Alianza Lima Daniel Ahmed, Victor Hugo Marulanda and Blue and White Fund met to evaluate the continuation of Mario Salas League 1 Clausura Tournament

This afternoon at the start of Phase 2 o Clausura Tournament, Lima Alliance He added a defeat again, the fifth in a row. This result generates great concern not only to the fans, but also to the managers.

Libero could know that in these precise intantes, Daniel Ahmed, Victor Hugo Marulanda The Blue and White Fund are meeting to evaluate – once again – the present of Mario Salas leading the team.

The directors of Lima Alliance They seek not to rush with the decision they make, but it is necessary that given the results, the present of the squad be analyzed, which to date, is only 3 points from the relegation zone.

At the meeting it was agreed to give a specific deadline to Mario Salas so that he can reverse the situation, but if the bad results persist, they will make the decision to remove him from office.

The situation of Lima Alliance with Mario Salas It is critical to have added 7 draws, 8 losses and only 3 wins. Also, in the Liberators cup he finished last in his group with just one point.

“The numbers are cold. We are with the aspiration of being six points (from relegation). We have to look firmly and clearly how we are going to face this situation,” said Victor Hugo Marulanda in an interview for Movistar Deportes about Mario’s situation Rooms.


Table of positions League 1 Movistar Phase 2 Closing Tournament 2020 Accumulated Table Alianza Lima near the University descent and Cristal are up

Phase 2 of the League 1 gave emotional meetings on his first day. The teams dropped everything to get the three points that allow them to achieve their goals. academic Y Sporting Cristal, candidates to win the national title, won their respective duels on the hour.

The ‘U’ suffered more than necessary to get the three points against Atlético Grau. On the last play of the game, Donald Millán scored the winning goal for Universitario from a penalty kick.

Thanks to his victory, the creams totaled 45 units and remain at the top of the table. Sporting Cristal, meanwhile, beat 3-2 to Scienceno from Cusco. The blue ones occupy the second square with 36 units.

The other side of the coin is that of the compadre. And is that, Lima Alliance lost 2-1 against Ayacuho FC. The team led by Mario Salas has 22 points, the same number of points as Cantolao and Deportivo Municipal. Only 3 points separate them from the relegation zone.

Sport Huancayo and César Vallejo also have 36 points. The ‘Poetas’ beat Mannucci 3-2 and the ‘Rojo Matador’ equalized without goals with Deportivo Municipal.

League 1: Results of the first date of Phase 2

Friday October 23

Cusco FC 3-1 Melgar

Deportivo Municipal 0-0 Sport Huancayo

Saturday October 24

Llacuabamba 3-0 Sport Boys

Mannucci 2-3 César Vallejo

University 2-1 Atlético Grau

Cienciano 2-3 Sporting Cristal

Monday October 26

Carlos Stein 2-1 Cantolao

Alliance University 0-1 San Martín

Alianza Lima 1-2 Ayacucho FC

UTC 3-0 Binational

Table of positions of the accumulated of League 1

Check the table of positions of the accumulated of League 1

Pos. Teams PTS PJ PG ON PP GF GC Dif.
1. Academic* 45 20 14 4 2 20 19 +21
2. Sporting Cristal 36 20 10 6 4 41 25 +16
3. Cesar Vallejo 36 20 9 9 2 28 17 +11
4. Sport Huancayo 36 20 10 6 4 23 15 +6
5. Ayacucho 30 20 8 6 6 30 22 +8
6. Mannucci 29 20 7 8 4 30 25 +5
7. UTC 32 20 7 8 4 24 19 +5
8. UDH Alliance 29 20 8 5 7 24 23 +1
9. Melgar 28 20 7 7 6 23 18 +5
10. Scienceno ** 27 20 8 3 9 29 26 +3
11. Cusco FC*** 24 20 6 6 8 29 32 -3
12. San Martin 24 20 5 6 9 21 27 -6
13. Binational ** 23 20 6 5 8 24 29 -5
14. Lima Alliance ** 22 20 5 7 7 19 20 -1
15. Cantolao 22 20 6 4 10 22 35 -13
16. Municipal Sports 22 20 6 4 10 22 35 -13
17. Carlos Stein*** 20 20 5 6 9 20 29 -9
18 Sport Boys* 19 20 5 5 10 24 36 -12
19. Atlético Grau 17 20 3 8 9 18 29 -11
20. Llacuabamba 14 20 3 5 12 28 42 -14

* They subtracted one point from Universitario, Carlos Stein and Sport Boys.

