How is the infection ?: On the traces of the virus droplets

Every day, virologists and medical professionals learn more about Covid-19. A big question that moves her: How contagious is the virus? Based on the first cases in Bavaria, experts have reconstructed the infection routes – and gained new insights into the frenzied multiplication. .

Why didn’t anyone listen to Bill Gates and Nassim Taleb?

DSoon the fairytale will circulate that nobody could have guessed such a catastrophe. No state could have seen the pandemic come and take precautions accordingly. That is simply wrong. A government that takes its core business of preventing harm from people seriously should have known it. There were plenty of warnings. The most prominent comes […]

Africa: The snake whisperer of Eswatini

Thea Litschka-Koen leans over the hospital bed and grabs Qiniso’s swollen hand. While examining the huge blister on the back of her hand, the 36-year-old patient says: “I was woken by a sharp pain, I shook my hand and felt something fall to the ground.” Qiniso saw blood between the index and middle fingers and […]

WHO: a first role undermined by “every man for himself”

Wash your hands, maintain social distance, and above all “Test, test, test”. There are three of them, every day at 5.30 p.m., two meters apart, lined up behind a desk at the end of a very long meeting room, which is deserted because it is forbidden to access. There is the director general, the Ethiopian […]

What does the corona crisis do to capitalism?

Is the capitalist glamor in Shanghai soon over? Hardly likely. Picture: AFP Solidarity instead of self-interest, state before private: many call for a system change in the crisis. That is thought too short. Dhe corona crisis has not even reached its peak, the basic evil has already been found for many people: capitalism. Could we […]

Corona fake news controlled by the Kremlin

Lord of the Propaganda: President Putin speaking at Corona last week Picture: AFP Russian media have been trying to create moods against Western governments with fake news and trivializations during the corona pandemic – they have long since been in the focus of the constitutional protectors. Wsometimes he just has to ask the right questions. […]

Antibodies from recovered patients could help

Woraus hope in these days? The infection tables and death statistics offer little comfort, on the contrary, and the “exit” calls do not kill a single corona virus. Medication? The World Health Organization has started the global “solidarity” study with some well-known antiviral substances that have at least caused the first bright spots in smaller […]

Masks, gowns, hydroalcoholic gel… The luxury sector to the rescue

The luxury sector, hard hit by the cessation of production and the closure of its stores, wants to show its commitment to the fight against coronavirus. In France, Italy and the United States, big names in fashion have expressed their support for the hospital and research sectors. The factories of the Italian group Armani have […]

Does Johns Hopkins have better numbers than the RKI?

Interactive map of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore Picture: Picture Alliance The more citizens a country tests, the more corona infected it reports. But even in Germany the number of unreported cases is likely to be large. Who knows better: Johns Hopkins University or the Robert Koch Institute? EIt’s no exaggeration to say that Lauren […]