Freddie Mercury, the movie: the key could be in the teeth

The key could be in the teeth. A young Farrokh Bulsara (Tanzania, 1946) is rejected in the first instance by members of the Smile band – he has not yet been called Queen – because he was a mule. Ben Muelón. Or at least that's the premise that has the movie #Bohemian Rhapsody: the story of Freddie Mercury, released in Peru on November 1, which is the promotion of the fame of one of the most extraordinary vocalists that has existed on the Milky Way. Another would be the singing, literally, for guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor when they heard sing a few melodies of capella. They accepted it immediately. Mercury would argue that having four teeth in addition to the usual amount that most mortals possessed gave a resonance box that favored the power of their voice. That incommensurable voice, only one of the virtues that would gracefully dip with immortality.
The thesis that the tape exposes is not the only one. The researchers have studied for years the voice of the leader of the legendary British band that revolutionized the planet in the 70s and 80s and that today makes new releases for the movie starring the award-winning actor Rami Malek. On this comment the director of Sons of the world, Mabela Martínez: "He has already passed away, his records have been studied, even through his imitators. Some have entered the artist's larynx to find out how he could do these stunts. The speed with which his vocal cords moved was also said to be driving a four-octave scale. On the other hand, he had a baritone record that was not spoken so much, because he was more recognized as a tenor. He was a man, of a messy talent ".

Mercury changed his face to rock forever, without a doubt. And that was also due to its spectacular development on the stage. Hugo Salazar, comedian, speaker and music lover, the staunch supporter of Queen, believes that many of them have been one of the best frontman today. "It was a guy with an incredible charisma, an extraordinary scenic domain and a great composer, obviously. Nobody writes you like that, no more like Bohemian Rhapsody," he explains.
Although Salazar is best known for being a Beatles fanatic, he knows a lot about Queen. The first time he heard them was in 1976, in a small discotheque next to Scala Gigante de Maranga. It was precisely Bohemian Rhapsody who broke the head. The following year, when he was in fifth grade, he went to practice in the Miraflores radio. He gave a program on Sundays at 7:00 a.m. It did not matter He had a free letter to put the band that was altering the schemes. Then, when he had his own shows and the first moments, he made specialties all the time.
"It was the first to broadcast Queen's enthusiastically and frequently: so much so that she could detail the immersion of her music in Peru. The first song popularized here was Do not Stop Me Now from the Jazz album. These radios recovered they began to pay attention to other pieces that had gone unnoticed, such as Bohemian … Then came to the top of the other rankings Another Bites the Dust and Crazy Little Thing Called Love. The fact that they came to Argentina and Brazil made them more popular, they brought them closer. Forming a hobby, "he says.
Salazar has all the albums and videos of the band and its predilection of the songs goes more for those that were not "burned" by the radio. "If anyone wants to get to know them fully, I suggest listening to their first three albums. Wonderful jewelry." His favorite song: Somebody to Love.
Another follower that has an enviable collection is Oliver Bardales Mesía (36), a member of the Board of Directors of the Miracle Queen Fan Club Peru, a brotherhood that was born without any Yahoo groups at the beginning of this century.
"I am Freddie and the unconditional band since I was nine years old. And they are not the only one: on Facebook we have a community of 1,700 people and four times a year we find at least 80 to share news, new acquisitions, listen to remastered versions. that we are already organizing to enter the scene of the premiere of the film, "says Oliver.
Mercury, as we know, died of bronchopneumonia caused by AIDS at 45 years of age, in 1991. The recent news that ours talk about has to do with what the band does today. The old members have been on tour for six years, with vocalist Talented and Histrionic American singer Adam Lambert, who will jump to fame in the reality show voice.
"Freddie's ruin was his personal life. It was too promiscuous. I do not judge him or I do it for that. If he had not died for that, maybe today he would be like a Mick Jagger. I recently saw him running around the stage as a 25-year-old boy Freddie would be the same, "he says.
Stefano Chavez (21), a millennium with all the law, says Queen's music is the soundtrack of his life. He is an artist and guitarist of the Ultra band. In addition, the photo template for opening this article. "I've been waiting since I was 14 years old so my mustache grew to become Freddie, sometimes. Glorious moments." //


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