the father who died with his family from Bashkiria recently returned from Moscow

The couple enjoyed life and made plans for the future. Photo: social networks

The details of a terrible accident that claimed the lives of young spouses and their young children have become known. Let us remind you that everything happened late in the evening in the Beloretsk region of Bashkiria. There, at about 11 pm, on the 151st kilometer of the Ufa-Inzer-Beloretsk highway, the Volkswagen Polo car collided with an oncoming Man truck, after which the mangled foreign car was thrown into a ditch. Everyone who was in the cabin of a foreign car was instantly killed.

According to eyewitnesses of the accident, it was raining heavily that evening. The road was very wet and slippery, so the Volkswagen driver simply lost control of the bend, and therefore flew into the oncoming lane. The driver did not go for any overtaking, risking his family’s life.

A pile of twisted iron remained from the foreign car.  Photo: Regional State Traffic Inspectorate

A pile of twisted iron remained from the foreign car. Photo: Regional State Traffic Inspectorate

– It was a fatal accident. A passenger car skidded into the rain on a bend and drifted into the oncoming lane. The truck driver didn’t even have time to react. Now he is in severe shock and is waiting for a tow truck, – said a friend of the truck driver “Man”.

– Last night, we saw this family at a gas station, the girl managed to ride a scooter. Mom and son were standing next to them. When calculating, I wished them a good journey. So nice, polite, smiling. And now I came home from work, looked at the phone … Oh my god …. Before my eyes is a girl on a scooter, a doll! It was not night … Evening … They were already practically at home. We were the last ones who saw them and who took them on the road – gas station worker Almira G., who spoke with her family shortly before the accident, cannot hold back her tears.

According to the regional State Traffic Inspectorate, police officers, an ambulance and other emergency services worked at the scene. On the fact of the fatal road accident, proceedings have begun.

The truck driver is still in severe shock.  Photo: Regional State Traffic Inspectorate

The truck driver is still in severe shock. Photo: Regional State Traffic Inspectorate

The head of the Beloretsk region, Andrei Ivanyuta, also commented on the tragedy and expressed condolences to the relatives of the deceased family.

– The Ufa-Inzer-Beloretsk highway does not forgive mistakes. Even a slight speeding can turn into a terrible tragedy. Now, in the off-season, this road becomes especially dangerous. On the passes, the road, wet from rains, will begin to freeze, and drivers will need to drive cars very carefully, – the head of the district addressed the drivers.


As it became known later, a whole family died in a broken foreign car – young spouses from Beloretsk Vlad and Nina I., as well as their little children of three and five years old. All of them received injuries incompatible with life and died on the spot before the arrival of doctors. Friends and relatives speak of the dead as kind and sympathetic people who enjoyed life, made plans for the future and loved each other very much, treasured their family.

As the father of the deceased 27-year-old woman said, the wife and children were returning home from Ufa, where they went to meet the head of the family.

The children missed their father, who worked in Moscow.  Photo: social networks

The children missed their father, who worked in Moscow. Photo: social networks

– Vlad flew in from Moscow, he worked there, and the children were terribly bored, they were looking forward to dad. He brought them gifts, he wanted to please the children. These gifts all along the road then lay … – the man cannot hold back his tears.

Gifts bought for children were scattered all over the road

Gifts bought for children were scattered all over the road

– Lord, these are our neighbors. Children grew up before our eyes. How could this happen? What a grief! Children are crumbs at all! – Svetlana N., a neighbor of the deceased family, grieves.

– Timosha, such a good, well-mannered boy, went to my group in a manger. The parents are so nice, nice. May the earth rest in peace for you, – laments the teacher of the deceased boy Alia D.

The driver's wife who died was only 27 years old.  Photo: social networks

The driver’s wife who died was only 27 years old. Photo: social networks

– Sincere condolences to family and friends. A terrible tragedy that does not fit in my head. People, traffic rules are written in blood, follow them, please. After all, there is nothing to fix such a tragedy. Strength and patience to loved ones. Hold on, – regrets Nadia M.

KP-Ufa expresses its sincere condolences to the relatives of the deceased family.


Santa Marta reopens its beaches after six months of pandemic

As of this September 18, Samarians and visitors can make use of the different Beaches for recreation, yes, saving biosafety protocols as the distancing between people, because the Covid-19 it remains latent and we must not lower our guard against disease.

Manuel Ravelo Gómez traveled 16 hours on a motorcycle with his son from Cucuta toward Santa Marta And after filling out the form on the portal, he was from 7:30 am on Friday to be the first to go into the sea after six months.