** CJ-FPF awarded Alianza Lima the three points of the duel against D. Binacional

*** Appeal Commission returned three points to Cusco FC against Carlos Stein.

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Luchador breaks his knees in a routine jump: video

Mexico City /

Any athlete is always at the expense of suffer an injury In whatever discipline you practice, there are them from the mildest to the more painful and chilling, like the one who starred in a fighter in a function of wrestling.

In a video circulating in networks, you can see the moment in which the gladiator, apparently made his presentation in a corner, when he suddenly jumps -Apparently harmless- to return to the center of the ring and there misfortune happens.

By the inertia and weight of his body, the fighter knees fully bent In a horrifying scene, he automatically falls to the ground with both limbs seriously injured.

There is no more information on who the injured athlete is or the event in which he was presented, but the scenes turned rapidly viral on social media.


Solidarity Income DPS and DNP GOV CO List of Beneficiaries how to register and where to collect Superdrafts More NEQUI Solidarity Income Social Prosperity Payment Platform DaviPlata Bancamia

According to him Government of Colombia, he Solidarity Income is a scheme through which a monetary transfer is delivered in favor of households in situations of poverty and vulnerability who are not beneficiaries of State social programs during this anomalous period generated by the coronavirus.

Today, Tuesday, October 27, know all about the 160,000 peso transfer corresponding to the Solidarity Income granted by the state led by Ivan duque.

Solidarity Income: Check with ID

If you are looking to know if you are a beneficiary of the Solidarity Income, you must enter the official website of the subsidy and have your identity card at hand.

To access the consultation, click here.

You must enter the following data to proceed with the validation of the system:

  • Document number
  • First name
  • Surname
  • Document issue date

Photo: Ingreso Solidario de Colombia.

How to collect the Colombian Solidarity Income?

This subsidy delivered by the Government of Iván Duque can be collected through the following financial entities:

  • Bancolombia
  • Movie
  • social housing Bank
  • Bancamía

If the beneficiary has an account registered in any of those companies dedicated to the financial sector, the money will be deposited immediately.

What to do if I don’t have a bank account?

If you are a beneficiary of the Solidarity Income and you do not have an account in the financial institutions, you will receive a text message on your cell phone, inviting you to open one so that the money is deposited within 24 hours.

How to know when the money has already been deposited in Nequi?

Nequi advises that the money has already been deposited. However, if you do not have a smartphone, you can open your account on the cell phone of a relative or trusted person.

How to know if the subsidy has already been deposited in Movii?

Movii customers will see their money deposited according to the payment schedule established by the DPS, which is detailed according to the document, ID or Special Permit of Permanence (PEP) for foreigners.

  • Monday, October 26: documents (PEP – Cédulas) completed 0-1- 2- 3.
  • Tuesday, October 27: documents (PEP- Cédulas) completed 4-5-6.
  • Wednesday, October 28: documents (PEP- Cédulas) completed 7-8-9.

Official channels of Solidarity Income

Web page:


Telephone in Bogotá: 5954410

Telephone nationwide: 018000951100


YouTube: Luis Advincula made an assist in Rayo Vallecano vs Albacete defeat 2-1 by LaLiga SmartBank of Spain second division VIDEO

Luis Advíncula is one of the most prominent players in the squad of the Vallecano Ray, although in the 2020-21 season he still did not manage to settle on the title. Despite this, the full-back takes advantage of every minute of play and in the duel against Albacete he gave a goal assist after entering.

