Germany has a new sports superstar

At the age of 24, Leon Draisaitl was voted the best player in the NHL. No German has managed that before him. Almost everyone in North America knows him – but he is largely unknown in his homeland. There are striking parallels to basketball icon Dirk Nowitzki.

What in football Skin is is in ice hockey Wayne Gretzky – a legend of the sport. “The Great One”. The greatest of all time. Even at the age of 60, the Canadian is revered in North America like hardly any other sportsperson, and in terms of popularity plays in a league Michael Jordan or Tom Brady.

When Gretzky speaks, they listen carefully. This was also the case on Monday evening when the former superstar announced the Most Valuable Player (MVP), the best player of the NHL season. The result was a novelty, because with the 24-year-old Leon Draisaitl from the Edmonton Oilers For the first time a German won the Hart Memorial Trophy.

Award of historical dimension

And although the honor is due to the Corona-Pandemie was only made virtually, the son of the former national player Peter Draisaitl could clearly see the emotional impact of the decision. “It’s really exciting. It’s a big thing for me,” he said, describing his emotional world shortly after Gretzky, a childhood idol, pronounced his name. After basketball superstar Dirk Nowitzki, Draisaitl is only the second German to play in one of the major North American sports leagues NHL, NBA (Basketball), NFL (Football) and MLB (Baseball) was voted Most Valuable Player.

Leon Draisaitl (2nd from left) is also an integral part of the German national team.  He has been part of the DEB team since 2014.  (Source: imago images / Peter Schatz)Leon Draisaitl (2nd from left) is also an integral part of the German national team. He has been part of the DEB team since 2014. (Source: Peter Schatz / imago images)

The native of Cologne now has it in black and white that he is a superstar in his sport. But like Nowitzki at the beginning of his career, Draisaitl is only known to those interested in sports in Germany. The broad mass of the population does not know his name. And that’s not the only parallel: “Dirk is someone I look up to. Someone I admire. The way he presents himself and how he has achieved everything there is for a professional athlete to achieve in North America,” so Draisaitl. That is why he declared a few years ago that his goal was to become a kind of “Dirk Nowitzki of ice hockey”.

Performance explosion in the preseason

He has now taken the first step towards this. And that’s because – like Nowitzki – he works hard and consistently on himself and is continuously developing. A few years ago, however, very few observers expected a coup like this one.

Although the native of Cologne found his way in the NHL comparatively quickly after his debut in October 2014, Draisaitl shone more as a template provider than a goalscorer. With 51, 77 and 70 scorer points (addition of goals and assists, editor’s note) between 2016 and 2018, he was considered an upper-class international striker. A player like Germany has probably never had – but not a superstar.

But then a performance explosion followed: In 2018/19 the man with the jersey number 29 scored 50 goals and 55 assists and was fourth in the league; this season he finally crowned himself the best point collector in the NHL with 110 points (43 goals, 67 assists) after the corona-related cancellation of the regular season. By the way, Nowitzki never succeeded in his 21 NBA years.

What makes Draisaitl and Nowitzki different

Nevertheless, there is one fundamental thing that separates Draisaitl and Nowitzki in sport – a title. Nowitzki won this 2011 completely unexpectedly with his Dallas Mavericksjoked afterwards Barack Obama im White house and caused a long unseen basketball enthusiasm in Germany. He became a global ambassador and at that time probably the only German world sports star. Draisaitl and his Edmonton Oilers are still a long way from that.

In the qualifying round for the play-offs, the Canadians failed due to outsiders Chicago Blackhawks. And although Draisaitl and Captain Connor McDavid always offer something spectacular on the offensive, there is hardly any improvement in sight. Because defensively, the Oilers have a number of weaknesses.

