Coronavirus: patients with social work also demand attention in the public sector

Hospitals have been working on one hundred percent of their response capacity for two weeks and last night critical beds in the public sector were at 94 percent. In private companies, there are no excess resources either: intensive care areas are above 85 percent, and more than half of those places are for patients with coronavirus. For this reason, in the last seven days, the difficulties in finding a bed where to admit patients with severe symptoms and respiratory deficiencies became more acute and more than once, they ended up in the public sector despite having medical coverage. Referrals to the private sector are delayed because they depend on the social work and the contracts that each one of them has with the sanatoriums. If someone has symptoms and needs a swab, and cannot find an answer through their medical coverage, they look for it in public effectors.

Gabriela Quintanilla is in charge of Carrasco, an effector that from day one was referred for the care of patients with symptoms compatible with coronavirus. “It is getting more and more difficult,” says the doctor about the demand that absorbs the effector, from consultations in the ward to clinical evaluations that, if necessary, include studies such as plates and laboratories, swabs and hospitalizations.

Every day the hospital receives between 200 and 300 consultations per day. “We took a day as a sample to make a proportion, and we registered that 60 percent of the patients had social work. From the largest and with the largest quotas to the smallest ”, he pointed out.

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The landmark of the southern part of the city, Roque Sáenz Peña, has a setting with the same characteristics, explained its director, Matías Vidal, and pointed out that “at least half of those who come to the guard for a swab have coverage medical ”. An effector that is currently performing about 180 tests daily, with peaks of 250 some days.

The arguments

The reasons given by the directors coincide in many cases. “One element is that the hospital carries out a complete evaluation, including studies, which in social work is a long road that begins with the video call and has a more cumbersome process,” explains Quintanilla, and does not stop putting into play the cost of the swabs that is around 5,000 pesos and more.

In addition, the doctor pointed out that “in word of mouth” it circulates that the results of tests done in public effectors are processed more quickly than in private laboratories, and many “give that argument when they come to ask for it here,” he adds.

“He is also the one who needs a swab because his employer asks him to go to work, the social work does not cover it and he has no way to pay 5,000 pesos. Or the one who has an infected partner and the employer does not have him tested and needs it to isolate himself or to work, ”said Vidal.

The director of Sáenz Peña admitted “the complexity of the situation” and made it clear that “the effectors are for the neighbor and no one is denied assistance”, but he also clarified that “in this scenario where the volume of demand is so high, the one who has the ability to pay a social work and can resolve the situation in another way, it is necessary to try to solve it there and provide oxygen for those who they have an alternative ”.

The hospitalizations

Hospitalizations are not exempt from this situation, however, for Quintanilla, “the presence of ambulances with patients waiting for beds is repeated more and more, and sometimes even though they are members of social works, it is preferable to admit them than to spend five hours at the door ”.

The doctor pointed out that “there are fewer beds for isolated Covid in sanatoriums and it is true that there, each social work has different contracts and the possibility of having or not having a place depends on that.”

Something similar happens with Pami’s patients, a situation that the provincial Ministry of Health had also marked, especially in the cases of affiliates who are not treated in polyclinics.

At the Eva Perón Hospital, its director, Jorge Kilstein, pointed out the same scenario: patients who are admitted and referrals to sanatoriums that are delayed. “We respond and we leave them without attention, but we try to make the referrals materialize,” he said.

The Secretary General of the Rosario Medical Association, Dardo Dorato, considered that “the fact that there is a telephone exchange set up by the State to serve the entire population can make patients with social work approach the public provider”, but even He pointed out that “there are small social works that, faced with the demand, cannot cope and directly refer the public.”

However, he pointed out that “this changes from day to day depending on the epidemiological context, demand and needs.”


Weather forecast for Tuesday 22 September: yellow warning for rain in six regions of the Center-North

The rapid descent of a cyclonic vortex from the British Isles will also bring bad weather to the Mediterranean areas. The depression will bring southern winds to Italy which will push perturbations over our country, fueled by the fresh North Atlantic air. The phenomena will be distributed in an irregular way, but may be of strong intensity at the local level. Civil protection: yellow alert in Lombardy, Veneto, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio. forecasts


Rains and scattered thunderstorms will affect all regions, moderate / heavy rainfall is expected in Lombardy, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and in the Veneto between the plain and the coast. Temperature in calo with maximums not exceeding 25 degrees. The Civil Protection has issued a yellow alert for Lombardy, Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Center and Sardinia

Unstable weather with rains and local thunderstorms on all central regions. Temperatures of 24 degrees in Rome and Florence, 21 in Perugia. Yellow alert of the Civil Protection for southern Tuscany, Lazio and Umbria.

South and Sicily

More unstable weather on Sicily where clouds can cause some rain. Compact clouds in the Tyrrhenian area, sun elsewhere. Temperatures below 30 degrees.

21 September 2020 (modified on 21 September 2020 | 16:58)



Ferrero does not stop even with the lockdown: a 2 thousand euro employee bonus

Ferrero distributed to approx 6 thousand employees of the Italian plants a prize of 2,100 euros gross plus in paychecks for the work carried out during the most difficult months of the epidemic.

