 to create the exterior — interior Volkswagen Polo 2022 also received a lot of similar traits. The dashboard in the new Polo have become more refined and is made in the form of an impressive touchscreen. Reporters expressed the hope that Volkswagen will consider criticism regarding ergonomics and correct errors.

Dashboard Volkswagen Golf, which will serve as an example for future VW Polo, source: Volkswagen

Development of architecture MQB A0 will allow to offer electrified versions of Volkswagen Polo. But because the platform does not charge from the mains, you will have to settle for a “mild” hybrid with a starter-generator that works with gasoline engine. Diesel engines in the new Polo can not wait — in Europe this type of power units each year becomes less popular.


Hengtain sells in China copy of a Land Cruiser

The technical part of “clones” is not far behind from the original, but the appearance betrays the trick.

Toyota Land Cruiser 100. Photo: Wikipedia

Today, the Chinese auto industry is associated with the brands of Haval and Geely, which have ceased to copy the design of world models and pulled the bar. 20 years ago things were different, but some brands are still “stamped” forgery.

A vivid example is the founded in 2011 the brand Hengtain, which produces a model If Yueli — SUV is a replica of the Toyota Land Cruiser. Moreover, the model receives a restyled options and different configuration.

Hengtai Yueli. Photo: Cartoq

Hengtai Yueli seen in 2016, is a copy of legacy at the time, Toyota Land Cruiser 100. About the “clone” is little known, but the brand still sells it in China.

Under the hood “Chinese” is situated 4.6-liter V8 engine that is able to give a solid 286 “horses”. The most powerful motor of the original “Weave” developed only 234 HP to accelerate a massive copy of Toyota Land Cruiser 100 can up to 196 km / h as the original.

But Chinese imitators did not stop and decided to repeat the success of Toyota Land Cruiser 200. In 2019, dealers of China Hengtian appeared L4600 — copy “Kruzak” costs 199 800 yuan, equivalent to about 1 800 000 rubles.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200. Photo: Toyota

With a budget copy of Toyota Land Cruiser 200 decided not to stand on ceremony — in the engine compartment went the same 4.6-liter engine.

It’s funny that “Chinese” repeats Toyota Land Cruiser 200 not only in terms of design — they copied the design of the side members, cross members, location of units and other technical stuff. Took care of the plagiarists and trim — almost “Kruzak” offered with five seats and a family 7-seater version.

If L4600 and Hengtai Yueli look like the typical fake goods from AliExpress, similar to the original. But on closer examination, such “Kruzak” give themselves some form of headlights, radiator grilles and the rear.

If L4600. Photos: Autohome

Why is idle Toyota and Hengtai still produces copies with impunity “Kruzak”? The case in Chinese law. Of course, the Japanese can sue the plagiarist, but the maximum that can achieve — model Hengtai can’t sell in Japan, North America and Europe. And there are “clones” of the Land Cruiser already not sold.

The role of “celestial” mentality. Chinese generally do not consider it shameful to produce a copy that would be no worse and cheaper than the original, and therefore even the local courts are “sympathetic” to the plagiarists.


Toyota RAV4 on LPG after 200 000 km of mileage: a car Enthusiast has shared his ownership experience

Regular oil change and a relaxed style of riding without fear allow you to put gas in the “Japanese”.

Photo: 2013 Toyota RAV4 source: Toyota

Japanese brand in the minds of Russian drivers has long been a standard of reliability, but how realistic is it to drive a gas Toyota RAV4 200 000 km little or no investment? Such a car is shown leading the “Technical channel club service” on YouTube, which talked to the owner.

The subject of discussion was the most common in Russia version of the model – front-wheel-drive Toyota RAV4 in 40-m body with 2.0-liter engine and a CVT. Crossover, purchased in 2013, only had one owner who installed the LPG for another 22 000 km. The choice was made in favor of Italian equipment.

For all time of operation has never had to change any suspension components except struts of the rear stabilizer. To date, “Rapchik” only needs to be replaced longitudinal ragachow two bushes and one lower control arm. The rest of the car has not had a problem with suspension.

Photo: engine compartment Toyota RAV4, source: “Technical club of the service channel” on YouTube

Thanks regular replacement motor oil is 7 500-8 000 km the engine is not presented with unpleasant surprises. According to the motorist, to top up the oil between servicing Toyota RAV4 he does not have.

The driver prefers a relaxed style of ridingso CVT also showed itself as a reliable unit. 98 000 km were made by partial replacement of the transmission oil, and after 200 000 km – full replacement with a new gasket and filter.

Benefits from gas owner to call difficult, but the savings on Toyota RAV4 the money he was able to purchase 19-inch wheels and tires to make noise insulation and shading, set a new multimedia system with 10-inch display.

“Japanese” is known weak head opticsbut the motorist has corrected this deficiency by replacing the factory halogen lenses on the Bi-LED.

Photo: 2013 Toyota RAV4 source: Toyota

Though reflex area is left untouched, the light was much better. In the future, the owner plans to do the polishing headlights and stick them on the protective film.

For example, the Toyota RAV4, the ownership experience shared by the motorist, you can see that when caring for Japanese cars can’t hurt installing LPG.


