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Anyone looking to sell or buy a used car should not delay. It will be worse

Used cars have become a little cheaper in recent months, is it worth waiting for an even better price? And when is the best time to sell used? “The situation will get worse,” warns Cebia CEO Martin Pajer. According to him, fraudsters are waiting for the harvest.

The price of selling used cars will fall, as well as the price of buying cars in the bazaar. Anyone who wants to sell a used car at a higher price should not delay too much. Buyers who are waiting for more discounts are in for a worse car offer. Quality cars quickly disappear from the market.

So is it worth waiting for an even better offer? “A significant price reduction is not yet expected, because higher inflation and price increases in other areas are also weighing on the seller. Everyone should evaluate how quickly they need the car and whether a price reduction of a few thousand crowns is important to them. . . ,” says Martin Pajer, CEO of Cebia.

At the same time, he warns that a small discount may not be paid at all. “The current situation is conducive to unfair sales practices and the situation is getting worse. It is better not to delay buying a car too much,” added the head of the company, which helped to suppress dishonest practices on the used car market for more than 30 years.

According to him, people are starting to ask for lower prices, but if the seller buys a car at a high price, he can’t sell it cheap. Therefore, the purchase price of cars will also fall, but many dishonest sellers will prefer to buy even cheaper cars, where they can make more money.

Used cars surprisingly still avoid price increases. How long does it last?

“This means that defective cars will be bought more, accidents will be covered, tachometers will be turned off, simply anything, so that in terms of price and condition for the car, sellers, especially unfair ones, can accommodate customers put it a bit with exaggeration: the fraudsters are probably waiting now harvest In this situation of expensive energy and high inflation, it is understandable that people try to save as much as possible on a car, but unfortunately they often do not want to give get the car they want at a reduced price, and that brings problems,” explains Martin Pajer.

If people have to reduce their budget to buy a used car, Cebia directors recommend buying, for example, a car that is a year older or has a higher mileage. “Negotiations can exist, but in our action, cars that sell at an attractive price tend to be flawed in some way,” he said.

Take good care.  Even these cars are sold here as almost new

Take positive care. Even these cars are sold here as almost new

Especially with very attractive offers, interested parties should be cautious and always check their history. That’s the only way they can know if the offer is really fair. “Unfortunately, these people usually don’t do it, or only when they buy the car and it’s too late,” Pajer pointed out.

Thanks to checking the car in Cebia, it is possible to find out in a few minutes if the car has a bent speed, if it has been damaged or crashed and, if necessary, how much damage has occurred.

Photos of the car after a possible accident, its services, previous advertisements, the current year of manufacture, the country of origin or the year of the first registration in the Czech Republic and abroad are also available in the history.

A German pension may not be ideal.  What to look out for when buying a used car

A German pension may not be ideal. What to look out for when buying a used car

You will also find out if the vehicle has not been reported stolen or charged with financing, if it has not been covered by a manufacturer recall or if it has not been operated as a taxi.

The inspection also includes detailed instructions to check the authenticity of the car, that is to check if it is in fact another car that has been given a false identity to cover theft or to cover the fact that the car has been assembled from several cars that have crashed . .

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