“The main motivation was to take a dip after six months of confinement, which stressed many Colombians”, commented. After removing his mask, he walked into the crystal clear waters and threw himself with his back into the Caribbean Sea.

Barranquilla Shirly Arellano experienced a similar situation. Although the journey was much shorter, the woman left with her husband at 5:00 am yesterday from Barranquilla towards the capital of Magdalena.

“This is a delight after spending a semester locked up. I wanted to enjoy the beach again, I came to relaxAlthough my husband is working, I came to enjoy the day, ”she commented.


Woman cried on TikTok because only one boy attended her son’s party

Through TikTok, the mother shared her son’s experience on his 5th birthday

Woman cried on TikTok because only one boy attended her son’s party. Photo: @ nosilla865

A mother was recorded crying in TikTok after only one child attended the party for her son, who has Down Syndrome. The video turned viral in the aforementioned social network.

Through her TikTok account, the mother, an American national, recounted her son’s experience on his 5th birthday. “Do you want to know how many people came? A. The normal thing is that this would be bad for any child, but my son has Down syndrome ”, said the woman.

“My son has Down Syndrome and he did not realize what was happening. But what happens when you know? What will happen when you know that you are being left out on purpose? Why? The worst day. My heart is broken. Please raise your little ones to be good, ”added the mother.

The woman’s heartbroken confession has more than 7.5 million views on TikTok, plus thousands of comments. Some users contacted her to show their support for what happened, a gesture that she thanked in another video on TikTok.

The mother’s video quickly went viral and not only remained on TikTok, but was also spread on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other social networks.


Video: they shot a woman to steal 500 thousand pesos

The terrible crime of a 52-year-old woman who was murdered by motochorros when it stopped his truck, it was registered by a security camera and the video ended up going viral on social networks showing the violence of the murder.

The incident occurred at the corner of Alem avenue and Crisstomo lvarez in the capital of Tucumán. There a woman identified as Alba Domin, 52, was murdered to steal a purse with $ 500,000 in it.



“If he is an expert, why did he kill him?”: Relatives of the shot in Olaya

The relatives of Julio Enrique Rodríguez Gamero, the man discharged this Saturday by a police shooting instructor in the Olaya neighborhood, assured EL HERALDO this Sunday that, after death, they wonder “Why did they have to kill him?”

According to Yamile Rodríguez, aunt of the deceased, the family learned of the 32-year-old man’s death from a neighbor in the El Bosque neighborhood –Where the victim lived– who was at the scene of the murder. He assured them that they had shot Rodríguez Gamero three times: two in the back and one in the forehead, because he had allegedly committed a robbery in a car wash located on Carrera 32 with Calle 69C in the aforementioned sector.

According to Yamile, immediately the victim’s younger siblings moved to the Olaya neighborhood to confirm that it was Julio Enrique. At that time, the woman said, the police did not provide further explanations, they only requested the identity of the victim and allowed them to quickly recognize the body. Of course, the witnesses assured the relatives that the person who had shot Rodríguez Gamero was a policeman in civilian clothes.

Based on this, Yamile assured this Sunday, from Legal Medicine, that they seek answers.

“We ask the authorities to clarify what they were like and why, being a shooting instructor, did not shoot him in a place that did not threaten his humanity, but could strip him of the weapon, if he had one, and capture him. He doesn’t have a license to kill him, ”he said.

He also confirmed that your relative had a history of theft, but reiterated that this was no reason to kill him.

“Is there no justice for him?” Yamile wondered at the end, also clarifying that they do not know the man’s whereabouts that, supposedly, he was with his nephew at the time of the events.


One hundred years of the woman who made Peru a poem

Two songs, Cinnamon’s flower and Fine printare enough to give eternity to Chabuca Granda, the most universal figure of Peruvians (with the permission of Mario Vargas Llosa) and that this September 3 would have turned 100 years of life. Although she is still alive in each singer who utters: “Let me tell you, Lima.”

The enormous shadow cast by those two songs, reinterpreted by a hundred artists from different countries and epochs, should not hide their legacy in different areas of music and culture of Latin America. He renewed the waltz, rescued the music of African origin and faced adversity.

Many artists still find in her an inspiration to follow.
The tenacious, almost transgressive side of Chabuca It is the one that allowed the world to know his work, which could well end up in an office drawer. At 32, she had the courage to confront her husband, the Brazilian soldier Enrique Demetrio Fuller da Costa, who disagreed that his wife intended to earn a living playing the guitar.

They already had three children, Eduardo Enrique, Teresa Maria Isabel and Carlos Enrique, that demanded attention. They belonged to the Peruvian upper middle class. His place was in the house, with the kids, and not composing waltzes, as if he were a boy and, worse still, with other men, late-night bohemians. In the end, the Brazilian despised her for “dishonest behavior” and ended their 10-year union.

