After the collapse of Bohemia Energy, small suppliers are in danger, said the expert

Bohemia Energy has ended its energy supply. According to Pavel Tykač, the majority owner of Sev.en Energy and the eighth richest Czech according to Forbes, small energy suppliers are most at risk. Tykač was a guest of economist Lukáš Kovanda on the show Naše Česko.

The raging energy crisis has made gas or electricity more expensive for people in the Czech Republic by tens of percent. Bohemia Energy announced on Wednesday that it is ending its supply of electricity and gas for the Czech market. The reason is extreme energy prices.

According to Pavel Tykač, this crash will dramatically increase the price of electricity and gas for almost a million Bohemia Energy customers. “Bohemia Energy was probably surprised by the rapid development on the energy market, the dramatic rise in prices and did not monitor the possible risks,” thinks the majority owner of Sev.en Energy.

Currently, many customers will have energy from suppliers of last resort (after the failure of the energy supplier, other, predetermined suppliers supply it). But that will probably make them more expensive. “Suppliers of last resort did not count on so many new customers, so they will have to buy energy for them in the current market, where prices are high,” Tykač fears. “Of course, the supplier will then pass on the high prices to the customers,” he adds.

Tykač did not rule out that people could pay up twice as much for energy. “I don’t think so, but I’m afraid it will be more tens of percent,” the expert expects to be more expensive. Tykač believes that this would not have to happen to other suppliers, but according to him, small suppliers are the most endangered.

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“Gas is one of the two basic fossil fuels. The other is coal, which has come to the great dismay of investors and the public. Thus, the demand for gas in the market has grown, because if less coal is used, electricity must be produced from something else. When the weather is not nice, “Tykač explains. Other reasons are, in a way, unusual weather or pocovidová situation.

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