Leon Draisaitl also cuts a fine figure in football.  Born in Cologne, he is a fan of 1. FC Köln.  (Source: imago images / Peter Schatz)Leon Draisaitl also cuts a fine figure in football. Born in Cologne, he is a fan of 1. FC Köln. (Source: Peter Schatz / imago images)

Draisaitl’s title hunger

Despite everything, Draisaitl has a big goal. “What’s missing is a championship. That’s what it’s all about. That’s the most important thing,” he said a few months ago, and after receiving the MVP award, he affirmed: “It’s a nice personal award for me. But there is nothing that says it the Stanley Cup comes. “

But there is still a long way to go before then. But if the young German continues his career at this speed, the title will be more than a dream. Especially since he is already ahead in one category compared to Nowitzki: He only won the MVP trophy when he was almost 29 years old. Nowitzki was 33 when he won the title in 2011. So Draisaitl still has some time to catch up with his idol and finally become the “Nowitzki of ice hockey”.


Donald Trump appoints Eduardo Verástegui as White House adviser

City of Mexico.

Mexican actor and producer Eduardo Verástegui, announced, that was appointed by President Donald Trump adviser to the White House, through the initiative for Hispanic Prosperity.

I thank President Donald J. Trump for allowing me the honor of working for my Hispanic community in the United States as an adviser to the White House in the initiative for Hispanic Prosperity “, published via social networks.

Eduardo Verástegui, originally from the municipality of Xicoténcatl, in the center of the entity and an hour from the capital, explained that his job will consist of presenting proposals for help the Hispanic community, mostly Mexicans, to improve their conditions in the United States.

Work like White House advisor it will include aspects related to access to educational, training and economic opportunities for Hispanic American students, “he shared.

Likewise, the actor and producer of the film “Unexpected”, with a pro-life theme, said that from his new position he seeks to promote options so that there is access to a better choice of school, personalized learning and participation family.

He mentioned that he will work directly with economically distressed communities and small and minority-owned businesses.


Actor Eduardo Verastegui nominated as Trump adviser


Mexican actor Eduardo Verastegui reported through social networks that he will work as an advisor to the White House, in the United States, in the initiative for Hispanic Prosperity.

“Dear family, I want to share with you this new commitment, which represents an enormous opportunity to serve. I am grateful to President Donald J. Trump for allowing me the honor of working for my Hispanic community in the United States as an advisor to the White House on the Initiative for Hispanic Prosperity, “the actor wrote on his Facebook account.

Eduardo Verastegui explained that this initiative will extend equal opportunities for all Hispanics and allow him to present proposals to help the Hispanic community – mostly Mexicans – to succeed in the United States.

“The work as an advisor to the White House will include aspects related to access to educational, training and economic opportunities for Hispanic American students, the promotion of options to improve school choice, personalized learning, family participation, education civics and pathways to high-demand jobs, investing in economically distressed communities, and small and minority-owned businesses. Mexico and the US, more united than ever ”, he explained on social networks.

“Because # together we are stronger,” he added.



Donald Trump again denies climate change: “It’s getting cooler again”

Devastating forest fires are raging in California. That is why the US President is traveling to the critical area. His statements about the climate cause opponent Biden to a devastating verdict.

US President Donald Trump has the again on a visit to the forest fire areas in California Climate change denied. The world climate will soon cool down again, said Trump on Monday in Sacramento. “It’s going to be cooler again. You’ll see,” he said to California’s director of natural resources, Wade Crowfoot. Crowfoot replied, “I wish science would agree with you.”

You can find the sensational excerpt in our video or above here.

Inadequate care is said to have caused fires

For the huge ones Forest fires In the western United States, Trump once again blamed inadequate care of the forests at the meeting with emergency services and officials. “There has to be strong forest management,” demanded Trump. Fallen trees would become very dry after a short time. “They really do become like a match. They just explode,” Trump said.

California Governor Gavon Newsom admitted there is a need to improve forest management, but linked the fires with climate change: “The heat waves are getting hotter and the droughts are getting drier,” said the politician of the opposition Democrats. Climate change is “real” and exacerbates the crisis.

