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Barriers against car drivers are taking their victims one after another

Since last June, 50 cars have been stuck in the physical barrier that rises from the asphalt installed in The Hague, the third biggest city in the Netherlands, writes. Regio15.nl.

The solution is used to strengthen the right of way for buses, ambulances, police and fire trucks, but even so, there are people who are “in a hurry”, so they try to overtake, avoid or simply pass through automatically controlled traffic jams. .

In particular, it caused a lot of headaches for motorists when the steel bar, which was about 30 centimeters in diameter and a little higher than that, was installed, because in the first days, it happened practically every day that someone went on it – there. it was a week when 11 cars were stuck on it. The accidents did not result in serious injuries, and in the past year few passengers required minimal medical attention.

His fiftieth victim was taken on November 4, that is Friday last week, by the “sniffing” buoy, which was a white Toyota Corolla. The driver admitted to the police that he tried to drive over it while the bus was following him closely, and that’s when the obstacle rose from the asphalt. The Corolla’s front bumper was damaged and its hood and headlights were knocked off, but no one was injured. The video was made about it can be seen here.

Physical barriers operating on a similar principle can also be found in Budapest, although not primarily for the purpose of assisting or forcing priorities. A positive example of this is near Deák Ferenc tér, Hercegprímás utca in the 5th district, where you can only enter with a special permit from 10 am to 7 am the next day.

In the capital, motorists are mainly trying to draw attention to bus priority and lane changes with yellow information boards based on: Budapest Transport Center (BKK) has, for example, the XIV. they are placed on Thököly út in the district, at the Zugló train station, where bus line 7 also runs.

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