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Sevnica is a town bathed by the river Radna, with about 5,500 inhabitants and famous for its salami festival or its factories of shoes and furniture. But everything changed four years ago, when Donald Trump went to the Republican primaries and ended up in the White House on January 20, 2017. Then, Sevnica began to be known as the place where Melanija Knavs, the tycoon's wife, grew up fourteen years ago. years. And the neighbors, of course, did not want to miss the opportunity to take advantage of the enormous and unexpected fame of Mrs. Trump. They started selling cakes with the first lady's face, honey was labeled with her face, wine (brand 'First Lady', first lady) and even slippers.

All with great respect, because part of the Knavs family still resides in the area, although the legal representatives of the tenant of the White House are vigilant to avoid excesses and remember that Melania Trump is a registered trademark. But surely neither Trump nor his lawyers were prepared for the last 'homage', to call it in some way. It is a statue that wants to represent the first lady on the day of the inauguration of her husband, when she dressed in blue evoking Jacqueline Kennedy. The problem is that it does not look like it. In nothing. "It's a giant Smurfette," said some neighbors as they tried to discern what Brad Downey, the artist in charge of the piece, intended to do. The American creator, based in Berlin, hired a local artist, Ales Zupevec, to make the wood carving together.

A work done with a chainsaw, "conceptual" in the words of Downey, and intended to "dialogue" with the political situation in the United States. "I can understand that people think they do not come very close to their physical appearance," the artist told AFP, who finds the result "absolutely beautiful." "We can see this river and the mountains as she saw them as a child," added Downey, who has received a barrage of criticism for this "scarecrow" to honor a "Slovenian heroine," as defined by Katarina, a 66-year-old neighbor. years. On the artistic value it was not pronounced, but it is difficult that this Slovenian version of the eccehomo of Borja – for the null similarity between the original and the result – leave happy to the countrymen of the most famous and universal neighbor of Sevnica.

Detail of the work that represents the first lady on the day of the inauguration of her husband.
Detail of the work that represents the first lady on the day of the inauguration of her husband. / AFP

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