Trump had traveled to the disaster region to receive personal briefing about the huge fires. Even before his visit, a heated political dispute had broken out over the cause of the fire.

Biden: Trump is “climate arsonist”

The Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden called Trump a “climate arsonist” just before his arrival in California. Because Trump denies climate change, he also shares responsibility for the forest fires, Biden said on Monday in his home state of Delaware: “If a climate arsonist will be in for four more years White house no one will be surprised if more of America is on fire. “

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The presidential candidate of the opposition Democrats accused Trump of not taking responsibility for the forest fires. “We need a president who respects science, who understands that the destruction caused by climate change is already here,” said the former vice president.

The devastating fires that have raged for days in western states such as California, Oregon and Washington have already killed at least 35 people, 27 of them in the past week alone. Dozens more people are missing. More than 30,000 firefighters are fighting the flames, which have already devastated around two million hectares of land and destroyed thousands of homes.


Donald Trump versus Joe Biden – who is right now?

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are fighting for the US presidency. According to polls, Biden is ahead, but Trump can catch up in key swing states. The race is close. The current forecasts.

US President Donald Trump and its challenger, the former vice president Joe Biden, compete at the US election on November 3rd about the presidency. The race is close – a lot will depend on which candidate can win in the major swing states. It currently stands Florida Particularly in focus, Biden’s lead in the US state has shrunk to 1.2 percentage points. Biden has also lost its lead in New Hampshire.

The election campaign takes place in a time of crisis that Corona-Pandemie has hit the United States hard and since the spring there has been after the death of the African American George Floyd Mass protests against racism and police violence in the country.

By the summer, Trump’s crisis management meant that he was well behind the Democrat Biden in national polls and was only able to catch up slowly by the fall. Nationwide, Biden’s average lead in the surveys is over 7.6 percent. (As of September 14, 1 p.m.)

Who is really ahead?

The problem: National surveys are in the USA little information about who will be allowed to move into the White House in the end. In the US election in 2016, the Democrat was Hillary Clinton in the end with 48.2 percent of the vote before republican Trump with 46.1 percent. The end is known, Trump became US President anyway.

This is primarily due to the US electoral system. The president is not elected directly by the people, but by 538 electoral men and women. Each state has a certain number of them according to population size. The candidate with the most votes in the state basically registers all of the state’s electorate for himself. Exception: In Maine and Nebraska, the votes of the electorate are divided according to majorities in the constituencies. The overall winner of the state receives two more votes.

That is why it is comparatively difficult to predict the US election. But with a look at opinion polls in the various US states, one can estimate how close the race really is.

Current forecasts: According to the average calculations of “270toWin”, a non-partisan political side, Biden is clearly in the lead after electors. The race has not yet been decided.

What is the situation like in the swing states?

Biden’s lead over Trump is not as big as it might seem. US presidential elections are often decided in a few “swing states” – these are US states in which in the past there was often a changing Democratic or Republican majority. In some of them the race is close and there are many electors.

The US presidential elections were often decided in Ohio, Michigan and Florida. In these US states the race is tight, including the race Biden against Trump. Most recently, Biden lost his lead in the polls almost entirely in Florida and North Carolina, with a total of 44 electoral men and women in the two US states alone.

Current forecast: In the 2020 US election it is particularly surprising that the polls in Texas predict a relatively close result. If Trump loses in the home country of the Republicans (38 electoral men and women), he will probably also lose the election. For Biden, a victory in Florida (29 electoral men and women) would be a big step towards the presidency. Here, Trump was able to prevail just under (1.6 percent) against Clinton in 2016.

Democrats or Republicans – who will win the majority in Senate and Congress?

In November, not only the US President will be elected, but also the House of Representatives and the Senate.

In the House of Representatives, according to current calculations by “270toWin”, it looks like the Democrats could defend or even expand their majority. The 435 members of the House of Representatives each represent one constituency and are directly elected every two years. The survey shown reflects the trends in the electoral districts. Even if the Democrats lost all races that are currently considered “close”, they should still retain a majority.

