44 Unicaja employees in Castilla y León agree to go to Andalusia


A total of 44 Unicaja employees in Castilla y León will soon move to Andalusian lands after joining the labor agreement signed last December and which included the need to "mobilize" about 200 workers in the Community for the existence of areas with need for staff after completing the process of early retirement and early retirement. Once the deadline, which was extended until Friday, has been 48 who requested this option, although the transfer of two of them has been rejected by the company and in the case of two others have been they who have resigned finally to the same for not agreeing with the place of destination.

Now, the company plans to communicate as of Monday about 150 bank employees – most of them from Castilla y León, but also from Almería and Cáceres – their decision to undertake their forced transfers, which has led to a situation of "Nervousness" among the workforce, according to Rubén Miguel, secretary general of UGT of the union section in Unicaja, explained to ABC. After remembering that his organization did not sign the agreement signed by the rest of the unions with representation -77 percent of the total-, the workers "do not know who he can touch" because although the company "talked about taking into account the personal situations and the conciliation, he did not make clear what was his criterion in this regard ».

Before Unicaja communicates its decision to those affected one by one, UGT has written to the bank in which it requests that the allowed age for voluntary pre-retirement be lowered to 54 years, considering that "with this measure it would not there is no need to force anyone to work in another place, "says Miguel.

Transfers in September
With no response yet to this union request, the company plans to immediately communicate the decision to the employees who must move to Andalusia and who would join their new workplace in September, although it is not ruled out that they do not "choose" the 150 in this first round and only with urgent transfers to cover necessary places. In this sense, Rubén Miguel recalls that the firm has up to two and a half years to proceed with the relocation, although those appointed next week would be incorporated in September to their new positions. It must be remembered that those who have volunteered for the transfer will have a series of financial compensations and that the proposal for mobility was reduced compared to that proposed at the beginning.

Regarding the study commissioned by Unicaja to consultant Oliver Wyman to develop a strategic plan for the period 2020-2022 and in which, according to Efe, challenges would arise such as reducing costs -in which labor will have an important part-, the trade union leader pointed out that the entity "has not communicated anything to us" and pointed out that what worries UGT "is the situation that has been experienced for some time in the financial sector." Miguel also shows his surprise at the "unexpected" change of the bank's CEO with the appointment of Ángel Rodríguez de Gracia to replace Enrique Sánchez del Villar. .


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