With a gorilla in his hands, Andrejs Ēķis shows the Ukrainian version of his comedy “Swingers”

The first adaptation of Andrejs Ēķis’ feature film “Swingers” (2016) was shot in Estonia, the repertoire started on November 10, 2017, and by the end of the year, about 80,000 people watched it in cinemas. In Ukraine, the localized version of the film “Swingers” was released on January 1, 2018, with a luxurious publicity campaign simultaneously in several cities (Kiev, Odessa, Kharkiv, etc.). The film, as currently the most popular local comedy, is still in the cinema repertoire and by the beginning of March the film has been watched by more than 273,000 viewers, the box office revenue sounds most impressive, calculated in Ukrainian currency hryvnia – 22 million (100 hryvnia is about 3 EUR).

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An important element in increasing the popularity of local “Swingers” is the actors specially selected in each country, who are well known to local viewers. The Ukrainian version features popular show business stars – rapper Serjoga (performer of the popular song Chornij boomer in Ukraine), Oļa Polakova (one of the most famous singers in Ukraine), Dasha Astafjeva (Playboy model who lived with Hugh Hefner) and others.

The director of the film in Ukraine, as well as in Estonia, was Andrejs Ēķis, the creative and technical team represents both Latvia and Ukraine, the filming took place in Riga and Kiev. “Swingers” is the first film in the history of Latvian cinema, the original screenplay of which has been used in a remake made by another country, but in the world such a trend is currently taking effect.

The Latvian-Ukrainian co-production “Swingers in Ukraine” was shown in a special screening on March 28 at the Forum Cinemas cinema. Before the film screening, there was an opportunity to meet the film’s director Andrejs Ēķis and producer Kristians Alhimionokas, enjoy the greetings sent by Ukrainian colleagues (a glass of gorillas) and meet Andrejs Ēķis actors and creative group – Swingers team working at the National Cinema Center The comedy “Blēži” has been supported in the film production competition, which will have its Latvian premiere on June 1, 2018. The plot of the new film is based on the relationship between two completely incompatible couples, in the roles – Intars Rešetins, Rēzija Kalniņa, Ieva Florence, Ralfs Eilands, Leonarda Ķestere, Ivo Martinsons, Jurģis Spulenieks, Sandis Väljais and others.

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Crisis in the royal family: Queen Elizabeth holds an extraordinary meeting with Prince Harry

The meeting will take place at Sandrigem Castle. Duchess Megana will take part in the talks by phone from Canada. The meeting is scheduled to discuss “other ways” to reach a compromise and prevent the effects of the crisis.

According to the Sunday Times, there will be a specific talk about how much money Harry and Megan will receive in the future, what will happen to their titles, and what they could do.

The Dukes of Sussex Harry and Megan unexpectedly announced on Wednesday that they were relinquishing the status of members of the royal family. They plan to split their time between the United Kingdom and North America in the future. According to press reports, the couple has not previously informed the Queen or Prince Charles, Harry’s father, about this decision. The press reports that the move has “offended the queen and disappointed her”.

Harry, Megan and their son Archie have planned to spend six weeks in Canada on a private visit. Megana is still based in Canada.

On Thursday, the queen urged a “practical decision” given the couple’s desire for more freedom.

Meetings of the royal family usually take place in camera. This time, the press was also informed about the planned talks.

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Actress Anastasia Zavorotņuka gets worse and worse – half of her body is already paralyzed

According to the Russian mass media, she has multiorgan dysfunction syndrome – life-threatening organs refuse to function one after another. These symptoms appear in the most serious outbreaks of serious diseases – and Zavorotņukai, as already reported, is the fourth stage of brain cancer. Neighboring media is already drawing parallels between pop star and actress Jeanne Friske, who passed away after a battle with a brain tumor in the summer of 2015, and singer Julia Nachalova, who died in March this year.

The 48-year-old Zavorotņuka’s health problems began to be discussed in the summer, when she suddenly gained a lot of weight. Media from Anastasia’s acquaintances managed to find out that she had a serious diagnosis – brain cancer. However, the representatives of the actress at that time said – no, there is no such diagnosis.

