Arrested after act of sabotage on ICE route Frankfurt-Cologne

I.In the event of an act of sabotage on the ICE route between Frankfurt and Cologne, the police arrested a suspect. It is a 51-year-old German, as the Hessian police confirmed corresponding information from the news magazine “Der Spiegel”. The man is said to have been caught on the night of Saturday near Cologne by special forces from the NRW police. A letter of confession led him on his track, which was addressed to Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), among others. The police announced further details.

Immediately before the Tisza Valley Bridge near Niedernhausen, strangers had loosened the rail fastenings over a distance of around 80 meters. The dangerous spot was noticed by a train driver on Friday morning after his train showed a different driving behavior. The route was blocked. The rails were fixed again on Friday, as the train confirmed. The route was released on Saturday. The trains have been running since morning, spokesmen for the Deutsche Bahn and the State Criminal Police Office confirmed on Saturday.

The LKA is investigating a possible attack. “Under certain circumstances, a train should be derailed,” a spokesman said on Friday. According to “Spiegel”, there could have been a concrete risk that a derailed train would fall off the bridge. To remove the fasteners, special tools are needed that not everyone has at home, the investigators reported.

The police have released the crime scene again. The police arrested a suspect on Saturday. It is said to be a homeless German. At first, no details were known. The investigation continued on Saturday.

Trains had been canceled or rerouted on Friday. The stations Limburg Süd, Montabaur, Siegburg / Bonn and Cologne / Bonn Airport were not reached.


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