American Airlines will deploy Boeing's 737 Max aircraft in March at the earliest

American Airlines

An American Airlines aircraft of the Boeing 737 Max type: the launch bans are also causing problems for the airlines.

(Photo: AP)

Fort Worth / Washington The American airline American Airlines expects to be able to use the aircraft type Boeing 737 Max at the earliest from 5 March 2020 again. This was announced by the company on Friday.

Previously, the airline had targeted January 16 as a date for the resumption of flights with these machines, which are occupied after two crashes with a start ban. Now these will be deleted from the flight plan for another month and a half. The deadline has thus been repeatedly extended.

The 737 Max has not been allowed to take off worldwide since mid-March. Manufacturer Boeing is under pressure to fix software issues that are considered to be a major cause of the two crashes with a total of 346 fatalities.

Whether and when the machines are allowed to start again depends on international regulatory authorities and is currently unclear. The start-up bans make it difficult for the airlines involved, so many flights are canceled.

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