Zavorotņuka complained about frequent headaches and nausea in the mornings, but she herself believed that the star of the series “My Beloved Nanny” did not lack work from stress and overwork. However, when the painkillers no longer helped, she had to turn to specialists, who found out that she turned to her for help too late. In August, the actress’ name was no longer found in applications for theater performances, she had to seek help from specialists in Poland. But after returning to his homeland, Zavorotnuk began to be cared for in a private clinic in Moscow, where doctors took the actress to an artificial coma and connected a lung ventilator. However, the actress started having pneumonia from this device, moreover, she already has a paralyzed half of her body. And because of concerns about the patient’s health, doctors have completed the course of treatment – the condition is so serious that any intervention can be fatal.

“To put it simply, the brain no longer has enough power to control the organs of the body,” experts told the media. “The patient can no longer save himself. The liver and kidneys refuse to function, which causes severe intoxication.”

Of course, only the closest ones are allowed to be at Zavorotņuka’s bed. The actress’ husband has been figure skater Pyotr Chernihiv for 11 years, to whom Anastasia gave her daughter Milu last October. In addition to the young offspring of less than a year, Zavorotņuka also has a 23-year-old daughter Anna and a nineteen-year-old son Michael.

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The electronic auction of the Corner House starts

The auction of the building will take place on the Electronic Auction website from 13 August to 14 September at 13:00.

According to the assessment made by SIA “VCG ekspertu grupa” at the end of 2019, the value of the building with a long-term lease of the museum is 4.247 million euros, which is the starting price of the auction. Auction step – 5000 euros.

Those interested in purchasing the building are invited to attend the Open Day on August 19 from 1 pm to 8 pm, by registering in advance.

“The corner house or Tetera nams is a property of state importance and VNĪ takes care to put it in order. As the property is not necessary for the provision of state functions and private developers did not find it , we decided to sell the building, preserving the place for the museum, “Feldmane said, adding that the money obtained is intended to be invested in the development of objects necessary for the state.

The building was built in 1912 according to the project of architect Aleksandrs Vanags as a rental house with shops. The building is an architectural monument of local significance, therefore, in order to preserve historical evidence, the buyer will have to follow the instructions of the State Inspection for the Protection of Cultural Monuments during the development of the building renovation project and construction works. In 2015, VNĪ renovated the facade of the house.

On the basement floor and on the first floor of the building, the Latvian Occupation Museum uses less than 700 square meters for the exposition of Czech history in Latvia.

As the property is not needed by the state, various possibilities for the use of the property were considered, including the VNI held several auctions last year, envisaging the possibility to transfer the building to a private tenant for the next 30 years, keeping it in state ownership. Recognizing the interest of market participants, VNI concluded that the hotel and dormitory business developers are mostly interested in this property, but the property rights and the necessary investments in the renovation of the building cause difficulties.

According to the Law on Prevention of Waste of Financial Resources and Property of Public Persons, unless otherwise provided by the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers – a real estate lease agreement may be concluded for a period not exceeding 30 years, but according to potential investors , therefore it was decided to put the building up for sale, the representatives of VNĪ said.

Tetera House opened its doors in 1912 as a rental-merchant house with shops and galleries. It housed the music school of the Imperial Russian Society of Music, a library and a bookstore, sweets and fruit, dairy products, flower shops, as well as a pharmacy of the Ministry of National Welfare. In the 1920s and 1930s, part of the building was used by the Ministry of the Interior.

The building housed the Ministry of Public Affairs, the State Statistical Bureau, the Forest Department, and credit unions in different periods of time. It has been home to the Latvian Anti-Alcohol Society, various newspaper editions, and later to the Directorate-General for Education and Culture, the Department of Arts and Public Affairs, the Department of Churches and Religions, and other institutions.

From 1940 to 1941 and from 1944 to 1991, the house housed the People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs, later the State Security Committee or a check. In the early 1990s, after the restoration of Latvia’s independence, the building was used by the State Police, which was there until mid-July 2008. Since the beginning of 2015, the exposition of the Occupation Museum on the history of the Czech Republic in Latvia has been located in the part of the building, and the house has been granted the status of a repressive institution of the communist regime – the “Corner House”.

VNĪ was founded in 1996 and its sole owner is the Ministry of Finance.

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In the second stage of the 3×3 basketball “Top Gun”, the Latvian national team base teams win in a fierce battle

The strongest team in Latvia, which starts in this tournament with the name “Ķekava”, with Edgars Krūmiņš, Agnis Čavars, Kārlis Lasmanis and Nauri Miezi, won all seven games.

