Serena Williams withdraws from French Open due to injury

The 39-year-old tennis player arrived in France with an Achilles tendon injury, which was exacerbated after the first round of duel, in which she defeated her compatriot Christians Ana 7-6 (7: 2), 6-0.

In the second round, Williams had to meet with Bulgarian Tsvetan Pirinkov (WTA 157) on Wednesday.

“After the US Open, there wasn’t enough time to heal the Achilles tendon. I even walked with difficulty, which means it’s time for rehabilitation,” the tennis player explained.

“I need four to six weeks of rest. I don’t think I’ll be in any more tournaments this season.”

The American has won the 23rd Grand Slam title during her career, but will have to wait for next season to reach the record. The legendary Margaret Cort won one more title during her career.

The first number from Australia’s Ashley Barthy, the new “US Open” champion Naomi Osaka from Japan, as well as the talented Canadian Bianka Andresu will not start in the women’s competition in the French Open this season.

The Roland Garros tournament was due to take place this year from May 25 to June 7, but in mid-March it was moved to autumn and is the last Grand Slam of the season.

The tournament takes place on clay.

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The Lakers return to the throne of the NBA after a ten-year hiatus

The Lakers beat the Miami Heat in the sixth game of the final series with a score of 106: 93 (28:20, 36:16, 23:22, 19:35), reaching 4-2 in the series with four victories.

In the Lakers, Lebron James, who was recognized as the most valuable player in the final series, stood out with 28 points, 14 rebounds and ten assists. Anthony Davis added 19 points and 15 rebounds, but the experienced Rayon Rondo also scored the same amount.

The Heat ranks 25 points and ten balls under the baskets for Bamam Adebajo, while Jimmy Butler scored 12 points and seven rebounds.

For James, this was the fourth NBA title won by the third team. In 2012 and 2013, he managed to do so by playing in the Heat ranks, but four years ago he was crowned champion in the Cleveland Cavaliers. He also became the first basketball player to be recognized as the most valuable player in the finals on three different teams.

For the Lakers, this is the first title since 2010, but already in the history of the club for the 17th time, which is a repeated record. The Boston Celtics have the same title.

“Representing this team means a lot,” James said after winning the finals. “When I arrived in Los Angeles, I talked to Lakers co-owner Jenny Bass that I would return the team to where it was.”

Basa, on the other hand, emphasized that the trophy won demonstrates the team’s ability to come together even after difficult times. At the beginning of the year, Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna and seven others were killed in a helicopter crash.

This is the first NBA trophy for Los Angeles team coach Frank Vogel and Davis.

The Lakers are a seventeen-time NBA champion, winning many of their titles in the 1950s and 1980s, as well as in the first decade of this century. The last time the Los Angeles team became the champion was in 2010, when it was represented by Kobe Brian, who tragically passed away this year.

Meanwhile, “Heat” was crowned champion in 2006, 2012, and 2013, winning the last two titles with Lebron as a member of James. It last played in the NBA Finals in 2014, when it recognized San Antonio’s “Spurs” superiority in the 1-4 series.

The final phase of the NBA season took place at Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando. First, the teams played sowing games, but then started the “play-off”.

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Actor Gatis Gaga is married to the daughter of MP Inguna Ribena

According to the magazine “Privāta Dzīve”, the couple married on October 3. Gaga, who has just been nominated for the Great Kristaps Award for Best Supporting Actor, has not wanted to comment in detail on this important event in his life. However, it was found out that the couple was married in the Riga Dome Church, in the presence of almost 100 guests. The new wife has both kept her own name and adopted her husband’s surname and is now called Jacqueline Zaber-Gaga.

The actor has hardly posted his private life. After several interviews, it is clear that at the end of 2005 he became the father of his son Tomas Indrikis. The child’s mother is actress Līga Zeļģe’s sister Lelde, with whom the actor had met during the League graduation. Two years ago, Gatis said in an interview that Tom was a big part of his life. Although his and his mother’s mother’s life together has broken down, he is spending the summer in the countryside with his offspring.

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As you know, Gatis Gaga was one of the six actors who were dismissed by director Alvis Hermanis in the summer of 2017 during the reorganization of the New Riga Theater. While the other laid-offs agreed to remain freelance, Gaga decided not to play in the theater anymore. As an actor, he continues to use his talents, although his daily work is mostly related to farming. Already in 2001, while still successfully operating in the theater, Gatis seriously recovered in his native home – on a farm in Ugāle, Ventspils region, planting apple trees on three hectares.