The also player of the Peruvian National Team jumped onto the pitch in the 66th minute, when his team was already losing 2-0 and the outlook to come back was complicated. Luis Advíncula only cared about getting his team back into the fight and dreaming of at least a draw on Matchday 8 of the tournament.

After the constant arrivals of the Madrid team, the award finally reached 80 minutes, when ‘Bolt’ launched an attack on the right wing. Taking advantage of his great speed, Luis Advíncula reached the baseline almost at the edge of the area and, after taking advantage of his marker, sent a low pass to the middle.

Isi, the team’s top scorer, controlled perfectly, made a hook and defined with quality for Rayo Vallecano’s discount. There were still minutes to play, but time was not enough for the Madrid club to add. The result reflects the irregularity in which they are.

Currently Rayo Vallecano is in box No. 5 with 13 units and would access the playoffs due to promotion, although he is only four behind the leader Espanyol. Luis Advíncula and company have not been able to consolidate consecutive victories since the first two days and they will have to work to be more solid. Last season they were out by one point.


League 1 Mannucci president sends message to Chemo del Solar will wait with affection Mansiche Phase 2 Closing tournament Facebook photo

Tempers are still hot. The Trujillo derby was in the background after the brawl starring Carlos A. Mannucci following a challenging phrase thrown by ‘Chemo ‘Del Solartechnician Cesar Vallejo. In this sense, the president of the ‘Carlist’ institution sent a strong message.

“Next year they will beat us” was the phrase released by ‘Chemo’ del Solar after beating Mannucci 3-2 in a vibrant match. This caused annoyance in rivals, who they tried to recriminate him in the locker room at the end of the game Which did not happen in the end.

The President of Mannucci, Raul Lozano, could not hide his anger at the attitude of Vallejo’s coach and urged him to have respect, given that “there is still a long way to go.”

“Do you win and do you want to disrespect? Respect and do not believe yourself a champion, there is still a long way to go. So many years in Spain to end up being a drag on your boss. The next year I will wait for you with affection at Mansiche,” he said in a tone obfuscated through Facebook.

Chemo’s apologies

It is important to note that, almost an hour after the incident, Chemo del Solar made a statement in which he apologized for Mannucci, recognizing that he released an “unfortunate” phrase.

“At the end of the game, I walk to the locker room and throw the phrase saying” next year they will beat us. “Probably unfortunate at the moment and the heat of the game. I take the opportunity if the people or the squad of Mannucci they have been bothered by that phrase of mine. I apologize, it is a product of the party’s fever. It is a man’s knowing how to recognize mistakes. I apologize to you, “said DT ‘poet’ in this regard.


Peruvian National Team: Chile vs Peru Qualifying Qatar 2022 Andrés Vilches is the first casualty of the Chilean team Reinaldo Rueda Ricardo Gareca

The National Association of Professional Football (ANFP) confirmed that the attacker of Union La Calera, Andres Vilches, is the first drop in the concentration of Chilean team with a view to the duel before Peru Y Venezuela.

The aforementioned footballer had been called by Reinaldo Rueda for the microcycles prior to day 3 and 4 of the Qualifying Qatar 2022. In practice, Gabriel Costa’s former teammate in Colo Colo suffered an injury.

“The decision was adopted because the player presented a semimembranous edema, which prevents his participation in this training cycle,” explained the ANFP through a statement.

Vilches had great possibilities to be part of the squad that would face Peru in Santiago already Venezuela in Caracas. His good moment in the Chilean championship (he has scored 7 goals in 14 games) placed him as an alternative for Alexis Sanchez Y Eduardo VargasHowever, this cannot happen.

The injuries do not leave the “coffee” strategist calm who had to face the “match” against Uruguay and Colombia without Gary Medel and Claudio Bravo. The ‘Pitbull’ and the veteran goalkeeper suffered last minute annoyances and were ‘out’.