The battle for a majority in the Senate looks tighter, and it is still completely unclear which party will be able to achieve a majority here after the November election. About a third of the Senate is re-elected every two years. This third is highlighted in the graphic.

The Senate consists of 100 senators. Each state has two seats. In the states that have to award a mandate, it is decided by majority vote. The survey values ​​shown reflect the trends in the states.

Current forecast: The polls currently see the Democrats at an advantage. If this is confirmed, the party could win majorities in Congress and Senate in addition to the US presidency. That would give them plenty of room for maneuver over the next two years and would be a heavy defeat for Trump and the Republicans.


Trump book with explosive details: This is how Melania rules in the White House *** BILDplus content *** – Politics abroad

Girlfriend writes Trump book with explosive details

That’s Melania’s rule
in the White House

New book hit about the Trumps. He promises revelations about Melania Trump, 50. And who is chatting from the sewing box on 352 pages? Ironically, the once close friend and once most important advisor to the First Lady in the White House, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff.

Read with BILDplus how explosive the relationship between the president’s daughter and Melania is supposed to be, what the president has a red button in the Oval Office for and why the first lady doesn’t give any advice.


Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s closest adviser resigns

Family lunches must not have been simple in casa Conway, for the past four years. “She”, Kellyanne was – until yesterday – President Donald Trump’s most trusted advisor, as well as the first female campaign manager to win a presidential election: pollster, political consultant, called to lead the election campaign in July 2016 and inventor of the most characteristic expression of this presidency, “alternative facts”, on Sunday announced that he will leave the White House later this month, after giving his speech at the Republican convention on Wednesday. Meantime “Him,” her husband George, a conservative anti-Trumpian lawyer, officially took a break from Twitter, the platform from which he launched his repeated attacks on the president, and resigned from Lincoln Project, the political action committee he founded and which brings together dissident republicans.

In between were the children, three Trumpians and fifteen-year-old Claudia, about 650 thousand followers on TikTok, where defines herself as a “left activist”: she too, on Sunday, took a “mental health break” from social networks, after having repeatedly trolled her parents, who last month they had been forced to activate a kind of family censorship. Claudia had first broadcast a discussion live with her mother, then turned to her father on Twitter – where she has another 400,000 followers – saying she was sorry that her “marriage had failed”. The censorship, however, did not last long: at the end of July she had asked to be adopted by the Socialist MP-star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Sunday came the latest attacks on parents, which generated a small political earthquake.

“My mother’s job ruined my life, to begin with: it hurts to see her continue on her way, despite her children suffering for years. She is selfish, all about money and fameClaudia wrote on Twitter, whose confrontation with her parents started in 2016, when the family moved from New Jersey to Washington. At the time, he even launched a petition on to avoid the move. “As for my father,” he added in another tweet, “politically we don’t agree on anything: we both have a little common sense, when it comes to the president ».

Sharp words, which have received hundreds of thousands of hearts, have brought Conway’s dirty laundry trending on Twitter and most importantly, they forced parents to take action. “I’m retiring from the Lincoln Project to spend more time on family matters. I’ll also take a break on Twitter. It goes without saying, however, that I will continue to support the Lincoln Project and its mission. PassionatelyFather George, 56, wrote on Twitter last night before sharing an article about his wife’s resignation.

«Less drama and more mama, from now on, for my beloved children, ”announced Kellyanne, 53, at the same time after informing the president of her decision. In an official statement, a Dropbox document shared on Twitter, she explained that her journey in the Trump administration has been exhilarating and humbled at the same time, but that she and George – who she has been married to since 2001 – have made this decision thinking about what was best for their children. “There are several things we disagree on,” he admitted, “but we are united on what matters most: children. Our boys are teenagers, they are about to start a new school year and at least for the first few months the teaching will be remotely. As millions of parents across the country know, kids who will be teaching from home need an unusual level of attention and control, as they are these days. This is my choice, it is my voice ».

