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12 new cases of infection related to Vesterålen

According to the overview from the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) and the Reporting System for Infectious Diseases (MSIS), which is also presented by VG, there were 12 new cases of infection related to Vesterålen on Thursday. According to the overview, all municipalities in Vesterålen have registered new corona infections during the day, with the exception of Lødingen.

Bø is listed with four new cases, while Sortland is listed with three. Both Øksnes and Andøy have two new cases. Hadsel stands with one.

VOL points out that these are figures FHI / MSIS collects figures based on a registered address, while the municipalities register those who live and stay in the municipalities in their overviews. This is also the reason why VOL writes that the cases are related to the various municipalities.

During the last 14 days, 104 new cases related to the region have been registered. This is a decrease compared to last week, when the number for the last 14 days was close to 200.

The outbreak related to Hadsel is returning and at midnight there were 59 cases left from the last 14 days. Hadsel has a declining infection trend on the latest overview. Øksnes has 16 cases from the same period, while Sortland has 12 and Bø has eight. Both Sortland and Bø have an arrow pointing upwards when it comes to the infection trend. Andøy has five cases, while Lødingen has four.


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