a stork broods its eggs over the flames


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On April 28, in Tambovka, Russia, a fire broke out. But the progression of the flames does not seem to disturb this stork, which continues to hatch its eggs. These images were captured by a WWF NGO camera installed at the top of an electricity pylon. The device makes sure that the brood is going well. The video was relayed by several media mid-May and shared on social networks.

According to local authorities, there have been 49 fires in Russia in recent weeks. They took away nearly 72,000 hectares. Other bird nests could have been destroyed. WWF says these are common incidents.

The region of L'Amour, in which this stork has made its nest, is regularly plagued by violent fires. By June 2017, nearly 12,000 hectares of forest had been destroyed in 24 hours in the Russian Far East. No less than 333 firefighters, 32 specialized vehicles and six water bombers had been mobilized to fight the flames.

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