Even during the lockdown for Covid-19, the Italian multinational managed to keep production active, allowing workers not only to operate safely but also to be able to achieve the objectives set out in the supplementary company agreement between the owners and the unions.

Ferrero does not stop even with the lockdown: the agreement

According to the agreement, the bonus could reach a maximum of 2,200 euros gross calculated on the basis of two criteria. On the one hand, the economic result achieved at the end of the financial year on 31 August 2019 by the company as a whole, which accounted for 30% of the amount.

On the other hand, the specific trend was taken into consideration, factory by factory, or production area, also assessed during the current management, up to August, and which contributed for 70% of the premium, the largest part of the sum.

Ferrero does not stop even with the lockdown: the prizes to the factories

For example, the Alba plant earned a bonus of € 2,105 gross per employee. Even more in Balvano, in Basilicata, where Nutella Biscuits are produced, and where each worker will receive 2,127 more in their October paycheck. The highest prize was won by the Sant’Angelo dei Lombardi plant, near Avellino, with 2,170 euros each.

The company and the trade unions agree in recognizing and communicating that this result is the demonstration of how “consolidated and profitable industrial relations” have a “strategic role” to achieve shared goals, even “in a particularly difficult and complicated year”, due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ferrero does not stop even with the lockdown: the initiative

A year that Ferrero wanted to characterize with another initiative promoted a few days ago in collaboration with Enit, the National Tourism Agency.

The “Ti amo Italia” campaign with which the multinational brings the country’s most evocative views to the jars of Nutella. A special collector’s edition on sale from 12 October, with 30 prints of the most beautiful places around all regions, from Gran Sasso to Cinque Terre, from Scala dei Turchi to Gran Paradiso, from Monte Rosa to Venice, from Lake Como to the trulli of Alberobello. A QR code on the jar will also allow a multimedia and virtual reality experience on the Ferrero website.


Oncologist Smirnova named foods that improve bowel function

Oncologist, surgeon Elena Smirnova revealed a list of foods that improve digestion, normalize microflora and improve the digestive tract. They are also able to prevent the development of colorectal cancer. This is reported by “Medical Note”.

First of all, according to the doctor, probiotics and prebiotics should be present in the food.

Probiotics are living microorganisms that can improve motility and help burn fat. Additives are found in kefir, cheeses, yoghurts and fermented baked milk. People, whose body assimilates these foods without any problems, is recommended to consume them up to 200 ml per day.

Prebiotics are the dietary fiber that probiotics feed on. They are found in bran, dairy products, cereals, vegetables and fruits.

Whole grains have a positive effect on the intestines. These are buckwheat, corn, brown rice, bulgur, wheat. These foods contain significant amounts of fiber, carbohydrates and proteins. These components affect the growth of bacteria beneficial to the body.

The doctor also recommended using kombucha. When processed, polyunsaturated fatty acids are formed in it, which have a positive effect on digestion.

However, it is advisable to consume broccoli. The vegetable prevents the development of gastritis and reduces inflammation in the digestive tract.

Finally, Elena advised to turn to the use of turmeric. This spice helps to improve the condition of the mucous membrane and normalizes the digestive tract.


Freezing of layoffs, until when and for whom? Here are those who risk losing their jobs

The prohibition of dismissal and the extension of the August decree

To cope with the consequences of the Coronavirus emergency, the government has launched a series of measures aimed at protect employees. Among these, the prohibition of dismissal for economic reasons introduced by the Cura Italia decree. That ban was then further extended as of December 31, 2020 from the August decree, for employers who have not fully benefited from the wage integration treatments attributable to the emergency, or exemption from the payment of social security contributions.
In addition, the pending dismissal procedures initiated after 23 February 2020 are suspended. by the end of the year there will be categories of workers who will be dismissed and others safe from surprises. The Labor Consultants have created a guide to understand what the rules are and define who risks and who is safe from surprises.


Injured Iva Janžurová: A threatening fall on her head! It freezes …

“I fell on my head, pounded my forehead and under my eye. I had big monocles, you can still see it under my glasses, “Janžurová described the ugly fall to the website. “My friend, who was still chasing me into the woods, felt a little guilty. But when I fell, I kept my glasses, and that saved me, because otherwise I would break my hands if I put them under myself. Fortunately, the bones are still holding, “the actress told

Iva Janžurová: I always hold on to my colleagues!

Although the actress celebrates her 80th birthday next year, she threw herself back to work. Her lifelong profession as an actress keeps her fit. “We have already played two performances of Audience with the Queen, Bouquet, Goodbye, I’m staying! and Easter, that’s my game. So I’m already busy. I was optimistic. I was afraid that I would forget all the lyrics over the summer, “Janžurová revealed.

In addition to acting, Janžurová also writes. “I worked to complete the book Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, which is due out next year. Then I wrote my new game, which is still called Golden Boards, I’m halfway there. I found out that I would like to read an audiobook, so my friends gave me an offer – Andersonovu fairy tale, “confided

Janžurová did not take Leo away: Instead, she felt sorry for her daughter!


