Microsoft is planning a new Office package without a subscription fee

In the software industry, there has been a trend towards subscription models for several years. The latest version of Microsoft’s office software is also only available as Office 365 for a regular fee. But that should change soon.

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Buying software used to be very easy: you paid for a program and installed it on yours Computer and could then use it as long as you wanted. Today the trend has often shifted towards software as a service: Programs no longer have to be installed, but can be started and used via the browser and are always up to date – in return you pay a subscription fee and can use the program for as long use as you pay for it.

The software manufacturer Adobe for example, programs like Photoshop or Indesign are no longer available for sale. Also Microsoft has its office software package with Office 365 converted to a subscription service. who Word, Excel or Outlook wants to use, pays around 100 euros a year. There is also a much slimmed-down office package available for one-time purchase: Office Home & Student 2019. You only have to pay 149 euros once, after which you can use it indefinitely. But there are no new functions for it.

Quite a few thought Office 2019 was the last purchase version

It was published about two years ago – and many feared that it could have been the last version for one-time purchase. But now Microsoft has made it clear in a blog post: A new version of Office is being planned – but only for the coming year.

However, this good news for many users comes without further details. Microsoft did not reveal when exactly they wanted to publish Office 2022, nor which programs would be included or what it would cost.


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(ANSA) – NEW YORK, SEPTEMBER 24 – “Shame”: Breonna Taylor “deserves justice”. This is the message from the Hollywood and American sports stars on the grand jury’s decision on the case of Breonna Taylor, the African American killed by the police.

“Shame on Kentucky. Breonne Taylor deserves justice,” says Justin Bieber. George Clooney, born in Kentucky, uses equally harsh terms: “Breonna Taylor was killed in her bed by three white agents and no one was charged with her death.” “My heart is with Tamika Palmer, who will have to remember every day that her baby will not come home”, tweets Oprah Winfrey, turning to Breonna Taylor’s mother.

“I am speechless. I am devastated. We wanted justice for Breonna and we had justice for the walls of the neighbors apartment and not for her life. I am not surprised by the verdict but that does not mean that it does not hurt,” tweets LeBron James .

“African American women are the least respected people on earth. I promise I’ll do my best to change that,” adds the NBA star. (HANDLE).