"1:15 pm on Sunday". The French soap opera> Season 6 / Episode 8 – France 2 – 9 June 2019


For his documentary series "Le feuilleton des Français", the magazine "1:15 pm on Sunday" (Facebook, Twitter, #1:15 p.m.) returned to meet people from several towns and villages in France after the European elections of May 26, 2019. They saw the breakthrough of ecological lists in France and Germany. The sign that the environment and the future of the planet are at the heart of the concerns. In Nantes, glass containers are developing: a tradition that is reborn with the dynamics of zero waste, bulk and short circuits. Célie Couché created the re-use channel for glass bottles in Pays de Loire with Bout à à bout. She received for this initiative the Social Innovation Award in 2017.

When he was elected as a Member of the European Parliament under the colors of the Socialist Party in 2014, former trade unionist Edouard Martin, who was famous during the conflict over the closure of the ArcelorMittal blast furnaces in Florange, announced that he would only be a mandate. And he kept his word. At the time of the assessment, he questions the meaning of his political commitment, the future of Europe, but also his own. Also meeting Nicolas, the steelmaker Ascoval, who also questions: after four years of struggle, what will happen to his factory? After a sale canceled the first time, the recovery was announced recently by a British group … on the brink of bankruptcy …

Milk tricolor, a very French English …

This document, signed Cyril Zha, Vincent Fichmann, Sophie Broyet, Emmanuelle Chartoire and Nicolas Berthelot, finds a breeder from the department of Aisne, Jean-Luc, who has not made the choice of organic, but that of agriculture reasoned. He fights day after day to sell his milk at the right price to consumers. That day, he went to demonstrate in Paris … his support for the Minister of Agriculture, once is not custom, to defend the milk tricolor but also the milk production of his European colleagues.

The "13h15" went again to visit Roland, a very French Englishman settled in Périgord with his association which takes care of horses having served the British Crown. What does Brexit reserve for this former Scotland Yard? Will he still be able to welcome to France the equidae retired by His Majesty's police? To be clear, he crossed the Channel this week, heading to Sussex where it was discussed in the conversations of the exit of Britain from the EU and the European elections …



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