Low complaints with considerable mileage

“State employee” happy resourcesto components and assemblies, but the sad body strength.

LADA Granta 2013. Photo: Wroom

Making a choice in favor of the popular in the Russian market, the LADA Granta, the motorist gets mixed machine, I’m sure the owner of the “public sector” 2013. On the resource Wroom “grantwood” told about the negative experience, and recommended to spend money on a foreign car with mileage. However, portal users are sure no reason to call “Grant’s” unreliablebecause of serious problems with it at least.

Disadvantages of LADA Granta

The main claim of the motorist to the car, where you overcome 170 thousand km, was the destruction of the body:

“Began to crack at 150 thousand km in places of fastening of the Cup wheel to the side members, while the car in the accident was not” — said the owner, to match words with pictures of the cracks.

Listing other shortcomings, the owner of the car said: “it looks like a disposable”. A lot of questions on the “crickets” in the cabin, stained seats, “flying away” with thresholds paintwork, deflected by 30 thousand km carpet, budget plastic, which is “a conventional low pressure polyethylene”, covered with scratches, the glass on the mileage 10-20 thousand miles, “whine” of the cable box.

It is noted that the 8-valve 87-horsepower 1.6-liter engine, which is still installed on the restyled “Grants” in addition to a pair of 16-valve assemblies 98 and 106 HP, not even enough for overtaking trucks on the highway:

“You never know overtake a truck or not, clothed with the engine connecting rod and piston group weak and hungry”.

The Advantages Of The “Grants”

The advantages of the purchase of LADA Granta the owner took its price (today, “Grant” costs 466-649 thousand rubles in 7 trim levels and 17 modifications), as well as trouble-free first 10 thousand km of mileage.

However, the owners of “Grant” at Wroom are confident that the power of the motor “more than enough, than not.” Noticed that complaints from the owner to serious damage of components and assemblies was not:

“Reliable, it turns out, the car in addition to cracks, scratches and scuffs no complaints with considerable mileage”.

Economical engine, but the stiff suspension: the Main features of the Volkswagen Polo V

On the subject

Economical engine, but the stiff suspension: the Main features of the Volkswagen Polo V

2020-06-21 13:14:49

It is also noted that the manufacturer in the instruction manual indicates that the estimated life of the machine is 110 thousand kmso the claim baseless, and the “Grant” reliable. To avoid problems we recommend to change every 3-4 years or when the mileage up to 80 thousand km.

“Foreign car b/y in this respect would collapse, and Grant a whole”, — concluded the motorists.

LADA Granta 2013. Photo: Wroom

Budget sedan LADA Granta for many months, despite General market decline, remains the sales leader in Russia that is confirmed by the statistics of the resource AutoVercity, and also noted in the report of the AEB (Association of European Businesses).


Tuners presented a low Toyota FJ Cruiser

Filipino craftsmen have deprived “Kruzak” the main benefit, but made him faster.

Photo: Understated Toyota FJ Cruiser from Atoy Customs. Source: Street 63.

Car tuning like “Kruzak” often ends in preparation for the harsh “peresechenke” due to the suspension lift and install larger diameter wheels. But tuners from the shop Atoy Customs in Manila did the opposite and presented the understated Toyota FJ Cruiser, which is actually turned from SUV into a city car. About it according to the portal Street 63.

Sanityth “Kruzak” managed with a set of Endura Pro Tein dampers and springs Plus KYB Xtage with a diameter of 40 mm, and also the appropriate fit, and trim details. These improvements were enough to significantly change the appearance of stock FJ Cruiser and “press” him to the ground, but the tuning is not over.

Photo: Understated Toyota FJ Cruiser from Atoy Customs. Source: Street 63.

The idea was made by the owner of tuning Studio Atoy Customs Ton Llavewhose “Kruzak” 2014 release and fell victim to the experiment. Having also in possession of the frame Toyota Hilux pickup, the motorist thought that the two SUVs are not necessary. And so along with a team of tuners have prepared for yourself understated Toyota FJ Cruiser.

But the understatement “Kruzak” craftsmen from the Philippines decided not to stop along the way increasing the capacity of a regular 4-liter engine 1GR-FE V6 to 238 horsepower and 343 Nm of torque due to chip-tuning, installation of exhaust system type Catback and the new long headers.

And to the Toyota FJ Cruiser has shown its strength in all its glory, the car “shod” in suitable for urban roads the tires Stealth Custom Series F5 and removed from the rear door spare wheelby reducing the weight of the SUV. So “Kruzak” has become a compact SUV that just quickly goes through the city and the highway — a decision completely opposite tastes of most drivers consider auto publications Motor1 and Carscoops.

Photo: Understated Toyota FJ Cruiser from Atoy Customs. Source: Street 63.

Production staffing Toyota FJ Cruiser began in 2006 at the plant of Hino Motors in Japan. Since then, the model is valuable not only for a fun retro exterior, but for reliable all-wheel drive, the high terrain and liquidity in the secondary market where used “Kruzak” age 1-2 years is worth 4.5–5 million rublesand 5-7 year instance from 2.5 to 3.5 million rubles.