It is common to read that this divorce allowed Chabuca Granda, which was actually called Maria Isabel Granda and Larco, start your career in music. To be precise, the separation after a decade of marriage rather made her music known, since as a married woman she already developed an artistic curiosity that led her to explore and compose waltzes while working in a pharmacy and even won, in 1948, a competition with her first song, the legendary Lima de veras, sung by her friends who did not reveal the name of the author to save her from her jealous husband.

Lima de veras, which talks about the history of that city and the mixed feelings for its future, begins a stage thematic Inspired by the Peruvian capital at the beginning of the 20th century and which would last until the 60s. Horse breeders, godmothers, his own father (Fine stamp) and places like the Bridge of Sighs and the French-style houses with immense portals populate his lyrics. In 1950, two years before her divorce, she wrote La flor de la cinnamon, in homage to a washerwoman. afroperuana called Victoria Angulo. Her work made a poem of Peru.

After their divorce, in 1952, Chabuca composed prolifically and caused a revolution in the waltz and Peruvian popular music, but she did not record her songs herself. La flor de la canela was recorded in 1953 by the trio Los Morochucos, but it failed. In 1954, the Los Chamas trio recorded it in a more traditional version and it became so popular that it was later performed by various artists and became a second hymn of the Peru.

Chabuca She had to fight a little harder to record her songs herself, and not just against the deep-rooted tradition of male songwriters and the weight of the scandalous divorce, but against her health. In 1958, she underwent surgery on her throat to overcome a cigarette ailment, as she was a chain smoker. Left the operating room with another voice: he stopped being a soprano to be a contralto.

The change gave him a particular, more serious stamp, which he applied to a conversational song with stylized melodies that was successful, first in presentations in Mexico, Argentina and Europe, and later in the recording studio. Her first album just appeared in 1963, in duet with Óscar Avilés, a guitar genius from the Peru.

In the 60s, Chabuca turns his lyrics towards more social themes (the influence of the trova and the Cold War was general) and makes songs about the guerrilla Javier Heraud, the Chilean singer Violeta Parra and the Revolutionary Government of 1968. Chabuca She never defined herself as a leftist, but as a nationalist and conservative, but she let her heart carry her and compose on whatever impacted her. Like Violeta Parra, she believed that song was a valid tool for social change.

His music became avant-garde, drank from jazz and bossa nova, and broke with the need for everything to rhyme. Nor was he afraid of being helped by colleagues like the Argentine-Peruvian Lucho Gonzalez to search for new sounds. And so it also helped to lay the conceptual and sound bases of what was called Nueva Canción.

That collaboration was invaluable in its third great stage, in the 70s, determined to rescue Afro-Peruvian music. Underestimated by the ruling class since the Colony, Chabuca was key to the rediscovery of rhythms such as the marinera, the festejo, the zamacueca and the landau, in addition to helping to spread the Peruvian cajón and various artists and guardians of black culture. Finally, it became a link for Peru, which values ​​its Inca past so much, to also reconnect with its African past.

The Chabuca multifaceted was not limited to musical exploration, but to foray into other areas. She composed Christmas carols, wrote film scripts and musical plays for theater. She fueled the careers of colleagues like Susana Baca, who won the Latin Grammy twice, and Eva Ayllón.

Death surprised her on March 8, 1983, due to complications after a heart operation in Fort Lauderdale, U.S. Since then, she has been a member of the pantheon of the most illustrious voices in Latin America, especially women who have made music a hymn to life and have given joy and hope to their peoples.


Amazon Stock Splash, Jeff Bezos’ Ex-Wife Becomes the Richest Woman in the World – MacKenzie Scott who is a philanthropist, writer and ex-wife of Amazon (AMZN) CEO Jeff Bezos, is now the richest woman in the world. Scott’s net worth is now $ 68 billion, beating out his past L’Oréal heir, Francoise Bettencourt Meyers, according to the Bloomberg Billionaire index.

Scott received a quarter of Amazon Bezos’ shares in the settlement of the couple’s divorce in 2019. That is the equivalent of 4 percent of the shares that were worth more than USD 35 billion at the time. Thus, he is currently the 12th richest person in the world.

In July, Scott announced that he had donated nearly USD 1.7 billion to 116 organizations spanning four historic black colleges and universities. He described the organization as focusing on one of nine “areas of need” ranging from racial equality to climate change.

Last year, Scott also signed the Giving Pledge initiative, founded by Warren Buffett and Bill and Melinda Gates. This initiative encourages the richest people in the world to dedicate a large part of their wealth to charitable causes.