However, Gag’s career as an actor has also continued to be quite productive. Last year, he played a prominent role in the epic domestic war drama “Soul Blow of Souls” and starred in “What Silent Gerda Knows”, having just received the “Big Kristaps” nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

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Corpse in the roof rack – Elza Gauja starts working on the black comedy “Mom is still smiling”

The actresses will be more closely involved in this film than usual – in addition to the experienced screenwriter Rasa Bugavičute-Pēce, all three actresses are also entrusted to participate in the creation of the film’s script.

“The story of the film can be told in the form of an anecdote. Three sisters, trying to bypass the repatriation and expenses, cross Europe with their deceased mother in the roof rack. But this is an anecdote with meaning, ”explains Elza Gauja. “Sisters scattered across Europe are forced to talk again and stop pretending to be better and more successful than they really are.”

The actress also shares her personal experience in creating the script. “Everyone has a story about their mom, dad, sisters or brothers, and it’s always special. I have a younger sister myself, and I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be the youngest child in the family. Now I can feel that way for a while,” Anta Aizupe, who was nominated for the “Big Kristaps” award last year in the category of the best actress of the year.

“The film” Mom is still smiling “will be expressed in the cinema of the actors’ ensemble with bold visual stylistics,” promises producer Andris Gauja. “By filming in an expressive close-up, we will give the viewer the opportunity to breathe and live with the actors for an hour and a half,” adds the film’s director.

So far, Elza Gauja has mainly presented herself as a film and theater actress in feature films “Year of Release” (2014), “Nothing Will Stop Us” (2019), “Class Reunion 2” (2020); in theater performances “Bernardas Albas nams”, “Roberto Zuko “,” Pagrabs “), but currently Elza is making her directorial debut, at the same time making two feature films – the documentary” Lucavsala ‘s Requiem “and the black comedy” Mom still smiles “, in addition to completing the film director’ s education

Along with Baiba Broka, Daiga Kažociņa and Anta Aizupe, the film will also feature male actors – Jānis Skutelis, Matīss Budovskis, while in the role of a mother, a special surprise awaits the audience. Cinematographer Aleksandrs Grebņevs, cinematographer Jānis Bijubens, costume designer Līga Krāsone, make-up artist Dzintra Bijubena and lighting artist Nikita Karpovs will take care of the visual language of the film “Mom is still smiling”. The screenwriter of the film is Rasa Bugavičute-Pēce, with the participation of all three actresses, but the producers are Marta Bite and Andris Gauja. The film is made in the studio “Riverbed”, which we know from the feature films “Release Year” and “Nothing Will Stop Us” by Alsra’s husband Andris Gauja.

The film “Mom is still smiling”, with a planned budget of around 200,000 euros, is being funded by the Ministry of Culture and the National Film Center as part of the 2019 low-budget feature film competition. Filming is planned for the winter months both in Latvia and in several neighboring countries, while the premiere of the film in Latvia will take place at the end of 2021.

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Opis from Latvia is gaining incredible success on the popular site “TikTok”

For comparison – “Latvian Sisters“has” only “1.6 million followers. One sister video earns around 50, 70, 120 thousand views, there is also a video viewed 4.3 million times. But” Dednahype “such figures that” Latvian Sisters “is remarkable figure, able to reach … within hours.

“Dednahype” is approaching that the number of followers of this account (which also has the Latvian flag in its profile and it is clear from several videos that they were taken in Latvia) would reach 10 million – 9.9 million already. And this account also has videos that have been viewed more than 82 million times. Not even the world’s show business stars, whose profiles are on the TikTok website, should be ashamed of it.

Dednahype has already earned a total of 133 million likes. For example, Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson or The Rock, followed by TikTok by nearly 30 million fans, has only a few dozen “likes” a million more. And in this ranking of “likes” marks, “Dednahype” convincingly surpasses even the actress and singer Selena Gomes, not to mention other celebrities.

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So what has Dednahype, which depicts the “exciting” adventures of an opium, gained huge popularity? Everyone has to decide for themselves.

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Salaries, by gender, in Rivera Schatz’s Senate

In Thomas Rivera Schatz’s Senate there are five more female employees than male employees and earn $ 226 less than men in their average monthly salary.

According to a comparison carried out by n El Calce, the Senate payroll also pays a total of $ 17,149 more to men than women each month. The mathematics was performed by adducing the gender according to the name of the person employed.

Look at the table:

Just in case, here are the numbers that were used for this math:

Copy of Copy of Roster Admi… by Puerto Rico Metro


Telegram: Illegal Artificial Intelligence Bot is stripping women on the internet – Apps – Technology

The cybersecurity company Sensitive AI published an investigation into a bot that uses artificial intelligence (IA) to ‘strip’ photos of women and then share them on the Telegram messaging service.

According to the report, the bot uses software that generates a realistic approximation of the intimate parts of the women’s bodies in the photos. The program learns to detect clothing items and the location of body parts. Then, from several photos of clothed and nude women you can create a version of a nude female body that appears in any image. (You may be interested in: Due to elections in the US, Twitter changes the rules of the ‘retweet’).

