Liga 1 Liga Movistar Liga 1: Complete fixture, how the national champion is defined and how many are relegated Alianza Lima Universitario Sporting Cristal

The last stage of the League 1 to meet the 2020 champion with Phase 2. The 20 teams will fight to reach an international quota and not be relegated to the second division.


Those who occupy the first place in both series will play a defining match to find out who is the winner of Phase 2. If University wins the tournament again, it will be declared automatically as national champion.

Will there be semi-finals to meet the national champion?

If the winners of Phase 1 and Phase 2 are different from the first two places in the accumulated table, semifinals and finals will be played, all back and forth.

Can there be only one semi-final?

Yes. In this case, if the University does not manage to win Phase 2, but remains first or second in the accumulated, they will go to the final waiting for a rival between the winner of Phase 2 and the other team with the highest score in the accumulated.

Can the winner of Phase 1 be left out of the national title dispute?

Yes. In the event that University is outside the first 9 of the accumulated, it will not contest the final.

Who qualify for the Copa Libertadores and Sudamericana?

The champion, and runner-up, will go directly to the Copa Libertadores Group stage, while the third and fourth place will be placed in the Pre-Libertadores. While from fifth to eighth place they will be in the South American Cup.

How many teams descend?

The clubs that occupy the last three positions of the accumulated table will be demoted and only one will rise in League 2. In 2021 the tournament will be played with 18 teams.


Date 1

  • UTC – Binational
  • Cienciano – S. Cristal
  • Cantolao – C. Stein
  • University – A. Grau
  • Alliance UDH – San Martín

Date 2

  • S. Cristal – C. Stein
  • Cienciano – UTC
  • Cantolao – A. Grau
  • San Martín – Binational
  • UDH Alliance – University

Date 3

  • Binational – UDH Alliance
  • University – Cienciano
  • C. Stein – San Martín
  • A. Grau – S. Cristal
  • UTC – Cantolao

Date 4

  • UTC – A. Grau
  • Cienciano – Binational
  • Cantolao – University
  • San Martín – S. Cristal
  • Alianza UDH – C. Stein

Date 5

  • S. Cristal – UDH Alliance
  • A. Grau – San Martín
  • C. Stein – Cienciano
  • University – UTC
  • Binational – Cantolao

Date 6

  • UTC – Alianza UDH
  • A. Grau – C. Stein
  • Cantolao – Cienciano
  • University – San Martín
  • Binational – S. Cristal

Date 7

  • S. Cristal – University
  • Cienciano – A. Grau
  • C. Stein – Binational
  • San Martín – UTC
  • Alliance UDH – Cantolao

Date 8

  • UTC – S. Cristal
  • Cienciano – UDH Alliance
  • Cantolao – San Martín
  • University – C. Stein
  • Binational – A. Grau

Date 9

  • S. Cristal – Cantolao
  • A. Grau – UDH Alliance
  • C. Stein – UTC
  • San Martin – Cienciano
  • Binational – University


Date 1

  • Cusco FC – Melgar
  • Mannucci – Vallejo
  • Sport Boys – Llacuabamba
  • Municipal – Huancayo
  • Alliance – Ayacucho FC

Date 2

  • Vallejo – Llacuabamba
  • Mannucci – Cusco FC
  • Sport Boys – Huancayo
  • Ayacucho FC – Melgar
  • Alliance – Municipal

Date 3

  • Melgar – Alliance
  • Municipal – Mannucci
  • Llacuabamba – Ayacucho FC
  • Huancayo – Vallejo
  • Cusco FC – Sport Boys

Date 4

  • Cusco FC – Huancayo
  • Mannucci – Melgar
  • Sport Boys – Municipal
  • Ayacucho FC – Vallejo
  • Alliance – Llacuabamba

Date 5

  • Vallejo – Alliance
  • Huancayo – Ayacucho FC
  • Llacuabamba – Mannucci
  • Muncipal – Cusco FC
  • Melgar – Sport Boys