The fiercest resistance was shown to them by the winner of the first stage “Saldus”, in which Matīss Kulačkovskis, Dāvis Gūtmanis, Kārlis Apsītis and Rendijs Feikners started, who lost to the titled opponents only with 16:18 in the final.

In the semifinals, “Saldus” defeated the Latvian 3×3 U-18 team with 21: 8, Ķekavnieki defeated “Mārupi” without effort (21:14).

In the women’s tournament, in the final match, the Latvian national team – Baiba Eglīte, Enija Ķīvīte, Rūta Stiprā and Liene Stalidzāne – defeated “Saldus” with 13: 9, in the ranks of which Anete Blūma, Alise Bruzinska, Dagne Apsīte and Laura Ceļapītere played.

The Latvian 3×3 Basketball League tournament series will take place from July to May. Six selection stages are planned in Ventspils, Saldus, Rēzekne, Liepāja, Ogre and Jelgava, as well as eight stages of the main tournament and the final stage in the shopping center “Akropole”.

The final tournament will feature the title of Latvian champion, a paid trip to an international FIBA ​​3×3 tournament and a technical funding prize that the team will be able to use for international trips. During the final tournament, the best long-range performer and the most skillful player will be determined.

In June, LBS informed that it had developed a 3×3 basketball development plan “Paris 2024”, the aim of which is to ensure growth opportunities and succession for Latvian basketball players, promoting the achievement of the highest places in international competitions and winning Olympic medals.

A number of projects will be implemented under Paris 2024. One of them – the creation of a professional 3×3 basketball league – started already this summer. The tasks of “Top Gun” are to promote players’ involvement in 3×3 basketball tournaments, competition and mass, to facilitate the preparation of national team candidates and to ensure the selection of national team players, as well as to ensure the accumulation of FIBA ​​3X3 rating points during the winter.

The participants of the tournament will be team players of municipal professional sports education institutions, sports clubs founded by legal entities, associations and general education institutions who have reached the age of 18, coaches, official representatives, referees, as well as 3×3 basketball administration.

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“I got into the bottle with one foot” – Kristaps Valters about the difficult period after the end of the athlete’s career

“I got in the bottle with one foot. It was hard,” Kristaps Valters told an interview with Ieva magazine, adding that he was in such health that “I can drink for three months – there is no hangover or any illness.” His father Valdis Valters and his beloved Lāsma Jukone gave him the strength to get out of the pit, with whom he is now together again.

From Lāsma, with whom the relationship began three years ago, Kristaps had been divorced for some time this summer and was seen in the public with the former minister, now the manager of Hotel Roma Linda Mūrniece. “Karmic twins have met,” Kristaps commented on one of the many joint pictures with Linda on social networks. Now both photos from the depths of the Internet have disappeared.

And recently for the magazine “Kas Jauns” Valters revealed that he is together with Lāsma again. They understood their feelings with Lāsma and restored their relationship. Kristaps added that he would not comment more on private life and invest all his energy in his creative projects.

Kristaps Valters is twice married – a daughter Katie and a son Valdis were born to Signi Valters, but Jane Anson-Valters gave her daughters Tabita, Lior and Abigeil. He married Jane Kristaps in the summer of 2013, but after the birth of her youngest daughter, the marriage broke down, and then Kristaps started a relationship with the dark-haired beauty Lāsma Yukoni, who previously worked at the club “Coyote Fly” and who once had a novel with showman Renārs Zeltiņš.

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This summer, after a year in France, Kristaps Valters returned to Latvia. For the magazine “What’s New” he admitted that she has not been with Lāsma Yukoni since the middle of July, moreover, one of the reasons why she returned to Latvia was Linda Mūrniece. “When I met Linda, I met a person who changed my life. We have spent a lot of time together, talked a lot … Linda is an authority for me. I have met a person, a friend, who finally gives me – helps with advice, supports, not just asks and demands. Linda was the one who convinced me that my surname has value, that it has to be used differently, that I have to realize myself in the field I manage best. We are really good friends who help each other. She gave me the stepping stone to get on the right path in life. Linda is like my mentor, my life teacher, ”said Walter.