The staff of the president tried to change her mind. They proposed that she take a break from the White House, joining the electoral campaign, but Kellyanne refused: she had no intention of traveling every day, writes the Washington Post, spending too much time away from family. In short, Claudia’s adolescent request for help and attention was heard, and his latest tweet is the digital version of a white flag, an armistice in the Conway war: “See you soon,” he wrote, receiving another hundred thousand hearts. “Thanks for the love and support. Don’t hate my parents, please“. At the top, on his profile, however, there remains a message, pinned on July 29: “Remember that a vote for a third party is a vote for Trump”.

24 August 2020 (change 24 August 2020 | 15:34)



The United States is stuck in the crisis

Dhe recovery in the American economy has slowed significantly. This is indicated by the latest labor market data. The bottom line is that companies and other employers filled 1.8 million jobs in July. That sank the Unemployment rate from 11.1 percent to 10.2 percent. Before the corona crisis hit the United States, the unemployment rate was 3.5 percent, at a 50-year low. In June employment had increased by almost 5 million.

After a dramatic economic downturn in March and April, the labor market recovered strongly in May and June as many companies called back their workers after lifting business restrictions. This process has slowed in recent weeks after the pandemic spread in many regions of the United States slowed down again. The American economy has made up almost half of the unemployment caused by the pandemic crisis.

The waning success in combating unemployment is becoming politically explosive because the unemployment aid decided in the government’s rescue package has expired. Unemployed Americans had received $ 600 a week in addition to their state’s unemployment benefits by the end of July. The White House and the parties in Congress have not yet been able to agree to continue the program. Republicans consider unemployment benefits to be too high and also want to put a trillion dollars less in a new bailout package than the Democrats. They insist that the federal government continue to provide unemployment benefits and support a $ 3 trillion rescue package. The leader of the Republicans Mitch McConnell has announced that it will agree to a compromise between the White House and Democrats, which is apparently currently being worked on.

Time is short: Without federal aid, the unemployed depend on an average of around $ 330 a week. Aid varies according to the state and is granted for different lengths of time. For many families, the situation becomes precarious because, above all, they can no longer pay their rents. Different tenant protection rules have been issued in the country in view of the pandemic, which have kept families from giving up their homes. Many of these rules are now expiring.

A group of researchers from renowned universities such as Princeton and MIT has now released a study that 30 to 40 million tenants could lose their roofs over the next few months due to evictions caused by a lack of rent payments. In ordinary years there are 3.7 million evictions per year. America lists around 100 million people in rental properties. Failure to pay also threatens property owners who may have trouble servicing their real estate loans, the researchers warn.

The fragility of the situation can be seen in the latest applications for unemployment benefits: in the last week of July there were 1.2 million. This is the lowest since the beginning of March, but in a historical long-term comparison it is higher than in most recessions that the country had previously suffered. A total of 16 million Americans receive state unemployment benefits.

The labor market clearly shows that the virus determines the course of the economy. The numbers are worst, where the number of people who tested positive grew particularly quickly. Local labor markets in the United States, with infection numbers like Texas and Arizona growing in July, recovered more slowly than those in states like New York, which, after dramatic numbers in the first wave, were more successful in containing the pandemic. The decline in business activity in parts of the country is not primarily due to new restrictions imposed by regional governments. This is suggested by a study by the economist Austan Goolsbee. This leads to the conclusion that most consumers are simply afraid to go shopping. The slow recovery has resulted in many workers becoming unemployed for a second time after being called back to work.


it raises the number of infections among young people – Telemundo San Diego (20)

According to the count of NBC News, the US reached early this morning of Saturday, the number of 2,467,147 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 125,547 deceased.