Date 6

  • Cusco FC – Alliance
  • Huancayo – Llacuabamba
  • Sport Boys – Mannucci
  • Municipal – Ayacucho FC
  • Melgar – Vallejo

Date 7

  • Vallejo – Municipal
  • Mannucci – Huancayo
  • Llacuabamba – Melgar
  • Ayacucho FC – Cusco
  • Alianza – Sport Boys

Date 8

  • Cusco – Vallejo
  • Mannucci – Alianza
  • Sport Boys – Ayacucho FC
  • Municipal – Llacuabamba
  • Melgar – Huancayo

Date 9

  • Vallejo – Sport Boys
  • Huancayo – Alliance
  • Llacuabamba – Cusco FC
  • Ayacucho FC – Mannucci
  • Melgar – Municipal

Shortly they will announce the official programming of the first day, both Group A and B. For now, League 1 will not yet be played on Sundays.


United States: Moderna’s anti-Covid vaccine could be available by the end of the year –

As the race for the vaccine against the coronavirus continues around the world, the American laboratory Moderna Therapeutics hopes to obtain validation of its experimental vaccine.

At the annual conference “Tech Live”, organized by the Wall Street Journal, the general manager of Modern, Stéphane Bancel, took the floor. He indicated that the US government could grant emergency clearance to his vaccine experimental against coronavirus in December, if the intermediate results of a large clinical trial are conclusive.

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Otherwise, it will be necessary to go to the end of the study. A possible marketing would then only be possible at the end of January, beginning of February 2021.

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Currently the Moderna laboratory, based in Cambridge, is one of the best placed in the race for coronavirus vaccine, with the Pfizer / BioNtech partnership. Like the group, Pfizer will also request an emergency authorization for its future vaccine in November. The company could get it provided the clinical trial results are positive.

All’actuality to find on


2020 is a key year to promote psychosocial well-being

This year the celebration will take place within a world context totally different from the previous ones. The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly altered people’s daily lives: change in work routines, suspension of face-to-face classes, social confinement, and health professionals working 24/7 without hours of rest and exposing themselves to the disease at risk of transferring the contagion to their loved ones. Mental health patients were not exempted, as many became more socially isolated than before.

“The confinement and the socioeconomic consequences caused the intensification or development of some psychic and physical symptoms. This can be a learning situation for all citizens, but it implies a greater difficulty of adaptation for those who suffer from eating disorders ”, explains Mara Fernández, a psychologist specializing in eating disorders (MN 36031). In addition, he mentions that “The impact occurs even in those people who were in treatment and had acquired certain tools to face those situations that were paralyzing, but that now they cannot apply.”

Regarding symptoms and emotions, Fernández tells us that “people with EDs begin to feel more anxious, anguished, irritable, sad, and angry. Emotions that, perhaps due to their work rhythm and habitual occupation, they had never registered or allowed themselves to feel, and that is where the symptoms of the disorders make their appearance ”.

“In addition, being locked in the home all day and with instant access to a lot of food can be threatening to both those who suffer from binge eating disorder and those who have bulimia. Not only for the collection of food, but also for the supply of food at home. People can lose control over the amount they eat, which can lead to relapse ”.

According to statistics and the experience in the consultations received in recent months, the needs for psychosocial and mental health support are expected to increase considerably in the coming years.

Investing in mental health programs at the national and international level should be one of the main topics on the state agendas.

The Mental Health Day 2020 Campaign is to get more financing and increase investments to develop activities that promote the integral well-being of people.

So for this year’s World Mental Health Day, WHO, together with partner organizations United for Global Mental Health and the World Federation for Mental Health, are calling for a significant increase in investment in mental health.

To drive public action around the world, a World Mental Health Day campaign entitled Action for Mental Health has been launched since September: let’s invest in it.

Psychologist specializing in ADD (MN 36031)


Knowing Norovirus, from Transmission, Symptoms to Prevention – Norovirus was an epidemic on China after 70 students in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, North China reported experiencing diarrhea and vomiting.

This incident also attracted the attention of the Indonesian people, because it is not impossible for the same thing to happen in the country.