However, Bezos, the world’s richest person, has not signed the pledge, according to a list of signatories.

Amazon shares have jumped about 28 percent over the past three months, and are up more than 90 percent so far this year, according to data from Refinitiv. The jump in stocks increased Bezos’ fortune to more than $ 200 billion.

Scott’s surge in wealth follows a surge in tech stock gains, which has seen other billionaires rise to the top.

Earlier this week, Elon Musk surpassed Mark Zuckerberg to become the third richest person in the world. Tesla sees a 12 percent share gain after the Tesla 5-1 stock split on Monday. [azz]


“Just want to get on merit and all!” A woman whose newborn was killed by her grandmother speaks – Criminal – News

According to the accusation raised by the prosecutor’s office, Sandra Mitrevica, who has a medical education, accepted the birth of her own granddaughter at her home in Jelgava region last April. She did not call for emergency medical care and angrily took the newborn baby away and took her away, according to the accusation.

The baby’s mother, Cynthia, had no longer seen her child and did not know where he had stayed. “I wasn’t able to do it myself, but just my attitude, but I won’t say anything anymore,” Cynthia said.

The 24-year-old woman has been recognized as a victim in criminal proceedings. “I just want to get by the merit and all! If I had known there would be such an outcome, I would have done everything differently,” Cynthia added.

Mitrevica has been in custody since last November. The prosecutor’s office is demanding severe punishment, may even threaten life imprisonment, but the lawyer is still hoping for full acquittal.

“Of course, Sandra Mitrevica does not admit what she has done at the moment. She feels innocent,” said her lawyer Aldis Liepins. “(..) Of course there is some evidence. But there is a question about their quality, about whether they are enough and how it is all.”

“This situation is such that this corpse has not been found, but the prosecutor is convinced that this evidence, which has been recorded, would be enough to be able to bring this charge of murder as well,” the Zemgale District Prosecutor’s Office told the program. prosecutor Zinta Meija.

The accused was taken to the courtroom accompanied by two police officers. The accused answered in the negative to the question whether he pleaded guilty. On the other hand, when asked where the newborn was, her lawyer answered, “Dear ones, she is here before the trial and does not want to give interviews. We need to focus on the trial, not be a media star now.” The accused, in turn, claimed that he had answered all the questions, reports the LTV program “Panorama”.


They protest the death of Jaqueline, a young woman who was denied hospital care

Several people demonstrated outside the hospital. Photo: special


Jaqueline Zuniga, a 21-year-old girl had renal insufficiency. Last Tuesday she felt bad and her mother took her to the General Hospital of Calvillo, in Aguascalientes, where they treated her for her condition.

But they denied him the service Under the argument that he was a beneficiary of the IMSS and that to receive care he had to leave a deposit of 5,000 pesos, money that he did not have.

By not being cared for, the mother He called 911 for help. They promised to dial the hospital for care, but it didn’t happen.

Photo: special

Tired and desperate, Jaqueline asked her mother to take her home to rest.

I brought her to her house, she was very ill, I dialed 911 again, 911 came, they checked her and the moment they were doing their job my daughter became unemployed, so they did what they had to do, I got her. They took an emergency to the General Hospital again and that was where they had to receive her, but my daughter no longer had vital signs, ”says the mother.

Today in his house there is only one altar with Jaqueline’s ashes.

After revealing his death, several people came outside the hospital to protest poa ls medical malpractice and ask for justice for the death of the young woman.

At first, the protesters took both directions of the road to the municipality, both entry and exit.

Also, relatives, friends and different parents carried banners and they burned garbage and tarps outside the property.

Some achieved enter the hospital through the emergency room to demand that the director give his face and an explanation. However, he did not show up.

Finally, they decided walk to the Plaza de Calvillo, where his protest ended.


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Facebook viral: Doctors remove a meter-long snake from a woman’s throat

The reptile slipped into the woman’s body while she slept with her mouth open

Doctors remove a meter-long snake from a woman’s throat in Russia. Photo: Capture

In Russia, doctors extracted a snake one meter long from a woman’s mouth. The impressive moment when the reptile was taken out turned viral in Facebook.

According to local channel 5-tv, the reptile slid down the patient’s throat when she fell asleep with her mouth open under a tree outside her home.

The recording of the shocking moment shows a doctor pulling the animal out of the woman’s mouth using a tube similar to that of an endoscope, amid the astonishment of her colleagues.

The patient was under general anesthesia at that time, said the aforementioned media.

Some media suggest that the events took place in the village of Levashi, Republic of Dagestan.