Investigators determined that more than 100,000 women have been victims of the bot and that there are at least seven Telegram channels where the photos are shared.

Channels are a tool in this application to spread messages to large audiences. Internet users access publications when they subscribe to a specific channel.

Sensitive AI also explained that, through Telegram channels, people upload the photo they want to alter, wait a few minutes and the bot sends the image to the user completely free. However, if you want to remove the watermarks from the photo, you must pay around $ 1.50 (5,700 Colombian pesos).

(See also: WhatsApp prepares calls and video calls option in its web version).

In an interview with ‘MIT Technology Review’, a specialized magazine of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, for its acronym in English), Giorgio Patrini, CEO of the company that led the investigation, he assured that “it is quite obvious that most of the photographs are of minors.”

The victims are in countries such as Argentina, Italy, Russia and the United States.

Through an anonymous survey of more than 7,000 users of the bot, it was established that the majority of these are from Russia. Likewise, 63% of those surveyed assured that they use it to ‘undress’ relatives, girls or women they know, 16% use it in photographs of celebrities; 8%, in images of models or women on Instagram; 7%, in internet women; and 6% said they had no intention of using it on girls.

The cyber company also specified that most of the victims come from countries such as Argentina, Italy, Russia and United States.

(Too: The mysterious ‘Robin Hood’ hackers who steal to give to charity).

The CEO of Sensitive AI also told the MIT magazine that the researchers tried to contact some of the women, but none of them wanted to share their experience.

It is quite obvious that most of the photographs are of minors

In addition, he commented that they tried to contact Telegram and the FBI, but, he said, he has not yet received a response from any of the organizations.

This type of artificial intelligence is known as ‘deepfake’ and, according to Patrini, it is not the first time it has been used, since The researchers found another page dedicated to the creation and distribution of this content on the Russian social network VK.

(Keep reading: So you can see WhatsApp statuses without your contacts knowing).

Patrini also referred to the possible advances of this technology. “The algorithm is beginning to be used in videos. It’s very rudimentary at the moment, but I’m sure people are going to perfect it. The information exposed in the investigation is only the tip of the iceberg ”, he closed.



Kenina and Schwyontek will meet in the French Open final

In the first semi-final, Schwyonteka (WTA 53) convincingly defeated the previously qualified Argentine Nadia Podoroski with 6-2, 6-1, who takes the 131st place in the WTA rank.

On Thursday, Schwyontek became the first Polish tennis player to reach the final of the French Open in the last 81 years.

It is significant that the Polish woman has never lost a set in the tournament.

“I’m really surprised,” Schwyoneck said after the historic victory. “At first I didn’t expect to play so well here, but I felt internally that if I reached the Grand Slam final, it would definitely be in Paris.”

In 1939, another Polish woman, Jadviga Jeržejovska, lost in the final of this tournament. In the open era, she is only the second Polish woman to reach the finals of the Grand Slam tournament. Eight years ago in Wimbledon, Agneška Radvaņska did it.

She has also become the only seventh unsown tennis player to make it to the finals in Paris. Of the previous six tennis players, only Alona Ostapenko, who did it in 2017, has celebrated the victory in the final with such status.

Podoroska, meanwhile, was the lowest-ranked tennis player to reach the semifinals of the French Open in the Open. The performance in the tournament will allow her to rise to the record high 48th place.

In the final, Schwyonteka will meet the winner of the Australian Open Championship Kenina (6th WTA), who is sown with the fourth number in the tournament. The American with 6-4, 7-5 defeated Wimbledon champion Peter Kvitov from the Czech Republic (WTA 11th), who was placed with the seventh number.

Kenina has the opportunity to become the first tennis player to win two Grand Slam titles in one season since 2016. Previously, the German Angelika Kerbere, who won in Australia and the United States.

Significantly, Kenina had never played in the quarterfinals in her career in clay tournaments before.

In the women’s competition in the French Open Championship this season, the first number of the rank from Australia Ashley Barthy, the new “US Open” champion Naomi Osaka from Japan, as well as the talented Canadian Bianka Andresco will not start.

The Roland Garros tournament was due to take place this year from May 25 to June 7, but in mid-March it was moved to autumn and is the last Grand Slam of the season.

The tournament takes place on clay.

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Gatis Grāvers will play the famous father before his birth in the film

The news that his son Gatis was chosen for the role of Aigars Grāvers came only on the first day of filming, becoming an even bigger event than the fact of the shooting of the film “Jumprava. The Big Event” itself.