In fact, the plague norovirus has happened several times in Indonesian cities.

The professor at the Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia-Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, Prof. Dr. dr Ari Fahrial Syam SpPD (K) MMB FINASIM FACP, revealed one of the proofs is the research published in the Journal of Medical Virology in May 2020.

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Research conducted by Dr. Juniastuti, et al from the Institute of Tropical Disease Universitas Airlangga revealed that 15.4 percent of samples taken from several hospitals in Jambi City in 2019 contained norovirus.

Therefore, it is very important for the Indonesian people to know what norovirus is, its symptoms and how to prevent it.

Norovirus is one of the leading causes of acute intestinal infection (gastroenteritis) worldwide.

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) calls norovirus a highly contagious virus because an infected person can shed billions of virus particles, although only a few can make other people sick.


Transmission of this virus is mainly through direct contact with infected people. However, this virus can also be transmitted indirectly through contaminated food or water, as happened in China.

Ari said that the Chinese CDC had recorded 1,500 cases of norovirus since September 2020, mostly transmitted through the canteen because there was contaminated food.


The biggest Action store in the world has opened, and it’s very surprising!

You can find everything in Action stores, assure the discounter’s loyal customers. But what will they say about the new Action store that was opened in Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois, south of Paris, on October 15? The establishment is indeed, as the RetailDetail site explains, the largest Action store in the world!

It has an area of ​​1,600 m², which is double the conventional size and is, we can say, ultramodern. More ventilated layout, automatic cash desks, electric charging stations in the parking lot and recycling bins in the store, the establishment wants to be more ecological than ever.

And the brand will also offer products from sustainable development: “It is quite possible to find sustainable labeled products at low prices,” assured Wouter De Backer, Managing Director of Action France, to Business Insider.

It is not yet known whether this concept will be rolled out in other locations.


Marine Le Pen requires ″ war legislation ″ to stop terrorism in France

Le Pen was at the school in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine this Monday, about 30 kilometers from the capital, where Samuel Paty, the history and geography teacher who was beheaded on Friday, worked days after showing some cartoons. Mohammed, in a class dedicated to freedom of expression.

“Islam is a warmongering ideology whose means of conquest is terrorism. Since terrorism is an act of war, it requires war legislation,” Le Pen said at a press conference.

According to the leader of the National Front, to face this “organized, installed, proselytizing and conquering force”, President Emmanuel Macron’s strategy has been “insufficient and anachronistic”.

“The situation calls for a strategy of reconquest,” insisted Le Pen, who accused the government of being too lenient with terrorism.

“With the specter of extrajudicial executions, Islamists want to restore the crime of blasphemy in our country. Through the self-censorship that fear generates, we are already witnessing a silent restoration of the crime of blasphemy, which marks a first victory for obscurantism” , said the extremist leader.

The 2017 French presidential candidate against Macron, called for “exceptional” legislation, according to the rule of law, with specific police and legal procedures, the possibility of prolonging surveillance, specific prison regime and reinforcement of police means.


Diplomats from China and Taiwan clashed in Fiji

Chinese diplomats and Taiwanese government officials clashed during a reception in the Fiji Islands, which marked Taiwan’s national day.

The fight started when Taiwanese officials tried to stop Chinese diplomats from taking photographs of the guests attending the event on October 8, Taiwanese diplomacy spokeswoman Joanne Ou described in a statement.

Joanne Ou said a Taiwanese official was transported to the hospital with a head injury while the police took Chinese diplomats.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemns the Chinese Embassy for its actions in Fiji, which seriously violate the rule of law and the rules of civilized behavior,” accused Joanne Ou.

The spokeswoman said Taiwan had filed a formal protest with the Fijian government.

China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has yet to react.

China is increasing pressure on other governments to isolate Taiwan, which functions as a sovereign state, even though Beijing considers the island to be part of its territory.

The two territories were divided in 1949, when the nationalists settled in Taiwan, after losing the civil war to the communists, who have governed the People’s Republic of China ever since.

