SAN DIEGO – Batman and Superman was not there, but do you really need these guys when you have the power trio of Wonder Woman, Shazam and Aquaman?

Warner Bros. came out strong with his slate superhero DC at Comic-Con, presenting trailers and new sequence of "Aquaman" (in theaters December 21), "Shazam!" (April 5) and "Wonder Woman 1984" (November 21, 2019), plus leaving his cast and his creators weigh on everything from the Reagan era to the fun of the water.

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Here are the highlights:

Wonder Woman Dating Back to the 1980s for a Reason

Director Patty Jenkins showed a quick clip (since they only filmed & # 39; 39, 1984 – for a little over a month) with Diana de Gal Gadot taking the bad guys and saving the kids in a retro shopping mall. "When you dig into those times, they are metaphors that really symbolize things that are always true," said Jenkins. While the decor of the original World War I "Wonder Woman" showed "a time of modernity and a mechanized world," Jenkins followed up in the 1980s, "because it was really Humanity at its best and at worst. the prices of some of our behaviors nowadays but we were not in the 80's – we were at the top. "

You're going to have to wait to learn more about Steve Trevor

When the first snapshots of "1984" arrived last month, the Internet was boiling about the love of Wonder Woman (Chris Pine) is still alive nearly 70 years after being sacrificed and apparently died in a plane blast to help Diana, but it seems like it will be a mystery for a moment. because Pine does not speak. "I'm not even here right now, I'm an aura of emotional support for my mates," he tanned. "Gadot whispered that he was the" daughter of the boy. " water ", helping" when we are sad and hungry. "

Zachary Levi lives the dream like Shazam

C omic-Con had the first look at the trailer of "Shazam!," a fun movie about a young boy named Billy Batson (Asher Angel) running into a wizard (Djimon Hounsou) and becoming a muscular guy, supersuited (Levi) when he says the magic word. "It's the complete fulfillment of the wish," said former star "Chuck" and self-admitted nerd. "It's me who is 14 years old and who has put on a cloak and who has stolen." Youngsters Angel and Jack Dylan Grazer agreed that Levi was the biggest child on the set. "It's a fair evaluation," confirmed their co-star Geeky

Everyone in "Aquaman" has a history of water

After much anticipation, the trailer "Aquaman" was released and it was full of wet potholder, with guys on the war sharks and a lot of show involved in director James Wan's vision of a wonderful Atlantis. Play to the title hero, however, Jason Momoa said that he still has, to this day, The harness burns on his skin by doing some acrobatics before admitting that "we drowned Yahya." He talks about Yahya Abdul-Matteen II (nasty Black Manta), who could not swim but taught him secretly "because I do not do it" The first thing I did when I landed , it is that I bought a pair of glasses, a board, and I went down to the hotel pool and I thought to myself, "I have to get ready! I have to get myself ready! "… And then I never had to swim."

But Nicole Kidman is not afraid to take one for the team" Aqua "

Making her first appearance at Comic-Con, Kidman entertained audiences Speaking of how she filmed a first scene while Queen Atlanna stranded on a rock: "I have to lie there with huge waves that I'm crushing and I say to myself, "The bigger it is, the better it is … Come on, James, that's why I'm doing this movie!" "Wan added:" Nicole is such a troop because we were trampling her with a huge reservoir of water and huge bursts of wind coming down on her. When you are touched by these, it is as if you were bombarded by stones. "

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