Texas and Florida backtracked on Friday, and adopted new measures against the bars, while the daily number of confirmed infections of coronaviruses throughout the united States reached an unprecedented 40,000.

The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, ordered the closure of all the bars, while Florida banned the consumption of alcohol in those establishments. Both states joined a small but growing list of entities that have been suspended, a greater re-opening of their economies due to flare-ups, mainly in the south and the west of the country.

On Wednesday, the number of new cases of coronavirus by day in the united States, exceeded the peak reached at the end of April, recording more than 45,000 new cases of COVID-19, more than the maximum 36,400 reached on the 24th of April, according to NBC News.

This according to data compiled Wednesday by NBC.

The state most affected by the pandemic remains New York with 395,703 confirmed cases 32,169 deceased.

New York will continue to the neighboring New Jersey with 173,640 confirmed cases and 14,872 deceased, the state of Illinois, with 138,540 infections and 6,847 deaths, and Massachusetts, which has been reported 107,837 positive for coronavirus and 8,013 dead.

Other states with a large number of deaths are Michigan (6,133), Pennsylvania (6,630), California (5,814), and Connecticut, with 4,307.

Health experts have said that it is seeing an alarmingly high number of infections among young people who are coming out again, often without masks and without follow other social distancing measures.

Governor Greg Abbott took the decision to the spike in cases of COVID-19.

“It is evident that the increase in cases is driven primarily by a certain type of activities, as the assistance of texans in the bars,” stated Abbott.

Abbott had undertaken one of the calendarizaciones most dynamic of reopening in the country. The republican had stood up to the demands of that order the use of facemasks and also had refused until last week to allow local governments to impose such a measure.

“The doctors told us at the time, and what is said to who will listen, that this would be a disaster. And what has been”, stated the judge, democrat Clay Jenkins, the authority of highest rank in the county of Dallas. “Once again, the governor acts with slowness. Now you are forced to do the things that you require to do so in the last month and a half”.

Texas reported more than 17,000 new cases in the last three days, and on Thursday reached a record high of nearly 6,000. The second most populous state has also registered daily record of hospitalizations, and Friday surpassed for the first time the 5,000 patients of coronavirus boarding schools.

The couple also has a daughter of 1 year, who also tested positive to the virus.

In Florida, on the instruction of the governor-republican Ron DeSantis, the agency that regulates bars took action after the daily number of new confirmed cases is closer to 9,000, nearly double the record from just two days ago.

Colleen Corbett, a maid of 30 years who works at two facilities in Tampa, was said to be upset and worried to stay again without a job, but pointed out that the restrictions are the correct size. Most customers were not using masks, he said.

“It seems as if they have forgotten that there is a pandemic or just left to worry,” said Corbett.

Several of the states most affected, such as Arizona and Arkansas, have republican governors who have resisted efforts to legislate mandatory use of facemasks and have reiterated the president’s desire to Donald Trump to revive the economy quickly, despite warnings that there could be new outbreaks of coronavirus.

The experts of the federal government estimate that they would be more than 20 million infected with the virus in the US. To see more of Telemundo, visit

The number of deaths from coronavirus in the united States has been around 600 per day recently, compared with about 2,200 in the peak reached in April. Some experts doubt that it will reach that level again due to advances in treatment and prevention.

The virus has caused some 125,000 deaths and has infected almost 2.5 million people in the united States, according to a tally by the Johns Hopkins University. But health authorities believe that the number of cases is 10 times higher. At the global level, the virus has claimed close to half a million lives.

Louisiana reported its second day with more than 1,300 confirmed cases, a number that made the democratic governor, John Bel Edwards to suspend a greater lifting of restrictions on mobility. The republican governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, did the same thing, since the new cases in your state exceed the 3,000 per day, and 85% of hospital beds are occupied.

For the second time in a week, Tennessee reported its biggest daily increase in confirmed infections, with more than 1,400, but the republican governor Bill Lee has been reluctant to re-impose restrictions or require the use of masks.