Linda Mūrniece for the magazine “OK!” found that this summer her life has changed thanks to the person who cares for her. “The situation is that there is someone next to me who takes care of me. For the first time in life. For the first time in almost fifty years, someone cares for me from the bottom of my heart. I know clearly that my life has changed because of this person. Just turn around one day, look: yes, he’s already here. And immediately everything starts happening so fast. The target appears. Indifference disappears. I didn’t even realize at first that it was related to this person. It seemed to me that it was only about myself. I would like to tell even now, but I don’t know how to formulate it. I don’t understand. Because it’s not a story about falling in love, neither those butterflies nor cockroaches. And I also know it’s not for a moment. But I don’t know exactly how long. And what will come of it … I still wonder about it myself. ”

It is now clear what came out of it – no romantic relationship has developed between Kristaps and Linda, and Walter has returned to his Lāsma.

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A love triangle in the style of the Gauja. Review of “Nothing Will Stop Us”

“What is going on?” In the middle of the film in confusion asks the main character, played by Andris Keišs. And it takes some relief that you are not the only one who has such a question. Because at that moment you want to ask yourself (or the person sitting next to you) exactly the same thing: “But do you understand what’s really going on here?”

With his wife and lover

It is very easy to explain the story that really happens in the film. The romantic and musical drama “Nothing will stop us”, or “drama of passion”, as its creators call it, is a story about a charismatic personality – music producer Ralph Damberg, who due to his uncompromising nature convinces his wife and lover to live in one property, where lives his minor daughter. This experiment is slowly turning into an uncompromising struggle for everyone’s own interests.

The main role of the film is entrusted to Andris Keišs, whose wife is Kristīne Nevarauska, the daughter of Dārta Stepanova has been chosen as the daughter, but the lover is played by the director Andris Gauja’s wife Elza. And director Gauja is also the author of the screenplay, which sometimes creates a feeling – the filmmakers have gone so deep into it that they see the meaning of every scene displayed on the screen, because they have watched it dozens of times. However, it is probably forgotten that the viewer sees it only once, and it is not easy for the director to imagine that every view, every action, every spoken word should have a justification. But all too often, it seems that the scenes that would explain a hero’s actions have remained in the editing room and have only been seen by those involved. The viewer, on the other hand, is left to wonder.

You can also wonder about dialogues from time to time – or rather, that in recent years, when Latvian cinema has taken a huge number of pleasant steps in its development, both in quantity and quality, there is a clear lack of masterful dialogue writers.

Visually outstanding

Gauja’s second feature film “Nothing Will Stop Us” is a visually unusual film shot at the legendary Āraiši windmill, where two multi-storey cinema pavilions were built. It was filmed in night shifts, capturing countless sunsets and sunrises. And the result is excellent – a Latvian film so visually enjoyable and full of elegant shots is a rarity. You almost want to say that while enjoying the exterior, each frame is like a picture you want to linger on. And excited to exclaim – re, Latvians can too!

The film’s artist Jurģis Krāsons deserves great praise for his work, as well as the cinematographer Aleksandr Grebņevs, who has collaborated with director Gauja on his first feature film “Year of Release” and the documentary “Family Affairs”. Also, Gauja, as a musically gifted guy, has thoroughly worked on the material in the film. The choice of compositions and musicians can only be congratulated, moreover, in the right place “Nothing will stop us” echoes the special voice of Evija Weber, who has been so controversial in the people until recently.

The film’s actors are not to blame either, moreover, they are glad that they, not one of whom earns bread in the theater every day, have realized that the usual voice expression and perfect pronunciation from the big screen sounds quite unnatural. After all, life is like a movie, and in life, people both retell, do not complete sentences, or interrupt each other. The downside of the Gauja is the desire to involve certain musicians in episodic roles – for example, the acting talent of Kaspars Tobis still needs to be honed and honed until he can approach only a few seconds, but a powerful music journalist and not an excellent actor Ulža Rudaka.

There is no shortage of spicy scenes

Most likely, after watching the film, the puritanical Latvian society has three tongues about the appearance of very open scenes on the screen – both the naked breast is visible and Keish’s bare bottom is shining several times. What we see in almost every second foreign film, this domestic cinema seems something special. But “Nothing will stop us,” as the “drama of passion” deserves, nudity seems in the right place and in the right doses. The strikingly frequent smoking fell on my nerves a little more, although at times these scenes allowed to enjoy the great performance of the film’s artist and cinematographer.


Romantic drama, Latvia, 2019

Director: Andris Gauja

Cast: Andris Keišs, Kristīne Nevarauska, Elza Gauja, Dārta Stepanova.