That Gatim’s role was not only due to acquaintance is confirmed by the casting, which was attended by many young people. And Gatis was chosen after proving his strength in trials. “Two factors were important to apply for the role: musical skills and visual appearance – similarity to one of the band’s musicians. It so happened that I have it all. That’s why the film’s director Aigars Graub, when he called to apply for casting, did not have to be particularly persuasive, ”says Gatis, who will have his first experience in acting and in front of the cameras, in a conversation with Kas Jauns magazine.

It could be difficult to compete with Gati in the likeness of his father to others, because visually, father and son are alike. Graver’s son is not unaware of the music either. Although the guy has not connected his professional path with music – he is an architect – Gatis has attended a music school since childhood, where he learned to play the piano, even participated in international competitions, so when filming at a keyboard, you can feel confident.

According to the press, Gatis formed the group “Sol Luna” together with Matīss Runtulis, a musician who has already passed away during school, and has worked in it, which Aigars has praised, saying that “nothing happens to his son”. Graver’s son had never felt the pressure of his parents to play music. After graduating from high school, he played in groups in France, but did not make money with music, it is his hobby. In the film Gatis will also be seen playing guitar and singing, because all the compositions will be performed by the actors themselves “live”.

Gatis studied at a French lyceum and, when he had to make a choice about what to become, he went to France to study architecture at the École nationale supérieure d’architecture de Montpellier. That’s how it is, – the young man asks why architecture determines. He has lived and worked in France, in Montreal, for ten years. It is rare to come to Latvia, and this time he will be here until the middle of October due to filming. “I don’t know what I have signed up for, now I’m just starting to guess what it’s all about. Filming and role-playing is an unfamiliar field for me, but I am open to trying something new, I really want to understand what it is, ”Gatis smiles on the first day of filming.

The fact that he is the son of Aigars will probably make it easier to feel the role. “I see other actors trying to capture the image of their hero – to meet and talk to the musician for at least half an hour to feel the person. I can pretty well imagine Aigars’ reactions to him in different situations. It’s a bit easier for me, ”says Gatis. Whether he is naturally like his father, however, he does not have to judge himself – it must be better visible from the outside.

Given the period of the film, it turns out that Father Gatis will be portrayed just before his birth. At the same time, the work in the film will give the young person the opportunity to learn more about the Awakening time, the work of “Jumprava” and its significance in it, because “for my generation, fanating about” Jumprava “has gone away”. “I am not in the generation that has heard this music a lot; just as much as I have listened to myself. But in filming, I see and understand that people older than me perceive the group as an essential part of their youth. ”

Asked whether the film will allow him to get to know his father better, Gatis is reluctant to answer, pointing out that he does not want to talk about private life, only about the film. But little is known about it yet. “If you ask this question when the film is finished, I will answer you, now I don’t know what to say,” explains Aigars.

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As you know, Aigars Grāvers (59) is the father of five children. Aigars met his eldest son Ilvar (32), who was given to him by his first wife and raised by his grandparents after her death, denying the opportunity to see only two years ago. Gatis, like his sister, was born to Aigars in a relationship with his second wife Lilita. In turn, the two youngest sons, who are currently of primary school age, were born to the musician in a recently divorced marriage with producer Aija Strazdiņa. Graver himself did not hide in the interviews that he is aware that he has spent too little time with his older children, that he values ​​his role as a father as a “twin” and that it is painful to realize and feel this emptiness.

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World champion Alafilipp has a heavy fall on a Flemish bike ride

In this competition, cyclists had to cover a distance of 243.3 kilometers with 15 floors and heavy hills, as well as several sections of pavement.

About 36 kilometers before the finish, the Frenchman Deceuninck-QuickStep, along with the Belgian Jumbo-Visma and the Dutch van der Pool (Alpecin-Fenix), set off from the group, but a few kilometers later the world the champion suffered a heavy fall. On a slight incline, he did not see the race judge in front of the riders behind the rivals and hit him on the shoulder.

Alafilips plumped and landed heavily, grabbing his arm in pain. Of course, he injured the shoulder and wrist of his right hand.

After Alafilip’s resignation, Van Arts and van der Pool maintained a two-wheeler victory in the finish line. Van der Pool was superior to the hairdresser. The next group split third, with Norwegian Alexander Christophe (UAE) winning the victory.

It is significant that in 1986 Matri van der Paul’s father Adri won this bike ride.

On Sunday, the Latvian cyclist Skujiņš of the “Trek-Segafredo” team also took part in the start, finishing in the group that lost ten minutes and 30 seconds to the winner. The Latvian was classified in heading 81.

“Ronde van Vlaanderen” took place for the 104th time in history. In 2000, Roman Vainstein won the third place in this bike ride.

The cycling, which is part of the Flemish classics, was due to take place on April 5 this year, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was postponed to the autumn.

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