An oxygen treatment to counter aging

Israeli researchers claim to have been able to counter the aging process in older people with the help of oxygen therapy.

Tel Aviv University scientists explain in a statement having used hyperbaric oxygen chambers to target specific cells and DNA linked to shorter lifespans.

The study, a first of its kind, could thus be the key to staying young, it is argued.

To be able to draw these conclusions, the team tested their therapy on people aged 64 and over. The treatment consists of breathing in pure oxygen to people placed inside a pressurized environment.

The participants were therefore placed in a room for a period of 90 minutes, five times a week for three months. They then analyzed the impacts of the treatment on senescent cells, associated with the deterioration of tissues and organs of the body.

They also measured the length of each person’s telomere, a molecule linked to premature cell aging.

So the scientists found that participants’ telomeres grew by an average length of 20%, while their senescent cells shrank to 37% by the end of the trial – the equivalent of 25 years older. young.

The researchers believe the pressurized chamber triggered brief oxygen shortages, which caused cell regeneration.

“What is remarkable about our study is that in just three months of therapy, we were able to achieve such significant telomere lengthening, at rates far superior to any intervention or lifestyle modification currently. available, ”said Dr Friend Hadanny, study co-author.

In 2016, other experts discovered that they could alter aging in mice by giving them a drug that killed senescent cells.

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