For its part, the Peruvian team also comes with a loss for the duel against the ‘southerners’. Ricardo Gareca will have to evaluate which goalkeeper to call in replacement of Carlos Cáceda who was sent off in the match against Brazil.

According to the interpretation of the referee Julio Bascuñán, the goalkeeper of FBC Melgar had an inappropriate behavior (alleged claims) and that is why he decided to throw him out. The FPF has reserved the call for Alejandro Duarte, Sportivo Luqueño goalkeeper.


Juliana Oxenford gives her opinion on Augusto Thorndike’s interview with Vizcarra in Cuarto Poder VIDEO Magaly Medina

The social networks They “exploded” last Sunday the 18th due to an interview granted by the president Martin Vizcarra a Fourth power. From that conversation he had with Augusto Thorndike much was said, because the press man made controversial comments against the president.

In this regard, the also journalist Juliana Oxenford appeared on the show Magaly TV the firm and pointed out –among other things– his position according to the criticisms that fell towards Thorndike via social networks.

As we recall, at the end of the interview the journalist told President Vizcarra the following: “I hope he doesn’t end up in Canada … And I’m not talking about the embassy.”

(Source: ATV)

In the framework of this, Juliana commented: “It was not the way in which I had to treat a president. You have to investigate him, but if you have him there you have to admit that he is head of state. “

However, at another time he agreed with Magaly Medina that Thorndike is an excellent journalist and very cultured, so the criticism seems excessive.

“I think it’s unfair that they hit him with a stick and don’t recognize Augusto’s entire career, he’s a very smart guy,” concluded Juliana Oxenford, who is on leave after giving birth to her second baby.


Neymar invited Macarena Gastaldo to go out before Peru vs Brazil in Lima for Qualifying at National Stadium – Magaly TV La Firme VIDEO

Tuesday night, Macarena Gastaldo was present in the program Magaly TV the firm and commented that in the previous Peru vs. Brazil, Playoff match that was played in the National Stadium of Lima, the star of PSG, Neymar, wanted to see her.

The model and influencer showed the conversation she had precisely with Neymar, who told him in detail the moments he spent in Lima during his stay prior to the clash against the ‘bicolor’, on October 13.

“I’m only staying today (Tuesday), tomorrow after the game we are leaving,” Neymar told Macarena, and, after an audio sent by her, the footballer replied: “No nothing, beautiful. I play tomorrow night. I wanted to see you”.

But the meeting never happened. It happens that Macarena took a screenshot of the conversation she had with Neymar and passed it on to a ‘close friends’, a group of close friends in Instagram.

However, Argentina did not count on one of the members of that group passing the capture to a close friend of Neymar, who later rebuked Macarena for what happened, and his communication was cut off.

(Source: ATV)


Boruto Naruto Next Generations manga 51 shows the death of Naruto Uzumaki Seventh Hokage Isshiki Otsutsuki Facebook United States Mexico Argentina

The arrival of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations al manga was the continuation of the life of the now, Seventh Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki, having new stories with his son, the protagonist of the story made by Ukyō Kodachi.

Therefore, the aforementioned manga is a trend in Facebook and other social networks, since in the last installment, apparently Naruto will sacrifice himself to save his first-born and the Leaf Village.

And yes, what we will show you next contains a high degree of spoiler. Remember also that you can read the chapters completely in Spanish through Manga Plus, Shueisha’s official website.

In the most recent chapter, the battle between Sasuke, Naruto and Boruto against Isshiki continues, being one of the strongest enemies of the saga. Faced with this, the Seventh Hokage has a brief but deep conversation with Kurama (nine-tailed fox).

In this context, he points out that the only way to end the rival is by sacrificing himself and expelling all his power, since Konoha is in danger of being destroyed.

The chapter that is called “Sacrifice”, culminates with Naruto arriving at the place of combat, and showing his new power. Will it be the end of the Seventh Hokage? The truth is difficult to know and, for the moment, it only remains to wait until the next chapter, which is scheduled to premiere on November 20.

(Photo: Manga Plus)