A literary parade in Paris to denounce discrimination

Model Tess Holliday. (Drawing) – Jordan Strauss / AP / SIPA

  • This Friday is the tenth edition of the European Day of Obesity.
  • Denounced by some associations, grossophobia refers to all stigmatizing remarks and discriminatory behavior towards overweight people.
  • To fight against these behaviors, Daphne Leportois and Catherine Grangeard, authors of the novel The woman on the other side of the mirror whose grossophobia is the central subject, organize a literary parade in the Tschann bookshop (6th arrondissement).

"Watch what you eat," "watch your weight," and so on. For Amandine Teteya, president of Cosmo Plus, an association that helps round women gain self-confidence, these derogatory comments are commonplace. "It's not done by malice, but in adolescence, where the body is built, it creates complexes," she says. Small daily remarks about the extra kilos of discrimination to find a job, we talk about

To denounce this phenomenon and on the occasion of the European Day of Obesity this Friday, a literary parade, including
Cosmo Plus is a partner, is organized next Sunday at the Tschann bookstore, in the 6th district of Paris. Round women will parade from 4 pm, while the authors of The woman who sees the other side of the mirror (Ed Eyrolles) will read aloud extracts of their novel on the path of a young woman complexed by its weight.

"You can have a different body and have confidence in yourself"

Set up a parade is not a trivial choice for the two novelists, at the origin of the event. "The idea is to organize a classic fashion show with models that are not. It will show that you can have a different body and have confidence in yourself, "says Daphnée Leportois, journalist and co-author of the book.

To accompany the procession of young women, mostly made up of large models, but also members of the Cosmo Plus association, Daphnée Leportois and Catherine Grangeard will read excerpts from The woman on the other side of the mirror. It's a feel-good book (a book to feel good) "according to the journalist," fed more than twenty years of experience with overweight people. "

Catherine Grangeard, another co-author of the book, is a psychoanalyst specializing in obesity. After writing two essays on the subject, she wants to reach a wider audience. Hence the idea of ​​a novel written with four hands with Daphnée Leportois. It follows the daily difficulties of a 25-year-old woman complexed by her weight closer to her internal questions. "It allows readers to identify with heroin as best as possible," says the psychoanalyst.

The goal of the parade is also to make everyone aware that the injunctions on the weight weigh on all and give a biased vision of our own body. "The image of oneself is not born of what we see in the mirror, but of the remarks we receive," says Catherine Grangeard.

According to an OECD survey, 15% of the population was obese in France in 2017.

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