Elza Gauja, the role of Emma:

“She is a young musician, stubborn and rebellious. Outwardly very cold and cold, but she really longs for love and attention, but does not use the right means to succeed in what she wants. “

Andris Keišs, Ralph role:

“Ralph shows courage, does not take others into account, but it is based on deep fear. He is a despotic person who combines courage and fear, creativity and its torment, as well as the role of a loving father. “

Andris Gauja, director:

“In art, the principle of working through the opposite is very important. If we make a modern film, which according to its genre designation could be a claustrophobically localized chamber drama, then it seemed that the visual language should be cut – because it is locally claustrophobic, because the visual language must be richer. ”

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At the age of 70, Valery Leontiev wants to become a father and is looking for a surrogate mother

Singer Valērijs Leontjevs has been married to Ludmils Isakovičs for 47 years [oficiāli laulība gan reģistrēta ASV 1998. gadā]. The wife has always chosen to stay in the shadow of her famous husband. Listeners who are not particularly interested in Leontief’s life and work may not even know that the musician is a married man, and so long ago.

For the past 25 years, Lyudmila has lived in Miami, USA, where her husband owns real estate. Leontiev visits his wife after concert tours and enjoys relaxing by the ocean with the lady. Lyudmila of the ocean on his shore works as a dog hairdresser.

Alexander Bogdanovich, Valery Leonontev’s former administrator, told Komsomolka that the 70-year-old Russian pop-up had been busy finding a suitable surrogate mother for her biological child for the past few years.

“Leontiev has not given up on his plan to become a father,” said the musician’s former subordinate. “Valery Jakovlevich’s wife Lusya believes that the surrogate mother must have the right origin and good genes. So they are reviewing the questionnaires for the time being and looking for a suitable surrogate mother for their next child. ”

Seven years ago, in an interview, he shared his thoughts on why he had not been with the children. The colorful singer at that time said that he had long understood that he was not created for the role of a father. “I’m so stormy and frivolous that I don’t even think about becoming a father. I can’t fully imagine raising a child, “Leontiev said. But now he is thinking and determined to enjoy his father’s role.

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Unstoppable Bucker takes the perfect “Dog” to the 7th victory in the bubble

“Dog” beat Philadelphia’s “76ers” with a score of 130: 117 (23:27, 40:31, 32:32, 35:27).

Phoenix team leader Devin Bucker scored 35 points in this duel. He became the first “Dog” basketball player to score 30 points in at least 91 games, beating Walter Davis’ record.

Mikals Bridges also scored 24 points for the winners, but 23 points were in Alek Berk’s account for the opponents.

“Dog” is the only team in Orlando’s “bubble” that has not lost a single game.

Also, the battle for the elimination tournament continues with the San Antonio Spurs, who beat the Houston Rockets 123: 105 (31:25, 35:24, 32:29, 25:27).

In the San Antonio team, Keldon Johnson scored 24 points and 11 rebounds, while Demar Derouzen scored 23 points.

Russell Westbrook had 20 points and seven mistakes in the Rockets team. This time the rest was given to James Harden, but due to injury, Eric Gordon did not play.

Spurs could become the first NBA team to play in the knockout tournament for 23 consecutive seasons.

The victory was also celebrated on Tuesday by the Boston Celtics, who with 122: 107 (24:17, 32:23, 27:33, 39:34) prevailed over the Grizzlies of Memphis.

The Bostoners had 29 points for Jason Teitt and 19 points and five assists for Gordon Hayward. The losers had 26 points and 13 assists for Jia Morant.

The Grizzlies dropped to ninth place in the Western Conference after Tuesday’s games and once again did not take the opportunity to provide at least play-in matches.

Also victorious was the Sacramento Kings, who played the New Orleans Pelicans with 112: 106 (27:29, 35:32, 32:23, 18:22). Both teams lost the opportunity to play in the playoffs.

Sacramento’s top scorer with 25 points was Herison Barnes, who scored 12 of them in the third quarter. Jalil Ockafor scored 21 points in the Pelicans.

It has already been reported that Kristaps Porziņģis scored 36 points on Tuesday and corrected his long shot record with seven “threes”, but the Dallas “Mavericks” represented by him with the result 131: 134 (31:38, 27:28, 37:32, 36:36) conceded Portland’s Trail Blazers.