Laurinová from Sestřičky: I’m hard on myself!

“Actors have to be very tough on each other. No spectators are interested in how we feel, they want to see a perfect performance and so it’s okay, “said the actress, who plays her sister Mery in the popular primary series.

Sabina Laurinová: My ailments started after my crown

Sabina Laurinová in Sestřičky: She dreamed a story with a colleague!


Bloomberg learned about the participation of a US firm in blocking sites in Belarus :: Politics :: RBC

According to the interlocutors of the agency, representatives of the Sandvine company met with officials of Belarus, after which technologies were transferred to the authorities to block sites.

Photo: Viktor Tolochko / Sputnik / RIA Novosti

The American company Sandvine provided the Belarusian authorities with technologies to block websites in the country during protests. It is reported by Bloomberg with reference to sources familiar with the situation. The company advertises its products as capable of blocking more than 150 million websites, the agency said.

According to interlocutors Bloomberg, Sandvine representatives held personal meetings with republican officials, after which the Belarusian authorities received the necessary equipment.

During a video conference of Sandvine employees, the recording of which is available Bloomberg, the company’s management said that they have been interacting with a government organization in Belarus for more than one year and have provided the country with technologies that filter about 40% of Internet traffic.

Sandvine CTO Alexander Khavang noted during the conference that Belarus “can use the company’s equipment to block websites and instant messengers”, but did not see this as a violation of human rights, reports Bloomberg.

Sandvine did not comment on the situation. Bloomberg, the Belarusian Ministry of Internal Affairs did not respond to the agency’s request.


Meghan and Harry are celebrating! They had never dreamed of such a thing

“We focus on creating content that informs but also gives hope,” they revealed according to Harry and Meghan. The couple will make documentaries and series, feature films and children’s programs. “Creating inspiring family shows is important to us as new parents as well.”

Kate a Meghan at Wimbledonu

Meghan and Harry praise the new collaboration. “We are incredibly proud to have chosen Netflix as their creative home, and we are excited to tell them stories that can help build awareness and increase audience understanding,” said Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s content director.

Although neither Meghan nor Harry has experience creating new shows, they will certainly not work for the offender. According to the British media, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will collect around $ 150 million, which is almost three and a half billion crowns.

Meghan Markle about coercion and life in the royal family


Named products that help cleanse the liver of toxins and toxins


10 Sep 2020.

The liver is one of the main human organs. It neutralizes a huge amount of harmful and toxic substances in the body. However, this organ also needs constant attention. radio Sputnik.

Essentially, the liver is a “natural filter”. This vital organ helps the body get rid of waste and toxins. It can be cleansed with the help of various medications, but few people know that a good result can be achieved naturally, as there are foods, the regular use of which leads to the cleansing and restoration of the liver.

If we talk about the benefits of some fruits, then highlight the cost avocado… This fruit is one of the leaders in cleansing the liver from toxins and toxins. Avocados are able to stimulate the production of glutathione, a compound that plays an important role in the cleansing process of a vital organ.

Also, this can include honey… Experts are sure that it should be consumed 2-3 times a day 30-40 minutes before meals. Honey contains a huge amount of glucose, fructose and other components that activate the processes of bile production and the restoration of damaged liver cells.

In addition, excellent sources of vitamin C and other antioxidants are lemons and grapefruits… Research has shown that grapefruit can destroy carcinogens and neutralize many toxins.

Of vegetables, high levels of flavonoids and beta-carotene contain carrots and beets… They perfectly stimulate the liver and accelerate the detoxification process in the body. Garlic cleanses the liver of toxins, and is also a source of allicin and selenium – substances that help cleanse the “natural filter”.

Experts advise having a cup every morning green tea, as it is very beneficial for health, and its special compounds have a positive effect on liver function. Also, olive oil has beneficial properties. oil cold pressed, corn, linseed and sunflower seeds. This product supplies the body with beneficial lipids that eliminate toxins. However, oil should be consumed in small quantities.

Apples are a source of pectin, and it, in turn, affects the liver and improves its functioning. In addition, whole grains are good for the gut. They improve metabolism, which has a beneficial effect on the liver. The best foods in this category are brown rice, oats, and bran.

Broccoli, spinach, lettuce, Brussels sprouts and all green leafy vegetables contain a lot of chlorophyll and compounds that remove heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides from the body. In addition, they stimulate the work of the gallbladder, and he, in turn, removes decay products from organs and blood.

Formerly LIVE24 reportedthat proctologist and oncologist Elena Smirnova called a way to cleanse the intestines and liver from toxins and toxins. The physician noted that the independent appointment of such procedures can cause even more harm to the body.

She told about cases in her practice when patients on their own initiative began to resort to enemas, hydrocolonotherapy and the use of laxatives. This is not necessary without the appointment of a specialist. In particular, due to such manipulations, useful substances, for example, potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium, can be washed out of the body. First of all, the nervous system suffers.