Taiwan is recognized as an independent government by only 15 nations, mostly small and poor states, but its democratically elected government has extensive trade and informal ties with many countries.

The National Day event in Suva, the capital of Fiji, was organized by the Taipei Commercial Office.


Proud Boys leader confident of Trump victory

The group leader Proud Boys, Enrique Tarrio, told Lusa this Sunday, during a demonstration in Miami, that Donald Trump will win the US presidential elections, and rejected the accusation that he is a leader of an extremist organization.

“I am super motivated, see all these people here, all this line (of cars) behind us. We are really going to win. We have a winning energy and we are going to get four more years,” the leader of the Proud Boys.

“I am an American supremacist. None of this is related to race. ‘Fuck racism,’ fuck anti-Semitism ‘fuck’ fascists. I’m an American,” added Tarrio, 36, Miami resident and Cuban descendant.

The group Proud Boys, which only admits men, was founded in 2016 by American far-right ideologue Gavin McInes and considered an “extremist organization” by US federal authorities in 2018.

At the end of last month, the current President of the United States and candidate for re-election by the Republicans, Donald Trump, refused to criticize the Proud Boys saying even in the first presidential debate with the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, that the extremist organization must “wait “and keep” prepared “.

“We will win”, Tarrio stressed this Sunday that during the demonstration with thousands of vehicles he wore a black shirt with the Trump phrase “Stand Back and Stand By” (Wait and Be Prepared) Make America Great Again, one of the anthems of the Republican Party campaign.


London Bridge killer-hero will have reduced sentence

Steve Gallant, sentenced to 17 years for murder, was at liberty, under a rehabilitation program, on the day the London Bridge was the scene of a terrorist attack. When Usman Khan started stabbing people in November last year, Gallant did not hesitate and confronted him to prevent him from attacking more people. That heroic act can now earn you a real pardon, with a reduction of the sentence in ten months.

Steven Gallant, 42, was sentenced to 17 years in prison in 2005 for the murder of ex-firefighter Barrie Jackson in Hull, for thinking he had attacked his girlfriend.

“The Chancellor granted Steven Gallant a Royal Prerogative of Mercy, reducing his sentence by 10 months in recognition of his exceptionally courageous actions at Fishmongers’ Hall, which helped to save people’s lives, despite the tremendous risk to himself”, said the Ministry of Justice spokesman, quoted by the BBC.

The Royal Prerogative of Mercy is granted by the Queen, on the advice of her Government, and has no precedent for an incarcerated murderer. And the last murderer to receive royal pardon was former IRA leader and police informant Sean O’Callaghan, who was released nearly 25 years ago.

This means that Gallant, 42, will have 10 months nullified from the 17-year sentence imposed on him in 2005 – and now he can go to a Probation Council in June 2021, which will decide whether the homicide-hero can or do not go free.


Peruvian National Team Cristian Benavente scored the first goal in Royal Antwerp debut see and watch Benavente’s goal in Belgium Ricardo Gareca Qualifying Qatar 2022 YouTube VIDEO

Great debut for Cristian Benavente! The midfielder who previously defended the Peruvian Selection scored on his debut with the Royal Antwerp after entering in minute 76 of the second half.

The duel ended in favor of the Peruvian since they won 1-3 in visiting conditions over Zulte-Waregem by date 9 of the Jupiter League. A very important fact is that the steering wheel did not add minutes since March 1 of this year.

In this way, Cristian Benavente He hopes to recover the level he reached at Sporting Charleroi, the club where he played during the 2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19 seasons after his unproductive spell at Pyramids FC (12 games in Egypt) and Nantes ( 13 matches in France). El Chaval aims again to be considered by the teacher Ricardo Gareca in the Red-White.

As it is recalled, ‘El Chaval’ was called up for the first time in the senior team in 2013. He was in two qualifying processes where he stood out more with ‘El Tigre’ Gareca.

In addition to this, he participated in the Copa América Centenario in the United States, being one of the most regular of the white and red squad.