The Dallas basketball players cannot rise or fall below seventh place in the Western Conference after the loss, but the Portland team rose to eighth position after the victory.

In the “Mavericks” team, Luka Dončičs scored with 25 points, eight rebounds and ten assists, but 24 points went to Tim Harvard, junior.

Damian Lilard scored 61 points in the Trail Blazers, who scored all 18 free throws and threw nine long throws. Another 26 points were added by Porziņģis’ former team member and mentor Carmelo Anthony.

Meanwhile, Angie Pasecnik scored ten points, while her Washington Wizards, 113:12 (21:24, 35:42, 28:33, 29:27), recognized the superiority of the league’s Milwaukee Bucks.

In the Wizards team, Rui Hachimura was the top scorer with 20 points, and Iš Smith scored 19 points. Brook Lopez scored 24 points for his opponents, but Stērlijng Braun had one less.

Bucks star Jannis Adetokunbo settled for 12 points and nine rebounds this time, but he only played for ten minutes. In the first minutes of the second quarter, he hit Moritz Wagner in the head and was expelled from the hall without continuing the duel. Before that, in the episode of the game, he hit the German basketball player in the chest with his elbow.

Rodion Kuruc, who was active in the fight under the baskets and collected nine rebounds, also went on the field on Tuesday, while Brooklyn’s Nets played Orlando’s Magic with 108: 96 (34:22, 26:21, 25:29, 23:24). .

Timothy Luvavu-Cabaro and Jeremiah Martin scored 24 points in the Brooklyn team and Janan Musam scored 17 points. Vess Ivundu and Markele Fulcs scored 18 points for their opponents.

A mini-tournament will end in Orlando on Friday, where teams will find out the places sown before the elimination tournament. The fiercest battle will be for the final milestone at the Western Conference, which will be split between Trail Blazers, Grizzlies, Dog and Spurs. Two of these teams will have to complete play-in matches before the elimination tournament, in which the eighth place winner will need one win and the ninth place holder two wins.

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Madara Kiviča before the wedding anniversary: ​​”I will throw the wedding ring in the canal at the Freedom Monument”

More than two months have passed since it became known that the musician and candidate of the party “KPV LV” 13th Saeima Andris Kivičs (40) has chosen to form a relationship with the lady of the society, artist, journalist and mother of three Lieni Skulmi, moving to life in her family. Madara Kiviča, 26, with two daughters born to Andrew, has to start anew. However, she is determined, believes that life will succeed, and told the magazine “Kas Jauns” about her daily changes, the job of a nanny found, future plans and whether she is ready for a new relationship.

Accustomed to new life

“It’s been more than two months, and I think I’m very used to new life – without Andris. Now I live with girls with a different rhythm. Looking back, I understand – we had pampered our girls a little. Well, you have to put some kind of frames, you have to draw bigger and tighter boundaries. Also to take care of yourself. Now I understand that no one has to make concessions. “

The girls have to accept that my mother has to listen and it will not be the way it used to be, when they often allowed themselves to speak out against me.

Everything was real

“I believe that it would be best in a relationship if a person openly said that he no longer had feelings for each other. Everything happens in life, in relationships too. The problem is that there are people who do not talk about their feelings. We were different, because Andris said that he talks about feelings all the time. But it turns out that he has also kept something secret, because according to him, it turns out that the “gap” in the relationship has been so long. It is clear that he has kept something secret. “

I do not make myself holy, I do not say that I have been perfect. I was wrong too.

“We were both wrong, there have been louder disputes, but there are everyone. Andrew and I weren’t perfect, but we were both sensitive, fragile souls. When I was touched, I lived for a long time, Andris is like that. We had strong feelings and no one we didn’t want to hurt each other. We didn’t represent a happy couple, we really had everything. “

A gesture of memory

“The wedding anniversary is approaching … I don’t wear our wedding ring anymore. I’m waiting for spring, when the ice melts, I will throw it in the canal where the muse wedding ceremony took place, at the Freedom Monument. Let it stay there. Then I will go there symbolically alone , I will think about everything as it was, because those were wonderful years in my life … “

“I will definitely buy myself a new ring, because I like accessories very much. I know many couples who either throw rings in the Daugava after divorce, or go and leave together in a place where they are acquainted or married. There is nothing reprehensible, it’s actually a nice gesture to remember. on former relationships and marriage. “

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