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For the first time this season, participants of the Garmin Lūsis distance were placed on their track. . This time the offer was 23 kilometers, in which the pace from the beginning to the finish was dictated by the leading runner Andris Ronimoiss (1:39:12). The second place in the competition of 271 participants was won by Ronimoisa’s student from Cēsis Gvido Kalniņš (1:41:29), who ran together with three other competitors, overtaking the second fast winner of the Amata stage Ģirts Dakšs (1:41:45) from Tukums in the final fast kilometers. Jānis Kūms (1:42:20), the winner of this year’s bronze medal in trail running, was immediately behind the three, but on the winding trail of the Ogre River, Kristaps Kaimiņš (1:43:18), the vice-champion in the marathon, resigned from the position of vice-leader for three places. The sixth place was taken by Latvian trail running champion Artūrs Vadzis (1:44:17), who, by the way, is the leader of the season evaluation before both October stages in Kurzeme – Milzkalns and Kandava. In the Lūseņi fight, the scenario of the first stage of Amata was repeated and the first two places were taken by the most accurate halfway ladies of the season, Anete Švilpe (1:57:44) and Linda Boldāne (2:04:07). In the absence of Irita Puķīte, Amanda Krūmiņa (2:05:23) won her third place among 70 ladies, for whom it was her debut in “Stirnu bukka” and who was motivated in the distance by former Riga-Valmiera vice-champion Sergejs Maslobojevs.

The multiple Latvian champion in standard triathlon distances Andrejs Dmitrijevs, less than a week after winning the Vecāķi race, broke the lead on the 18-kilometer “VENDEN Stirnu Buks” track, where 432 trail runners went. The leader was also closely followed by the triathlon-savvy Anatolijs Macuks from Jēkabpils, but the two had to slow down the initial pace and in the middle took the lead and the victory was protected by the leader of the obstacle course in the Baltics Artjoms Rekuņenko (1:14:25). Also in the second longest distance, the second place was won by Kārlis Vīksne from Cēsis (1:14:40), who in the second half of the competition was able to reduce the deficit from the leader by one minute to 15 seconds. Anatolijs Macuks (1:15:52), this year’s vice-champion in the half marathon, finished in the finish of the trio after crossing the pontoon bridge, while the original leader LTV journalist Andrejs Dmitrijevs (1:18:50) was forced to retreat to seventh place. 1:28:35) from Vecpiebalga, who celebrated the second stage of the victory in a row. Klinta Lauska (1:31:27), who won the thematic obstacle race “Lāčplēšu kross” in Mežaparks a month ago, has returned to the podium next to her. Finally, Iveta Pūpola, who finished third, was in the top three (1:34:43).

For the second time in his career, the record holder of several athletics disciplines Uģis Jocis from Turlava started in Stirnubuk, whose first start several years ago in Talsi was unsuccessful, accidentally shortening the track. This time in the fast 12-kilometer distance “Gjensidige Zaķis” there was no catch and you could wait for the next minute at the finish (0:44:36)

followers and the first stage winner Agri Krūmiņš (0:45:49), who this year has shown good results in the “Latvia trailrace” competition. The third place in the massive distance with 937 participants was last year ‘s Ogre, who debuted at the European Mountain Championships and last season’ s vice – leader Jānis Mežiels (0:47:17), who was in the top three last year in Krimulda, which was the penultimate stage of last season.

Almost half of all Rabbits were Latvian beauties and 424 women in the competition for the Latvian vice-champion in the half marathon Diāna Liepiņa (0:51:51) managed to keep the Olympian and the winner of the previous stage Ilona Marheli (0:52:14). The third fastest Zaķene in Ērgļi was Rasma Čoiča (0:53:43), who met four times in the previous season and started in the prestigious “Patria” obstacle course.

The LVM student championship had to run six kilometers, which gave up the fastest to Lauris Grīniņš (0:27:51) from Kuldīga Center Secondary School and the leading cross-country skier of his age Estere Wolf (0:33:10) from Cēsis State Gymnasium. A total of 535 students started in 12 age groups.

In the sprint “King of the Mountains and Queen of the Mountains”, which influenced the overall rating of the season, 1630 different distance participants earned points, and the results were quite dense. Jānis Baunis was on the hill in 43 seconds, but a second later Egīls Ziediņš, the winner of the previous stage Uldis Kļaviņš and Ainārs Brālītis marked the sprint stage. In 66 seconds, Gita Vilensone became the Queen of the Mountains of the Ērgļi stage, followed by the multiple Stirnubuka champion Laura Čakle (69 seconds) from Ventspils and the orienteering team representative Līga Valdmane (70 seconds) from Kocēni.

In the prestigious team battles, “Pulsometrs.lv” (7339 points) triumphed for the third stage in a row, leaving behind “Patria Sportland” (7238 points) and “Moller Auto Ventspils / Matisons Runner`s Club” (7201 points). In the overall rating of the season, “Nuts” resigned from the top three in the sum of half a hundred teams in two stages. This year, “Līvāni VK / Baltais” did not apply for its team, because both leaders Dmitrijs Serjogins and Karīna Helmane-Soročenkova have to look towards the Tokyo Olympics. However, an innovation in the challenge of friends and running clubs is the inclusion of two students in their team to further encourage young people to get involved in outdoor running.

The next stage of Stirnu buka in Milzkalns will be waiting for its reliable trail runners in three weeks – on October 3, while the season will end in three weeks – on October 24, in Kandava. Both stages of Kurzeme will replace the Vidzeme relay, which was entrusted with the August Amata and September Ērgļi stages.

Matīss Vecvagaris helped to prepare the article.


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