AMLO says he does not know if stolen cancer medicine was insured

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) assured that there are already witnesses to the theft of cancer drugs, which occurred last week in Mexico City, and when asked if the more than 37 thousand medicines were insured, he admitted that he did not know it.

In his morning press conference, the President stated that to carry out this theft trailers were used And thanks to the progress in the investigation, he believes that there will be results soon.

“I can tell you that It was hard for us to get it, they were brought from Argentina and the medicines were stolen (…) We already have witnesses, there were trailers, we have witnesses and the investigation is being carried out by the government of Mexico City. I believe that soon we will have the results, “he said.

The chief executive reiterated that the federal government has had to face “a kind of blockade” by the “mafia” that had monopolized the sale of these cancer drugs.

In addition, López Obrador He assured that there was influence and corruption on the part of the companies that sold the medicines.

“I told you yesterday that there has been a kind of blockade, it has cost us a lot. There is a shortage of these drugs in the world, but we have also had problems, because they were drugs controlled by those who sold to the government, at the time that They are no longer bought because they monopolized all the purchase of medicines, there was influence and corruption.

“Then we began to have difficulties, because it is a mafia,” he said.



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