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Amir Bageria: “I’m going to celebrate my 20th birthday on Zoom”

Hero of the series for teenagers “Grand Army”, Amir Bageria is a responsible man despite his young age.

Henry Arnaud, Hollywood

In the American series “Grand Army”, Amir Bageria plays the role of a gay student in New York, who conceals his sexual orientation.


In the series “Grand Army” which has just started on Netflix, Amir Bageria plays a young New Yorker who hides his homosexuality for fear of the reaction of his parents. A few days of his 20 years, Amir Bageria is far from being a stranger on TV since he appeared in “Degrassi”, the Canadian soap opera which had revealed Drake and Nina Dobrev.

“Euphoria” with Zendaya follows the lives of young students in California. Can we say that “Grand Army” is a similar series but in New York?
The only similarity is having teenagers at the heart of the story. “Grand Army” is the name of a very famous school in Brooklyn with a huge mix of backgrounds, cultures, religions and social classes among students. My character is Siddhartha whose family comes from the Indian subcontinent. He is one of the best athletes and is respected by his school friends but he hides his true sexuality. The diversity of “Grand Army” is the originality of the series. Each teenager can identify with one of the characters.

You will be celebrating your 20th birthday on October 25, 2020. Are you going to organize a big fiesta with friends?

No, I will remain a young person in charge and not create a gathering of 100 people in the midst of the Covid wave. I still live with my parents, but we are lucky to have a huge room in the basement, as is done a lot in Canada. With the harsh winters, most families turn the basement of their home into a recreation room. We have a huge TV screen, several sofas, a bar … I’m going to celebrate my 20th birthday on Zoom. My best friend will come over to the house and we will surely end up on Zoom with lots of friends and a cocktail in hand to celebrate my birthday from a distance. I’ll make it up for my 21st birthday (laughs).

Isn’t it annoying to be 20 and stay homebound?

I know that a lot of young people complain about not being able to have fun in bars or clubs and I understand them. But I tell myself that I have my life ahead of me and that I will make up for it by taking lots of trips when it is allowed again.

This is the real problem, because my girlfriend lives in Australia with a very severe quarantine where no foreigner can enter. I’m on the other side of the world in Toronto. We met at the beginning of the year in New York when I was working on the production of “Grand Army”. We were both in line to watch the recording of Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show” talk show. I invited her for a drink the next day and voila. She returned to Australia in March, before the borders closed, as she is still in school. I hope to plan a trip to Europe with her as soon as we are cleared for the plane. I would like us to meet in Paris since it is the city of lovers, right?

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